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April 22, 2024 10 mins

God is the ultimate insurance policy. He takes care of everything. When you stay in constant communication with Him, you will always be good.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Today show is pre recorded.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Y'all know what y'all don't know y'all at all.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
Soon given them a million Bush yeah listening to to

I don't joy.

Speaker 4 (00:45):
Yeah, Joy, you love.

Speaker 2 (01:06):
You gotta turn I can't.

Speaker 4 (01:40):
Got to turn the mouth turn you probably got to
turn the mouth, turn out the word of the money.

Speaker 2 (01:49):
Look, come.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
Come out your.

Speaker 5 (02:01):
Uh huh, I sure will. Good morning everybody. You'll listening
to the voice, come on dig me now, one and
only Steve Harvey got a radio show. Man, oh man,
oh man, God being good to me.

Speaker 1 (02:16):

Speaker 6 (02:16):
I can't explain it all really, Hey, you know, I
want I want to remind everybody of something that I
need reminding of myself all the time. And I'm I'm
dealing with a couple of things now and I had
to remind myself.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
Uh you know what I have to remember.

Speaker 6 (02:33):
I have to constantly remind myself to stay in constant
communication with God. Constant communication with God. You know sometimes,
you know, I have a tendency and maybe we do
all the people. I don't know, but I know for
me that when it's going okay, I slack up in
sometimes having conversations with Him because I'm not coming to

him on a daily with something that's pressing us, and
I find myself slacking up in the communication.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
The danger I have learned in that is this, I think,
you know.

Speaker 6 (03:10):
I mean, we've all heard old people say, you know,
you got to stay prayed up, you know, and you
know prayed up means you know you got some stoed up.
You just got an abundance of them where you're putting
it in. Because what happens is is when you're not
in constant communication with God, when you're not constantly praying,

doing those good times, that allows for the enemy to
slip in and do the little things that can be upsetting.
And then the next thing, you know what, you get
several little things in a row. Now you got an
issue you're dealing with.

Speaker 1 (03:48):
You know.

Speaker 6 (03:48):
I have to remind myself when it's going like that, Man,
have I really been praying though? Have I really been
in constant communication with God? Because you know, that helps
God againsts that little bitty stuff coming in. Sometimes it's
big stuff, sometimes it's major stuff. But I've noticed, man,
that when I get on a more of a smooth

plane in life, I have a tendency to slack up
in that department. And that ain't the time to slack up.
I'm really learning that I have to stay in constant
communication with God because it enables me to ward off
those little things coming up that can get in the way.

And so I just wanted to make you aware of
that as I'm learning it myself, that staying prayed up
is important that you try to stop prayers, you know,
you try to you know, have some prayers in the bank,
so to speak, and just constant communication with Him because
it'll just safeguard you against a lot of stuff back
doing you. You know, I just wanted to make sure

you understood that because on your journey, it's gonna be
many obstacles. I've said this one hundred times on the show.
The Road to sc cessus always under construction. I say
that all the time, and it's to let you understand
that it's not going to be easy, but we can
make it more difficult than it has to be, you know,

when you go out strike out on the journey. You know, Uh,
let's say I got in my car. Let's say I'm
in New York and I get in my car and
I say I'm going to LA. I know, if I
drive west and continue to drive west, eventually I should

get to California, or I may wind up in Portland
or Seattle or something like that. But if I drive west,
I'm going to eventually get to the West Coast.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
Now wouldn't it be smarter though?

Speaker 6 (05:52):
If I mapped out the route, which saved me a
bunch of driving, I don't need and figuring that I
don't have to calculate.

Speaker 1 (06:02):
When you know the way to go.

Speaker 6 (06:05):
You know, if you know you want to cut cross
on the twenty, or you want to cut cross on
the seventy, or you want to cut cross on the tin,
you know you.

Speaker 1 (06:19):
Got to devise a route.

Speaker 6 (06:20):
Now, if I want to go visit some people I know,
then I know I got to I need to go down.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
You know.

Speaker 6 (06:25):
I might go through Ohio, come down on the eighty,
then get on seventy one and take that all the
way down to the ten and then ride across. Or
I might take it to the twenty, cut through Texas
and then and then let it link back up on
the ten. I know a lot of different ways, but
guess what the best way is to map it out.
You can go anywhere, but if you go with a map,

it's more precise you save yourself a lot of time.

Speaker 1 (06:52):
And that's what prayer has taught me that when I.

Speaker 6 (06:56):
Will deentify, continuously pray that I stay in the in
the I stay in a prepared mode, I have more
idea of where I'm going. I'm more secure with my route.
If you just take off driving heading west, Yeah, you'll
eventually get to the west coast if you out east.
But guess what though, had you mapped it out, you

can see when you veering off, you may stop, come
out and not be paying attention. Next thing, you know,
you're on a route and you go on another way.
You're going north when you could easily still be going west.
You've got to constantly be aware of that. And I'm
just pointing that out to you because I know that
on your journey, a lot of times you get sidetracked.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
And part of the ways we get sidetracked is we.

Speaker 6 (07:39):
Lose out on that very the very beneficial resource of prayer.
We lose out we our connection with God gets strained.
The thicker you can keep the cord connected to God.
If you thin out your communication with God, and instead
of having a big thick cable, now you're dealing with

a little thread. You know, a cable is stronger than thread,
and so it just decreases your opportunity. And so you know,
I wanted to just make you aware of that, and
you know, to ever be encouraged and to say to
everybody out there and just keep your head up. It
is going to be dark days for you. There are

going to be situations where it's going to be daunting
and hard to face. But man o, man, oh man.
Everybody has to face these challenges. Everybody get dark sometimes.
You know, look, if you didn't lose, if you didn't lose,
you wouldn't even appreciate winning because if it all went

your weight all the time. Do you know how complacent
and content and how easy life would be if it
just went your way all the time.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
So when it kept going your way, you wouldn't.

Speaker 6 (08:54):
Even appreciate it because guess what, it's been going this
way the whole time. So what life does is is
it has its checks and balances. These hard times are coming,
and you need the hard times to appreciate the good times.
You need the clouds and you need the rain to
appreciate the sun and the flowers. It's just when it

comes to prayer though, just stay prayed up, stay constant
with it, because the challenges of life are coming, whether
you pray it up or not, they're coming. Understand that
you could pray every day all day. When you get
through praying every day all day, something gonna happen to you.
That's gonna be challenging.

Speaker 1 (09:36):

Speaker 6 (09:37):
I would rather have been in communication with God on
a regular than wait till every time something pop off
to have to go to and reintroduce myself. Okay, it
was over a little around the board with it today,
but that's how it came to me. So that is
I ain't mad at it. Y'all have a great day.
We're gonna have a good one the day. Let's go

Speaker 1 (09:59):
Moning show.
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