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May 14, 2024 9 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Coming up at the top of the hour, right about
four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter for today and
the subject is my wife used to keep herself up.
We'll get into that find out what that's all about
just a few because right now it is time for
the nephew and today's prank phone call.

Speaker 2 (00:16):
What you got ft?

Speaker 3 (00:17):
We're gonna go down to the cemetery. Anybody want to
go with me? We're going down to the cemetery the.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
Herd no for me?

Speaker 4 (00:23):
No, No, I'm not going.

Speaker 3 (00:25):
Y'll ain't know when y'all. You know, y'all ain't know
to go park in the cemetery. What's your girl? Y'all
ain't gonna do that?

Speaker 1 (00:30):
Well, no, we're not white. No to do what in
a movie?

Speaker 4 (00:37):
At the cemetery? Yeah, the one place I'm trying to
avoid always.

Speaker 3 (00:44):
Yeah, I mean a lot of kidsers go down there.

Speaker 4 (00:47):
And you know, if I'm in the cock the weird
the cemetery, if a leaf blowcross that windshield, all hell
will break out. Net I'm talking them, can't nothing happened?

Speaker 3 (00:59):
No, right, I'm way you damn scared for that, you
know how we are? All right? Dad? Alright? This is right? Here.
This is called tombstone toomstone, tombstone. All right, let's go
care though, funeral home.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
It's kend Hey, man, I got a we got a
problem with the center home over the man. I truk something.
Y'all gonna mess around and put the wrong name on
my hand A tombstow as will as the date, and
we got a problem. We gotta get rich the five man,
y'all can hold hold.

Speaker 5 (01:28):
On, hold on, man, calm down. First of all, what
is your name?

Speaker 2 (01:32):
My name is Richie Man. But y'all, y'all, I can't
understand a funeral home making these kind of mistakes, you know,
that don't make no sense. How long have y'all even
been in the business to be doing something like this?

Speaker 5 (01:43):
So this is a family business. We've been doing this
forty plus years.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
Oh, ain't y'all making mistakes like this? Man?

Speaker 5 (01:48):
What what?

Speaker 2 (01:49):
What's the problem?

Speaker 5 (01:49):
What's the mistake? What mistake do you think we made?

Speaker 2 (01:52):
Okay? Look, man, we're bearing my hand in two weeks ago.
Her name is Rose Up. Okay, all right, where do
you stay? Our name is r O s E t
t A. Y'all got r O Z E t t A.
She was born tune the eight nineteen forty eight, y'all
got August to fix nineteen forty y'all got the dates

mixed up, and y'all got her name mixed up. And
when we ain't from the door as having Miami resting
in peace with the wrong stuff on her tombstow all,
no Firsman, calm down, Rod.

Speaker 5 (02:26):
You keep getting at me. I can't age no way
I can help you.

Speaker 2 (02:28):
If you getting at me, I mean, we'll fix the
parablem damn man. Why I can check the paperwork.

Speaker 5 (02:33):
I can check the paperwork and see what the problem is. Now,
if you gave me the wrong information, your family gave
me the wrong information, then we just put down where
we was getting. And if we gotta change something, we'll
change it. But it's gonna cost you.

Speaker 2 (02:45):
In my mind, I'm not all, y'all, we live. We're
not paying another damn damn to that funeral hall, not
another damn damn. The stuff gonna get changed on that
damn tool stuff, and we're not paying for none, not this.
I'm over that. I'm decided.

Speaker 5 (03:00):
I'm saying we can help you out. I can help you.
What if you gave me the wrong information that's on you.

Speaker 2 (03:05):
Why didn't do that? That's on you. But we didn't
give you the wrong information. No, I'm gonna tell you
that for I hand you. What's your name? Turn on?
What is your name? My name is Kendrick. Okay, Kendreck.
Let me tell you something. If this don't get changed,
body night, me and some of my cousin are gonna
come out there and start digging.

Speaker 5 (03:23):
Up bout it all right, he oh, no, y'all not
coming over here and digging up nothing, y'all. This is
my pleasure. He will disrespect my family and come over here.
You're gonna get up what we're.

Speaker 2 (03:31):
Gonna dig up somebodies that y'all gonna come if y'all
don't get directed bottle on.

Speaker 5 (03:35):
My hand, tombstonuse, Hey, there's not gonna be none of that.
I'm not having you coming over here. We're gonna six
the problema, check the paperwork, and I can get back
to you. That's why I can do. But you ain't
digging up nothing.

Speaker 2 (03:45):
And if if y'all six this thing on my head,
Tombstone buddy, me and my cousin is coming out there
digging up some of them. Damn Dad, bodies. I'n tell
y'all get this damn thing. Six.

Speaker 5 (03:55):
I'm gonna be nobody coming over here.

Speaker 2 (03:56):
And I'm gonna care I'm nothing.

Speaker 5 (03:59):
Wait a minute, hold on, see what now I'm getting
excited too. Come man, let me just talk to you
like a man. Listen. What I'm saying, is you in
that the family fills out the paperwork, put the name
in the birth date on there. If it is incorrect,
it has to be fixed. I have to call the
man out here to fix you, and that's gonna cast

some money I have to pay him. All I'm saying
is if that is the case, if the paperwork is incorrect,
it's not on us, and I might have to charge
you a little extra money just so I can get it.

Speaker 2 (04:30):
Taking care not to get charged none of that. We
ain't got no more money, man, we ain't got no
more money. Got charge of alarm, money had to bear
in my handy. We ain't got no more. Let me
tell you. I'm gonna tell you one more time, mister Kendrick.
If I don't see a change, I'm coming out there
this evening. And look at my handy, tombst I'm coming
out there now. If the day and the name ain't fixed.

I promise you so help me. I'm finna start digging
up about it. And if your answer is out there,
I'm gonna put you in one of them homes down
and dug up.

Speaker 5 (05:00):
Tell you what, virgie, You're not gonna put me in
no home?

Speaker 2 (05:03):
Man, Like I said, I try to.

Speaker 5 (05:05):
I'm trying to talk to you and tell you what
the deal is and how we will get this fixed.
Ain't nobody coming out here and digging up nothing.

Speaker 2 (05:13):
I'll be some mad bet you. I bet you I'm
digging up a home and put you if you don't
fix laying the tombs do.

Speaker 5 (05:20):
If we boy was going in the damn hole, that's
what's gonna happen.

Speaker 2 (05:23):
We're both going in that end because somebody want to
fix mess around and put the wrong date. You want
to put the yall smell on my head and then
row and everything.

Speaker 5 (05:32):
I don't even answer the damn phone. My uncle get explicted.
Regidsid gonna fix nothing. Me and you yelling at each other,
we mean, we don't do this. Yelling at each other
is not gonna fix the problems. I'm I still have
to do a step here. I have to look at
this paperwork.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
Where are you gonna look at it?

Speaker 5 (05:52):
Den Regid, You keep yelling. I don't even have time
to go over the paperwork every time. If you're ready
look at something.

Speaker 2 (05:57):
You yelling in my head you want more time. I'm
coming at minter, fucker. I'm gonna come out there right now.
That's what I'm finna. Do you know what we're to
come on there.

Speaker 5 (06:05):
I try to talk nice to you and tell you
what do I told you that this is the family business.
You just expect me. Then you you came out here.

Speaker 2 (06:13):
You ain't no cousin. We both got it all day.

Speaker 5 (06:16):
That's why I'm trying to tell you what more.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
You know I'm gonna when I'm saying, you're not listening,
to tell your nigga you need to know that is
on my way because I guarantee you y'all gonna chang.

Speaker 5 (06:28):
I'm bring again.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
Bring no.

Speaker 5 (06:30):
You ain't no cause I'm laughing for a car. I'm
bigging both seven holes out this day.

Speaker 2 (06:35):
When they get ready to sail Kendrick on the toombsto,
I bet you they want to sail it. Well, Oh women,
come off you you ain't non cuting. Why I can't.
I got something that I have to tell you. Yes,
you got to say, I'm saying you listening to me, Kendrick.

Speaker 5 (06:49):
What the you wrapped the SA regident?

Speaker 2 (06:51):
I got to play it? Then? Is nessew Timmy? You
just got break by your secretary with yo? Right? Man?
You telling me? I wa you got you?

Speaker 5 (07:12):

Speaker 2 (07:13):

Speaker 5 (07:14):
Oh he was supposed to be ahead today. I knew
something was fun.

Speaker 2 (07:20):
Oh man, man, you got me. But I was gonna
do a hole yo today sign a gig. Hey, man,
I gotta ask you one more thing. What is the
baddest I'm talking about the baddest radio show in the land,
the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Speaker 3 (07:41):
But y'all want on y'all tombstone. I don't. I don't
tell me no, No, I really knocked on my hand.
I want all my name O man Thomas And if
you time in mind on the whole thing, covering all
the way through right all the way around the backside,
just feel think man, look good.

Speaker 1 (08:02):
It's expensive.

Speaker 5 (08:03):
Yeah, I know, Yeah, you got money.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
I don't leave money for all it.

Speaker 3 (08:07):
Yeah, I'm gonna eat up all that money. I'm along
with Steve now, I've been to eat up all that money.

Speaker 2 (08:13):
All your money while you right now.

Speaker 3 (08:15):
Yeah, I didn't realize that I'm finna eat up all
that money. I'm looking around seeing who deserves it and
who don't. Yeah, we're finished party with this here, bro.

Speaker 4 (08:23):
I'm gonna send y'all something, and you gonna understand why
my philosophy is this way.

Speaker 3 (08:29):
I get to you right now. Nephew Thomas House Party
Comedy Jam is jumping off June fifteenth. That's in Dallas, Texas.
That is Saturday, June fifteenth at the Majestic. Tickets are
on sale right now. Nephew Thomas House Party Comedy Jam.
All you brothers out there, all you fathers out there,
all my Kappa brothers out there, come hang out with you. Boy.

Were putting it down Saturday night alone with my man
Tony Robberts. I got Dominique in the billing. They funny
as all get out. Nephew Thomas House Party Comedy Jam
live in person at the Majesty, Dallas, Texas, Saturday night,
June fifteenth.

Speaker 1 (09:04):
Yeah all right, Nephew, thank you Coming up at coming
up next Today's Strawberry Letter, and the subject is my
wife used to keep herself up. My wife used to
keep herself up. Wow, we'll get into that, find out
what that's all about. Right after this, you're listening Morning

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