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June 16, 2024 26 mins

Two-time Emmy and Three-time NAACP Image Award-winning, television Executive Producer Rushion McDonald, interviewed Paris Fletcher.  Paris founded Full Bloom to remind others that having a clear sense of self is imperative when facing adversity, rejection, and negativity. The teachings, resources, and guides shared on Full Bloom are created to foster that process of clarity and healing. Whether you are absorbing Paris’ inspirational TikToks or finding comfort in our website, we hope Full Bloom inspires and motivates you to bloom into the best version of yourself.

Full Bloom is on a mission to help you bloom into your best self. We know all too well that self-reflection and inner growth are challenging. Full Bloom invites people to lean on the company for the support they need throughout every stage of their lives. Our ultimate goal is to provide guidance, resources, and the strength of a supportive culture to help you see and shine people's authentic light.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
If you're about to make a change in your life
and you feel uncomfortable, that's the best feeling you can
have because for the first time in your life, you'll
make an a decision that's going to be best for
you and not what somebody told you to do, and
that's when all bets are off. Welcome to Money Making
Conversation Masterclass. I'm your host, Rushan McDonald. Our theme is

there's no perfect time to start following your dreams. I
recognize that we all have different definitions of success. For
you and maybe decide to your HM, it's time to
stop reading other people's success stories to start living your
own keep winning. I am Rushan McDonald. Like I said,
and like she said, I do host Money Making Conversations

master Class every week. The interviews and information that this
show provides are for everyone. It's time to stop reading
other people's success stories and start living your own. My
guest owns Full Bloom. She is on a mission to
help you bloom into your self. Full Bloom invites people
to lan on the company for the support you need

throughout every stage of your life. Please work with the
Money Making Conversation Masterclass. Paris Fletcher, how are you going Paris.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
I'm doing so good.

Speaker 1 (01:16):
How are you where we located at Paris? Where you're
living these days?

Speaker 2 (01:20):
I actually live in Douglasville, Georgia. I'm from San Diego,
but I moved to Georgia last year, so I'm here
now San Diego.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
Good food over in San Diego. And now I've been there,
I know, I know I'm gonna hit that good food button. Boy,
tell you San Diego. You want to eat, you go
to San Diego. They got some They got some restaurants
waiting on especially seafood.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
Yes see, I will say I'm allergic to shellfish, so
I don't really dabble on the seafood world. But you know,
they do have some great options, some great food they do.

Speaker 1 (01:51):
So if anybody's traveling, you know, the West Coast and
you hear San Diego, go down there and try out
those great restaurants you got down. So what brought you
down to Georgia? Was it family? Was a job? Was
it education? Tell me Paris?

Speaker 2 (02:06):
No, So it brought me to Georgia. My fiance is
originally from Augusta, and I met my fiance in La
when we were both doing the entertainment thing and you know,
his family's out here. His parents are a little older,
So we wanted to come out here, settle out here,
so if they ever need us, they ever needed him,
we could be closer to just be there for them
of any assistance that they might need.

Speaker 1 (02:27):
Good. So let's talk about the entertainment thing, you know,
the entertainment thing, you know, like, yeah, you know, so
obviously like myself, you know, I dabbled into entertainment stand
up comedian, thought I'd be the next Eddie Burphy, Bill,
you know, Richard Pryor and you know, but in the end,
I realized that my true calling was you know, producing,

you know, being able to see talent and brand products
or talents and build those ideas and create change. And
so that was that was my shift. What was your
entertainment town that drew you to Los Angeles?

Speaker 2 (03:04):
Well, so I grew up as a competition kid. I
had been dancing my whole life, and it just seemed
like a natural progression to get into the dancing professionally.
And it's something that I love to do, something that
I always knew. So originally, when I turned nineteen, I
went out to LA I got an agency and within
two months of signing with that agency, I was touring

the world with an artist, dancing worldwide, you know, backup
dancing and everything like that, which was such a blessing.
I was in college at the time, but it was
like a once in a lifetime chance. I'm like, you
know what, I'm just gonna put that on a whole
lidlen drop out and do my thing and see where
this could go. And from the tour when I got back,
I started doing TV shows and commercials, and then from

there I got into acting naturally, from commercial from a
commercial world, from dancing and started taking acting classes. Loved it,
and then from the acting classes, I started doing some
shows Can there how to co star? A couple of
co stars, and then you know, just just started doing
the whole thing, you know, the commercial acting and then
doing the didn't quite make it in the movies that

I was so close, you know, a mail on a
veil for all these different things, which is amazing. I
love entertainment, but similar to you, I I just for me.
I just felt like I needed to do something more.
I had always my whole life just well, let's.

Speaker 1 (04:27):
Let's talk about it. Let's talk about that little transition
because of the fact that you know, you know, there
was success for you in entertainment, yes, but there was
also a lot of frustration. Okay, you know, and I
know because that was in my line. Because anytime you
can walk in the room and you see you go
in for an audition, I'm just tell everybody how it works.
You know, you go in and they tell you come

into audition walking room. It's fifty people and now I'm
looking like you right, so right there, you don't know
what they want. And that's the part that frustrated me. See,
I'd like to know that I got a shot at something.
But then I had some friends who worked all the time,
but I wasn't working. You know, I was working as
a stand up but I wasn't working as a commercial

actor or theatrical actor. Theatrical actors sitcoms and movies and
all that stuff in theater. And so that's the part
that I went, I cannot allow industry to dictate me
based on how they feel or how I look. That's
the part that frustrated.

Speaker 2 (05:29):
Me, right, yes, yes.

Speaker 1 (05:31):
What were your thoughts on that? When you hear me
talk like.

Speaker 2 (05:34):
That, Paris, Oh my gosh, I mean, it's like looking
in the mirrors. That's how I felt, you know. And
I will say I loved the process of auditioning when
I was doing it consistently. I loved going into those rooms,
even though I was nervous, so nervous, There's just something
about it that just this adrenaline rush that just it
felt good. And I love people, so going into these

scenarios where I'm meeting different casting directors and whatnot, I
loved making those connections. And I always had a great
time in the room and always had pretty much. I
can't there's been those auditions where I just bomb completely
and just lost all of the lines that I had.
But pretty much all of the auditions that I did,
I felt good connections with the casting directors and you know,

I was given those directions. So I will say that
I have had very positive experiences with auditioning. However, the
things like you I just I would get so close
to these auditions, being on a veil for months and
just knowing that this is my big break, I'm gonna
do it. I'm gonna be a movie star. They end

up going with like a name or celebrity or someone
that has more followers than you just things like that,
and it just really started to kind of it starts
to kind of wear on you a little bit, you know,
and it starts to dim your life a little bit.
And me, I find so much security, like just in
knowing and I know that we're not always in control
of our lives and everything like that. But for the

things that I can't, I want to be able to
control and knowing that it's up to me whether rather
than it being up to this task director. That's just like,
you know what, your eyes aren't brown enough, So let
me go with this other person something just whatever it is.

Speaker 1 (07:13):
Oh my god, you bring it back horror stories, Paris
stopp Oh my good you're too tall, you're too dark.
You know, we want a ball head dude.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
Could you?

Speaker 1 (07:24):
Oh my god? Can you dance? Can you sing?

Speaker 3 (07:26):

Speaker 1 (07:26):
I can't sing. Can you play an instrument?

Speaker 3 (07:28):

Speaker 1 (07:28):
I can't play instrument. Oh can you? Can you do voices?

Speaker 3 (07:31):

Speaker 1 (07:32):
I can't do voices. Okay, next, Oh my goodness, it
can only be me and gainst what me wasn't getting
booked Paris, And so I went, okay. I became a
fair successful writer in Hollywood. You started to produce television shows.
And manage talent. And so now I'm on our show
called Money Making Conversations Masterclass. So Paris, you have a

brand called full Bloom. It's full Bloom if you l
L Bloom, tell us about that.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
Well, so what happened Just it's interesting how it kind
of played out. But I started Full Bloom about three
years ago now. But what how I started it? When
the pandemic happened, I was working with a casting director
and I was actually working on a show and it
was amazing because I was actually one of the leads
on that show. But then they just never ended up

coming out because of just I don't know, the producer
pulled out or something like that. So anyways, when the
pandemic happened, the casting director that had booked me for
that show reached out to me and said that there
was an opportunity. And you know, this platform was trying
to diversify, so they were onboarding creators and I was
initially onboarded to this platform to you know, just kind

of share my story with other people, just to provide
inspiration and motivation for whoever. And so I got on
this platform, I started posting videos mother gay. Well you
know there's nothing else to do. We're in the pandemic.
Everyone's just home doing nothing, So let me just do this.
And I was posting affirmation journal proms for people to
use a resource because we just had so much time

in that moment to sit with ourselves.

Speaker 1 (09:07):
So because you're a fast talker, parents, I know you've
been told weberfore you can talk fast.

Speaker 2 (09:13):
My mom's New York.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
Okay, we do, you said, San Diego. So I'm trying
to work with that. San Diego speed. Okay, okay, cool
now California speed now you Now you started, this was
a platform, and it was a motivational platform soon because
you talk about affirmations and videos and.

Speaker 2 (09:31):
And uh it was not necessarily so the platform was TikTok.
So they had the time so known as Yeah, they
were known as like the dance platform, you know, like
everyone's just on their dancing. But they were looking to
diversify their content because they wanted to be and now
they are more than just a dance platform. People go
there for a number of things.

Speaker 1 (09:52):
So so it's a dance platform that they brought you on.
They want to diversify the content.

Speaker 2 (09:59):
Yes, so they did not I won't say that they
were strictly a dance platform, but that's what they were
known for, okay, okay hmm, So they just wanted to
just bring more to the platforms. So it just had
just different niches and genres, if you will. And so
I was on board, as you know, motivation, and I

started posting videos and I started with affirmations and then
general prompts with people, Like I said, could just have
something to do with all the time that we had
on our hands during that time in the pandemic. And
I didn't realize how many people actually needed that. Because
self development, general prompt, self discovery, that's something that I've
always been just within my own journey. I've always done

because it was just so necessary something an outlet for
me in the intercim industry to always come back to
self because you can get so lost in all these
you know, the judgment, all those things. So anyways, it
resonated with a lot of people when I started posting
on TikTok, and I grew my following from zero. I'm
now around two hundred thousand followers on TikTok. But it

just became something that people just I guess that resonated
with them and something that they looked forward to. And
so I built my following or my community based upon
you know, self help and wellness and you know, like
I said, inspiration motivation. And so with that being said,

my journal prompts and affirmations, it just always played over
so well with people, and I had people reaching out
to me saying like this is amazing and you don't
understand how much you have helped me within my own journey.
And I just want to say if let's say, if
you if you sold these prompts, I would totally buy it.
And my mind, I never thought about, you know, creating

a resource for anyone to just to buy. And I'm like,
you know what, that's actually a great idea and maybe
I can put something together and you know, we'll see
what happened. So I started full Bloom on my company
so I could just have a name and have a business.

Speaker 1 (12:01):
What why full bloom? Why full bloom? Why is that
the name of your company?

Speaker 2 (12:06):
Full Bloom? I love plants, and I just feel as
though we are just journeys, journey wise and just just
life wise. It's just so similar to plants, you know,
in a way, because plants are just you know, you
have to put it in the right environment. You have
to give it the right nutrients, you have to give
it the right you know, just you know, the water,
just just take care of it in a way to
where if it's not in the right environment, it's not

gonna thrive.

Speaker 1 (12:29):

Speaker 2 (12:29):
And so within people, ourselves, our lives, if we're not
in the right environment, the right headspace around the right people,
we're not gonna thrive. And so if we're in the
right environment and nurturing ourselves in a way that's just
empowering us, uplifting us and just giving us, like putting
good and positivity into us, we're gonna thrive and we're
gonna bloom, which is like the most beautiful versions of ourselves.

And so I just thought full Bloom was perfect because
it just it just encapsulates all this stuff everything, you
know that it's just that I believe and I know
to be true. So full Blooms And yeah, it's name,
that's the name. But I created a resource, a diat
journal called back to Me, the Journey Back to your Self,

and it's just over three hundred and sixty five prompts
for over a year, and it's just a prompt day
that people can use. And then you also have a
space for affirmation, so you can write a positive affirmation.
But things like that to just really nurture your relationship
with self and go on that self discovery journey, find
that self love, taking care of yourself or self care,

all those things. And I created that DIA journal about
three years ago, and you know, it has just it
it's history now, like it's like the rest is history
is I'm trying.

Speaker 1 (13:42):
So you're saying that that has become a money maker,
that's what you're saying, parents.

Speaker 2 (13:47):
Yeah, and I don't like to think of it like.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
Money making. Conversation mash Okay, you know you you were
at that dancing you know, and you know covid hit
and now you have two hundred and five thousand followers
on TikTok you have three point five million likes. And
that's important to understand that because that's called engagement. Now. Now,

the inspiration behind this when you look at social media,
two things are very popular on social media. Food and inspiration. Okay,
I know because I'm involved in both of them. Food
people want to know how to cook stuff, and they
want to know to be inspired and motivated and uplift.
What do you think you're We're going to go to

break Paris when I come back, I want to get
in more details about you as an individual, the inspiration
and the patterns. And this is about money making conversations
because so many people are out there doing this and
people have told me about setting up subscriptions and books
and I'm gonna tell you I don't know and here
and you say, Richard, I didn't know either, but guess

what I'm doing it and you should slow down and
do it yourself. We'll be right back for more money
Making Conversation. I am talking to the creator of Full Bloom,
Parish Fletcher, and I'm the host of Rashawn McDonald.

Speaker 3 (15:18):
We'll be right back with more money Making Conversations Masterclass
with Rushawn McDonald. Welcome back to the Money Making Conversations
Masterclass hosted by Rashaan McDonald. Money Making Conversations Masterclass continues
online at Moneymakingconversations dot com and follow money Making Conversations

Masterclass on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Speaker 1 (15:45):
I'm speaking to Parish Fletcher. She found a full Bloom
to remind others that having a clear sense of selfish
imperative when facing adversity, rejection and negativity that happens a
lot in our world. How have you say bottled it?
But how you using that and twisting it and making
it positive for people who need to hear what you

have to say? Paris.

Speaker 2 (16:10):
You know, I just me, I just stare, my honest
truth of my journey and what I've been through. And
you know, that's that's where what I started with with
my social media, like my TikTok and everything like that.
I've just always been so honest with what I had
gone through. And we talked about the entertainment industry, but

just all the things that I had to deal with,
and I won't say like just the rejection that happens,
and that's just the natural, you know, circumstances that you
go through within the industry. Like I said, it just
starts to wear on you a little bit. And sometimes
when I was going through and I just really started
to question my my talents, my skills, myself, like man,

am I not talented enough? Am I not pretty enough?
But then what I found for myself just always like
I said, journaling, just you know, knowing my strengths, knowing
my weaknesses, and owning that and just loving every aspect
of myself and just really being able to have a
clear sense of self with what has kept me so
mentally strong and motivated to just, you know, regardless of

what I pursue, it's just a matter of what I'm
putting into it and how I view myself. And I've
just brought that to my platform and just it resonated
with people. And I think when we're talking about inspiration,
people are looking for inspiration. I think the biggest thing
is people are looking for real people that they can
see and say, Okay, I can do that too. And
so with social media, you know, there's always a facade.

People will post all of their their their wins and
sever their losses, and it's just it comes off so
dis genuine. And when you're finding people that are able
to post all aspects themselves. And I'm not saying you
have to post your whole life and put your whole
life out there, because I don't even do that because
it's just it's my life and I there still needs
to be some bound with and that. But I give

people just my losses as well, you know, because I'm
human just like everyone else, and so when people are
able to see that and be like, Okay, but how
did she bounce back? And she was able to bounce back?
So that inspires others to do that too, and so
you know, that's that's how I kind of pivot and
use my stories to inspire others now.

Speaker 1 (18:20):
And now part of that is journally, you know, these journals.
How did that become the thought proces? Because was it
something you was doing personally and now you're sharing the
philosophy with your followers and anybody who who? Other people
recommend to buy your Booth journals because both it's hard
back and it's also digital.

Speaker 2 (18:41):
Correct yes yes, yes, yes, yes yes. So that, like
I said, that's just something that I just have used
throughout my whole life and that has always helped me
within you know, sometimes within my own mind, there's just
so much going on, and journaling has always been a
tool to just kind of let it out, you know,
letting my thoughts out, and really with the guide in

journal that I have a lot of us we have,
you know, these thoughts, so sometimes we don't we have
these questions that we don't even know to ask ourselves
and what we know, what we want to even try
to figure out within ourselves. And so this guided journal
is a really great tool because it gives you a
prompt a day questions that you probably wouldn't even think
to ask yourself, like I said, and it's just there,
and you know, it allows people to have a deeper

level of reflection and allows them to just look at
so many different aspects of their life, within themselves, within
their friend groups, within you know, whatever it is, their
own career, like are you happy, Like is this something
that maybe that you truly wanted to pursue or is
it something that you kind of felt not forced into,
but just kind of guided into, if you will. Like
for me, I know, you know, my parents wanted me

to be like a doctor, and that wasn't something that
was that I was truly interested in. You know, Entertainment
was always there because it's what I knew and what
I love. And so it just allows people to just
kind of think of their life from some of different
angles and it's just it's a helpful tool, and it
continues to be a helpful tool. And that's why I
continues to just the journal itself is just so successful.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
Right, you know, when I think about it, I'm joining
this protege program and for my company, and I realized
that I'm not a person who writes things down, and
they forced me to, you know, basically journals thing every month.
They ask me what I'm doing, what I'm doing, what
I'm doing it. Then I have to tell them what
I'm doing. And what I've discovered is that I'm better

for it. And so because it forces me to think
about the process, think about the experience of what I'm
going through. And then it also I believe enhances my
communication with my employees. So what you're talking about really
I'm doing, but I'm doing it from a corporate standpoint,

but it's enhancing my overall relationships with the people that
I communicate on a daily basics, which my employees as
well as my clients. And so those affirmations and those
motivation tools that you have really can be applied as
to in an entrepreneurial space.

Speaker 2 (21:13):
Correct, absolutely absolu.

Speaker 1 (21:17):
Now with that being said, entrepreneurs, you you are an entrepreneur.
You started a business. Did you have a budget, did
you have an idea of what type of revenue you
is going to generate? Or you just you know, jumped
out there on faith.

Speaker 2 (21:36):
I wined it the entire way. I continue to win it.

Speaker 1 (21:41):
You know, come on Fars, you're my motivating queen.

Speaker 2 (21:47):
You know, I just I just said, it's just what
I'm being honest. You know. When I started the business,
I had the vision for it, but with being new
to business completely, it's just you know, when you try
to go to banks with just you have a vision,
but I not necessarily not having the financial just I

guess record if you will to just show like, Okay,
I'm looking for a loan for this much I entertain that.
I went to my bank that I've been banking with
for years, and immediately they're like, you know, you have
to show this much income revenue within your business within
the first year and we can give you that. I'mount
and it just wasn't usible, and so I used my

own funds what I was comfortable was putting into the business.
And I was just like, you know what, this is
something that I truly believe in. And if I believe
in it, like I said before, like it's just you
have to be confident within yourself and within whatever it
is that you're doing and know that it's a good
quality product and I can't stress quality enough because I

paid more than certain people would, you know, for their
first product initially, But I am such a firm believer
in you if you can speak behind your quality then
and people will appreciate it. So anyways, I put my
money into the business not really knowing what was going
to happen. But I knew I had two things. I
knew I had a really good product, and then I

knew I had a really good community and that it
was a resource that people were looking for. And so
I was going to leverage my community, not just my community,
but just my my platform that I had, and just
use that to market my product. And so you know,
within a few months of me just putting it out there,
I sold out and I'm like, Okay, let me just

make sure that wasn't a fluke product. And you know,
I tried it again and it happened again. I'm like, Okay,
this is something. We have something here, and so I
just continue with the money that I make from the product.
I just just try to double up every time with
how much inventory I'm able to get and which it it. Initially,

I was bummed out because I wasn't being able to
get a loan from a bank. But I think in
the line grown for me from my vision for my business,
it was beneficial because it's all within like my hands,
like I would put this into this the product in
my business, and so I'm not having to deal with
these crazy interest rates and just what I'm making from

the product initially, I just you know, put it back
into my business. And like I said, I keep trying
to double up my inventory to just get continue to
make more revenue. So like I said, I I wind
it and I did the best that I could. I
reached out to people when I had questions and gained
as much knowledge as I could and just use that
and it's been working extremely well. And yeah, so you know,

sometimes I think a lot of us think we need
to have the full package before we actually, you know,
pursue something. But I am just you know, I am
the proof that sometimes all you have to do is
just just start. And I am such a believer if
you take the steps and you're working hard and trying
to get as much knowledge as you can, that the
resources and the people and what you need will find

you along the way and it's gonna work out. And
you know that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Speaker 1 (25:06):
Well, guess what, it's a fantastic story. How can we
get in touch with your Paris.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
You can find my website online at full bloominsoll dot
com and then you can find my business on the
social media platforms at full bloom ins so s U
L L B l O O M I N S p.

Speaker 1 (25:27):
O your interview. Thank you for coming on show. Your
interview is very motivating and uplifting and really thank you
because your honesty it helps us out. It allows us
to say that every plan is an original thought and
if you don't let no one tell you your thought
can happen, but you have to believe in it and
you have to put in your time and that's what
you told us on your interview. Doing your interview, thank

you for coming to Money Making Conversation master Lives you
money maker, you, thank you for having me appreciate This
has been another edition of Money Making Conversation Master Class
hosted by me Rashaun McDonald. I want to thank you
and all my guests to come on the show today
and thank you our listening audience. Join us next week.
I remember to always lead with your gifts keep winning.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
Thank you for joining us for this edition of Money
Making Conversations Masterclass. Money Making Conversations Masterclass with Rushan McDonald
is produced by thirty eight to fifteen Media Inc. More
information about thirty eight to fifteen Media Inc. Is available
at thirty eight to fifteen media dot com. And always
remember to lead with your gifts

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