Stuck & Gunner

Stuck & Gunner

These guys ain't right, but we pay 'em anyway. Don Stuck plays guitar, has two sons, one wife (#3) and a prolific beer can collection. Gunner has three daughters, one wife (30 years) and does a killer Frank Sinatra when drunk.


July 3, 2024 9 mins
Geezer Butler's autobiography, 'Into the Void: From Birth to Black Sabbath & Beyond' is a great rock memoir. This is the guy that wrote all the lyrics for Sabbath! Amazing. Coming from an Irish Catholic family of SEVEN, Gunner asks how hard Geezer had to fight at the dinner table for food! From exploding amps to The Beatles to bass player jokes, its a great talk with a true rock legend.
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Kevin Cronin is always a great interview. How did Kevin and REO Guitarist Gary Richrath meet? Awesome story! Also, Kevin is NOT a fan of concert venues constantly changing names for sponsors.
Finally, being a Central-Illinois band, Gunner asks about Big Al's ALL NUDE Strip Club in Peoria! Yes, Kevin's been there and the story is great!
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George Thorogood is a rock star. Bad to the bone and all that guitar hero stuff. BUT, he'd rather talk about Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson. Lou Gehrig and Yogi Berra. And you better not call baseball a SPORT, because (according to George) it's NOT a sport! It's a freakin' GAME! Plus, George tells us the FOUR things every band needs on the road. He'ss a ball-buster and a BLAST!
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First of all, say Stix Zadinia as fast as you can. Keep doing it til you get the joke. LOL!
The Steel Panther drummer is an awesome guest! Remember going to see the great 'hair bands' of the 1980's? When you go to a Steel Panther show, you get that and whole lot more. No 'politically correct' with these guys. Jump into the time machine and enjoy the podcast! 
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Lane Shaw is on his way to Monster Energy Supercross stardom! Fun talk with the Texas native who came to two-wheelers later than most (with a good reason why!). Find out what it feels like to land a 75-FOOT jump! Plus, Gunner tries to get him on the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Great insights into the world of a Supercross daredevil! 
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The NBA 73rd All-Star Game Weekend in Indianapolis (2/16-18) promises to be the biggest and most fan-friendly EVER! Joey Graziano (NBA Head of Event Strategy and Management) talks up the Crossover Concert w/ Lil Wayne, T-Pain and DJ Zedd. Keith Urban and Walker Hayes will perform at the NBA Experiences Saturday Pregame Concert prior to State Farm NBA All-Star Saturday Night.
Butler grad Gunner harasses Joey about his Georgetown Hoy...
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Forget Arlo Guthrie's 'Alice's Restaurant'.
It's a new Thanksgiving tradition!
'Alice in Chains Restaurant'! Rock on!!
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Paul Rodgers new album 'Midnight Rose' is a great listen. We dive into the record and talk about several strokes that took away his ability to sing for a time! Paul details his amazing road to recovery.
Gunner prods Paul about band names and, man, does he have some great stories about what record executives suggested instead of Free and Bad Company.
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Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer wrote and sang the band's biggest hit: 'We're An American Band. Don talks about the 'mailbox money' that tune has brought in over the years. Plus, Grand Funk sold out Shea Stadium in NYC quicker than The Beatles! Don has a great story about that night. A true classic rock legend.
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Indianapolis Colts VP of Communications Steve Campbell talks up the Colts Kickoff Concert with John Mellencamp, Stephen Stills, Heart's Ann Wilson, Peter Wolf, Kenny Wayne Shepherd & more! DATE: Friday, September 8th at Lucas Oil Stadium. Tons of Colts memorabilia will be there as the Horseshoe celebrates 40 years in Indy! But will there be a Mayflower moving truck? Gunner wants to know! Also, Gunner reveals his plan to 'stowaw...
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Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Rickey Medlocke scolds Gunner after Stuck reveals his radio partner always leaves BEFORE 'Freebird' is played! Why? Listen to find out! Plus, Rickey gets emotional talking about the loss of Gary Rossington, a true legend. He gets fired-up when we discuss the Rock & Roll HOF ignoring most Southern Rock bands. Lastly, Rickey gives a detailed description of how he attacks playing 'Freebird' and how he feel...
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Gunner flies solo in this one speaking with Jennifer Fahy, Communications Director for Farm Aid.
Since 1985, Farm Aid has raised over $70 million dollars to help family farms. The need for help has never been greater than today. It's a fun talk about music, farming and Willie Nelson's bus! Listen to check out the Farm Aid 38 lineup!
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Who's got the better radio voice? Stuck OR Gunner?
Plus, graduation shoutouts, Stuck gets his GED and BAD parents.
Also, Stuck and Ozzy Osbourne have something in common that's VERY weird.
NEW pods every Friday! Next week (5/19) we'll talk to Def Leppard's Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell!
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a blues/rock legend. The podcast opens with MAJOR phone problems from Germany! Then, Kenny re-tells a classic band joke. Big laughs....and SO TRUE! Plus, what was the band's reaction the first time they heard the final mix of 'Blue on Black' from the incredible 'Trouble Is...' album (25th Anniversary edition available now! Kenny's a super-cool guy, great talk, ENJOY!
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Always a pleasure to talk with a rock legend. Joe Perry and Aerosmith have been at it for 50+ YEARS!
Joe proves he's still at the top of his game with a new single, 'Fortunate One', featuring The Black Crowes Chris Robinson on vocals. Awesome jam! Joe talks about working with his sons, losing Jeff Beck, the joy of The Hollywood Vampires and you-know-who....the other Toxic Twin, Steven Tyler! Joe reveals a secret about Aerosmith's fr...
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Don Barnes of 38 Special was destined to be in a rock band. Grew up in Jacksonville FLA with the members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers. Don's got great stories of being mentored by Ronnie Van Zant, playing Navy bars, living on peanut butter and jelly and finally winding up on the FIRST DAY of MTV! Don also shares his thoughts on the loss of Skynyrd's Gary Rossington. It's a great talk that floats from cigarettes to amps...
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Kansas is celebrating their 50th Anniversary with the 'Another Fork in the Road Tour'. Co-founder/guitarist Richard Williams has been there from the beginning. He talks about his love of Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, plus, a remarkable Elvis encounter. What a story! We recorded this prior to the Super Bowl. And yes, Richard LOVES the Kansas City Chiefs and talks about his fandom. Finally, he talks about first hearing 'Dust I...
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Captain on the bridge!
Star Trek's William Shatner is going on the road for showings of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. From the start, Shatner stirs the pot and jumps all over Stuck about an incorrect HORSE comment (Bill breeds horses). The he steals a line from Gunner about Ricardo Montalban's (Khan) wheel chair??!!
Totally engaged at 90 (!), Shatner also reacts to his trip into space aboard Blue Origin. Great talk with a LEGEND!
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The 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominations are out! From Willie Nelson to The White Stripes, it's quite a group. Rock Hall President/CEO Greg Harris joins the boys for the debate. Plus, Gunner really doesn't like Kate Bush (and its quite a reason!) Finally, will the Rock Hall ever create a '27 Club' exhibition? Artists who checked out too soon--Hendrix, Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and more.
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Gunner talks with Poison's Bret Michaels about the massive 'Q95 Parti Gras show coming to Ruoff Music Center on July 30, 2023! Along with Bret, there's Nightranger, Jefferson Starship, Mark McGrath and Steve Augeri. Tix on sale Friday 12/9 at 10am.
Bret talks about his vinyl collection, Ted Nugent, having daughters and meeting his NFL heroes.
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