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March 26, 2024 91 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, and Colleen Wolfe take a deep dive into the top ten picks of the NFL Draft to uncover the truth. Before the the sleuthing begins, the heroes react to news from around the league including the NFL's new hybrid kickoff (08:44), penalties around the hip-drop tackle (17:05), L'Jarius Sneed getting a deal with the Titans (22:45), NFL games being played on Christmas (40:13), and more! Then, the top-ten NFL Draft picks are investigated starting with the Bears (45:08) followed by picks two through ten. 

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The Around the NFL podcast. Twitter misses you Mark.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
From the Chris Westling podcast studio.

Speaker 1 (00:11):
It's x man, it's Around the NFL.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
I'm Dan Hansis. I got Mark Sessler here, and here's
the thing. Everybody unplugged for one moment. Okay, because here's
Mark talking into a microphone. You don't need to live
on social media. You got the real thing right here.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
I have found it to be an interesting experience. I'll
still go on as a like a distant observer because
there's news happening in like, oh yeah, news, but what's
happened to Like I know this is already happening with
X me. The the algorithm of what they're feeding me
now has become complete total lunacy and has nothing to
do with anything that I used to like.

Speaker 1 (00:51):
It's just because I would.

Speaker 4 (00:52):
Like to see what you're getting served.

Speaker 1 (00:54):
I will. I'll show you after the show for sure.
Also joining us. You heard her there?

Speaker 2 (00:59):
Hi, she didn't get introduced, came in.

Speaker 4 (01:04):
Hey, I'm here. Great to see you guys. What a
day the day we have in store?

Speaker 1 (01:12):
Oh yes, it's we got a Connie Wolf. We got
the tiniest of all boxes.

Speaker 2 (01:17):
We got a Tuesday show with Colleen, not Tuesdays with Maury,
It's Tuesdays with Connie sitting in the Greg chair.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
Greg on a well.

Speaker 2 (01:27):
Deserved vacation in the tropics of the Pacific, so he
will be back next week. He's actually gonna we're gonna
tag each other out. I'm gonna head out for the
tropics after he returns. I was thinking, with Greg not here,
how can we make the most of this? This Greg

is an impossible person to replace on the show. Is
football acumen and his ability to disagree with everything cannot
be replaced. However, how about this the idea that is
he really on a tropical vacation. Do we know, for
instance that it Delaware isn't back together?

Speaker 1 (02:06):
Yeah, we don't know.

Speaker 4 (02:07):
Wow, there's conspiracy theories all over the place.

Speaker 2 (02:09):
And then I actually have a file when Greg brings
up Delaware, because you know, I want the tapes Greg's
high school band, Delaware, And it says actual in my
notes cut and paste Delaware bio.

Speaker 1 (02:22):
This is all I have right now.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
But if you're out there, we're looking for the tapes,
the demos, the release of the album.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
How do you Want It Cooked was the name of
the album.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
I believe this was a follow up album or perhaps
a single Shiny Man went to frog Town. These are Delaware.
This is actual titles to Delaware material.

Speaker 3 (02:40):
Was it an actual I don't know if they've produced
multiple albums, but sorry anyway.

Speaker 2 (02:45):
The drummer, lead singer and keyboards, Greg Rosenthal. We're not
getting anything off him. Drummer Jeff Lash. That's traditional Jeff
spelling lash Lash.

Speaker 1 (02:57):
He was the drummer Jeff.

Speaker 2 (02:58):
If you're out there, if you were from Western Massachusetts
and you know a Jeff Lash, please reach out to
him and have him reach out to us with any
potential demos. Also, there's a guy named Andy in the band.
Don't have the last name, just Andy Andy from Western
mass If you're out there, we will give you a
signed eight x ten glossy of Mark Sessler in Levi

the jacket if you reach out to us with the tapes.

Speaker 3 (03:23):
It's probably only two hundred and seventy five thousand andyes
in that area. So like it's spread a wide net
and get to work.

Speaker 4 (03:29):
I have confidence in the subreddit. I feel like they
can they can mobilize and answer this for us. Also,
why hasn't there been like some type of sing off
with Greg, like you have to kind of trick him
into singing, and why hasn't there been a segment yet?

Speaker 2 (03:45):
We have to He's sheepish about his musical past, and
I've tried to get that out of him, but I
do want to hear how do you want to cook
their debut album?

Speaker 3 (03:54):
I would love that there was There was at one
point at one of the band members of someone who
knew Greg, maybe it was any Maybe it was claimed
to have, you know, the tapes. So they're out there,
and you know, we're getting in to the age where
maybe some of these people don't live, They're not on
the earth anymore.

Speaker 1 (04:10):
Let's just positive that. I don't know.

Speaker 2 (04:12):
Wow, by the way, if anybody, we just were blown
away by the Patrick Claiband SOG submissions. If anybody wants
to take a crack on what Delaware might sound like,
he's he said there mid nineties alternative music, the vein
of like a Flaming Lips type artist, that type of
underground alternative band, a little bit of a he said,

not prog rock, but kind of you know, very left
of center alternas. It's a little yeah, it was alt
and like Greg had like a part down the middle, I.

Speaker 3 (04:43):
Believe, with the marsh hair down both sides. At some
part of that.

Speaker 4 (04:47):
I remember there was a guy that I had a
huge crush on in like fifth grade, and he had
that haircut and he loved Silverchair, and I was like, yeah,
well I'm gonna get into Silverchair too, just because he
had he likes them.

Speaker 1 (04:58):
The Australian Teens Silverchair. I remember that. Man.

Speaker 4 (05:01):
I would love if the listeners submitted some songs for
Greg and specifically focused on what Greg sounded like on vocals.

Speaker 2 (05:12):
And We'll give you, We'll give you the again the
titles of We'll choose Him as songs Okay, how do
you want it cooked? And shiny Man went to Frogtown?
Either of those give us a I mean, I think
Greg would really appreciate starting the show this way and
potentially extending this bit that he's been hoping to kill,

like the pix competition for years, undoubtedly, but instead the
old Zuzzar has turned into an opportunity.

Speaker 1 (05:39):
Yep, that's what I does. Part.

Speaker 3 (05:43):
That's what I don't doubt your your abilities to They
call me Sicky Davis for a reason, you know that. Yes,
all right, let's get into today's show, because we got
a good one coming up a little bit later. We're
going to sleuth the top ten of the NFL draft
far away from the draft.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
Holy god, we're.

Speaker 2 (06:01):
Inside a month now from the twenty twenty four NFL Draft.
In fact, Connie, I know right before you joined us
you were in hardcore scramble mode prepping for this show
because you were doing a.

Speaker 4 (06:15):
Just did a mock draft live with Bucky Brook's latest mock,
his third one that he dropped. So just analyzing that
Lancer line, isn't it?

Speaker 1 (06:22):
And you hosted the proceedings.

Speaker 4 (06:24):
Yes, I did.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
Where can people see that? Bye?

Speaker 4 (06:27):
That is all Come on, It's all over the place.
It's on the network today and today is Tuesday.

Speaker 1 (06:34):
Today is Tuesday, March twenty six.

Speaker 4 (06:36):
Yes, it's on NFL Plus as well.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
There you go.

Speaker 4 (06:38):
Oh yeah, just your local listings.

Speaker 1 (06:41):
Can you stack these assignments?

Speaker 3 (06:43):
Do you feel better beforehand or do you feel better
when they are crossed off your list? I always feel
better about your personnelity after.

Speaker 4 (06:53):
Everything has been accomplished. It is a little bit of
a sprint. I was flying back from the East Coast
yesterday and I have to fly back there tomorrow. So
I'm you know, I'm I'm prepared and I have a
lot of information in this old brain rock.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
Do you like it better on the hard thing is
in front of you or behind you? I mean, I
think everyone's gonna have this similar.

Speaker 3 (07:14):
Of course, but I think it's a little more asterisk
slash like special with Colleen because I understand when she's
coming in my car the same way, like there was
a fair amount of palpable tension in the room when
she was in preparation mode. I was just imagine that
her on her drive home is going to be like
luxury for her.

Speaker 4 (07:31):
Oh it's I love when it's over everything. But I
my notes that I was preparing for this show while
I was hosting the other show, and I know that
this is not a visual medium, but my notes, look.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
Well, we have a YouTube program. Can we get a tight.

Speaker 4 (07:48):
Scrambled on a cocktail napkin? And this is what I'm
working with. So you know, it's uh, I can't even
read what any of you.

Speaker 1 (07:55):
Yeah, slightly psychotic but on the back of the yeah,
all right, so that check that out.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
And we're gonna do some draft stuff, as I said,
but we're gonna sleuth it like an old friend of ours.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
And we'll get to that a little bit later.

Speaker 2 (08:08):
But first we got a lot of news to get
to because the NFL owners meetings went down to Orlando,
and that's always a source of I don't know, intrigue,
that's a little strong. It's always a source of gruel.

Speaker 1 (08:23):
For the old news.

Speaker 3 (08:25):
Yeah, when you haven't been sent there, which is a
pattern of late, it's less intriguing.

Speaker 1 (08:31):
The good old days. They used to send us there,
and now I've never been.

Speaker 4 (08:34):
All I do is hear about the swag. There's parties and.

Speaker 2 (08:39):
The salad days. Yeah, as they say. Anyway, true back
to reality. Let's hit the news and this is going.

Speaker 5 (08:45):
To be inside the tent. And this is dropped picked
up by Beck. Beck still going running to the right side.
Beck has some room. Twenty five, thirty, thirty five, forty,
He's at the fifty. He's at the forty five of Jacksonville.
Beck across the third. That's what the fifteenth, ten to five,
Are you kidding? Rock and Roll touchdown Houston. My goodness,

oh my Beck picked up the ball. The earth started
shaking in North Florida, and he.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
Ran on the right side and found the lane to
the end zone.

Speaker 2 (09:18):
Man oh Man, Mark vandermir with the call kilt. That
was Andrew Beck full back, the up back on the
kickoff in Week three against the Jaguars, and impossibly he
took it to the house.

Speaker 1 (09:32):
And why do I play that?

Speaker 2 (09:33):
Because you'll never see that again in the NFL, because
everything is different now. The NFL owners approved a massive
and I mean massive revamp of the kickoff on Tuesday,
after three days of discussions at the league's annual meeting,

they passed a proposal twenty nine to three in favor
of redoing kickoffs and essentially ending the days. And we've
talked about this, We even talked about it, I think
Super Bowl Sunday night at the stadium in Vegas, Like
how many times you get all pumped up at the
beginning of the game, touchback, touchback, touch back, all throughout

the games. And so they finally decide to go with
a rule that's very similar, almost identical in fact, but
not exactly the same as an XFL rule. So during
the twenty twenty four season, kickers will continue to kick
from the thirty five yard line, but the other ten
players on the kickoff team will line up at the
receiving team's forty, so everyone other than the kicker is

now on the same side of the field. At least
nine members of the return team will line up in
a setup zone it's called between the thirty five and
thirty yard lines. Up to two returners can line up
in a landing zone between the goal line and the
twenty yard line, and no one other than the kicker
and returners can move until the ball either hits the
ground or hits a player inside the landing zone. So

touchbacks will be marked at the thirty yard line. By
the way, no fair catch is allowed, so that lasted
what one year. Fair catches on kickoffs and so now
there's always going to be a play and that was
kind of the goal figure out to make the kickoff
a play again. Also, the idea here is to lower

the reason why they put in a lot of the rules,
Marc is to try to lower the instances of head
injuries because the big running start down the field.

Speaker 1 (11:24):
So they try to address it with this. Let's see
if it works.

Speaker 2 (11:27):
It's a huge change in the way football will look
and feel, but one that I think we all agreed
was kind of necessary.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
It's a one year trial I think from the fan angle,
it's going to be visually amazing to experience because it's
completely different than anything else. I was trying to think of,
like in our lifetime, like a rule change that was
as steep as this and as different, and I would
go back to maybe like in nineteen ninety four when

the two point conversion was brought in. It's like that
it's that much of a game changer, because when you
watch this, it does absolutely what you're talking about. Because
with these two lineup lines of special teamers just separated
by five yards, they go and they clash and then
the runner is close behind them. I just wonder, like,
it's if it's gonna take time for if your defensive
or offensive to figure out like the tweaks in this,

because it just seems like because you have to have
two guys deep, if you were to take like your
fastest defensive lineman and have him blow up one player
in that like lineup because you're not, they're not. It's
like it's there all it's a line like you get
like your fastest wide out behind him, he's gone, Like
there's It's like, I just wonder if it's going to
create in a wonderful way, I guess, like crazy scoring opportunities,

but it's it's also going to separate kickers because the
kicker has to literally put it in a twenty yard
zone now unless you want to boot it out of
the end zone. But it's like you can't just power
kick and assume everything is gonna be a touchback.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
It's gonna be wild to watch for the first month
or two.

Speaker 4 (12:53):
And when the XFL did this, there were more returns,
there were fewer injuries, So that's clearly what the end
is shooting for in this situation. But it also revalues
because we talk about players being devalued, it revalues kick returners.
And it's kind of apropos in the year that Devin
Hester is going into the Hall of Fame, Like, we

want to see this, We want to be able to
see these plays back in the game, won't. We don't
want to see people getting hurt. But it makes it
more exciting.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
Also makes it, I would think, and you know, I
didn't watch the XFL full Disclosure show, so I don't know.
It feels like it's going to make it more congested
and more difficult to run kickoffs back, but maybe not.
Maybe there's enough of a buffer zone because they can't
move the defenders until the balls reaches the player, where
you could still effectively set up the blocking the way

special teams coaches do to ensure high level kickoffs. By
the way, and the event a team wants to tempt
an onside kick, this is notable as well, Like, for instance,
Saints fans that are listening, like, arguably you know one
of the most important and pivotal plays ever and say
its history was the onside kick fake or the surprise

on side kick I should say by Sean Payton that
led to the recovery.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
Do I have that right? Yeah? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
In Super Bowl forty four, you cannot surprise the team
with an onside kick. So in the event of a
team wants to attempt an onside kick, will have to
inform officials of its intent and then they would be
allowed to use the NFL's traditional formation. No surprise on
side kicks are allowed, so which, by the way, I
don't know if.

Speaker 4 (14:27):
That it's so weird now you have to declare it.
It takes all.

Speaker 1 (14:29):
Well, here's the other thing, surprise.

Speaker 2 (14:31):
Out because of and we've talked about on the show,
like we get it like, and everyone gets it.

Speaker 1 (14:36):
You're trying to make the game safer.

Speaker 2 (14:38):
But because of some changes they made in the onside
kick rules to protect players, it's almost impossible to recover
an onside kick now. So now on top of everything else,
now you've removed this surprise elm and so it makes
that play that much more difficult.

Speaker 3 (14:53):
It's a trade off because obviously, like with the kicker
thirty five whatever yards behind is other ten special teamers
on sid's kick would be absurd. That play already felt
like it was kind of dead over the last couple
of years because of the rule change.

Speaker 1 (15:06):
I think there's still work to be done to work
on that.

Speaker 2 (15:07):
If this works, let's move to fixing the outside kick,
cause I think that's a broken plate, right.

Speaker 3 (15:11):
But I think the one thing it shows, because if
you're the NFL and you're the king of all leagues, like,
it shows a bit of humility to borrow from the XFL,
And I think that tells you that the on side's kick,
if it remains the sort of dead zone, like, they'll
address that. Like I do give them credit for wanting.
I will never forget being at the Super Bowl. And
while it was a special moment on the opening kickoff,

like the last one we'll ever watch. That way, the
stadium and Allegiant Stadium went into this hush.

Speaker 1 (15:37):
It was totally quiet.

Speaker 3 (15:38):
But then it just resulted in nothing, and it was like,
wait a minute, and that it was Greg who after
the show said the kickoff has got to go and
he's in Hawaii and got.

Speaker 2 (15:45):
His wish light in though it was just still a kickoff.
This like the change, no, the change to the dead
cud way that it was. You was saying, just get
rid of it, and I was saying, like, it's football.
You still you have to have to find a way
to keep it in there without just turning into okay, okay,
change a position, you get the ball to twenty five,
Like I like it.

Speaker 1 (16:03):
We'll see if it works. It'd be weird if they
take it away after one year.

Speaker 3 (16:06):
I tend to think, like, but that happens unless it's
a total colossal failure. It's already proved also work in
another league. You move forward to the humility. I don't
know if i'd put that with our.

Speaker 2 (16:15):
I'm just saying, I'm just saying, to pull from a
it's kind of easy to pull from the XFL when
it's failed fourteen times in the last twenty years, so
it's like it doesn't It's not like the AFL in
nineteen sixty nine where it's like you're actually looking at
them like uh oh there. But to the XFL's credit
for all their struggles kind of when they first came
and I think two thousand and then they've rebooted and
now I believe they've merged with maybe the af.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
I have a lot of versions stuff.

Speaker 2 (16:38):
Yeah, the NFL has not the first time that they've
taken elements of what they do, some of its production
and TV production that they they kind of said, oh,
that's good, we'll take that.

Speaker 1 (16:48):
But now we have a rule that they've taken.

Speaker 2 (16:50):
As well, So you could argue, yes, it's good to
have competitors quote unquote or not a total monopoly on
on the sport.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
So then you can learn it's.

Speaker 4 (17:00):
Like a best kitchen. Yes, we're going to see how
it works over here. Watch you go through it and
figure out the data, and then maybe we'll give.

Speaker 1 (17:06):
It a whirl.

Speaker 2 (17:07):
And one last thing before we move on to the
other rule changes. Chris used to say this all the time.

Speaker 1 (17:12):

Speaker 2 (17:13):
The NFL has always been pretty good about messing with
the product to try to find the best version, which
not all leagues do.

Speaker 1 (17:19):
This another example, like the.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
NFL takes pretty big swings in messing with the product,
and that's I think that's all healthy. On Monday, owners
approved three other rule changes. This one's got me a
little bit more like, uh oh, we'll see, because for
all the good, sometimes meddling and messing with rules just
leads to a bigger mess, like when they again the
Saints seemed to be the center of everything after they

got robbed of that trip to the Super Bowl on
the missed PI call against the Rams and THENFC Title game,
they put in pass interference as a reviewable play and
then that quickly went sideways and they got rid of
it after one year. Now they have they're prohibiting the
uh swivel hip tackle technique. So I just want you

to I don't want you guys, people to dwell on
it too much, Colleen.

Speaker 1 (18:06):
I want you to put yourself like as the Eagles.

Speaker 2 (18:08):
Fan had on Like it's third and seven and it's
a huge point in the game, and your linebacker makes
a great open field tackle to get off the field
and then out comes the laundry and the officials confer,
and it's very borderline and it's moving very fast, and
the tackle happens. Suddenly they decide that it was a
swivel hip drop tackle and not a standard hip drop

tackle or just a a tackle, and all of a sudden,
it's fifteen yards in a first down. Yeah, I'm a
little worried about trying to legislate what kind of tackle
was that. Now some are obvious, and I think that's
what they're trying to enforce here, But I'm just worried
about it.

Speaker 1 (18:45):
I'm just saying it out loud now.

Speaker 4 (18:46):
In March, am I in the fourth quarter of the
Super Bowl in the scenario are the Eagles playing the Chiefs.
In this scenario a lot of gray area. The players
and the former players absolutely hate it. Just doing GMFB
last week and talking to Jason mccordy, and the last
time I was in there, it was Kyle van Ney

and Cam Jordan and Jason mccorty, and everyone was like, so,
this is how you're taught to tackle. You're taught to
wrap up. It's a fundamental And yeah, I can see that.
The data says that it leads to more injuries. But
now you're asking defensive players to relearn how they play

the game, which they're going to have to do. But
it's also when you think about the rookies that are
coming into the league and these rookies, who a lot
of them are not going to be paid a lot
of money, and they're also trying to get up to
speed with the speed of the NFL and now learn
how to tackle completely differently, and the coaches how much

time they're going to have to spend in training camp
looking at tape trying to figure out how how to
do this because it's also like a gravity thing with
the way with your body weight in the tackle, so
you have to change everything that you're doing. And I
think that that's going to be hard to officiate because
of all of the gray area.

Speaker 3 (20:08):
And I think, uh, you know, that's tough too on
everyone because there isn't open tackling in camp and in
practice in generally there there would have been a long
time ago. Jeff Miller, the VP of Safety, noted that
there were two hundred and thirty of these this version
of the hip drop tackle, the swivel that's that's illegal.

That happened last season in fifteen and it resulted in
fifteen players missing time. The Mark Andrew Mark Andrews was
lost because of this.

Speaker 1 (20:35):
But there was.

Speaker 3 (20:36):
Argument initially that that wasn't even exactly what they're talking about,
that particular hip drop. Now they say it is that
it's part of the list that would not would have
been flagged. I think what it probably will will turn
out to be because I think it's fans are going
to it's a lightning rod if it. If it does,
I mean in the fourth quarter to a team finds
changed changed the way players tackled again.

Speaker 1 (20:57):
But a lot of this started.

Speaker 3 (21:00):
It was interesting to hear that, like when the Legion
of Boom rose up, that they were teaching those players
to in some cases tackle this way to avoid the
helmet to helmet. So now this is being taken away,
and I couldn't agree more with just from a physics angle,
if you're one of these defensive guys, how do you what.

Speaker 1 (21:14):
Do you do?

Speaker 2 (21:15):
Other changes? I like this one, This one's makes too
much sense. This one of those ones that never made
sense to me, that was even the way it was.
Now there's a new rule that allows teams to receive
a third challenge after one successful challenge. Previously, the team
had to be successful on both challenges to receive a third.
This proposal was submitted by the lines Good job, Detroit

makes all the sense in the world.

Speaker 1 (21:39):
You don't just.

Speaker 2 (21:40):
Because if the officials got something wrong and you corrected them.
You shouldn't have to go one hundred percent on your
challenges to get that challenge back. You should never lose
a challenge if you want a challenge, all right, if
there is oh another.

Speaker 1 (21:53):
In other news, da da da da, the.

Speaker 2 (21:57):
Teams voted down the fourth and twenty on side kick
altern So maybe try that rowelve years ago. Good news, Colleen,
but we'll see in a post Jason Kelcey world. No
ban on the tush push not going anywhere, and it's
all right, we'll see. It'll be interesting to see if
the Eagles are still using it this year. Yeah, and this.

Speaker 1 (22:16):
One also made sense.

Speaker 2 (22:16):
I know Greg was honked about this, although I don't
think they went far far enough. The trade deadline is
being moved to the Tuesday after week nine. That's one
week different. So it's usually been right around Halloween, which
is week eight. Now it's the week after the Tuesday after.
You know, the Monday Night Football of week nine. I'd
say pushed even to ten or even eleven.

Speaker 3 (22:35):
I could see that even like next offseason if it
seems to benefit everyone, all right, that should have happened
like in the nineteen eighties.

Speaker 4 (22:42):
Yeah, I kind of can't believe that that it took
this long.

Speaker 2 (22:44):
Let's take a quick break here and then get into
more news. All right, moving on, we'll head back to
the owners meetings in a bit. But first, some news
that went down. This was a big name that had
been hanging out there, Lugarious Need, Super Bowl winning cornerback
of the Chiefs. He had been tagged by the Chiefs
but had been given permission to seek a trade. He

found a trade sent to the Tennessee Titans, who then
quickly agreed to terms with Snead on a four year,
seventy six point four million dollar deal includes fifty five
million guaranteed twenty million signing bonus. That from rap sheet. Obviously,
that was a contract that tells you that Sneed is

viewed as an up end cornerback and certainly the Tennessee
Titans are counting on him to be that.

Speaker 1 (23:32):
Connie. The deal.

Speaker 2 (23:34):
The trade, by the way, was Kansas City accepting a
twenty twenty five third round pick and a swap of
seventh round selections. I wasn't blown away by the return,
but I'm always I always seem to be often on
what players can fetch in a contract in a trade
so they get a Day two pick back. The idea
that they could or my original thought that they can

maybe pair their top pick this year with the sneak
Hall to move higher up the board. Maybe it still works,
but it's something. It's just not a ton for a
guy that was a big time player for them.

Speaker 4 (24:05):
It's not Kansas City. They've been planning though for this
loss for two years now, when they took Trent McDuffie
in the first round. They've selected a couple other quarterbacks
before that twenty twenty two draft was finished. But it's
like I think, for the Titans, this is great for them.
They've been trying to fix that secondary for so many years.
Their pass defense hasn't finished in the top half of

the league since twenty eighteen, and over the last four
years they've used four Day one or Day two picks
on cornerbacks alone. Look at Christian Fulton, Caleb Farley. I
could keep going but Lajerious Sneid is an absolute upgrade
for them. They also added Chadobi a Woozia during the
first wave of free agency, so they have now a

nice little group with Sneid, Ouzier and Roger McCreary in
the slot, plus their DC Denard Wilson. He was a DBI,
So you know that the emphasis is going to be
on that secondary and hopefully after all of these years
in purgatory, they'll be able to make some improvements.

Speaker 1 (25:06):
Yeah, I think you said it.

Speaker 3 (25:07):
I mean it's I would have thought a couple of
weeks back that it would have been a second, not
a third. But if you're the Chiefs, you didn't want
this salary and you were ready to move on, and
so it's acceptable and I kind of trust the Chiefs
to make something to have it. But I don't know
for this franchise and trade thing. Like the terms, this
was a surprising term to me. I love it for Tennessee.

Speaker 2 (25:28):
Yeah, and the Titans, who have been very active of
this offseason, but maybe haven't gotten the best grades overall.
This one, I can't quibble with this. They've now addressed
another key point part of their team by adding a
high end cornerback. So they're improving and we'll see what
happens next, maybe what we need to do, because this
happens to us all the time, and we're not alone.

We always think a player is gonna fetch more. Let's
just start, let's get ahead of it now, and just
it's attacked.

Speaker 1 (25:55):
So whatever you think it's going to be, just drop
it down around right.

Speaker 3 (25:58):
I think we could have we could have say that
not on the air, so that people start to just
think that innately we've grown that way.

Speaker 1 (26:04):
But I'm with you one hundred percent. I'm not atit
added post. Yeah, I always feel that.

Speaker 4 (26:07):
Way whenever we do. You're the GM and we're trying
to figure out trade values. I'm so bad at that.
I wasn't good at math, I'm not great at the finances.
And then the resource swapping is sort of in that
same vein sure. So yeah, I mean maybe if there
was like a class on that, it'd be cool.

Speaker 2 (26:25):
Moving forward, Moving forward, We're going to have this nailed.
Let's head back to news out of the owners meetings,
where Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said Russell Wilson has
quote pole position to open the years the team's starting quarterback.
This is the same team that also now has of
course Justin Fields, who also we kind of miscalibrated the
old trade market.

Speaker 1 (26:45):
Up, No we didn't.

Speaker 2 (26:47):
So here we go, yeah, edit that out and post
as well. Here is Mike Tomlin on the QB Sich Sich.

Speaker 6 (26:56):
The term that I've used is Russell has pole position.
And why do I use that term because during this
time where we are not formally working, man, I just
think it's beneficial his experience International Football League, his process
that's been honed and perfected. Talking about over a twelve

month calendar is not only good for him, it's good
for teams. It's good for receivers, tight ends, running backs, etc.
All the things that people are that are really committed
to winning do this time of year. Russell has those resources,
man that structure, and so that's why I say he
has pole position.

Speaker 7 (27:34):

Speaker 6 (27:34):
It just creates a synergy that I think is good
for this time of year when it's time to compete.
We get in training camp like settings and going to
preseason stadiums and so forth. Obviously Just will be given
an opportunity to show his.

Speaker 1 (27:46):
Capabilities preseason stadiums.

Speaker 2 (27:49):
Wow, all right, I mean, I think will you parse that,
but it's yeah, they want Wilson to be the quarterback,
and they like that they have someone to be there
if Wilson is washed.

Speaker 4 (28:04):
Also, if Justin Fields plays fifty one percent of the snaps,
that conditional sixth round pick turns into a fourth round pick.
So of course Russell Wilson is going to start the season.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
Right, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (28:15):
I mean, and Mike Tomlin hasn't exactly been like the
Washington Post with his quarterback reports and updates to what
do you Yeah, it's.

Speaker 1 (28:22):
Like not not a total wappo situation.

Speaker 3 (28:24):
No, so I think like this is this is true
until it's not true, which is probably as soon as
Justin Field starts doing special things.

Speaker 1 (28:30):
All right.

Speaker 2 (28:31):
Speaking of Mike Tomlin, he was in conversation at I
don't know where it was. I think it was the
owner's meetings, makes sense. It was with John Lynch. Oh no,
that might have happened before. Okay, Uh, maybe it was
a pro day. You know these days, a lot of
things going on, a lot of gray area, a lot
of gray eye, a lot of who's what's and what
has anyway? Uh, and Tomin's like, hey man, what's going

on with.

Speaker 1 (28:54):
The without you and uh, what's his sitch? That's his sitch.

Speaker 2 (28:59):
Let's wa poo post saying on that anyway, John Lynch
came out of the owners meeting.

Speaker 1 (29:06):
He said, no, Brandon and Yuke's not available in to trade.

Speaker 2 (29:08):
In fact, uh, you know, my my coach Shanny, he
wants him to stay.

Speaker 1 (29:13):
We're just using all abbreviations and nicknames. I love the show.

Speaker 8 (29:17):
Nothing's going on there. We're actively talking with Brandon trying
to figure something out. And you know I always talked
we have a good history of working with the guys.
We want to get done, to get something done, and
it takes two sides. So can we do that? We'll see.

Speaker 9 (29:36):

Speaker 8 (29:37):
There's a number of different directions you know that it
could go. But appreciate that guy is a player and
want them to be a part of the Niners. So
we're going to work towards.

Speaker 1 (29:48):
Making that reality. My radar is going off a little bit,
really a little bit, like.

Speaker 2 (29:54):
I'm not now could by the end of his podcast,
could there be a newser that's out that's like brand
UK is now the top five highest paid wide receive
in the league. Certainly possible, But I think there's just
enough wiggle room in the way he was talking there
that the Niners are always a forward thinking team. Might
still be open to moving Ayuk at the right prices

if it means them being able to reboot and get
younger and cheaper at that position rather than have Debo
and Ayuk on the books in addition to all the
other talented, expensive players they have.

Speaker 3 (30:26):
I mean, I think anything is possible with anything any
of these people are saying in March, like anything is
still out there as a possibility of someone.

Speaker 1 (30:33):
That's our job, Mark Sessler.

Speaker 3 (30:35):
But I don't so my cod My response is that
I don't think that this is a specific there's some
background suspicion here. I think I want to keep them.
You're the Niners, like your super Bowl window is wide open.
Like I'd say he was more important than Deebo Samuel
for large chunks of last year. Became a true star
and they waited a long time for that. So now

you move on and hope that someone else you fill
in the blank with, Like if.

Speaker 2 (30:59):
You drafted Brandon, you drafted Deebo Samuel, Right, they Yeah,
that's the only thing I'm just I'm thinking of from
their perspective in a very rich wide receiver draft, if
they would ever get a little.

Speaker 3 (31:10):
Here's the thing that they did say they wanted to
re sign Deebo Samuel, and they did, and even with
Jimmy g as messy as that got, they said, we'd
like to make this work, and they did until it
was completely over and they found another quarterback.

Speaker 1 (31:22):
But they haven't.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
If I think of Deebo went somewhere else, or story
Guy A B or Seed, and then I would believe
them a little less. I don't believe like Shanahan on
half the stuff he says, but I think they Shanahan
wants to keep his arguably best wide receiver.

Speaker 1 (31:36):

Speaker 4 (31:37):
Of course John Lynch is going to say that he's
not available until he is, but I think that he's
going to want to keep him around. I've been in
this social media rabbit hole though. That Brandon Ayuk. He
was really I think he was on a Twitter break
for a little while and then he got back in.
He dipped his toes in the water, and now all

of a sudden, I'm looking at his ig store worries
and if you guys saw it, it's just emojis where
there's a cash sign someone talking, well.

Speaker 1 (32:07):
Looks we got to retire that one a cow. I
think it's I.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
Think it sounds to retire Ayuk is on fire. It
kind of is.

Speaker 4 (32:14):
You're not into it.

Speaker 2 (32:15):
It kind of just it had its Bothers made that one.
I don't know why.

Speaker 4 (32:19):
What if he was a jet and that was part
of the Jets situation, because.

Speaker 1 (32:24):
Everything would be different, right, it's always different.

Speaker 2 (32:26):
We love it and you're so shallow all your criticism
easily diffused by just turning him into a jet. No,
we could do better than Ayuk. We could do better
for him. Let's find a new Ayuke drop how about that?

Speaker 4 (32:39):
Yeah, so I'll redd it. But listen, I have a
delaware submissions and uh Ayuk submissions.

Speaker 1 (32:47):
Giving him a little too much homework made. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (32:49):
I feel like they'll still deliver.

Speaker 1 (32:51):
I hope. I hope it gets traded. That would be exciting.

Speaker 2 (32:53):
It'll be interested to see that that that move and
the team that that brings him in.

Speaker 1 (32:57):
That would be cool.

Speaker 3 (32:58):
All right, Well, well, so what do you think he
would net in the trade now that we're in this
new world, In the new world, like a low fourth
it would be I.

Speaker 2 (33:06):
Would say he would he would bring back I would
think it would be like a first round, but that's
probably I would say bring back a third round pick third.

Speaker 1 (33:15):
I mean that is like that is with.

Speaker 3 (33:16):
The tax, with the internal secret we figured out, I
would think easily a sex So I shouldn't argue it.
I should say that sounds wised in unless it's first
round pick we think, and then it's a second round
pick tax.

Speaker 1 (33:27):
Maybe that's what it is.

Speaker 4 (33:28):
I think second, I would say second, I guess.

Speaker 2 (33:30):
We might find out. This would be the first big
test of this idea.

Speaker 1 (33:34):
If it happens.

Speaker 4 (33:34):
Brave New World, all right.

Speaker 2 (33:36):
Let's see, by the way, thanks to Tracy Sandler on
Instagram for that. In other news, Robert Kraft, Oh, by
the way, let me frame it this way. I think
I know who's the next figure to be found or
not found, because they're buried under the mass Pike.

Speaker 1 (33:55):
There's a couple of them. Matthew Hamachik.

Speaker 2 (33:58):
He was the director of the ten part documentary series
The Dynasty on Apple TV Plus.

Speaker 1 (34:05):
You heard like.

Speaker 2 (34:06):
Andrew Ciliano flowed it on the Around the AFC in
forty eight minutes that he was surprised by how pointed
it was at times, and what seemed to be criticism
of Bill Belichick, who of course is no longer with
the team, that became the only thing people really were
talking about about this documentary is like, Wow, that was
a little slanted pro ownership or anti Bill. Robert Kraft

wants you to know that that was not his intention,
and he feels like other Patriots that were involved with
the project, perhaps duped by the nature of the doc
short for documentary.

Speaker 10 (34:42):
Felt bad that there was so much emphasis on the
more controversial and let's say challenging situations over the last
twenty years. I wish they focus more on our Super

Bowl wins, twenty one game win streak. You know, I
felt bad. There were players who gave hours and hours
of interviews and they felt only the negativity.

Speaker 1 (35:20):
So oh.

Speaker 10 (35:23):
Little disappointed that there wasn't more of a real positive approach.
Oh special man, man.

Speaker 2 (35:34):
I think Robin is getting in that Jerry Jones flow
where if you're transcribing a Jerry Jones quote, no need
to stop the recorder, no point, just beautiful wight and type.

Speaker 3 (35:44):
Truly, how about this, don't speak on camera if you
don't want it to be absolutely legally and rightfully used
in a documentary. Documentary is not an in house hype film.
It is meant to tell you a story, the good
and the bad. And I kind of find this like
a billionaire is unhappy with result of something. Well, you

can't have your way all the time.

Speaker 4 (36:05):
Devin mccordy and Rodney Harrison both came out saying that
they had done hours and hours and hours of interviews
for this documentary, this docuseries, and the only things that
were used were the negative things that they said. So yeah,
that's how they felt.

Speaker 1 (36:23):
A little different.

Speaker 3 (36:24):
I get that, But like I guess part of it
is like why are we talking about it because it
was Newsy, Like if it was a bunch of people
glowing over the twenty one game win streak and the
Super Bowls, like we we all live that we've been there.
I mean, I feel for McCardy if like you have,
if you've given all this time.

Speaker 1 (36:39):
I get a little frustration. But it's like, filmmaker, want
to sign up for do it this is? And I
don't know. I haven't, I don't want to. I don't
want to.

Speaker 2 (36:47):
I'm uneducated on the topic, so I don't know. So
is this was NFL Films. Is this an NFL Films.

Speaker 1 (36:51):
Project at all, because if it's not, I don't know.

Speaker 2 (36:54):
Yeah they so if this was an outside project and
new paper terms, if it bleeds, it leads.

Speaker 3 (37:02):
And that's all I'm saying is like I did see
why they were attracted to that part of it.

Speaker 2 (37:05):
And we can act like if we're Robert Kraft, we
could act disappointed that there was too much focus on
the the the the last three or four years and
how Bill Belichick and Craft went from the most powerful
duo in football to estranged and separated. But that's an
important like whether he I know it's called the dynasty,
but if you're telling the story, you tell the story

of how the dynasty ended it too and then be
kind of becoming no longer on the same page.

Speaker 1 (37:32):
That's a big part of the story. Like so I
don't know, I didn't want to.

Speaker 4 (37:37):
I've seen one episode and I actually really liked it, so.

Speaker 2 (37:40):
Like, I don't. I That's why I don't want to
get too deep into it personally. But you kind of
you got to expect people to focus on things like
that because I mean the fact that and I've been
hammering on this for for weeks and weeks on the show.
The fact that Bill Belichick couldn't get a job, like
he's just kind of a figure of fascination at this point.
Like what happened from is it just because he's older,
or is like what happened with Belichick within the ranks

of the NFL to be in this place?

Speaker 5 (38:05):

Speaker 1 (38:05):
Where did you watch the game?

Speaker 4 (38:07):

Speaker 3 (38:08):
And I think like news should be something that you
don't know versus something that we all know very well,
and it should be something that probably is unpleasant to
many people.

Speaker 2 (38:17):
All right, let's see, let's see, let's see the Lions.
This was a weird story. Cam Sutton, cornerback of the Lions.
He has been released from the team after he was
involved with some legal trouble.

Speaker 1 (38:37):
There was a period of time.

Speaker 3 (38:39):
First of all was domestic battery by strangulation, that's the allegation.
There was a period of time and this happened like
you know, going into the weekend and stuff where no
one seemed to know where he was. And then like
the team president of the Lions, Rod Wood, admitted Monday
that the day before the Lions released him that he
was inside the team's facility and so you know, I

don't know how all that marries up exactly with the
quite wondering where he was. But that's why it's a
It doesn't look great for the Lions, but they've released
him and he's gone. He joined the Lines as an
unrestricted free agent last summer after spending his first six
seasons in the NFL with the Steelers, And we touched
on this around the NFC Connie that the back end

of their defense is a target for improvement and now
setting out of the picture, that becomes even more of
a glaring need for them.

Speaker 4 (39:29):
Yeah, now that's their heat. Their hand is forced when
the draft comes around, and how they're going to kind
of play this and just looking at some of the
mock drafts that are out there right now, not to
because I don't really want to focus too much on
Cam Sutton, like I don't know, I don't know what
the details are, but they don't sound good whatsoever. So

for the Lions, the fact that they're picking as high
as they are, we haven't seen that in years and years.
They have the twenty ninth pick in the upcoming draft,
and for a lot of them like yeah, they they're
probably gonna end up taking a corner. Maybe it's kool
aid McKinstry, maybe they take an edge, but I think
for them it would be really prudent to beef up
that secondary now that they lose Cam Sutton.

Speaker 2 (40:13):
And finally in the news, we're gonna do a little
speed round. But last item here, they did it.

Speaker 4 (40:20):
What happened?

Speaker 1 (40:20):
The NFL did it? What they do.

Speaker 2 (40:22):
I knew they were gonna do it, and they've done it.
The NFL has defeated Days. NFL won Days zero game over.
You thought that as big as a ratings hit the
NFL on Christmas was after they came for the NBA's
throat and stumped it, that they would say, well, we

got to wait a few years until it syncs up
with the calendar, because obviously can't play a football game
on Wednesday, can't play an NFL game in the middle
of the.

Speaker 1 (40:56):
Right course, be contreur.

Speaker 2 (41:03):
It will continue in twenty twenty four with two matchups
on the schedule, despite the holiday falling on a Wednesday.
It was announced matchups for the games, which will include
teams that played on the previous Saturday to account for
their recovery window, have yet to be determined. I am
sure those teams are going to be thrilled to learn
they have playing on a Saturday on a short week

and then have a turnaround.

Speaker 1 (41:29):
Enjoy your Christmas. You got a game on Wednesday.

Speaker 2 (41:32):
No, anyway, this is all of obviously, because the three
games played on Christmas Day twenty twenty three did massive ratings.
In fact, ESPN's Ravens Niners telecast that Gnarley Niners blowout
had over twenty seven million viewers, making it the second
high second most watched Monday night football game since nineteen

ninety six, almost thirty years when TV was a totally
different thing.

Speaker 1 (41:57):
Good job yours.

Speaker 2 (41:59):
So there it is. NFL one Day's zero got them.

Speaker 1 (42:03):
It's well, it's saying so predictable.

Speaker 3 (42:06):
Here's what the scheduling tick that concerns me, because you know,
you get into late December and these four teams that
might have looked like we're gonna combine them for incredible
matchups back in April, like you know, the three of
them could be roadkilled by then with like the third
quarterback plane and we have to see them in Island
games two weeks in a row. But beyond that, I
think we made the prediction that they were going to

find a way to have games on like May Day,
and I think we're only a couple of weeks from
that happening for weeks years, please.

Speaker 4 (42:32):
Man, most every day of the week. Why not. It
was like during the pandemic, we did it so and
what great times they were. Tuesday night football, Wednesday night football.
Let's just keep going.

Speaker 3 (42:43):
But everyone digs this except people working football, and so
most people were probably shut up.

Speaker 4 (42:49):
I will say like this past year, on Christmas Day,
I wasn't working because I worked Christmas Eve, and I
went to a friend's house who big Niners fans, the
whole family, and we sat at this big, long table
and they had a projector on the wall and the
hearth and every and it was so it felt right
like it was nice to sit around and watch the

Niners lose with Niners face.

Speaker 3 (43:18):
All right, eightclck delights kind of you cunny, Yeah, I
hope you're invited back.

Speaker 2 (43:25):
Saints tackle Ryan Ramcheck, his knee issue, could miss the
entire twenty twenty four season. The in season hard knocks
could feature four teams from the same division.

Speaker 1 (43:37):
Huh okay, you lov uh yeah.

Speaker 4 (43:42):
Further for Ramcheck, I mean, and the Saints they have
so many needs, they have so many holes on that roster,
and now they're probably going to have to draft a
tackle right away because of Ramcheck.

Speaker 2 (43:52):
Damian Harris, the running back veteran running back retires. He's
only twenty seven, I believe, and he had some really
nice years with the Pats, went to the Bills, suffered
a pretty serious injury.

Speaker 1 (44:02):
Now he steps away from the game.

Speaker 2 (44:03):
The Browns are looking to extend their GM and head
coach Barry and Stefanski and maybe be building a dome.

Speaker 1 (44:10):
Mark what's going on there?

Speaker 3 (44:11):
Well, they absolutely want to either take their current stadium
and make massive renovations to it. But the Haslams talked
about a dome which had been floated in the past.

Speaker 1 (44:22):
Well, the Bills are doing it right.

Speaker 3 (44:23):
I don't as a you know, a longtime Brown's follower,
I'd like them to play in the mud and the snow.

Speaker 1 (44:29):
What else advantage do they have?

Speaker 2 (44:30):
Mike McDaniel, Miami has made it off or to Odell Beckham,
Woody Johnson. If we don't trade Zach, we're going to
keep them. They're backpedaling on that one. They're eyeing Ja
Davian Clowney and the Bears and Texans will play the
Hall of Fame game starting off the season.

Speaker 1 (44:43):
Kanye, I just saw.

Speaker 4 (44:45):
The Odell Beckham junior Kim Kardashian broke up.

Speaker 9 (44:53):

Speaker 1 (44:56):
I didn't know they I didn't know either. I feel
like what I should What is up with that Kim Kardashian.

Speaker 2 (45:02):
She's always in the news like she'd want to go
to Miami every ant with someone paining her way, although.

Speaker 1 (45:07):
She's probably way richer than him.

Speaker 2 (45:09):
I think so, Yeah, ten times, let's take a break
and we'll do some investigating.

Speaker 1 (45:27):
Welcome back.

Speaker 2 (45:32):
Sometimes getting to the bottom of a mystery requires you to.

Speaker 11 (45:41):
Get your hands dirty, work in the shadows, turnover rocks.
But we're never meant to be turned over, and that's
why it's time to go full Signetti on the top
ten of the NFL draft.

Speaker 1 (46:01):
Mark. You asked, what is full Signetti mean?

Speaker 3 (46:04):
I mean, I can only imagine he's been on some
tough cases in the past. He's unearthed some problematic human scenarios.
This one seems broadreaching.

Speaker 4 (46:14):
I've been wondering where he's been Frank Signetti.

Speaker 2 (46:17):
I did a little investigating of old Frank Frank the
tank Signetti. How long we've been mentioning this man in
the show a decade, the offensive coordinator of the then.

Speaker 1 (46:30):
Saint Louis Rams.

Speaker 2 (46:33):
In two thousand and fifteen, he was the OC and
then bounced around in different position rooms for the Giants
Packers Boston College. He recently got let go by Pitt
in the colleging. So he's you know, he's been on
a lot of different investigations.

Speaker 1 (46:54):
It's a hard scrabble detective.

Speaker 2 (46:55):
We always thought that Frank Signetti private eye, So why
don't we get our full Signetti on and figure out
this draft the top of it.

Speaker 4 (47:04):
Anyway, I would love that, you know, Signetti, he's been
working a lot of cases, a lot of cold cases,
and I mean the nights, the weekends, the hours that
he spends and his dedication to his craft is just
I haven't seen anything like it. So whenever I have
an issue, a question, I need a little PI work,
I always go straight to the source. I go right

to Signetti.

Speaker 3 (47:25):
I'd say he's pretty teflon too, and he's he's resilient
because I'm looking at the most recent headline about him
that I can find. Yeah, what went wrong in the
Frank Signetti junior era at pitt so's he's got to
lead a double life.

Speaker 1 (47:37):
He's got to be.

Speaker 3 (47:38):
Willing for these things to fail because his time becomes
too absorbed in these cases.

Speaker 1 (47:43):
They pull him in and they're asking questions in Western Pa.
But guess what. Frank just slips into the shadows and
he's gone, who's that guy?

Speaker 9 (47:50):
The trench coat gone, never saw him, and the fedora gone.

Speaker 2 (47:55):
All right, let's get into it. So we're gonna get
our signetti on here. We're gonna and what does that mean?
Because it seems pretty nebulos? What does it mean? What
does it mean? We each split We split up the
top ten of this draft because we can go one
through thirty two, but you can go anywhere for that.
Everyone knows those first ten picks, and then just in

addition to just being the most high profile picks of
a draft, they kind of set the tone for the
rest of the draft board. So we each split it
up and based on everything that's out there, all the reporting,
anybody you've talked to, any again, rocks that were turned over,
any meetings and diners where you know the thing you do.
One guy sits in the booth one way and the

other guys sitting in the other booth and they either
slide a bag across the floor and the other guy leaves,
or they just have full on conversations with the menus
in front of them like.

Speaker 1 (48:48):
Stuff like that. Yeah, that's stuff we do. I have
a skill set, Yeah, to learn.

Speaker 2 (48:52):
That's where you meet big time parking garage exactly, always
not well lit.

Speaker 4 (48:57):
At all, subterranean level, gotta go all the way down.

Speaker 2 (49:00):
And you know, cigarette smoking continues to be on the decline,
but you have to sometimes pick up the old nicotine stick.

Speaker 1 (49:09):
You need it.

Speaker 4 (49:09):
Pack and darts. Gotta pack and darts.

Speaker 1 (49:12):
So let's get to it.

Speaker 2 (49:13):
I'll get it going with this investigation doesn't need a signetti.
Let's be honest. This number one overall pick Watergate scenario.
Everyone knows that the Bears are going to take Caleb
Williams with the number one overall pick, and I should
just so we're not going to dwell on this because
we've got the Bears coming up later and I'll do

a little deep dive on that, which is certainly more intriguing.
But I do think it's just notable that and some
teams are like this in these type of.

Speaker 1 (49:44):
Drafts where we all know who's going number one.

Speaker 2 (49:46):
But in many instances teams are still needlessly cloak and
dagger about it.

Speaker 1 (49:51):
Sure that's not the Bears.

Speaker 2 (49:52):
They they're talking openly about Williams, you know, going to
his pro day and and and speaking on him, and
you know, not even trying to be cute about the
Justin Fields thing. They're like once they granted they didn't
maybe get the most value they could with Fields, but
they made it a point to clear the path for
this rookie to come in and be the guy with

no distractions and of course build up a real nice
infrastructure around him. So Caleb Williams of USC will be
the first pick. And I don't really maybe I failed
it in my Signetti tasked to do any more diving
in this one. But sometimes you got to know when
to stop turning over rocks and just be like it's
staring right at you.

Speaker 3 (50:35):
Don't want to get too cute. But maybe maybe others
might not be able to see what you've seen. But
Frank Signetti suss this out with no issues, and there's
not a lot good job around it.

Speaker 4 (50:44):
Yeah, Signetti's time is precious. If he knows the answer,
He's moving on to the next case.

Speaker 1 (50:48):
Colleen, does he know the answer?

Speaker 2 (50:52):
I like now that we've had a subtle shift in
the seg and now we are Frank Signetti and I
like this. Okay, So Frank tell us about the Washington
Commanders at number two.

Speaker 1 (51:03):
What are you hearing? What have you learned?

Speaker 4 (51:04):
Well, what I've done here is I put a tail
on this Peters guy. Adam Peters mark the new GM
his nineteen eighty nine black Lincoln Continental with the maroon
crush velvet interior, moonroof eight track player. It was on
my radar immediately. I knew that something was up. Where
was he going in this car, where was he parking?
What was he using it for? And he was using

it to check out these quarterbacks because there's no doubt
in my mind that the Commanders will be taking a quarterback.
The question is which one Caleb Farley going to be
off the board? That's fine, But this draft, it starts
at too with Adam Peters, and he's got to get
this right. New organization, new owner, new times, new quarterbacks

got to come through. And when they got rid of
Sam Howell, I felt like that was a very interesting
shift because most mock draft out there have the commanders
taking Jaden Daniels. Most people right now talking about the
commanders and surrounding the commander's organization seemed pretty pretty steady

on Jadeen Daniels, the Heisman winner. That's the most popular pick,
and it would go well with their offensive coordinator, their
new one there, Cliff Kingsbury, because it's the same type
of quarterback that he had in Arizona with Kyler Murray. However,
the pell Raiser, I wouldn't normally out my sources like this,
but pel Raiser came right out and said it himself.

So I'll let you guys know what he said. And
he said that of all of the decision makers he
was talking to at the owners meetings, they think that
Washington will go JJ.

Speaker 1 (52:42):
McCarthy So, oh that would shake it up.

Speaker 4 (52:45):
Okay, is this legitimate? Is it a smoke screen? It
is a classic smoke screen season right now. So you
got to watch your back. You don't know who's giving
you bad information, who's an actual narc I mean, you
have to really wait what you're hearing and triple source
check everything every time. But in this line of work
sometimes you don't have that luxury. So when the commanders

sent Sam Howell to Seattle. That made me think and
made me believe that they will be drafting Drake May
because Drake May and Sam Howell were best friends, former
UNC teammates. Interesting that was one of May's best friends,
his mentor, they obviously played together. So it felt real

spicy when the commanders, who for all of these years
stood by their man Sam Howell, and then right before
the draft send him back into Seattle. Got to get
yas that's rich.

Speaker 3 (53:48):
That's a rich bit of evidence right there, that Jeremiah
kat Yeah, he's.

Speaker 4 (53:57):
I got some of him, I got some stuff on him.

Speaker 1 (54:00):
Going to be trusted, I don't know. On the outside,
he appears to be of high care.

Speaker 4 (54:05):

Speaker 2 (54:06):
Yeah, they call him the wholesome assassin. He's got Drake
May going there as well. And if that is indeed
what happens, and it is Caleb Williams and Drake May
one two that takes us to the New England Patriots.

Speaker 1 (54:20):
And I'm hit to this.

Speaker 2 (54:21):
Mark Sessler cap He's all over this.

Speaker 3 (54:26):
This was a fortress for many many years in England.
And you know, Bill Belichick was a person that allowed
no other sources in the building because he essentially played
all the roles himself and anyone that did investigate too
far into going bye bye yep, were you an innocent
little ball boy?

Speaker 2 (54:45):
Yeah, they even have this is a true story at
Patriots headquarters. They have a backo that has the Pat's
logo on it that they used to break ground and
bury people.

Speaker 3 (54:56):
Openly because that was a again, it was a fortress,
and like.

Speaker 2 (54:59):
You know, the States were in their back pocket. There
was there's I mean to different era.

Speaker 1 (55:06):
They're bought off all theses.

Speaker 2 (55:08):
That directed that documentary will be another test case of
the might of the Patriot way.

Speaker 3 (55:14):
Signettian friends see something different right now though what they say.
I see that the walls of the forgers have willingly
and openly come down to some degree, and what would
have been a monumental investigation for me looks at it
looks to me just to be a situation with multiple
unknown final solutions. But I'm going to guide you to

what I think will happen here. Take us DRAWD Mayo
has been we don't need a triple source when d
Mayo is telling you things himself. And I think here's
the difference between DRAWD Mayo and eighty eight.

Speaker 1 (55:45):
Percent of the coaches out there.

Speaker 3 (55:47):
He's openly said, I don't know how good of a
he said, I don't know how good of a head
coach you'll be.

Speaker 1 (55:52):
I don't know if my general manager can do it.
We don't know yet.

Speaker 3 (55:55):
And he said basically, look, I we are still a
team that needs so many things. They need offensive tackle,
wide receiver, quarterback, running back, defense. So priority is quarterback
to get one. But he has talked highly about Jacoby Brissett.
And I think this is a team because they need
so much and he's asked for patients that they want
to create the environment where they can grow with maybe

multiple draft picks. And I think that because of what
happens at number two, again, the future is somewhat of
an unknown element.

Speaker 4 (56:25):
A beautiful mystery. Aaron Rodgers would absolutely.

Speaker 1 (56:27):
I think that trading down.

Speaker 3 (56:30):
Might be their preference because I think then the Patriots
they have Jacoby Brissett, can get you through this season
and you could acquire multiple draft picks and start to
rebuild a team that lacks weapons all over the place.
And I think he's very open to that. This is
not a one person operation. I'm leaning in that direction
right now overtaking the third quarterback in the draft that

they may not be in love with.

Speaker 2 (56:52):
All right, So and your study of the reporting around
the team indicates at willingness to do that. Now my
question that I'd have for Signetti and his associates the
Patriots have the stomach to potentially pass on an instant
game changer at three when we know, ay, moving back,

however far you move back, gives you less of a
chance of addressing that position effectively.

Speaker 1 (57:20):
And b we already know there's not a lot of.

Speaker 2 (57:23):
Hype around the Cats at the quarterback position next year,
so this they It's hard for me to imagine that
the Pats are going to look this opportunity in the
eye and say we're gonna build the roster in a
different way.

Speaker 1 (57:38):
I think they're going to take a swing here. I
really feel that.

Speaker 3 (57:41):
So I think it's not it's a possibility, But I
do think this that they just parted ways with a
very high, highly drafted quarterback, and I believe they want
to create a better environment for who they bring in.
And I'm not worried about next year's draft class, and
I don't think they are yet. If it was anyone
who would be Jade and Daniels, but you've got to
see who falls them. I don't think it can be
the just the third guy they like off the board.

Speaker 4 (58:02):
Unless it's JJ McCarthy and they go ahead.

Speaker 3 (58:04):
With that would fit quarterback. I don't think he's going
to be there, I agree with I think he may
go number two.

Speaker 1 (58:10):
Actually that factor.

Speaker 2 (58:12):
Didn't and then see the Patriots then passing on the
presume number two pick, that would be a whole ton
of guts and it would leave them wide open for
second guessing. I'll just say this. You mentioned they took
a big swing on mac Jones. That was you know,
it was a first round pick, but it's a fifteenth
overall pick. So now they're living up in the in
the penthouse of the draft at number three. And when's

the last time the Patriots have been up there with
a chance to take a quarterback. We'll see, we'll see.
I'm not refuting anything Signetti and his people.

Speaker 3 (58:42):
I would say, unlike the Chicago report and maybe even
the Washington that the Patriots are the first like they
could go A or B and we need more time
in this investigation to some degree, which.

Speaker 1 (58:54):
Takes us to the Cardinals. What are they saying six.

Speaker 3 (58:58):
The Cardinals control the entire draft in my opinion, because
we get it like we're running out of quarterbacks at
number four and the Cardinals. I was looking this up
and mentioned this before the show, and this is what
creates the conundrum in our investigation. They need a wide receiver,
they need an edge rusher, they need a cornerback. They
need defensive line, they need offensive tackles. They need interior

offensive line. That's your entire offensive line. They need linebackers,
running backs, quarterbacks, a quarterback, tight end, safety, punter, kicker,
and long snapper.

Speaker 1 (59:30):
I agree with everything you just said, except for quarterback.

Speaker 3 (59:32):
That's well, take a backup quarterback, but that was rucially,
that's deep down the list.

Speaker 1 (59:37):
But crucially, SIGs, that's deep down.

Speaker 2 (59:40):
They don't need a quarterback, which is what I think
what you're getting at here.

Speaker 3 (59:44):
They don't need a quarterback. But look at their wide
receiver room right now. Michael Wilson, good number two developmental guy,
maybe two point three, Greg dertsch Zach Pascal. You have
Marvin Harrison Junior sitting there, and I think what Cardinals
fans want for Kyler Murray and what they want for
their team after that, you know, unlike not only like others.

They passed on Adrian Peterson back on the day, they
passed on Terrell Suggs back in the day. These are
like arrows that stick in Cardinals psyche going way back.
And so now the bloodline of Marvin Harrison is dropping
to you at number four, presumably. And yet I my
investigation tells me that GM monteasen Fort, just like last year,

is very willing for a team with all those needs
yes to trade down. And this is where I think
the trade down happens. And this is where I believe
that the Denver Broncos. It was Sean Payton who called
monte ausen Fort one of the luckiest guys around and
realistically saying that this is where someone.

Speaker 1 (01:00:45):
You stepping on your mock draft, Mark, be careful here
stepping on my own mock draft.

Speaker 4 (01:00:49):
Yeah, I think this is that's Frank Signetti.

Speaker 1 (01:00:53):
I think they are.

Speaker 3 (01:00:54):
I think this because this is where if it does
and I believe I think Trey activity is going to
be wild in the first five picks.

Speaker 1 (01:01:02):
I think the Patriots could be doing it.

Speaker 3 (01:01:04):
But if the Broncos, for instance, can get a better
offer from the Cardinals and don't believe the Patriots would
take their quarterback. But that's danger zone. I think the
Cardinals are trading the pick down, okay, And there's a
number of people, the Vikings, the Broncos that could trade up.
I really think the Vikings are love it here.

Speaker 1 (01:01:20):
I love where you're coming from, Connie or Frank new
what Frank three point zero makes so.

Speaker 2 (01:01:28):
Much sense because that's the point I was trying to
make was that if they were a team that needed
a quarterback and they're in the top five, take a
swing at a quarterback or even move up to get
a quarterback you want. But they have this ability to
build the team with high level picks and trading out
of that spot to accumulate make they make so much sense.
And getting the best wide receiver on the on the board. Also,

you couldn't kill them for it, but they could still
get a big time wide receiver in addition to multiple
extra first picks, including potential first round picks.

Speaker 4 (01:02:00):
But you could kill them for drafting a wide receiver
in that spot because this draft is so stacked, so
deep with wide receiver point into it. So with all
of those needs that they have, trade down you're still
going to get an incredible wide receiver and some other
amazing blue chip players unless.

Speaker 2 (01:02:18):
They see that wide receiver and so we're all like
in lockstep that it feels like an offensive skilled player here.

Speaker 1 (01:02:25):
They're so in love with him. They see them as
a Hall of Fame talent.

Speaker 2 (01:02:28):
If they see like another Larry Fitzgerald on the board,
in their opinion, maybe how can you kill them if
they if they're that strong and that feeling it they're again,
because that could change that whole organization and give Kyler
a reboot. Interesting yep, Alien and Signetti here we go. Okay,
another interesting team. I'd love to know what you what

you've seen, what you've heard, who you're talking to?

Speaker 1 (01:02:53):
Back to back diner stuff. Los Angeles Chargers.

Speaker 4 (01:02:57):
So many diners. I've been to so many diners, so
many years. Actually investigating this team, it seems like they
always have a nose for trouble. They're always getting themselves
into these situations and following them over the years. It's
like they can't get out of their own way. So
this time, though, it feels different. It feels like they

got to get this draft right with Jim Harball there
now because he might have Joe Horretz sleeping with the
fishes if this does not pan out correctly, if this
first round pick, which I mean that is the most crucial,
crucial one, and I feel like there's been plenty of
clues as far as what they might do, but a
real breakthrough at the owner's meetings when Jim Harball was

talking about that fifth pick and how excited he was
to have it, and he said, hey, if four quarterbacks
don't go in a row, he said, you know, maybe
maybe there's still another quarterback where we are when the
fifth pick comes around, somebody wants to and then stopped himself.
So again, that'd be like having the number one pick

for us. But seems like he wants to trade down,
and if he does, plenty of options here. You can
acquire picks from a quarterback desperate team. You can get
a wide receiver, because look at their current wide receiver group,
I mean, Quinton Johnson, Josh Palmer, Darius Davis Faoco. This

is not Keenan Allen and Mike Williams anymore. They're gone.

Speaker 1 (01:04:31):
They stripped the entire cupboard.

Speaker 4 (01:04:33):
That's it. Yeah, So maybe they do end up getting
a Marvin Harrison Junior, if the Cardinals opt to trade
out of that spot. I mean, Harball knows him well
from coaching at Michigan, having to face Ohio State so
many times, and what Marvin Harrison did to him and
his teams at Michigan wasn't good. But also, maybe he

goes Joe Alt. Maybe he gets the best offensive tackle
out there, gives someone that can protect Justin Herbert after
all of the injuries that we've seen from Herbert over
the years, plus the run game that Jim Harball is
absolutely in love with. Maybe he goes with someone up front.
But I could also see them grabbing a tight end
this high because Rock Bowers one of the most talented ever.

And in the AFC West where the Chargers are and
they're constantly playing the Chiefs and looking at a guy
like Travis Kelce. You have George Kittle out there who
played in the Super Bowl as well. Tight Ends are
different now and this guy can catch, he can run, block,
he can do it all. He's a good route runner
as well. So Jim Harball loves a good tight end.

And that's one right there.

Speaker 2 (01:05:42):
Okay, interesting, And this is the team with serious history
at the tight end position Kellen Winslow senior Tonio Gates.
That would be a Stunn this one to me. Signetti
really screams to me, and bad coffee and run down the.

Speaker 4 (01:06:03):
Wrong there's no cream, there's no sugar.

Speaker 1 (01:06:07):
Screams to me.

Speaker 2 (01:06:08):
Alt The tackle that aligns with what Harbor is looking
to do. Is anything you're reading seeing anywhere about JJ
McCarthy the quarterback.

Speaker 4 (01:06:22):
No Harb, No Harball has Justin Herbert.

Speaker 1 (01:06:26):
I know, but what if what if? Well, in that
case you that would break the case wide open.

Speaker 3 (01:06:32):
Well, and we have discussed the discussed little whispers on
this front before that, or maybe they were self created
whispers on just you know, trying to try possibilities.

Speaker 2 (01:06:42):
Isn't it just weird the timing of it all that
you would think Harball is kind of an intense dude
that just spent all these years at Michigan, and maybe
he loves that kid and it just so happens.

Speaker 1 (01:06:53):
That he's there.

Speaker 3 (01:06:55):
If that's how you felt, I think what you have
to do is find a way to make a blockbuster
franchise alter in trade of Justin Herbert to one of
the teams above you, because JJ is not going to
be there at number five that all we have, every
clue in the book is telling us that he is
like one of the He is someone that is not

going to be available.

Speaker 1 (01:07:16):
You have a clue book. I feel like that would
be helpful. Can I get that?

Speaker 3 (01:07:20):
Can I read the tea leaves are burning? And like I,
JJ is long gone by then. So that would make
the Chargers, who seem like a trade down candidate, have
to trade.

Speaker 2 (01:07:28):
And I know Chargers fans are screaming like, don't even
bring this up.

Speaker 1 (01:07:33):
It's ridiculous.

Speaker 2 (01:07:34):
But that's what we got to do because we're we're
outside the mainstream right now. You have to think you're
in the underground way and we're just wondering about that.

Speaker 1 (01:07:41):
That's right. So a tight end, maybe a tackle.

Speaker 3 (01:07:47):
Wide receiver, wide receiver, maybe the biggest trade of the
last fourteen years.

Speaker 2 (01:07:53):
That would shake things up, really would. Let's take a
break and we'll hit the rest of the back. Take
that base for a walk.

Speaker 1 (01:08:11):
Hey, Joe, come in slow on the high hat Billy
Bob article their ivories, they saying, make that horn sing.
I feel uncomfortable. Number six, All right, number six.

Speaker 4 (01:08:35):
We got the giants. All right, I've been up here
all over the Jersey Turnpike, up and down that drive.
It's a lonely drive, it's a grueling drive. But it's
time to really go over the clues, the cold cases,
the various hunches you might have. You just got time

time to think to yourself.

Speaker 2 (01:09:00):
Sometimes it's the worst thing to do all alone with
your own thoughts.

Speaker 4 (01:09:04):
But it's all part of the investigation, all part of
the job. And part of that was to hear what
John Marra had to say about Joe Shane and Brian
Aball going into year three together at the owner's meetings.
That's what I needed to hear.

Speaker 1 (01:09:19):
What did the big man say?

Speaker 4 (01:09:20):
Well, John Marra came out and said, if Joe Shane
and Brian Abell have conviction on a quarterback at the
top of the draft, he supports going in to get him.
He's still confident in Daniel Jones, but says, why not
bring in someone to compete and let the best man win.

He also said that it's ridiculous the Giants haven't fixed
their offensive line after all these years, so I don't know,
maybe one of these could be a red herring, you
don't know.

Speaker 2 (01:09:56):
I thought it was very notable that the big Man
Mara seemingly gave the green light to make the move.
A make a move on QB.

Speaker 4 (01:10:03):
Exactly because one would think, all right, on the surface,
you're gonna go wide receiver, you don't have any Maybe
go ah Molik neighbors just like Odell. You get a
wide receiver one from LSU. Repeat history a little bit.
They haven't had a one thousand yard receiver since they
traded away Odell. But I just don't I don't know

if that. I don't feel that is the correct way
that they're gonna go. They could go Joe Walt again
there if he's still on the board and fix that
offensive line, but that doesn't feel right either. I think
what ends up happening. I think the Giants they don't
they don't draft a quarterback at where they are.

Speaker 1 (01:10:47):
They move up their move another trade.

Speaker 12 (01:10:50):
We've got I think six teams, but I think they
move up with the Patriots, and I think that they
take Drake May at three, and that's what ends up happening, and.

Speaker 1 (01:11:03):
That could dig it.

Speaker 3 (01:11:04):
That lines up with what I've been feeling and hearing
about the Patriots based on the whispers.

Speaker 1 (01:11:10):
Really well, that's what I tell me more two Francs.

Speaker 3 (01:11:12):
The Patriots were candidates to trade down and you got
the Giants, These two Patriots, these two teams feel kind
of linked to And I think maraa Maa is basically
saying I'd be.

Speaker 1 (01:11:25):
Open to it.

Speaker 3 (01:11:25):
But anyone wise enough knows that you're not getting that
guy at number six, So you've got to do something different.
And I think Daniel Jones, no matter what they say
with their pretty little words, is yesterday's news in the Meadowlands.

Speaker 1 (01:11:42):
Tennessee Titans at number seven.

Speaker 3 (01:11:47):
I was told by our friend Chris Westling that the
Tennessee Titans were in the Midwest. As I steered my
vehicle down through the country. I don't fly, I just
like to I just kind of whind the car down
to think to process.

Speaker 4 (01:12:04):
Do you have like a Maddenmobile?

Speaker 3 (01:12:07):
It's an old beat up JEALOPPI and I switch cars
every three months. Smart and I they come from parts
on now.

Speaker 2 (01:12:13):
And he got a whole trunk full of license plate.
Cell phone, Yes, what's what's the cell phone?

Speaker 4 (01:12:20):
Don't have one.

Speaker 3 (01:12:22):
Tennessee in my in my world is in the South.
So I saw that investigation for myself. You know, Signetti
is fifty eight years old. When we used to talk
about him, he was in his late forties. But he's
got a lot on his plate and he's humble enough
to get help sometimes. Because my investigation of the Titans,
here's a team that new coaching staff hired a bunch

of parts off the free agency list. Calvin Ridley, Tony Pollard.
These aren't they don't blow me away, but they still
have one burning knee. They were the worst offensive line
arguably in football over the last two seasons. And this
is where I believe because the Giants are going to
do what we think before. Here sits your left tackle, Joealt.
But I like to lean on some of my best sources,

and I had someone who was willing to go on
the record.

Speaker 1 (01:13:11):
Directly, and here it is. What's up, Fellas Grave Digger.

Speaker 13 (01:13:17):
Here I want to give my take on what the
Titans will do in the top ten of the draft
this year. Look, there is no secret they need a
left tackle. They've addressed many of their needs in free agency.
Still have a big hole it inside linebacker. Probably need
a safety, probably need someone else on the d line.
You're not taking that in the first round. I don't
think if Joe Alt the tackle out of Notre Dame

is on the board, I think you write it an ink,
he is the Titans pick. If he's not there, maybe
they look to go Dallas Turner on the edge. Maybe
they look at the second best tackle, someone like Olufashanu.
There's reports that they love JC Latham. I think the
Titans have to get a tackle here. Ran Karthun recently
said it's a deep tackle class. There will be guys
available throughout the draft, but I don't know if you

can risk it. You gotta find out. If will Lovis
is the guy. They've done a great job surrounding him
with pieces and weapons, building up that defense, trading for
Lagarious Need. The last missing piece here is a stalwart
left tackle. If Joe alt is on the board at seven,
I think he is the Titans pick.

Speaker 1 (01:14:15):
I'm hip to that cat.

Speaker 2 (01:14:16):
And I'll tell you one more thing about the grave digger.
That Titans helmet moves real quick and circles behind.

Speaker 4 (01:14:23):
Him, just spinning around, spinning.

Speaker 1 (01:14:26):
I mean, he's on that beat, and he's been on
it for a long time. As the wrong side of
the tracks.

Speaker 4 (01:14:30):
That was a thorough autopsy that he did on the
on the Titans.

Speaker 1 (01:14:34):
He is the grave. He's got he's doing a lot
of different jobs.

Speaker 4 (01:14:37):
He has his fingerprints on everything.

Speaker 2 (01:14:39):
The post mortem side of things makes a lot of sense.
You know what else makes sense?

Speaker 1 (01:14:45):
At number eight? What the Falcons?

Speaker 4 (01:14:50):
What they have going on?

Speaker 2 (01:14:52):
One of one of our favorite draft tropes, teams who
draft all on one side of the ba all to
make a point, the Falcons could be one of those
teams this year on the defensive side. The quandary they
face and in my h.

Speaker 1 (01:15:15):
My conversations and my research, in my.

Speaker 2 (01:15:21):
Fearless ability to just go to places other people fear.

Speaker 4 (01:15:25):
To tread train tracks, you're going across them.

Speaker 1 (01:15:28):
Right across those tracks.

Speaker 2 (01:15:30):
They're a trained common not even checking, doesn't matter, doesn't matter,
you're concerned.

Speaker 1 (01:15:35):
Kind of would be my concervative. Went at the wrong moment,
you'd find out a second too late.

Speaker 4 (01:15:39):
The train stops for signetti. Signetti doesn't stop for the train.

Speaker 1 (01:15:44):
I hope, I hope it stops. I hope Frank makes anyway.

Speaker 2 (01:15:47):
The quandary they face is whether to take the sure
thing quote unquote. At number eight, and and let's let's
be serious about this. The draft board is set up
beautifully for this team because because of their needs, which
on the other side of the football where at the
top of this draft is living and they are set
at quarterback, and they have the quarterback, they have the

wide receiver talent, So do they trade back?

Speaker 1 (01:16:17):
That makes a lot of sense.

Speaker 2 (01:16:19):
Try to fill multiple holes. It's perhaps more sensible, but
you really don't trust your football people. You're gonna move
out of the top ten here. But in the end,
and I'm reading just in the frustration around the organization
that I imagine is also happening inside the walls at

Flowery Branch, the curse of John Abraham is strong there.
Oh on, what a curse it is. I think it's
going to be too much to ignore for Terry Fono
and Raheem Morris. I pulled up the John Abraham Pro
Football Reference. Is something smelled rotten?

Speaker 4 (01:17:03):
What'd you find?

Speaker 1 (01:17:05):

Speaker 2 (01:17:05):
As we talked about on the show, Abraham started his
career with the Jets. He left as a free agent
after the two thousand and five season, and the Jets
have been looking for an edge rusher really ever since.
And now it's the Falcons who saw him leave in
free agency after the twenty twelve season. They've been looking

for an edge rusher, since it's Abraham that ties the
whole conspiracy together. I think the Falcons, with a plethora
of pass rushers at their disposal, will not move and
they are going to say we've had enough of this
waiting game for the next Abraham and will take the

cat that we like most.

Speaker 1 (01:17:48):
So I'm not even going to tell you they're going
to take. There are a lot of.

Speaker 2 (01:17:51):
Mock drafts out there that have big time edge rushers
staring at them, so they're gonna have their pick of
the litter most likely, and I think that's what they do.
They take the best pass rusher could be the first
defensive player off the board, and that's the move they make.
And everything I'm reading tells me this team thinks that

they could really contend in that conference if they hit
on a big edge rusher, use the rest of that
draft to continue to build out the defense, and then
hope Raheem could build it up further once he has
a roster.

Speaker 4 (01:18:26):
I think that's what I got a tipster telling me
Dallas Turner might be their guy at Alabama.

Speaker 3 (01:18:31):
That would make that is the guy at edge and
there aren't a lot of them, and that's that makes sense.
And I think if you're Raheem Morris and you're working
well with Terry Fanho, you've come in quickly. You've found
the quarterback that they lacked in these frustrating last three years.
You're now killing curses that have plagued the Falcons for

a long time. And you give Raheem Morris his guy,
which takes us to the ninth pick, and we're back
with the Chicago Bears, the monsters of that meaning, these.

Speaker 2 (01:19:05):
Cats are feeling good about themselves because they took Caleb Williams.

Speaker 1 (01:19:09):
At number one.

Speaker 2 (01:19:10):
So now what Now we know they got Keenan Allen
Okay at receiver and talking to some people and reading
some things. They weren't expecting that they said that they're
on record. Ryan Pulls, the GM said Keenan Allen's he
popped up. It wasn't something that they had been working

on for weeks. It wasn't on the radar until the
Chargers realized they had to move on. They called it
a quote this part of the athletic, a really cool opportunity.
That's a hard bullet quote from where we are headed,

which is going to be hang on missed the quote,
called it a really cool opportunity that popp up.

Speaker 1 (01:20:00):
They made the move.

Speaker 2 (01:20:01):
Keenan Allen, I think wide receiver was an option at nine,
and I think it's more likely they move away at
this point from that group, even though there's going to
potentially be some or there will be still big time
names there. And then I think about the defense. They
are trying to figure out what their defensive line.

Speaker 1 (01:20:25):
You have.

Speaker 2 (01:20:26):
Matty Eberflus was on the record saying that you need
an interior interior defensive line and an interior defensive lineman
that could be a major impact player. Irvin Dexter, second

year player, former second round pick. They liked his development,
but would they look for a hog Molly at the
top of this round.

Speaker 1 (01:20:56):
I think that could be it as well.

Speaker 2 (01:20:58):
So I think you look and looking on the defensive
side of the ball with this team, and I think
you're going to see that's.

Speaker 1 (01:21:06):
Where they end up going.

Speaker 4 (01:21:10):
I like it.

Speaker 1 (01:21:10):
I like it.

Speaker 4 (01:21:11):
A lot of eyewitness accounts have been also saying that
they've seen some things that might lead you to believe
that that's the direction they're going in, but only Signetti
is really truly knowing.

Speaker 3 (01:21:22):
I think also Signetti, he's going to a great judge
of character and how people transform and change. And I
get the sense that Flus is going to get his
way because this has been in the last couple of
weeks and months. He's grown a beard and changed his
hair a little bit. He just looks confident. He feels like,
you know.

Speaker 4 (01:21:40):
He's just go on the run.

Speaker 3 (01:21:42):
Well there's that too, and he's changed. Oh yeah, it
feels like an odd time to leave the Bears as
head coach compared to other scenarios coaches have been in.

Speaker 1 (01:21:51):
But we'd be telling him we've got.

Speaker 2 (01:21:53):
Our eye on them, which takes us finally at a
number ten, the New York Jets, And I think the
entire football industry was locked in on this, these Cats
going for an offensive lineman after you know, the disaster
that was their line last season, Aaron Rodgers' injury, which

by the way, came not to pile on poor Dwayne Brown,
but came on a miss block on the fourth play
of the season that led to the achilles injury. But
then they went out and they got Tyron Smith, and
they added two other starters in addition to Smith and
free agency in one week and now makes people think, oh,

they're done at offensive line, and they could be. There's
a lot of people connecting to that Bowers kid the
tight end. I know the Jets have a bit of
a cursed history at tight end in the first round,
so I'd be a little jumpy about that if I
were them. If there's a big time wide receiver Mike Williams.

I know they added Mike Williams, that's a one year deal. Potentially,
I wouldn't rule out them going after a wide receiver here,
but I do think they might surprise people and stay
with the initial plan and take an offensive tackle the
best guy on the board.

Speaker 1 (01:23:17):
They're not going to get Alt.

Speaker 2 (01:23:18):
If Alt was still there, they would run up to
the podium, but he should be long gone by ten.
I think they take the second best aligneman on the board,
somebody that they like a lot, and it gives you
that injury protection on the line and a successor to
Tyron Smith or whomever.

Speaker 1 (01:23:36):
They decide to kind of plug this guy in.

Speaker 2 (01:23:38):
He'll find a role quickly because guess what offensive lineman
get injured. You know who else gets injured, older offensive lineman.
I still think it's a major need for this team,
and I think they still end up taking Hogmley offensive Lineman.

Speaker 1 (01:23:50):
I really I like that.

Speaker 3 (01:23:52):
I think that Joe Douglas does not want to mess
around with that entire position group. I do find it interesting,
and I know you have a hot and cold relationship
with this fellow draft investigator, and you'll Jeremiah.

Speaker 1 (01:24:06):
I'm sure he's hearing things.

Speaker 3 (01:24:08):
And I can't think of someone that seems more closely
kind of linked to Joe Douglass here and there. And
this could just be him creating something that's gonna get clicks.

Speaker 1 (01:24:17):
I don't think so.

Speaker 3 (01:24:18):
But he has them trading up in his latest mock
to number five with the Chargers to get Marvin Harrison Junior.

Speaker 2 (01:24:26):
I believe that that draft came out or the mock
draft came out a day before the Mike Williams trade.

Speaker 3 (01:24:32):
I would I would say that, like, just because you
have Mike Williams, you'l like Tyron Smith and Mike Williams
are both players that you can count on for maybe
ten or eleven games a season, and you're gonna lose them,
Like if you can do this, or even if it's
Roma Dounzay, I just say, if it's Mark, if you
had it, if they if they had it in their
head that there's some whisper that we're gonna try this,

then you have Marvin Harrison Junior as a Hall of
Fame potential talent for the next half decade. It's not
even about Aaron Rodgers. You just have someone to pair with.
You'd have the best wide receiver tandem in the AFC.

Speaker 4 (01:25:03):
Well, I have. I have a little bit of a
situation that I'm working on right now that a little
bit of a lead. Usually my sparrows will sing like
canaries when I asked them about what's going on specifically.

Speaker 1 (01:25:15):
In classes are really paying off?

Speaker 4 (01:25:17):
Oh god, I have a dozen ten years? Get off
my back. However, I will say that from a very
reliable source, at the owner's meetings, there was a very
heated conversation between Woody and Robert Sala to the point
where it was a little awkward. What were they arguing about?

Speaker 1 (01:25:43):
Where was this?

Speaker 4 (01:25:44):
Tell us more at the owner's meetings, at the the party,
at the party last night, I'm surprised.

Speaker 1 (01:25:51):
I'm surprised that has happened.

Speaker 2 (01:25:52):
In developing news here.

Speaker 1 (01:25:56):
Can we just make news.

Speaker 4 (01:25:58):
I'm just saying that who and hey, who knows could
have been about anything. Maybe they were disagreeing on how
they liked their steak cooked.

Speaker 3 (01:26:07):
Doubt that, though probably not anything very interesting.

Speaker 2 (01:26:11):
So so an argument between the head coach and.

Speaker 4 (01:26:14):
The owner, wouldn't say argument of just a passionate exchange.
What were they discussing? That is the lightest lead you did.

Speaker 2 (01:26:25):
Your source said it to the to it reached the
point where it was almost.

Speaker 1 (01:26:30):
Awkward stle awkward. The awkward So was.

Speaker 2 (01:26:33):
It was it around in the midst of a larger
group or was it off to the side, Like what
made it awkward?

Speaker 4 (01:26:41):
I think just the body language potentially, but.

Speaker 3 (01:26:44):
The fact that a coach is arguing with an owner,
which I don't think I've ever seen at a bar.

Speaker 1 (01:26:48):
Were they alone having the argument or were they part.

Speaker 4 (01:26:50):
Of a I'm not saying it's an argument, saying.

Speaker 1 (01:26:54):
The heated exchange passionate exchange.

Speaker 4 (01:26:57):
Yes, a lively conversation.

Speaker 2 (01:26:59):
Where they have kind of on their own having this conversation.
Or was it part of a large group.

Speaker 4 (01:27:03):
It's two of them, so what was that about?

Speaker 1 (01:27:10):
That's or de coonzic that he does.

Speaker 2 (01:27:14):
My guess it might have been potentially about this very
conversation we're having right now.

Speaker 1 (01:27:18):
The number ten.

Speaker 9 (01:27:19):
Overall, Well, the love that it's been unearthed, gonna hop
in the Lincoln Continental with the moon roof, drive on
down to wherever they are, the Lincoln Continent.

Speaker 1 (01:27:33):
Let's take a break, it will wrap up. All right,
we're back. The show is continuing, for God's sakes. Thank you, Mark.

All Right, there we go.

Speaker 2 (01:27:56):
That was the signette breakdown of the that the sir
the top ten and uh, but I I'm still that
was a little bit of a bout those developing news.

Speaker 1 (01:28:07):
I thought. Uh. And again it wasn't.

Speaker 4 (01:28:10):
An argument and and and let me just speak clear,
just heated conversation and was not last night was Sunday night,
So Monday nights ago Sunday night.

Speaker 2 (01:28:20):
But just so we have the setting correct, they have
the owner's meetings. And then there's and we've been a
part of this party in the past, right, there's a
large party on an open lawn type setup.

Speaker 3 (01:28:29):
It was that party, not like a separate bar type
late night out.

Speaker 1 (01:28:32):
It was that.

Speaker 4 (01:28:33):
It was It was not the big party that was
last night. That's like the oh so it wasn't that party. No, okay,
it was Sunday night and it was according to my source,
super awkward.

Speaker 3 (01:28:46):
So it's observed by many people that I would assume
or multiple multiple take.

Speaker 1 (01:28:50):
Well that is, I mean that could be anything.

Speaker 4 (01:28:53):
Obviously, well there's smoke, there's fire.

Speaker 2 (01:28:56):
I mean they could have been They could have been
arguing over I don't know, like the who versus led Zeppel.

Speaker 1 (01:29:01):
I don't think I would.

Speaker 4 (01:29:03):
Desmited, Like the year contest that Dave Damishek used to run.

Speaker 1 (01:29:07):
Would have been the fruit of the year. Yeah, I mean,
we don't know.

Speaker 3 (01:29:10):
It's the last time Woody Johnson like went into a
grocery store and felt fruit and find out that really
come up.

Speaker 1 (01:29:15):
He's definitely hit the way Room looks beefy.

Speaker 2 (01:29:19):
It could have been about that, you know, could have
been about Zach Wilson, because by the way.

Speaker 3 (01:29:26):
And the comments that with Johnson made that make no
sense for the way that team needs to proceed.

Speaker 2 (01:29:31):
Woody had to Woody, as we quickly addressed in the
eight o'clock Delight came out and said a few weeks
back that you know, our season was room because we
didn't have a quarterback, making it very clear that they
didn't think highly of Zach Wilson and they were moving
on and then walked back at the owner's meetings in
a way that was like very obviously transparent saying, oh,

we we'd have him back.

Speaker 1 (01:29:55):
Sure, It's like, no, could it be about that? We
don't know.

Speaker 3 (01:29:58):
That would make some sense though, because I think that
that whole thing burned down everyone quarterback coached GM.

Speaker 1 (01:30:03):
It's like you're doing that again.

Speaker 2 (01:30:05):
Also owners and head coaches, I'm sure in every building,
but had some time to time. But in a public
setting that's signetti at.

Speaker 4 (01:30:14):
Now how public this was, I don't know, but it
was seen.

Speaker 2 (01:30:18):
Keep sleuthing, Colleen, What a what a morning into afternoon
for you.

Speaker 1 (01:30:25):
I know you've done it again. You've said it all.

Speaker 4 (01:30:27):
Thank you. It's great to be back with you guys.

Speaker 1 (01:30:30):
And yes we'll be there.

Speaker 2 (01:30:33):
She is the call and we'll be back on Thursday
with the great But oh oh.

Speaker 4 (01:30:41):
Man, I always get so excited to see you here.

Speaker 1 (01:30:43):
He lost he lost part of the it's the one
that hits the boot.

Speaker 11 (01:30:48):
You know.

Speaker 1 (01:30:48):
We're not hard on him about it. We're just we
just understand it's a thing that we work with it up.

Speaker 7 (01:30:54):
It was the slow jazz of the whole entire show
just kind of loaded me to sleep back here. Look
on the trigger. I'm looking for the clothes button. It's
just kind of.

Speaker 4 (01:31:01):
I'm sorry, we're boring you.

Speaker 7 (01:31:04):
I'm just saying it was I was really relaxed. I
was wasn't on my toes like I usually am. So
I jumped to another folder and.

Speaker 2 (01:31:10):
So it had nothing to do with the missing portion
of the thumb. No good, How was that going on?

Speaker 1 (01:31:14):
Like nine?

Speaker 4 (01:31:16):
No way, that's great.

Speaker 2 (01:31:19):
Body's crazy human body, ladies and gentlemen, a miracle.

Speaker 1 (01:31:23):
Let's go. Uh yeah, so we'll be back.

Speaker 2 (01:31:25):
We have a special guest uh joining us on Thursday show,
Connor or We're gonna have some fun with Connor.

Speaker 1 (01:31:33):

Speaker 2 (01:31:33):
But until then, thank you, Connie, thank you for listening.
Thank you Frank Signetti wherever you are and heed the call.
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