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April 22, 2024 71 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, and Marc Sessler give you the 2024 NFL Draft edition of Go Get My Lunch. The heroes start the show by reacting to the news that Zach Wilson has been traded to the Broncos (03:12), they also discuss Jayden Daniels' visit with the Commanders (12:28) and Matt Ryan's retirement (20:57). The guys wrap up the show by putting lunch on the line when they make their predictions about the 2024 NFL Draft (34:33).

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
They Around the NFL podcast the number one pick on
your team's draft board.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
From the Chris Westling podcast studio. It's around the NFL.
Dan Hands is here, Greg Rosehoal there, Mark Sessler also there,
and we have.

Speaker 1 (00:19):
Reached Draft week. It's finally here.

Speaker 2 (00:23):
We can we can that we're just days away from
knowing where all these young men will be. Not quite
there yet, Mark, No, we are almost home.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
Well no, because you know this week we have the
mock draft that I'm creating coming up in the box Sessler.

Speaker 1 (00:41):
Mark swore we will know where they're going.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
Then the actual draft will just confirm that the next day.

Speaker 4 (00:45):
This is a dangerous part of the draft cycle, like
today Monday, maybe Tuesday of Draft week. It was this
time one year ago that the Vegas favorite to go
number two overall was a gentleman by the name of
Will Levis.

Speaker 1 (01:02):
There was also some.

Speaker 4 (01:04):
Movement that the Carolina Panthers might actually take Will Levis
with the number one overall pick, and the numbers in
Vegas moved to He wasn't the favorite, but the odds
were getting closer and closer that there was a chance
that man did not get taken in the first round of.

Speaker 2 (01:20):
Them no, no, and and and that's bad look for
the desert good context.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
Well, they they're just trying to get people to pay
I know. I like that. That's where we come in, Yes,
and we got your back.

Speaker 2 (01:31):
In these days leading up to the draft, we will
parse through all the WHOI and apple sauce and and
it's our job mark in a way, to let our
listeners know what matters and what doesn't.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
Yeah, I think we're the We're the uh, the portal
in the prison that you'd want to look through for
the truth versus what is a lot of you know,
white noise out there and unreliable reporting and whispers Greg.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
Wow, Yeah, I'm remembering that, uh.

Speaker 2 (02:02):
Noise from all different cultures. I just want to point out.

Speaker 3 (02:05):
Not just one, that term is not racial, that it
just means sort of like a fog of war type
information dropping. Also, you know, a powerful Don DeLillo book
a it starts well, yeah, confusingly like disappointing.

Speaker 4 (02:24):
Movie, you know, not my not my favorite by what's
his name? Why am I space?

Speaker 1 (02:29):
You know? A bomb back? But still worth what film?
Were we referring to? Noiselix?

Speaker 4 (02:37):
And this is this has been Steve pala Zolo's by
at the Old PFF podcast uh On on Twitter. He's
been pointing out what the odds were at this point
a year ago.

Speaker 1 (02:45):
C J.

Speaker 4 (02:46):
Stroud was a five to one most like you know,
likely to get the second overall pick. Tyree Wilson was
also far more likely at this point according to the odds,
than c J.

Speaker 1 (02:59):
Stroud going number two over So it just shows.

Speaker 2 (03:01):
Part of our job. Here is our segment coming up.
It's a tradition. It's one of my favorite shows of
the year.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
It is Go Get My Lunch.

Speaker 2 (03:13):
Yeah, atomic turd, you know what I mean, Like where
we make predictions about what's going to happen on Thursday,
perhaps Friday, Saturday, and if we are correct and you
are doubted, you end up getting hypothetical sandwiches.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
So that's cool.

Speaker 4 (03:31):
Yes, we have some breaking news, breaking breaking news.

Speaker 1 (03:36):
Love it.

Speaker 4 (03:37):
Former number two overall pick of the New York Jets,
Zach Wilson is on the move. According to Ian rapaport
HET's Go to the Broncos John Payton, the deal includes
a late round pick swap sixth for a seventh, and
the Jets will also have to pay some of Wilson's

five point five million dollars.

Speaker 1 (04:00):
That's what this is about.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
The Jets were holding out hope that they could find
someone to eat some of this money, and apparently at
least some of the money.

Speaker 1 (04:09):
I believe it's over five million.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
Du So he goes to the Broncos and that is.

Speaker 1 (04:16):
There are there are After the.

Speaker 2 (04:20):
Aaron Rodgers Achilles incident, it changed me fundamentally. I no
longer view things with rose colored glasses as a Jets van.
But the only time they want to know, well, yes,
but we're not there yet. But Zach Wilson's the one
outlier for me as a Jets van. Never felt right.
It never felt right. I remember Draft Day was in

the middle of COVID kind of being like, Okay, they
seem to really like him. We remember the throw from
his pro DA. He's a little small, he's a little
bit of a pretty boy.

Speaker 1 (04:52):
He played for BYU.

Speaker 2 (04:54):
He didn't really face anybody of worth in a strange
COVID season, but you kind of just he said, Okay,
Joe Douglas. We like Joe Douglas, and he's hot about
this pick that was always Joe's guy, Wilson. It was
a disaster. And then when Rogers did get hurt. He
ended up getting three full seasons as a starter, which
doesn't happen. A guy that's bad from the jump getting
three years doesn't happen. That wasn't the Jets plan either.

Their plan was for Rogers to be the QB and
him to be groom dump some level. Obviously that all
fell apart as well, so the Broncos. Good luck to
Zach Wilson. He always seemed like a pretty good guy
that got put in a tough spot and did his best,
but wasn't good enough. I don't know if Sean Payton
can fix him, but the Jets getting him out of
the building entirely makes a lot of sense for them.

It's another big misstep in franchise history of quarterback and
now they move forward once more.

Speaker 3 (05:42):
I mean at like absolutely needed for the player like
to start there, just like there's no way that the Jets,
the Jets locker room, the Jets coaching staff, Zach Wilson
could endure another like regular season drama that involved him
on it and.

Speaker 1 (05:55):
He got replaced as the backup quarterback already by tired Town. Yeah,
he had to go.

Speaker 3 (05:59):
I mean, you know, so if you want to talk
about truce for the draft. I think the Denvers, you know,
they've been presupposed to be heat seeking a quarterback in
the draft, don't need to know Greg.

Speaker 4 (06:09):
I don't think it changes their strategy. They needed a
third guy along with Jared Stidham. Ben Denucci is also
on that roster. I would put Zack Wilson probably over
him if he was ever gonna rehab his career as
Zach Wilson, and at this point, I think it'd be
a good outcome for him if he has a good
career as a backup and he's still in the league

in five years. I don't I don't think you should
assume that, but if he wants to have that sort
of career, Sean Payton's a good guy to get him
pointed in the right direction. It's a reminder, though, that
the draft industrial complex.

Speaker 1 (06:43):
It's tough. It's tough.

Speaker 4 (06:44):
It's like there weren't many almost no one was out
on a limb being like, no, I don't see Zach
Wilson as a number two pick. They weren't even saying no,
I don't see him as a first round pick. Like
everyone was in on Zach Wilson.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
It wasn't. It wasn't just the Jets.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
Yeah, and a famous or infamous depending on your perspective,
Jets late season win over the Rams in LA caused
them not to have the first overall pick. So just
looking back again, this is a good draft to periodically
check back in because is a big.

Speaker 1 (07:10):
Time quarterback draft.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
And on Thursday, we're probably gonna get three straight quarterbacks
taken twenty twenty one, same thing. Trevor Lawrence goes number one,
Jerry's out. He's a good quarterback? Is he a great one?
We don't know.

Speaker 1 (07:20):
Zach Wilson two, Trey Lance three.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
That's maybe the worst two to three ever in NFL
history for quarterbacks.

Speaker 1 (07:26):
That would be an interesting wormhole to go down.

Speaker 2 (07:30):
And then of course you had Justin Fields at eleven,
not with his team anymore, and Mac Jones at fifteen,
not with his team anymore. So it's just Trevor in
those top fifteen picks, five quarterbacks.

Speaker 1 (07:44):
Only Lawrence is still with his original team.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
Well that, like, I know, a couple of weeks ago,
I sounded overly cynical about the quarterbacks in this draft,
the draft in general, and it was like no, no, no,
you're supposed to be infused with hope at this point.
But the reality is like all these quarterbacks were talking
about two of them probably flame out on some level.

Speaker 4 (08:02):
That the red flags seem so obvious now with Zach Wilson,
Oh no, they're all gonna be great. Stop it seems
obvious now it's like, oh, yeah, how did everyone with
Zach Wilson, like he faced no pressure at EYU. He's
protected so well, he's in this lower level people. You know,
how did we not see that Trey Lance wasn't going
to be this guy? And I just pushed back on

that cause like no, almost no one was pushing back
at the time. So you can say that now that like, oh,
it's obvious that there were red flags. Very very few
analysts said like now, I wouldn't take these.

Speaker 1 (08:33):
Guys at the first round.

Speaker 4 (08:34):
I mean everyone was going to take Zack Wilson if anything,
but wanted to trade up the Eagles.

Speaker 1 (08:38):
The Eagles wanted to trade up for Zach, right.

Speaker 3 (08:40):
I think like during even even after his you know,
shaky start, there were still people. It kind of reminds
me of Sam Brad or Sam sam Darn a little
bit too, where it's like there are these people with
their dug in heels on these quarterbacks, and like, if
you have the draft stock of going number two, someone
else out there is gonna think they can make something
out of you, no matter what's happened, And can Sean
Payton do it? If he can, then he's going to

be able to do all sorts of other things, because
that would be a slight miracle.

Speaker 2 (09:05):
He can move, he could throw the football like he
could throw the hell out of a football. Everything else
has been a mess and he never really aced the test,
whether from the neck up, whether he can handle it.

Speaker 4 (09:15):
Was a little better as a third year player to
the point where you're like, okay, maybe he can settle
in as a Drew Locke improving backup type.

Speaker 1 (09:23):
Maybe we'll see for a little bit there.

Speaker 2 (09:25):
And then it got so bad that they were playing
guys that were street guys before they try to go
back to him, did go back to him, then he
got hurt. Just let's close the chapter. We move on
all right anyway, So good start. We got a nice
lead news item there Wednesday, the Mox Sessler Mark draft
shout out to a listener.

Speaker 1 (09:45):
Put that on my radar. Why did we not come
up with that.

Speaker 3 (09:48):
In previous years, I'd put the finger of blame at
myself number one.

Speaker 2 (09:52):
There and always try to add something a little bit
new to the mock Sessler mark draft. We're going to
have a guess of high esteem in this world that's
going to be involved with the process, not.

Speaker 1 (10:04):
With the picks. That's that's your job, right And I
encountered that.

Speaker 3 (10:08):
I encountered this guest to be in the newsroom, and
we we kind of hashed out a little bit about
how it's going to go. So and I'm gonna have
a couple OF's, some other surprises, new elements that happened.

Speaker 4 (10:18):
Something kind of like that. He doesn't want anyone right
we have. He wants to be the puppet man. I
will have the conversation about how it will go.

Speaker 3 (10:25):
I am a human being who's allowed to see what
you're doing human beings.

Speaker 1 (10:28):
Well I was doing in control of the segment.

Speaker 2 (10:31):
No no, no, no, no, Like if any just worry about your
thirty two picks?

Speaker 1 (10:34):
How often are you like? Why aren't we like?

Speaker 3 (10:36):
Our newsroom culture is a bit challenged these days. It's
kind of quiet in there. It's like I'm in there
trying to have a newsroom here. Yeah, I talked with
David Eally, talked with this guest. It's like that's what
you do in a news room. I'm just saying ideas.
I think talking is great. Yeah, the communication is great.

Speaker 2 (10:49):
But you got a thirty two pick draft to figure out,
and then tug Boat's got some other things around that
episode to figure out.

Speaker 1 (10:55):
Okay, I'll stand off. I'll stand like, I'm not going
to come into your mock draft.

Speaker 4 (10:58):
I'm going to be like Sess in the Fantasy Spectacular
and just hanging out not knowing what I'm doing.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
Foreigner. All right, let's hit the rest of the news.
I'm Eminem.

Speaker 3 (11:09):
This is Roger Goodell, and we are so fired up
this year for the NFL Draft Live from the D.

Speaker 1 (11:16):
You get to say Detroit. That's what I said. I
think he said the D Detroit. Am I being punked?
D Pretty good acting by rog in a big spot.

Speaker 2 (11:33):
Yeah, enjoyed it. Eminem Aging, we had maybe a minor disagreement.
I feel like Eminem is aging starting to look a
little odd there now. He seems to look more his
age in a natural way.

Speaker 3 (11:44):
I know that he has undergone some like health journeys
to try to improve this overall health.

Speaker 1 (11:50):
And I thought he looked good there in that clip.
I thought so too healthy. The facial hair like adds
an element too, right.

Speaker 2 (11:56):
There was a phase where he had a very dark
black beard and I don't know.

Speaker 1 (12:00):
I wasn't sure what was happening.

Speaker 2 (12:02):
He was like A I had some Tom Brady Disney
teacup questions for a while there, but.

Speaker 1 (12:06):
You're down on this, looks greg No. I don't know.
I don't want to be put in that position.

Speaker 4 (12:11):
I think it's been big the I think between the
Lions and the Bye Bye Barry Doc and now we
got the draft, Like eminem NFL, it's a thing. We
just need to deliver a Super Bowl appearance here by
these Lions.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
Absolutely, let's get into the latest around the draft. Let's
start with this something that kind of broke a couple
of days ago and just keep an eye on it.
So Jade and Daniels, we talked about it on the podcast.
Last Wednesday, it was reported that Daniels, widely believed to
be the number two overall pick, on Thursday, was going

to visit the Commanders, who have the number two overall pick,
and then it was kind of weird because there was
what three other quarterback prospects all bunched into the schedule
at the same time, and everyone, you know, at first blush.

Speaker 1 (12:57):
You're like, oh, that's a little odd. What is why
the Commanders doing that?

Speaker 2 (13:01):
Then you have Jaden Daniels agent liking some tweets pointing
out or criticizing the Commanders for their their strategy in
terms of having visits, which you know connects directly to
the player. Then you have Adam Schefter on the McAfee show,
which we would play, but we're not allowed to play
clips on the Pat McAfee show without paying like five
million dollars.

Speaker 1 (13:21):
So I'll just tell you that Adam.

Speaker 2 (13:23):
Schefter says that maybe Daniels I yet his choice, wouldn't
want to play in Washington, which then he tries to
walk back that. Subsequently, However, Gregy, once you make that
statement and you're Adam Schefter, that is going to take
on a life of its own. So now there's this
idea like this Eli manning four Chargers vibe.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
Could that possibly happen? We'll see.

Speaker 4 (13:46):
I don't mean, I don't think so, because Jayden Daniels
and the agent have come out sort of since this
popped up and tried to quiet it down. Daniels was
on o Jo Sinko's podcast with Shannon Sharp.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Way, we still have that plan. We're lowering the amount
of player podcast to seventy.

Speaker 1 (14:05):
Okay, and well they're formative. Well they're former players.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
We're gonna well you clump them on under this seventy
active player podcast.

Speaker 1 (14:13):
Greg, that's weird. Just players I made.

Speaker 4 (14:16):
You want to get there former players and bump it
up to eighty five. Sure, okay, deal, Yeah, Shannon Sharp,
who but.

Speaker 3 (14:22):
You're actively listening to whose podcasts we're about to cancel.

Speaker 1 (14:25):
So I don't know, No, not that one.

Speaker 4 (14:27):
This was from an aggregator that I believe it was
from Pro Football Talk that that noted. Jaden Daniels was
quoted on the record in a pod that just came out.
I think he's Sunday or Monday saying I'm gonna go.
I want to go wherever I'm drafted, that's where I
want to go. And so I think publicly it's fine.
The situation was weird. I've heard speculation just you know,

it might just be something where it's all you know,
whether you want all the executives, if it's ownership, Like
they're all there on one day and you can only
get them all to you know, you only get ownership
to show up that one day. Whatever it was, it's
a strange, strange story. It gives you vibes from the
old Commanders, but ultimately it sounds like they're gonna take

their guy, Adam Peters. Their GM said. You know, he
all but shut down that they would trade out of
the pick. He's like, we feel very strong that we're
gonna take the pick.

Speaker 1 (15:17):
Here was the quote from schefter Mark on Macviee.

Speaker 2 (15:21):
I think Daniels thought he was going to get more
FaceTime there than he actually did. It didn't exactly, it
didn't work out exactly that way. But jade and Daniels
knows that he can't control where he goes in the draft,
and his opinion doesn't matter where he wants to go.

Speaker 1 (15:33):
It's all up to the team. I think this, I
think this blows over.

Speaker 3 (15:36):
I mean, there were, by the way, twenty two players
at this meeting with the Commanders, and they took them
to play top golf, and I heard where this became
absurd to me, was like, if you're Jadeen Daniels and
you're not a golfer. Maybe you feel like you're not
being put in the best light. But have you ever
been to top Golf like kids do top golf like
he'd I think Jade and Daniels, a soon to be

pro football player, would thrive at Top Golf.

Speaker 1 (16:00):
And you're just eating there. You're sitting there eating chicken
wings and drinking beers. Well, let's here's the thing about golf.

Speaker 2 (16:06):
If you don't have any golfing experience, I don't care
how good an athlete you are, you're going to struggle.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
I know, but I suck at golf. And I went
to Top Golf and it was like, I don't need
to I think you're right. The activity matters. But there
were a bunch of people there. There have been other
Bill Belichick told the MAC if you show that, it's
not unusual to bring a bunch of people in.

Speaker 1 (16:24):
But I do think it's different for a quarterback.

Speaker 3 (16:25):
And I think it's fair to feel like if you
want to be courted and you want to get to
know an organization that's been a wayward organization for a
long time, when you're looking at other teams like he is,
Jaden Daniels is very tight with Antonio Pierce, and he's
talked about the Raiders in a certain way that make
you wonder if, like, if he had his choice, he
has to come say what he's saying.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
I'll be happy to go anywhere.

Speaker 3 (16:45):
But like, I don't think in general that this happens
unless the commanders are a little bit suspect to him
compared to other landing spots that could emerge. But he's
gonna get taken by them, I think. And then you
just got to put a smile on, right.

Speaker 4 (16:57):
The fact is that Chefter specifically had talked to me
out before any of this happened, that if it was
maybe up to Daniels, there's some other places that he.

Speaker 1 (17:05):
Was maybe the next team marking. How'd you do on
top golf? I mean I did fine. I mean to.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
Insinuate that even though you're not a golfer, you you
were hitting the I am. I mean I would accumulating point.

Speaker 3 (17:18):
I thought it was fun because like sixty percent of
my shots were an absolute disaster. But then like just
out of luck, you kind of peg one like way
down the sure you feel great, you feel good, and
you're like you're not a.

Speaker 1 (17:29):
Few things make a dad feel better than you.

Speaker 2 (17:32):
Go to the top golf and you put one off
the back net, just with like residual dad strength, and
it's like, deal with that little monsters and dream to.

Speaker 1 (17:41):
Be as good as me.

Speaker 3 (17:42):
That's I do like I like playing sports against small
children in general.

Speaker 1 (17:46):
Yes, yeah, we've.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
Talked that all right in other news. What was the
ding for was that because you are you are expecting
you and your wife you looking forward to hammering your son.

Speaker 1 (18:01):
No, that was a sport.

Speaker 5 (18:02):
That was a great conversation about top golf. I agreed
with everything you say. I suck at golf and you
just it's just go and hit the hell out of
a golf.

Speaker 1 (18:09):
It's good nature as as.

Speaker 5 (18:10):
A little kid and you just get a hold of
one and you're I don't have a child personally yet, right,
But everything you guys said, not that you know of, no, no, no, but.

Speaker 1 (18:22):
The top golf count Larry.

Speaker 5 (18:24):
Yeah, it's a perfect conversation.

Speaker 1 (18:27):
I agree with everything. Great, a perfect conversation. E t T.

Speaker 2 (18:31):
The other thing about the top golf look out by
the way, because you take your couple of sons there,
maybe your wife comes and they got oh here, get
a couple of apps. Get a couple of beers. Oh,
play play for an hour. Walk out of there is like,
where is my two rocks? They're gone, Well I would,
I would, I would try it like that. That was
that drained the wallet on. The commanders are like trying
to show we're not cheap. We'll take you to top golf.

Uh here we go, get well sponsor us. Probably not
now the Patriots, GREGI they would need, according.

Speaker 1 (19:02):
To a report, was a Burprier. It was Mike Grease.

Speaker 2 (19:04):
Mike Grease a block buster offer to not take a
quarterback at number three. And that makes all the sense
in the world, right There as few teams in the
league when you just say, who needs a quarterback more
than anybody New Engle pages. When you're sitting there and
there's a there's a couple of good options, they would
have to get blown away.

Speaker 1 (19:21):
And that makes sense. It does.

Speaker 4 (19:23):
And yet there was a somewhat conflicting report from Diane
Orsina of The Athletic just Monday morning saying that that
they're listening and that Elliott Wolf is running point that
Jonathan Kraft is potentially involved, and they have said essentially
publicly Elliot Wolf said it publicly just last week that hey,

well listen, We'll listen to anything. So you could see
this as position to the dance. Yeah, you could see
this as positioning part of the dance. And yet I
do believe that it would take something crazy for them
to move off three. Why would you not. But they
might also really prefer one quarterback to another, which would
be a totally reasonable feeling. And if that quarterback's not there,

then then suddenly they're more open for business.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
I do wonder if Elliott Wolf and the whole crew
there would ever consider trading up to number two, and
if they really think Washington's going to take their guy,
and Washington's in this weird situation. Potentially, just with what's
happened this week, maybe none of it matters, but like
maybe they could flip flop and Washington still gets one
of the top three guys, but maybe not the guy

they think doesn't want to play for them, and New
England winds up with Jaden Daniels just as you never know.
Look where we were a year ago with the draft.
We annoyed it was going to happen in like weird stuff.

Speaker 2 (20:39):
It could only be good for the Patriots or any
team that's maybe hoping to get Daniels that if there
any any chance there's something wonky there that would cause
Washington to make a decision that could Yeah, let's say,
all right, let's pause right here for a minute and
take a break and then get back.

Speaker 1 (20:57):
To the news.

Speaker 2 (20:58):
All right, we're back other news. In other news. You know,
you dream of drafting a quarterback like Matt Ryan, And
I think everyone knows that I have a bit of
a history with Matt Ryan had a habit of thrown
for exactly twenty six touchdowns when I drafted in my
fantasy teams.

Speaker 1 (21:17):
But that's not what he should be remembered for.

Speaker 2 (21:20):
He should be remembered as one of the great quarterbacks
of his era. And he was, and he's a former MVP,
and he ended his career not in such hot terms
with the Colts.

Speaker 1 (21:31):
It was a forgettable end.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
But a lot of great Hall of Fame level quarterbacks
ended careers with other teams in a poor manner. So
we don't remember for the fantasy seasons that didn't measure up.
We don't remember for we don't want to only remember
for the Super Bowl in twenty eight three or the Colts.
Let's remember Matt Ryan on this day that he retires
from the NFL as a damn fine quarterback.

Speaker 6 (21:54):
I want you to know that every day I felt
the responsibility to give you the best version of myself. Well,
we didn't accomplish everything we had hoped. I am proud
of what we did, and I know that I gave
everything I could to be the best that I possibly couldn't.
You have no control in this profession of where you start.

I am so lucky that my start and now my
finish is here in Atlanta.

Speaker 2 (22:26):
That was a I think that's probably the future of
how these careers end, with a highly produced videos shared
with social It's already happening, but it's watching it with
Ryan made me think of that, like things are different
now than the old statement or calling the press conference.
Oh there's probably going to be a press conference. Ryan
Greg came in as a highly touted first round pick

for a team that was, you know, looking desperately for
a quarterback after the Michael Vick fiasco. For the Falcons,
he goes number three overall in two thousand and eight
and immediately was a QB won for them.

Speaker 4 (23:00):
Well, they at the time famously had never had back
to back winning seasons in franchise history, and when Matt
Ryan arrived, his first five years eleven wins, another winning
season after that, he went nine to five when he
was the starter, thirteen and three, ten and six, thirteen
and three, And you said, like, we don't want to

remember him just for the Super Bowl. I guess I
would just say he played very well in that Super Bowl.
He went against the Bill Belichick defense, which would give
so much credit for shutting down Sean McVay, and I
know they were better in twenty eighteen than they were
in twenty sixteen in terms of the defense, and he
lit them up, and his defense let him down. And
you could say the play calling let him down. And

he had a couple bad plays, certainly in the second half,
but it was mostly his running back letting him down.

Speaker 1 (23:45):
In terms of pass protector.

Speaker 4 (23:46):
He averaged twelve or thirteen yards per attempt in the
Super Bowl and was dominating the Patriots, whereas if you're
playing for any other team that doesn't fall apart in
the way that their defense did. He's a Super Bowl champion.
He was great in that entire run. He was great
in the NFC Championship. He was obviously the MVP that season,

and he was very rarely a top five quarterback, So
I actually don't think he's a Hall of Famer. He's
going to be an interesting case someday. I went back
and looked at like the QB Index rankings that we
had for him. We only started in twenty thirteen, but
he only finished top five once that MVP season, and
then he was around eight or nine or ten a
couple other times, and he was more in the ten

to twelve range and putting up good numbers and a
really solid quarterback year after year. But he should be
a champion, And I hate that liked is looked at,
and I'm sure he feels so differently because that's how sport.

Speaker 2 (24:39):
Do you even hear what he said, right, We didn't
accomplish everything we wanted, a direct illusion obviously to something
that he'll never shake.

Speaker 3 (24:45):
It reminds me a little bit different player, different statistical outputs,
but the way you feel about Dan Marino's career, where
it's like there was this one thing that never happened
to Dan Reno and it kind of leaves him at
times out of certain conversations. It's just like Matt Ryan, though,
if you're one of these teams this week picking a quarterback,
You'd be so lucky to have this. He missed three

games in fourteen seasons with the Falcons.

Speaker 1 (25:08):
Like the durability.

Speaker 3 (25:09):
He's one of these guys that just like the rock
dir He's there every week, the durability. And I was
found like I couldn't get a grasp of Matt Ryan's
personality for like a decade plus and when they were
on Hard Knocks, the one time I thought he was
one of the winners on that show where you started
to see him differently and like he was a true
leader inside the building and the Cult season was a
free That's when I did QB Index and that was

a tough watch to track weekly because.

Speaker 1 (25:31):
That was Matt Ryan falling off a cliff.

Speaker 3 (25:33):
And I know he wanted to come back last year,
but go do your announcing thing. You had a very
excellent career with the Falcons.

Speaker 2 (25:38):
As his career went on and you started to learn
more about him and read, you know, reports about him
that he was one of the more intense competitors ever
and he was not above really giving it to his
teammates on the field.

Speaker 1 (25:53):
A lot of hot mics will pick up.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
He was a guy that would get on you and
chew you out if you didn't do the job the
right way.

Speaker 1 (25:58):
But Peyton Manning did the same thing as well.

Speaker 2 (26:00):
Remember damn it, Donald, Like that's part of being He
was a true, tried and true QB one franchise type starter.
I think because I'm I'm with you, I think that
that he falls just a little bit short. What if
he had won the Super Bowl? Well, here's the thing
I was going to say, two things. You finish off
that game. He did take a awful sack that contributed

to that meltdown, but yeah, it.

Speaker 1 (26:22):
Was blown blown blade.

Speaker 4 (26:23):
He also had a what would have been one of
the best throw in catches in Julio Jones's catches, maybe
even better.

Speaker 1 (26:29):
That was the same possession though, right, same possession.

Speaker 4 (26:31):
Well, all I mean though, is in any other scenario
where you just hand the ball, you know your coach,
you have a decent running game, you run it three times,
you kick the field goal, and you win. That has
nothing to do with Matt Ryan, or you have a
defense that makes a single stop right then you know,
then you're remembering that throw.

Speaker 1 (26:46):
So it's just tough outs. But if you all works, especially.

Speaker 2 (26:48):
If they finished that game off and he's got the
He won the MVP that year as well, so you
had the MVP, you would have a super Bowl. And
he finished with three hundred and eighty one touchdowns. And
I know people don't care about nice round numbers anymore.

Speaker 1 (26:58):
We go a little deeper.

Speaker 2 (27:00):
But if you would have had a decent final run
with the Colts, he gets over four hundred touchdowns. Those
things that he just missed will keep him out of
the Hall probably. But Maddie Ice also great nickname, had
a awesome career.

Speaker 3 (27:12):
I will say you also had one of my favorite
NFL throws of my entire fandom. This happened a couple
of years ago, where you know, he's trying to hit
someone along the sideline, overthrew the receiver and absolutely devastated
a cameraman. I mean the cameraman was lost, lost at
c for the of the rest.

Speaker 1 (27:30):
Of the week.

Speaker 3 (27:30):
We love that stuff, you love, I mean it just
like it was just it was unintentionally us probably the
You love the juxtaposition of big, strong football players with
normal people and what happens when they're either standing next
to each other and something is innocuous as a photo
being taken or getting run over or being you know,
run pass like you just love that.

Speaker 1 (27:50):
You love that well, you.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
Know when we're at those London games, there's a love that. No,
but in your in the back of your mind, you're thinking,
this is where I could get hit with a football.
You love seventy mins? Come on, ETPI, he loves it.
I love him, Thank you.

Speaker 4 (28:06):
Top ten in yards in touchdowns, but those are that's
hard to yeah, hard to valuate, all right.

Speaker 2 (28:12):
And finally, in the news and other quarterback news, the
NFL lost one of its MVPs.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
Another MVP.

Speaker 2 (28:19):
Roman Gabriel Form, a number two overall pick of the
Los Angeles Rams in nineteen sixty two and also the
first Filipino American quarterback in the NFL, died on Saturday,
eighty three years old. He did win League MVP in
nineteen sixty nine natural causes.

Speaker 1 (28:37):
Died peacefully at home.

Speaker 3 (28:38):
He had an interesting career because he was drafted by
the Raiders in the AFL and the Rams and chose
between the two teams to go to the Rams, and like,
I watched some stuff on him this weekend and he
was six five, two hundred and twenty pounds and now
that's just like what you wanted a quarterback. You don't
even But in sixty two he was a bit of
an outlier and he had like the strongest arm in

the league for years in a row. And after the
Rams gave up on him, he went to the Eagles
and one comeback Player of the Year, like they were
like done with him. He didn't even really get started
to like a sixth season. But the one thing I
like about him, because it reminds me of Jim Brown
a little bit, is like he used la to the max.
Like he was on Wonder Woman, he was on Illigan's Island,
he was on Perry Mason. He did a film with

John Wayne and Rock Hudson. He did a film with
Jackie Gleeson. Like wow, he basically like he's like, I'm
going to become one of the first like strong armed,
gunslinging quarterbacks who's also a movie star.

Speaker 4 (29:32):
This is where I wish West was here. He would
have some good room and Gabriel takes. But that was
you filled in.

Speaker 1 (29:38):
That's the response on.

Speaker 4 (29:39):
Look, No, no, no, no, I'm just saying he would have
some strange story that he read book.

Speaker 1 (29:45):
But yeah, he over index.

Speaker 4 (29:47):
Also, you know, one of the great ash American, Yeah,
American sports stars of all time.

Speaker 3 (29:53):
He was Filipino Irish by the way, good combat. You
don't find that too often, not often, but it's possible.
Well yeah, sure, you know a person and a Filipino
person were to reproduce that.

Speaker 1 (30:04):
What happens when they do, it's bingo.

Speaker 4 (30:07):
It is interesting. And yeah, he was not a Hall
of Famer. Compare him to Matt Ryan. You know, won
an m v P three, three All Pro Teams, four
Pro Bowls, the exact same as Ryan, and he did
not make the Hall of Fame. His resume looks a
little stronger at the top end than Matt Ryan's and
he did not make it.

Speaker 2 (30:23):
Eleven years for the Rams, five years of the Eagles. Uh, Roman, Gabriel,
rest in peace. Let's take a break, and when we
return Sandwich prompts, and.

Speaker 1 (30:39):
We are back. We're back. I thought you would make
to do it again. That's perfect, that works.

Speaker 3 (30:47):
No, we're keeping welcome back to I never know, you know,
like wait, hold on, so Colleen had to do that
the other.

Speaker 1 (30:53):
We lit that up. I want that one too.

Speaker 3 (30:55):
As a she received clear instructions on how to perform
the task. I'm you tell me during the break, let's
come back with Mark, you know, coming out of the
bay side, and I'm trying to do a great job.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
And then it's like you're talking about right now. Yeah,
I'm winked again.

Speaker 4 (31:08):
Dan is weirdly like an offensive coordinator that actually sets
up his players to fail and then laughs like.

Speaker 1 (31:13):
It's just no, couldn't as pleased with the outcome. I
do not feel the same.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
There's something about this bit that continues to flummix you
because when we when I asked you to do the
original one, right, I was trying to get you just
to do uh what Greg had done, which was when
I wasn't here though I did, Oh I didn't. Yeah,
so I was going in sight unseen right. So then,

so so we got something different and now we have
this where but you've been here for multiple shows where
we're in a break and I'll say, okay, let's come
back with you know, Connie Bayside.

Speaker 1 (31:49):
So I just did that. But you thought I was
queuing you, but I was clearly.

Speaker 3 (31:53):
This is an example of you operating in your own
space and thinking that it makes sense to person B
in person B is trying to do something fresh from
their own mind, and it's not.

Speaker 2 (32:03):
It's colliding. It is, and I'm sorry to the listeners.
I think they're the ones that lose ultimately. All Right,
before we get into sandwich props, let's give some props
to Trent Balki, who is the general manager of the Jaguars,
who found himself in the news cycle briefly in the
past week for you know, I would say, unusual reasons.

Speaker 1 (32:26):
Let's play it.

Speaker 6 (32:27):
We're not there yet.

Speaker 3 (32:28):
You know, we still got a couple of days going
through coaching.

Speaker 6 (32:31):
I haven't sat down and go, excuse me going through
the final board yet.

Speaker 1 (32:36):
We'll do that on Monday. That's so good, so good.
It's kind of amazing. That's never happened before. It was
so good.

Speaker 4 (32:47):
And he didn't stop what he was saying. Hen he said,
excuse me.

Speaker 1 (32:52):
That's the key.

Speaker 4 (32:52):
He said, you could have gone excuse me, you could
have gone pardon me, owned it very polite, and then
continued his statement, it's draft season. That's the most important thing.
I'm so excited about it. I can't control myself in
the moment, but I will apologize for it.

Speaker 3 (33:06):
I mean, if anything, I give him credit or just
simply rolling through it. It's like, oh, are you a
human being? Do these things happen to the physical body?

Speaker 1 (33:15):
Yes, they do. Let's keep talking about the draft.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
Yeah, have you beefed? I mean, if you have not beefed,
do not raise your hand.

Speaker 3 (33:22):
I do love this headline. By the way, can we
put this on? And TMZ decided you know, you know
you could create multiple headlines for.

Speaker 1 (33:29):
This, mack if you have not beefed there. This is
so TMZ.

Speaker 3 (33:33):
It's like Jaguars GM, Trent Balki and then it's an banger.
All caps farts during news conference with three question marks
and dot dot dot fans convinced, three Slammers fans convinced like,
I think we all we all saw me.

Speaker 4 (33:48):
He literally apologized for it in the moment. Yeah, there
was no mystery uh to what went on there. But
I think it's good. I think we should normalize this.
It happens is we're all huge and more often.

Speaker 1 (34:00):
Yeah, I think we should be very cool about it.

Speaker 2 (34:04):
So congratulations to Trent Balki for relieving himself in a
big spot.

Speaker 1 (34:07):
He sounds a lot like Marty Funkes. How's there? He does? Oh,
you're right.

Speaker 2 (34:10):
I was thinking of that he who is without sin
can cast the first stone John eighty seven.

Speaker 1 (34:17):

Speaker 3 (34:17):
I think that's why if there's a if you want
to point to a reason why that raise was said
thousands of years ago, you'd look at this moment, he.

Speaker 1 (34:25):
Who has not beefed can cast the first stone stones.

Speaker 3 (34:29):
Unless you were born like eight seconds ago. That applies
to like every human.

Speaker 1 (34:33):
All right, now, pivot point. It's time. It's time. It's
a tradition. I love it. We love it. I think
you love it.

Speaker 2 (34:45):
The listeners, we are going to uh play a little
game we called go get my sandwiche Yeah.

Speaker 1 (34:52):
Beefer Oh I thought that sound, the biting sound, Mark chewing.
I don't like the word beefed, by the way. No,
I don't even makes you uncomfortable.

Speaker 3 (35:06):
No, it's just like I think, Greg, gregs, what's problem?

Speaker 1 (35:12):
It's a little too rich.

Speaker 4 (35:13):
I just have a Yeah, I just have an immediate
reaction to it. Let's I just I love beef, and
so I just don't like mixing that up. I got
it the k Town last night. I had some some
just delicious beef beef.

Speaker 2 (35:29):
Yes, okay, I'm just saying it's all connected in a
way it is.

Speaker 4 (35:33):

Speaker 2 (35:33):
So we go around, we each make a prediction about
what's going to happen in the draft. A reminder. I
don't think we have to remind each other. I think
we all know at this point, but just it's good
to get it out there. We want to have all
these buttoned up by the end of the draft, the
end of the seventh round on Saturday, so we can
then at the end of the Saturday show be able
to say our sangwiches owed, our sangwiches not old.

Speaker 1 (35:55):
What are you talking about? Dan sandwiches.

Speaker 2 (35:57):
We each make a prediction and then the other two
people get to say I agree or I disagree, and
if they disagree, it's a sandwich prop bet wager, and
then whoever is right collect sandwiches. We have all time
standings that you can check out at go get my
Lunch dot org and that has every single prop we

have ever made. And there's some whoppers draft season. And
as always, you you must you must hang onions on
at least one of your wagers.

Speaker 7 (36:30):
I don't maybe you try to these onions. You'll like
them the real sweet onion.

Speaker 1 (36:35):
And what does that mean to hang onion? Mark ssslor.

Speaker 3 (36:38):
That means to you know, don't give us a milk
toast run of the mill prediction about something vague or
boring happening that we pretty much know will happen. Go
out there, create some spice, uh something you know, disarming,
something completely unpredictable. Put yourself on the line, put your
creative mind on the line, and see what happens.

Speaker 2 (36:57):
Let it fly and shout out as always to Nick Fortier,
who's been running the go get my lunch dot org
site for a long time.

Speaker 1 (37:05):
We have.

Speaker 2 (37:06):
We did not do very well in the in the
predictions last year, Greg, Mark, you hit one. The Packers
drafted at least four wide receiver slash tight end. I
hit the Texans state a number two the draft a QB.
What you guys both took me on. I guess there
must have been a lot of speculations. I just mentioned
that's right anyway, So and then we got everything else

literally wrong. So it's hard. Let's get started, Greg, why
didn't you get us going?

Speaker 4 (37:35):
Okay, Dan, if you listen to our Thursday show.

Speaker 1 (37:40):
Loved it right up with move the sticks.

Speaker 2 (37:42):
Didn't think that was probably the right move. But he's
on the show and what can you do? He can't
can't scrub it.

Speaker 4 (37:49):
We wanted to keep you guys separate. And I know
it hurts you to listen to him, but if you did,
you might have heard me just mentioned because I've been
trying to look around, you know, with my contacts inside
the league. Let's let's be real employees of this company.

Speaker 1 (38:04):
Let's be even more real Ian.

Speaker 4 (38:06):
Yeah, I know a lot of guys, a lot of guys,
girls all over the place. It's like, why is this
guy Johnny Newton who I'm fascinating with?

Speaker 1 (38:14):
Uh Illinois. But it's true.

Speaker 4 (38:17):
I had a very specific you know, I have been
asking around looking for people to tell me that Johnny
Newton is going to go higher, uh than expected, and
I can't really find it. So this is from This
is from no from nobody other inside information, other than
what I see with my eyes when I turn on

the tape and I see a top notch player, a
guy who can be a big time difference maker. And
I think all these teams are staying quiet because they
must see what I see when it comes to Johnny Newton.

Speaker 1 (38:50):
So then I went this morning and I checked.

Speaker 4 (38:53):
Out Johnny Newton defensive tackle Illinois, one of the top
defensive tackles in the Lead.

Speaker 1 (39:00):
Ten Defensive Player of the Year in twenty three.

Speaker 4 (39:03):
Uh Mina sent me this link of maybe I'll send
it out for him in high school just doing the
thing where it's ridiculous how much he's just destroying these
kids in high school.

Speaker 1 (39:11):
It like that.

Speaker 4 (39:13):
It did just exactly what I went and took, took.
I checked, you know, a respected site out there. See
what where is over under is as we we tape
this on Monday, heading into the draft, his over under
for the draft is thirty one and a half.

Speaker 1 (39:29):
I can't believe it.

Speaker 4 (39:30):
First of all, do not let this man get to
this least and to Chris Jones, I see that thirty
one and a half. That means they think maybe the
Chiefs are a team. Do not let this man fall.
And so, for the first time ever, I think at
the draft, they're actually gonna open up the stadium and
they're gonna combine a sandwich with a big time rainstorm.

Speaker 8 (39:52):
The raidmakers coming out for the draft. He is getting
taken before thirty one and a half. I say it's
way before, but it's way before. All you need to
get a thirty one and a half, Johnny Newton, did you.

Speaker 1 (40:04):
Not let the glass know that a brain maker was coming?
I did let him know. How else would they be
able to play this? Yeah, but where's our graphic? I
don't like that graphic?

Speaker 6 (40:13):
You know?

Speaker 1 (40:13):
Oh like that? No, I'm kidding. I didn't ask for
the graphic or not. But we exist for that rain
maker graphic. That's what we're here for. I love this.
I love this fort's combined to Okay, I like old bits.

Speaker 3 (40:26):
I like old bits when you spoke to guys and girls, Yeah,
did any were?

Speaker 1 (40:32):
They almost also flummoxed by the.

Speaker 4 (40:35):
Now they were just like what they didn't get much
of a didn't get much. If you're watching on YouTube
and graphic is here.

Speaker 2 (40:42):
I like when he shoots the money out of his
mouth and it spins around Erica's most lasting contribution to
the program.

Speaker 3 (40:49):
They do like spread during these like the suit and Tira,
I think I was coming straight from an NFL Network show,
and yeah, I looked like I was showing up in
West Hartford for a.

Speaker 1 (40:59):
Day at the Mutual.

Speaker 2 (41:00):
All right, So I got I got a little sidetracked
when you combine them, so it is me too.

Speaker 4 (41:05):
He is what he has to be drafted ahead of
thirty one and a half. But I just thought I
would combine two things to give our listeners an early
opportunity at.

Speaker 2 (41:15):
Head of thirty and some rings. So thirty one and
below thirty one and below. Okay, I mean, you caught
me off guard. I gotta do my it's too late
to do now. Research Like where's he Newton's where is
he being mocked in the you know, where's he?

Speaker 1 (41:32):
Well, there's a consensus big board out there. Where's he
on the consensus big board, which I believe has him?

Speaker 4 (41:39):
I call him Jack Newton around like that's what they
based these things on. But he's he's higher on the
consensus big board. I guess the draftnicks like him a
little better.

Speaker 1 (41:49):
All right, where's he? Where's he going the mid twenties?
And you're saying he's going? Okay, I'm looking at an
article from twenty five is what I f side. It says,
could Johnny Newton fall out of the first round? Right?

Speaker 3 (42:01):
They have no answer. All I'm saying is that's where the.

Speaker 2 (42:06):
He's got any medical red flags, got any off the
field issues?

Speaker 3 (42:09):
No, Well, he missed the scouting combine with a fracture
in his foot.

Speaker 1 (42:17):
His name is duras On Newton. I like that. That's good.

Speaker 2 (42:20):
He should go that over Johnny. It's always good business
to take the uh sangwige guy. I'm not gonna do
it in this case.

Speaker 4 (42:32):
Yeah, Greg, I think I shall point out, yes he
did have foot surgery uh in the pre draft process.

Speaker 1 (42:38):
That would have been in January, but he played through it.

Speaker 3 (42:41):
One fatal flaw in your in your pitch was that
you're so self confident about this happening that you make
me not want to take you on the That's fair.

Speaker 4 (42:50):
I guess I'm thinking more about the listeners and the
and the rain maker, and it's a big spot.

Speaker 1 (42:55):
You never know when it could be the last rain maker.
But I'll again, I'll take you just because because why not.
I'll take you. Okay, thank you for the for the
show aspects, Dan that you're showman, choe man cho man. Uh. Yeah,
I will not take you up on it. I don't
know why, I just won't. I'm not gonna do it.

Speaker 4 (43:13):
You know what I also thought when I saw that number,
that's perfect. I am looking for things to have me
to add even more excitement to this first round of
the draft. Not that we need to, it's it's the draft.
But when it was thirty one, I was like, Okay,
this is gonna be fun. As we get towards the
end of the draft, I'll be rooting.

Speaker 1 (43:28):
You've got something to track. That's that. I think it
could be much higher. That's nice for you.

Speaker 2 (43:32):
So Schrager sends out a tweet today, who that Johnny Newton,
oh is not even on his list of Like he's
pointing out in the tweet that there's never been a
more lopsided offense to defense NFL Draft. First round from convos,
I only have six surefire first round picks on D
right now, Murphy Turner, Latu Arnold, Mitchell Verse, and then

he has a later first, very early second guys on
Chop Robinson, Darius Robinson, Wiggins, and McKinstry. So based on that,
he didn't even listen. He's not even listen. So I
will take you up on it now. I think that's smart.
I needed to do a little research just in time.
So there's something going on there because Schrager's pretty plugged in.

Speaker 1 (44:15):
But you know, foot surgery is not ideal.

Speaker 3 (44:17):
It is good that we actually did a lot. He
didn't want us to do research. But there's no medical issues.
But he's had just had foot surgery, which sounds like
an issue.

Speaker 2 (44:25):
He missed the Oh it's a Jones fracture in the foot.
I don't like that either. That's unpleasant. That's tricky, Gregy,
I don't like that's a that's a cousin of it is,
Frank that Harlot.

Speaker 1 (44:35):
That's tough to.

Speaker 3 (44:36):
Sell your fan base on some This guy just had surgery,
so of course we'll take him in the first round.

Speaker 1 (44:40):
He's got a Jones fracture. Oh yeah, bring him in
first round? Please? Who does that? All righty? And also
big men with feet injuries, you know, a foot injury.

Speaker 2 (44:52):
Let's go. All right, I'm up next. Here we go,
Here we go, Here we go, Here we go. This
one is not I'm not going to say it it's
ballsy because it's it's conventional wisdom and a lot of
these mock drafts, however, how often do we see that
what everyone thinks going to happen isn't going to happen.
With that in mind, this will be the draft where

the top of the board goes exactly as everyone's talking
or close to it. So the first and so what
I'm what's gonna make this one a tougher one for
me to hit is it's so big. It's a big
swath of the first round. I'm saying the first round
will go QB, QB, QB wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver,

offensive tackle for seven picks.

Speaker 3 (45:38):
Well, okay, I will take you because I think you're
you just say number four. That would be the Cardinals
in theory staying home and taking Marvin Harrison junior.

Speaker 1 (45:46):
Right, I think they're trading that pick. I do.

Speaker 3 (45:49):
I think that's where the fourth quarterback goes. So we'll
take you. I would take you, just not even knowing
what year I'm in. What's happening.

Speaker 4 (45:57):
You're trying to match seven slots with specific positions, right,
Which doesn't.

Speaker 1 (46:04):
That the players whatever? The players are what?

Speaker 2 (46:07):
Yeah, because we know the QB one and then those
two quarterbacks are probably next to each other.

Speaker 1 (46:12):
The three wide receivers, we.

Speaker 2 (46:13):
Don't know what order they're going to go in, but
it's probably gonna be Harrison first, but they'll all be
bunched together, and then Joe alt goes to the Titans.

Speaker 1 (46:19):
That's the way I see it. I mean this This
to me is a massive onion hangar, a bigger one.
I don't.

Speaker 7 (46:25):
Maybe you try to these onions, you'll like them, the
real sweet onions.

Speaker 4 (46:29):
Then then you realize, I mean, they got the you know,
you go to the horse track, you got the try,
they got the trifecta.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
Yeah, they got the superfecta. I'm trying to hit a
straight flush here.

Speaker 4 (46:38):
Yeah, this is a super super duperfecta. I'll take you
on that, all right.

Speaker 1 (46:42):
I like it though. That's a right out of the gate.
That's a creative. I reached out to NFL Research this morning.

Speaker 2 (46:47):
Love love the work they do, always have, I said,
has the draft ever gone all QB and wide receiver
in the first six picks? And Ben McWilliams replied, that
has never happened in the common Draft era era Dan however,
Oh he's got a However, then in big spot, however,
each of the first six picks in twenty twenty one
were pass catchers, three qbs, two wide receivers, and Kyle Pitts,

which is the closest we have come to that scenario.
So this would be the first time if it does
indeed happen. Okay, Mark, you're up.

Speaker 3 (47:20):
I'm gonna get hyper specific because this will take it.

Speaker 1 (47:25):
This is my sports lock of the week. Okay, this
is a this is a two parter.

Speaker 3 (47:30):
The Eagles will take Clemson linebacker Jeremiah Trotter after his
father played.

Speaker 1 (47:37):
With the Eagles. Three to another Mark Trope, these things
need to happen.

Speaker 3 (47:41):
And I was saying this with Joey Porter Junior all
last draft season, and it happened and it worked and
it's a good move. But so the Eagles will take
Jeremiah Trotter junior and the Chargers will take Michigan running
back Blake Korn, which I've been on that case.

Speaker 4 (47:57):
For you don't just pick one of these because they're
both going to happen. I would like, I would wish
we could put conditions. I don't think we should. It
gets it gets too complicated, but we should. I want to,
like I would get I want to do a sandwich
on each of these, you know, split them up, and
so I get two sandwiches because you're not going to
get either one.

Speaker 1 (48:17):
I completely think you're wrong, or the odds are you won't.
I don't really know its future is it's commendable for
you to do this.

Speaker 2 (48:24):
Uh this but it's so hard to hit too, but
there is there is connective tissue with both landing spots
for both players, and and Howie Roseman literally went out
of his way to say that Jeremiah Trotter was on
the radar.

Speaker 1 (48:38):
People say a lot of things.

Speaker 3 (48:41):
It feels like an Eagles thing. It just feels like
an Eagles thing to do. I they value that. That's
a good point.

Speaker 1 (48:46):
Would you love it for the Eagles, Greg if they
did it?

Speaker 4 (48:49):
I think if Howie Roseman said in a public setting
that he's on his I'm not saying that you just.

Speaker 1 (48:53):
Lock it in.

Speaker 3 (48:54):
I'm not saying that that means much. But why say
it at all?

Speaker 4 (48:58):
Because you like each dad and you're just trying to
like boost up his kids.

Speaker 1 (49:02):

Speaker 3 (49:02):
I think I think you know that there's NFL bloodlines matter,
and if you're harbaught, you're not going to take your
running back.

Speaker 1 (49:08):
Who was listening? Who dazzled for your you know you.

Speaker 2 (49:10):
Had you had you had your little dance with Porter
last year.

Speaker 1 (49:15):
I believe was that who was.

Speaker 3 (49:16):
Yes, Joey was a nice moment. Yeah, you crescendoed inn
athlete victory.

Speaker 2 (49:21):
We were all very proud that you did it. Now
you're going back to the well and it's it's it's suicide.

Speaker 1 (49:27):
It's suicide. You can celebrate, right, let's talk on probably.

Speaker 4 (49:33):
Uh you know, it's like sometimes you got to to
leave well enough alone.

Speaker 2 (49:37):
You had a big you had that corn, coming back
to it and it's gonna what you know what it's
gonna do. It's gonna cheapen the porter pick.

Speaker 1 (49:43):
No, it has no effect on that because that was
just a clear cut.

Speaker 2 (49:46):
It's been victory right, developing news, we're getting work. Yes,
it will cheapen the porter.

Speaker 4 (49:55):
Pick unless you nail it, and then it'll make it
even back.

Speaker 1 (50:00):
If I nail it, then it's like you just hang
parties at that point.

Speaker 2 (50:03):
And just like I just gotta get both because weg
and I aren't going to sit here and hand you
bouquets of roses.

Speaker 1 (50:08):
If you get one, I wouldn't accept the book.

Speaker 4 (50:10):
I will give you verbal credit if you get verbal credit,
but I'm taking the sandwich.

Speaker 3 (50:14):
Well rose credit means good enough here?

Speaker 1 (50:19):
Verbal credit? Would you get either? Always welcome? All right?

Speaker 4 (50:22):
Uh, all right, while we're throwing exact darts out, I
I want to make sandwich props that I want to
root for it's like picks you want to root for,
and so let's just keep it simple. The Patriots deuce,
take break me, and uh deliver me back into the

womb of Foxboro Stadium with a nice exciting You're back
into the That's not how it works.

Speaker 1 (50:49):
We're starting the journey again.

Speaker 4 (50:51):
We had an incredible journey that will never be topped,
and then it ended. You're coming home and this is
a this is rebirth, this is a new, a new me.

Speaker 1 (51:01):
You texted me over the week. That's not true. Greg. Wait,
you literally did well, I did about the Dodgers, but
what else it's about the Dodgers. Okay, Sorry, you.

Speaker 2 (51:16):
Texted me and you said you were at the game
with your family and you said, I think that you
like me better when I'm like a baseball fan or baseball.

Speaker 1 (51:25):
To which I wouldn't say I like you better, but
I do.

Speaker 2 (51:29):
Like that's like the most wholesome thing about Greg, when
he's just like, hey, I'm you know, this is the
sport I love, and I think it's the most wholesome version.

Speaker 1 (51:36):
It's why I thought of you.

Speaker 4 (51:37):
I'm sitting in a long line waiting for the Dodger Dogs,
just with some time to kill on. I'm like, oh,
Dan would be happy to know I'm here at the
Dodgers game. I'm gonna text him. I will So I
didn't like.

Speaker 2 (51:45):
I don't like you better when you're at a baseball game,
but I do like you better when you're not lying
about your Patriots fandom. So like, if this brings you back,
if this brings you back in a.

Speaker 1 (51:56):
Real way, let's do it.

Speaker 2 (51:58):
I'm I'm with you, and I'm rooting for you if
it could be danger for the rest of the AFC East.

Speaker 1 (52:02):
So you're not taking him on the uh? Would that
mean I'm not taking him? I don't know.

Speaker 2 (52:06):
How does this game we do take me? If I
want him to. I want I want to root along
with you on this. Okay, let's bring Drake in.

Speaker 1 (52:12):
You're not taking me. I didn't take you on the
last one either, though, so it's a little tricky.

Speaker 3 (52:18):
No, you did in the end, right, I did that said? Okay,
I think you know for this sake, I won't.

Speaker 1 (52:22):
I will take you.

Speaker 3 (52:22):
But I I have noticed Greg that like your fascination
with with Drake May and I I'm like starting to
watch him more and more. I'm like, I see where
you're coming from like this is a spicy player, but
this is huge for you. I feel like your Patriots
fandom hinges on this player going to New England. You've
been talking in a certain way about the pairing here

for a.

Speaker 1 (52:44):
Couple of weeks.

Speaker 3 (52:45):
I haven't really heard you talk about the Patriots with
passion in this way and will or the possibility he's
noivous about J. J.

Speaker 1 (52:51):

Speaker 4 (52:51):
Well, right, because Dan saying I've been I've been lying
about my Patriots. The only if there's been any exaggerating
going along, it's that actually have to pretend for Dan's
sake that in sake.

Speaker 3 (53:04):
Yeah, I mean I understand the dynamic. I will take you,
I will.

Speaker 1 (53:07):
Take you, okay, please. I don't get me started on
the Browns with usas dog.

Speaker 3 (53:13):
But but Dan, I mean, it wouldn't even I wouldn't
be walking around town or nor with Greg talking about
our fandom if it weren't.

Speaker 1 (53:18):
You know, we weren't in this setting. So okay, next.

Speaker 2 (53:27):
The Chiefs they stop messing around. Then they trade up
and get one of these wide receivers. Now I don't wanna,
I can't. I can't say one of the Big three
because they're so I think they're gonna be so hotly
contested that, like I've already predicted, I think they're off
the board by seven. But one of the who are
the secondary guys like Brian Thomas, who.

Speaker 4 (53:50):
Are some he would he would be an exciting that
that next tier, Yes, replacement, my god.

Speaker 1 (53:55):
They could trade up potentially to get that kind of
mid round. So they're true.

Speaker 4 (53:59):
There could be eighty Mitchell could be xavery Worthy, anyone
that they like, that's what it's fun about. It could
be mccagae, it could be or they could stick and pick.
But for you to get this, you're saying they have to.

Speaker 2 (54:08):
They have to make a trade to move up the
board and then take a wide receiver.

Speaker 4 (54:12):
Well, I've definitely taking you on that because even specifically
saying wide receiver, that feels fifty to fifty to me.

Speaker 1 (54:21):
Oh, because they could go get rock for instance as well.

Speaker 4 (54:24):
No, I just mean they could take any position. Whoever, know,
you never know what the value is going to be
at that point. Can I to make it trading up
for you can throw a bower?

Speaker 1 (54:33):
Can I modify it? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (54:34):
Because I think it's important for this. What I'm saying
is they're going to be aggressive to add that playmaker
pass catcher.

Speaker 1 (54:41):
So okay, it could be Bowers or another tight end,
but probably Bower.

Speaker 3 (54:44):
I wrote, I come up with it about thirteen fourteen
sandwich props here, But like book at Charlie Colon, Kansas
City will trade up for a wide receiver.

Speaker 1 (54:52):
So I believe in what you're saying.

Speaker 3 (54:54):
But again, just for the sake of the the parlor game,
I'll take you.

Speaker 1 (55:00):
I'll take you on that. Okay, Mark, this one's simple.

Speaker 3 (55:07):
The Dallas Cowboys will take a quarterback in the first
two rounds.

Speaker 1 (55:11):
Hmmm. M My onion hanger was cowboys related. Now suddenly
our little cowboys head buy into us. That is fun.
I will take you on it. Again.

Speaker 4 (55:28):
These are generally less than fifty to fifty propositions here.
That would be doing something that I just haven't seen
them do, which is think past this year and they
just don't do that, and maybe they should and maybe
they'll think about it after seeing Jordan Love.

Speaker 1 (55:45):
You know, rock the NFC. But I still don't don't.

Speaker 2 (55:49):
Two things right that what you're saying, And also we've
never outwardly seen them doubt the idea of Dak Prescott
as being that dude, right, that's they've always believed in
that and has that changed behind the scenes in part
because of his contract situation and the difficulties around that.
I think it's way more likely when what is the

now much derided quote that Jerry Jones had that they
were going to be all in on the off season essentially,
I think what he is going to be able to
spin that at because obviously, because of their financial hurdles
that they've been dealing with, they weren't able.

Speaker 1 (56:25):
To make big splashes in this offseason.

Speaker 2 (56:27):
But what he's going to spin that as, I think,
is using the top of his draft class to bring
in an offensive lineman, maybe to find somebody to replace
the left tackle, to add a playmaker. I think that's
what their path is going to be, so we'll be
about helping and aiding Dak rather than adding this drama.

Speaker 1 (56:46):
But also, I could totally wake up.

Speaker 2 (56:48):
Imagine waking up Friday morning or Saturday morning, and that's
what everyone's talking about because the Cowboys have entered this
into the dialogue, right.

Speaker 3 (56:55):
I think it really depends kind of how the board falls,
and if someone like Penic Junior came into their mix.
I just wonder if that's where Jerry Jones gets kind
of tempted I because I switched out. I went here,
I went with the Cowboys. But the other one I
had was that the Seahawks will take a quarterback in
round one.

Speaker 1 (57:11):
And I think they're going to I really don't so,
but I think I thought the Cowboys was I'll take
you on the Cowboys one. Sure, yeah, I'll take you
on it.

Speaker 4 (57:18):
Yeah, I'm gonna stick with Cowboys because it was specific
and it does relate to yours.

Speaker 1 (57:22):
So I this is your onion hanger.

Speaker 2 (57:25):
Hold that thought. Let's take a break. We'll come back
with the Cowboys again. All right, We're back and back
to the Cowboys with Greg Rosenthal sangwich props.

Speaker 4 (57:34):
Okay, So where I would push back from you and
I would like to see this Cowboys team change the
way they do things. And they have picked up guys
who've kind of fallen in the draft. You're like, oh,
how did Ceedee Lamb get to him? How did Zach
Martin back in the day, or even Travis Federick like
some of these guys that go later than you expect.
But to me, last year, they showed who they are.
It's like, Oh, we really need a defensive tackle to

play right away, let's draft Mazie Smith.

Speaker 1 (57:57):
And it looks like a little bit of a reach.

Speaker 4 (57:58):
Oh, our tight end leaves for the the Texans, we
need to take a tight end. Scoon Maker in the
second round didn't really hit the field. And they have
so many obvious needs right now, and they've gone into
the draft having picked up Royce Freeman as their free
agent running back that it just seems so clear. They're like,
we are going to take our starting running back in
the draft, and they are going to be as predictable

as possible, and they know that fifty six is the
perfect spot for it. So I say they use that
fifty six spot. They're taking their starting running back with
that spot. That doesn't feel onion hangary enough for me,
but I feel very confident in that, and I say
they get as basic as possible and they just look
in the same state and they see Jonathan Brooks and
they're like, Oh, this is the guy who's a little

devalued because he's coming off of torn acl but he
would have been the number one guy, and this can
be our zeke for the next five years. Jonathan Brooks
is the fantasy running back winner of the night.

Speaker 1 (58:52):
Because he gets taken by the cowboys there.

Speaker 2 (58:54):
I like that one A need Hollard flopped last year
and his chance to be the big guy dee deep
in the rear view.

Speaker 1 (59:02):
Maybe he's coming back, maybe he's not.

Speaker 2 (59:04):
I'll take you on it, though very specific, always take
the specific.

Speaker 1 (59:09):
Ones good thinking. I that is very dallas Ish, but
I'll take.

Speaker 2 (59:14):
You they're gonna make I think the only thing I
feel confident about, and I think it makes all three
of us potentially right here, is that they're gonna want
to make a splash move because you know what, Jerry
Jones hates everyone's saying that.

Speaker 1 (59:25):
He's not doing anything like he wants to do something fun.
He's not gonna.

Speaker 2 (59:29):
Don't think they're gonna take a guard in the first round.
All right, onion, hangar time, I don't.

Speaker 7 (59:39):
Maybe, uh, you try these onions. You'll like him, the
real sweet onions.

Speaker 2 (59:44):
I don't even know who this is. Honestly, I could
throw out a couple like the farmer. Certain No, I
hope I don't know him either, but I hope he's
still with us. Sounded old when we started playing the
drum due you start doing the math, you start to
get nervous.

Speaker 1 (59:58):
Fifty to fifty.

Speaker 2 (59:59):
Yeah, maybe this is a certain wide receiver out of
San Francisco, though I don't necessarily buy into that, but
it could be hypothetically anyone a who I want to
be careful with the wording here. I was going to
say an All Pro player. No, but I'm going to
go Pro Bowl player. A Pro Bowl player will be
moved in a trade between now and midnight Friday morning.

Speaker 1 (01:00:21):
Any position? Any position?

Speaker 4 (01:00:23):
Oh interesting, because like Ayuk, for instance, has he made
a Pro Bowl?

Speaker 2 (01:00:27):
If he hasn't, then I need to recalibrate this. Well,
how about the guy it's supposed to be a superstar.
I hope he's made at least one Pro Bowl.

Speaker 3 (01:00:34):
You could say Pro Bowl player, and or Brandon Ayuka.

Speaker 1 (01:00:38):
He has not made the Pro Bowl.

Speaker 4 (01:00:39):
He actually was second team All Pro, which is a
harder honor to reach. All right, So first Team All PFF,
which I didn't know is now listed on Pro Football Reference.

Speaker 1 (01:00:51):
So job by that we'll lead to PFF.

Speaker 2 (01:00:52):
All right, So someone that has either been named to
an All Pro team, first or second team, a Pro Bowl,
or the Hallo PFF top fifty.

Speaker 1 (01:01:02):
What is it top team? They all pro, all pro PFFT.
So it has to basically happen during the first round.

Speaker 2 (01:01:10):
From starting now as I say these words, till Friday
morning at midnight.

Speaker 1 (01:01:14):
Okay, I'll take you on that.

Speaker 3 (01:01:18):
I had Brandon Ayuk won't be on the Niners by
Saturday night.

Speaker 1 (01:01:21):
So I kind of I'm with you. I thought you
said that wasn't happening. Well, I just put it up
as a sandwich prop.

Speaker 4 (01:01:27):
That's one of your thirteen. Yes, I wasn't going to
be your next one.

Speaker 3 (01:01:31):
No, because I also DeVante Adams won't be on the
Raiders because I think he's part of a deal to
move the Raiders move up to get like one of
the top three. Whoa DeVante Adams has to be out
the door for that. But that's not where I'm going
with mine. But I will take you on this. You will, Yeah,
I will too. But you see what Mark is doing here.
He's playing the game, and I don't mean the game
of the sandwich. Let's be honest. He last bought a sandwich,

not just for us, but for anyone. He's never eaten
a sandwich. Nineteen ninety four was when he last bought
a sandwich for his friends or.

Speaker 2 (01:02:00):
Is a last day of camp happiness actually got off
the bus and they were right next to it.

Speaker 3 (01:02:04):
I recall buying you like bond knees or something at
some point I did.

Speaker 1 (01:02:09):
I did do that, like, oh look it's a deli.
It was a while ago, but go on, I know
where you're going with this.

Speaker 4 (01:02:17):
He's playing the game of life and the game of
social media and the game of Mark gets one of
these right if he just throws them out really out
of this podcast, eventually, you know he'll get credits from
all the listeners even though he's not playing by the rules, and.

Speaker 1 (01:02:35):
He's got got fifty things there.

Speaker 2 (01:02:36):
Every time someone throws it out, you say four more
that are on your list, and it's like, all right,
they're not official, but you've now said them.

Speaker 1 (01:02:44):
But it's it's well played, Mark. See.

Speaker 3 (01:02:47):
I Also, I put a lot of you know, work
and thought into this, and so I don't want it
just to be when I close my Google doc and
then it's like gone forever into an abyss right unfair
to the listener, into also myself right spicy.

Speaker 2 (01:02:59):
Not an example like when I throw out my onion
hanger here and then you're just stomping it all over
with all this like Devonte Adams is getting traded and
this guy's going all of a sudden, it's like, oh,
it's just we're talking about marks.

Speaker 3 (01:03:11):
Yeah, well you gotta there that people were saying that's
that was a hotter concept right there.

Speaker 1 (01:03:17):
So but let's try to steer it back to someone
else's I'm taking you on yours, I said, oh yeah,
but that's so, and you're taking on mine. Oh yeah,
So a trade of a star player.

Speaker 2 (01:03:29):
Under any of those designations ahead of the draft I
just had it. Is it would be fun aj Brown
being a prominent example two years ago.

Speaker 1 (01:03:39):
Is there one last year?

Speaker 3 (01:03:40):
No, But it seems more like likely now that this
can happen then and then in any other time.

Speaker 2 (01:03:45):
General GM's feel like their onions are bigger than they
used to be.

Speaker 4 (01:03:49):
I have just heard back from the onion Committee. They
do evaluations of what's an onion hanger, make sure everything
yes qualifies that that qualifies as an onion hanger. But
they actually have come back to me and said, your
first one that you said seven different guys at very
specific positions, was a bigger hanger.

Speaker 1 (01:04:09):
So you didn't. They believe you didn't.

Speaker 4 (01:04:10):
Calibrate, which was the biggest But either way they're both.

Speaker 2 (01:04:13):
I think I think I've earned a level of esteam
within that committee though they're like, oh, this guy's playing
a win and maybe loose more likely.

Speaker 1 (01:04:21):
And I thought, you know you should.

Speaker 3 (01:04:22):
You shook it up with your first uh props, so
you know that's that's a credit to you.

Speaker 2 (01:04:26):
All Right, one more mark. You've already given us twelve.
But what is your final?

Speaker 1 (01:04:30):
Well, so use this.

Speaker 3 (01:04:32):
I have one that exceeds beyond the draft a little bit,
so I will ignore it if you don't want to
hear that one as my onion hanger.

Speaker 1 (01:04:38):
How far behind it? Well, it's it's I would call
it collateral damage. Go ahead, what is it?

Speaker 3 (01:04:44):
A general manager will be fired within seventy two hours
of the draft wrapping, and it will be a surprise,
just because any that would be a surprise for anyone.

Speaker 4 (01:04:52):
But well, we've talked about George Peyton. To me that
that wouldn't be related like to the draft.

Speaker 3 (01:04:58):
It was like, what if I say not George Payton,
everyone thirty one other option?

Speaker 4 (01:05:02):
Now, Actually, the Onion committee has noted this happens a
decent amount here.

Speaker 1 (01:05:07):
You know where they change. They're not committees voting this
down as an onion. Well I'll give you a different
one then, how about that? I'll go ahead, and what
else you got? How about this?

Speaker 3 (01:05:15):
Because I've done I've gone down this road before, and
it's like, I just know it's going to happen in
our life at something.

Speaker 2 (01:05:20):
But let the record now state that Mark has now
put it out there that if a GM is fired,
he wins again. Well, I think so, and if no
one gets fired, it will never be brought up again.

Speaker 1 (01:05:31):
So there's a nice little setup there for you.

Speaker 3 (01:05:33):
How about this, Yeah, a major non sports related news
story will take wholesale precedents over the draft. Maybe not
on day one or night one, but by the end
of the selection process it will.

Speaker 1 (01:05:47):
It will barely be on anyone's mind.

Speaker 2 (01:05:48):
The draft itself define anyone's like what about Well, okay,
us are we doing a podcast?

Speaker 3 (01:05:54):
We're I think we're like again, I'm not sure it's
day one. I think we're By by the time we're
doing our our Saturday recap, it will feel awkward.

Speaker 4 (01:06:02):
Uh huh, Okay, I could accept that because we're doing
a show a Saturday like this one hangs.

Speaker 1 (01:06:08):
It sounds like potentially sad, but it's.

Speaker 4 (01:06:10):
A big enough story that our Day three Winners and
Losers podcasts feels beside. The point is what you're trying
a little bit?

Speaker 3 (01:06:19):
I think, no, no, no, not no, because like the
show must go on and we and we are going
to give people what they want.

Speaker 1 (01:06:27):
At some point.

Speaker 3 (01:06:27):
They may not be listening to it for some people
the minute its release, but they'll they'll be glad that
we did it and that's the way we do business.

Speaker 1 (01:06:33):
But it will feel slightly awkward.

Speaker 2 (01:06:36):
And maybe this because I've gone down a rabbit hole,
uh after Oh j Simpson died. But it's like that.

Speaker 3 (01:06:46):
Where it's like Nicks Rockets receded into the deep background,
and by the end of that series people were watching.
The end of that, they still cared about sports, but
like this became something, but.

Speaker 1 (01:06:56):
Like much larger a summer.

Speaker 2 (01:06:57):
Likely because that was a one in a million thing,
like maybe something geopolitical going on.

Speaker 1 (01:07:03):
I mean, sure, baby Jessica falls back down the well.

Speaker 3 (01:07:07):
Any one of well, I don't know about that, but
like things of this.

Speaker 4 (01:07:10):
Forty years, I mean, this is all this is all vague,
but I'll accept it, I'll accept it.

Speaker 1 (01:07:15):
What about the committee? The committee does there? They're fine
with it? Yoh, yeah, I mean I don't maybe. I
mean it's it's an onion hager, Like what are the chances?
I think it's definitely an onion hanger, and I will
confused the committee. The committee is confused.

Speaker 4 (01:07:28):
And just to circle back to Tye bow on it,
there was a big veteran trade Draft week last year,
Aaron Rodgers was traded to the Jets.

Speaker 1 (01:07:37):
Was it April? Was earlier? April twenty fifth? Never? I
don't know was that draft week? I don't even know
it was right. Maybe the week before might have been
Welcome to Jet Live Stadium. I believe it was two
days before the draft.

Speaker 2 (01:07:52):
Pretty pretty crazy April twenty seventh, twenty twenty three, how
about that? So yeah, if you count that, one's a
little different. That's kind of not exactly what I mean.
But that was a different situation.

Speaker 1 (01:08:02):
But the A. J.

Speaker 2 (01:08:03):
Brown one is a perfect example, like, is there some
team out there that is going to make that big
move to get a first round pick or a second
round pick? But with Brandon are you getting a trade?
For example, we would assume, oh, he's a first round player. Well,
we don't know. We don't operate that way.

Speaker 1 (01:08:22):
Now we know.

Speaker 2 (01:08:24):
You don't got the wool over our eyes anymore football?
Anything else?

Speaker 1 (01:08:31):
I've got part? Do you want to get anything else?
I've got twenty more. But I'm gonna it will it
will dilute the ones that you've had.

Speaker 3 (01:08:35):
Just I'm gonna sit on I'm gonna say I actually
mentioned everyone that that I that I created.

Speaker 2 (01:08:40):
So I look, sometimes we've had the producer do one,
but it's only occurring to me now. And I don't
want to put Eric in a tough spot. You didn't
have one by any.

Speaker 1 (01:08:49):
Chance, did you.

Speaker 5 (01:08:50):
No, I'm also three or oh, so I don't want to.
I don't want to sit on one. That's smart. This
is when you know people retire ahead the top of
the game and stuff. So I'm not going anywhere. But
I'm just saying I'm not messing up my record.

Speaker 1 (01:09:02):
That's smart unless you're absolutely certain.

Speaker 3 (01:09:05):
No, no producer's done that, though to go three and zero,
they've typically been horrible.

Speaker 2 (01:09:09):
I'm impressed, all right, Wednesday, it's a big one. It's
a big, big one. It's the mock Sessler Mark Draft.
How many times have we done. It got to be
around five now, right, I think I've seen five. When
I'm doing like my lookthroughs, I think this would be
might be six.

Speaker 3 (01:09:26):
Yeah, I was doing it before we made a show
out of it, though it was a tweet type of
situation where right, and you know, a vast majority of
people looking at it didn't realize that I didn't actually
work in the draft in any capacity, and so they.

Speaker 1 (01:09:41):
Got any aggregate write ups. Uh, I don't recall that happening.
I don't think it was taking that. Maybe this year
will be different. It's crazy.

Speaker 3 (01:09:50):
We've got to treat it seriously and I think people
will will will be pulled over their eyes.

Speaker 4 (01:09:54):
You would have thought that an NFL media employee putting
out a mock draft would just set the internet on fire,
but you're getting them fired up.

Speaker 2 (01:10:05):
One thing that will hurt us is, I would think
in terms of being taken seriously, which we struggle with
in general as a show to be taken seriously, but
the mock Sessler Mark draft might be a little bit
of a heads up to people that.

Speaker 1 (01:10:17):
We're not your standard draft. But I stand by it
as I think we're the only Mark draft out there.
No other Mark draft.

Speaker 4 (01:10:23):
You think Mark Ross is doing a Mark draft. No,
he's doing a mock draft. Let's get it out part
of it. We just need we need someone somewhere to
aggregate it. And it is a tremendous victory, not for
me solo, but put the show.

Speaker 1 (01:10:35):
We'll put all right, that's it. We'll be back Wednesday. Uh,
and then after that we'll be back Thursday, and then
that will.

Speaker 2 (01:10:45):
Be the night of the draft. So we're getting there.
Can't wait, I can't wait. Heed the call
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