A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan

A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan

Tom and Dan were once sitting in a hotel room in Daytona Beach, Florida where the air-condition didn't work, they were out of beer, and the cable only had 2 channels that came in static free. One of their friends suggested that they leave and attempt to find something better to do to which Dan replied "Why would we want to ruin a mediocre time?" If you were to ask "Tom and Dan" what the meaning of life is, they might tell you that there is none. Born from a feeling that nothing in life truly matters and that for the most part we're all surrounded by scumbags, "Tom and Dan" figured out that there's only one true constant in life; laughter. How did they come to that conclusion? It's all they have. You see, just like the mass majority of us, "T & D" have day jobs and it was at said day job where they cued in on the fact that some of the greatest laughs came at the end of the day. There's just something about the relaxed feeling of knowing that you have very little time left at work to put in. Maybe it's the "punch drunkenness" of still being at work; no one is quite sure. There they sat in their office, the door shut to their co-workers and management, only making each other laugh to the point of tears. Finally they realized that it might not be such a bad idea to roll tape on these conversations. Why not? They would be having them anyway, taped or not, and it was fun. Both of them come from rather lengthy broadcasting careers so setting up a home studio wasn't so hard to do. And with the addition of Ross, the consummate straight man and "News Dad", things got even more "mediocre." Broadcasting since 2009 has garnered a rather extensive following for "T & D" with loyal "scumbags" (as their listeners are affectionately known) checking in from all across the world. Hundreds of shows under their belts and winners of the Orlando Weekly's "Best of Orlando 2011" for "Best Kept Secret" reassures them both that yes…no one is listening! (Best Kept Secret? HA!)


May 15, 2021 147 min
Mark as Played

* "Wash those windows, bitch"

* T&D adult coloring books- Eric and Eddie on Zoom 

* Javier- Seth's #OldTeen from his event 

* Andrea calls in about Dan fainting

* Devil blanket

* Studio start-up song

* Magnuts

* Ballsack bowtie

* Woman glued her eyes shut

* Seth wants a wig 

* Lakeland Jim and grit

* White B's through the live rock 

* Nap time in kindergarten 

* Stop smushing it 

* Dan's visit to the DMV 

Mark as Played
May 8, 2021 117 min
Mark as Played
May 7, 2021 131 min

No notes! It's just better this way. Have a fantastic weekend! - d

Mark as Played
May 1, 2021 117 min

Best. - d

Mark as Played

We back baby. 

This was a fun time that I would prefer talks for itself. Not to listener - if the notes are long, then the show was sh*t. Have a wonderful weekend and listen to more and more 80’s country music. 

* Butler asked Seth to sign a Kimbo Slice action figure. He cried.

* Chungus Glorioso vs Seth - Bloodwork 

* Raise your glide, bro!

* Logan Paul vs Mayweather

* White Claw Surge

* Beer Spa

* Long boi duck- Big ass duck

* We...

Mark as Played
April 17, 2021 107 min
Mark as Played
April 10, 2021 134 min
Mark as Played
April 3, 2021 131 min
Mark as Played
April 2, 2021 132 min

Hey there, gang! 

Today was a sweet one. Nice and easy - nothing crazy - a little of everything - a little of nothing - let's dig in:

On this week's show:

* Butler has a big BH- breaking toilets

* Lil Nas X controversy again

* Alcohol effects as you get older

* Pinch the tip 

* Seth has low testosterone

* Sex goblin

* Karate money wheel 

* Buried treasure in the orchard 

* P eyes

* Resurrection eggs

* Gorilla t's motorc...

Mark as Played
March 27, 2021 133 min

Thanks for listening, folks. For the 2-3 people that read this, thank you. Tom and I appreciate your ears more than you know and we're glad to have you with us! - d

Mark as Played
March 26, 2021 134 min

Hey there, kiddos!

We hope that these messages find you well, but yeah. How are things? How are those vacancies going? Anyone got the "poke" yet? Looks like being over 40 isn't that bad when there's a virus going on. Looks like I'm getting mine on Monday. Fully shipped. Just don't want to die and want to spend as many years as I can with my wife and daughter! 

Ok. So, we just got back from vacartion and if y...

Mark as Played
March 20, 2021 118 min
Mark as Played
March 15, 2021 131 min

I've got to get out of here! 


On this week's show:

* Toilet nooks and crannies

* Seth's diagnosis- SIBO

* Cuckoo for karate 

* ERP Therapy

* "I'm doing it for you!" 

* Leaving someone at the altar 

* "Too drunk" stories 

* Peepee in granny's laundry basket 

* Untouched Andrea

* Fresh book

* Frog pajama handy 

* Tom attempting kata

* Kiss the tips 

* The Grammy's 

* Signal-Tech voicemails


Mark as Played
March 13, 2021 124 min

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our YouTube channel. It's really fun and we think you'll get a kick out of it. All the best! - d

Mark as Played
March 12, 2021 146 min

* White Claw Iced Tea

* Tom's brown antacid pills

* Tom got accidentally high 

* Butler has Wolfman AIDS feet 

* Foot deodorant

* Mud t's

* Foot jobs

* Young grandparents

* Turd nugget 

* Ross' news

* The Weeknd pre-boycotting the Grammy's

* The Razzies

* Chicken killed a man, in police custody 

* Civil War gold

* Maisie's favorite drink is Diet Pepsi- Spicy Pepsi 

* Brad Williams Cameo 

* #FogHogs

* Pawn shop b...

Mark as Played
March 6, 2021 117 min

On like a serious note...it's straight-up amazing that you're listening to this right now and supporting our show. Thank you. - d

Mark as Played

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