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September 23, 2022 1 min

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Yeah, the it's it's it's an ugly video. This guy
goes all the way down the aisle, like from the
back of the plane, comes up behind a flight attendant
who's not looking at all and punches him in the
back of the head and then runs away, which is
just a, you know, a week move, no matter what
the situation. Uh. And then the next videos of him
being he having having his hands Zip tied together as

he shuffles along. I think they should have let the
flight attendant you get one free shot, one one free
you know, really wind up and give him one while
his hands are tied, because you know he had his
back to him. I think it's perfectly fair. Uh, but
as Chris Rock once said about O J Simpson, I
ain't saying it's right, but I understand. That's what I
say about this. Uh, he got no coffee on the

plane south. I'm get on, I get on the plane,
it's morning. I'm counting on the coffee. If you're a
coffee attict, you know what that's like. I just like
to announce it to it wouldn't bad piece of bad news.
We don't have coffee today because the coffee machines down,
so appreciate your they always say this. I appreciate your understanding.
I don't understand. I'm not I'm not I'm not gonna
roll over on this. I'm not understanding. So I ran
up and I punched several stewardess. Isn't I was let

off ZIP tide. Luckily nobody got the video. Oh, you can't.
That's one thing you can't do. I'd rather one of
the engines catches fire, like on that plane. I don't
know if you've seen that video from me yesterday. I'd
rather one of the engines catches fire then you announce
you don't have coffee. I'll take that. I'll take that
any day.
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