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April 12, 2024 7 mins
Booker and Stryker chat with the talented London based duo known as Good Neighbors. They talk about their crazy journey after their hit song "Home" went viral. The creation of the song itself.  The Origin of their band name and the harmonizing of their different musical tastes. They also express the excitement and nerves for their upcoming live shows. These guys are not just good, they're great people. 
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Booker and Striker, Ollie and Scott. They are good neighbors. Thank you
for joining us. We are well. Thank you, budgets, gentlemen,
thanks for being in LA with usright now. Thanks for the big setup.
We're excited for a live performance overthe last five days. Like where

in the world have you guys beenso Yeah, we flew into Phoenix,
that was our first stop, andthen straight over to LA and then we
went to Barnie's Beanery last night.Wait a great. Yeah, that's that's
our experienced so far. That isit. You don't need to know anything
else, You really don't. You'vegot it covered. And I take it
it was your first time anywhere,like you were Phoenix. You said,

Phoenix was the first for both ofus. Ye, what was that?
Like, We're like, okay,way too hot. Yeah, yeah,
we're not really used to desert climbup. To be honest, what is
been the craziest thing about this journeyso far for you guys, because it
is a crazy story and we'll getinto that. Yeah, I mean just
seeing the song actually like resonate inreal life and people just being like,

oh, you're good neighbors, LikeI've heard this song everywhere the day like
that stuff never really happens when they'rejust making the song in the studio,
So when you see it in reallife and see real people talking about it,
it's amazing. Okay, there's wellover one hundred million streams with this
song. How long ago did youmake it? And where was the song
created? So we basically it's thelast song that we wrote before everything happened.

We wrote it in January, likelate no early January, sorry,
and we'd been away in the countrysidefor about a week doing some writing,
and then we thought we'll try TikTokand people like you need to go with
like a big chorus on there.It always works, and so we had
the chorus of home and nothing else. So we put that on and then
it did it singing and went crazy, and then we had to go home
and like actually finish the rest ofthe song and then put it out like

four days later. So the hookwas done before total completion of the track.
It was on TikTok. People weregravitating towards it and using it in
their videos. Then you go backinto the studio, Scott, what happens
after that? We were Yeah,we were on a little writing trip when
it was all happening. So likewe just as soon as we saw it
going off, we we row straightback to our studio in London. We

like tweaked some of the mix atthe service station on the way. Like
we were just like desperate to getit out as soon as we could.
So we managed to. Yeah,I mean it was like three days maybe,
and we had like a mixed masterversion to just like put out.
We were just desperate to get out. As the story goes, as we've
been told and we're going to getthe truth here. Good neighbors is because
you guys were neighbors. Well yeah, our studios our studios. Okay.

So when I met Scott, hewas in a different studio in London.
I'd never had a studio before,and then the opportunity came up for him
to have two rooms in the space, and I was like no, I'd
like, I'm about time to getmy studio, move out of my parents'
place. And so then we hada door each next to each other and
could wave to each other through thewindows. Cute. And that's where the

name, that's where the name comesfrom, right, Okay, So it's
good neighbors. The song is homethat everybody knows. Just because you're side
by side with studios, it doesn'tmean that you're gonna get along when you
have to go out into Phoenix andLa and around the world. Scott,
how is it so far with thisguy? We're on room sharing territory at
the moment, so really, sofar, so good. But we have

different schedules like I'm a I'm anearly night kind of guy, early riser,
so it works kind of well,that's crazy. So if you're fought
yet, so far, so good, So far, so good. Yeah,
wow, we'll see. We gottwo weeks. Yeah, yeah.
Is it the same creating? Areyou guys pretty like let's do this okay?

No? Yes, no. Doyou guys are sort of in harmony
already or are you still figuring thatout? Yeah? I think we're very
like Yin and Yang. Like Scott'sstyle really suits my style. I like
to move really fast, and Scott'svery like considered and more technical with his
writing, and like that really helpsbecause sometimes the songs are going like too
crazy and Scott can rein it inand really finesse the edges and then vice

versa, and like bringing more energyto when Scott's going more technical. It's
like this really worked so far,so hopefully it keeps on working. We're
done. Jink Book and I havecome across many awesome artists over the years
where they make a great song andthen before they even knew it, they
have you have to go on theroad because you have to like show your
face in front of the humans andplay these songs. How are the live

shows coming together? Are you proudof them so far? And how many
have you done? Yeah, we'vedone too total, but we did them
before the song came out, andthat's honestly been like the best thing about
this is we feel like road readyand people love the live shows. Like
we sold out two shows off ofa demo that we put out, Wow
Las Christmas and yeah, so that'swhat we're most excited to do. So

we're going to play some festivals inEngland and hopefully the rest of the world.
Scott, have you had any nervesdoing these two shows? Like,
listen, we're in the studio inour pajamas and now we have to play
in front of these people right here. What's that been like? I think
that like the first two shows arereal nice because like, like, like
you said, we just had ademo out in SoundCloud and it was like
just loads of family and friends andstuff that came down to the first one

and then the second one and somenew faces and then like we've got another
one coming up and that's just gonnabe a room full of new faces.
So it's nice just to, likeI said, just turn into real people,
not just streams. How long arethe shows shows like stuff? Do
you repeat Home twice? Start andthen close with it. We've got a

lot of unreleased stuff that's coming okay, which is nice, like Home is
great, but for us, likethe best ones are still unreleased. Let's
talk about the musical taste of oneanother and what you have in common,
because I imagine while recording you maygo, oh, I like this band
and they did that here or whatever. What are you guys in harmony about

with other musical acts. Well,I think that's kind of the catalyst of
Good Neighbors was we both have comefrom completely different musical tastes. So I
grew up listening to Motown through myparents, just loving it. So I've
always loved like huge choruses, andScott's been more bandy, so he loves
all like guitar lines and hooks inthat sense. And then we both came

to a meeting on like passion PitMGMT EMPOWD the son which I guess is
that like really happy marriage of coolSonic's massive chorus. It still feels good.
And then when we agreed on that, we sort of we didn't realize
the music we had been sort ofmaking him free form was already leaning in
that direction. So it was great. Wow, And so what is the
plan after you're here in la andhow long are you going to be in

La Fort were Yeah, we're offto coach tomorrow. So we're going to
do that for the first time.We're not playing. We're just going to
experience, right know, whatever itis, whatever goes on down there,
Well, Booker, tell them whatgoes on down there. You know.
Night night, have fun. You'llhave a good time. You'll have a
really great time. We'll have agreat time. It was great getting to

know. No, thanks so muchfor having us. You guys are great
neighbors. We're the good neighbors.They're great neighbors. You guys are awesome.
Congratulations, We're looking forward to seeingwhat's next. I mean, I
don't know how you're gonna top this? Is that daunting by the way,
No, I think like we wekind of spent all of last year just
making music. So we've got thislike stack of tunes that we're really happy
with and yeah, we're just desperateto put them out, so it's coming.

These guys are smart. I likethe Yeah, these guys. Best
of luck to you, good neighborson Booker and Striker. Thanks guys,
Jeers, guys,
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