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April 20, 2024 61 mins
Falen caught Colt trying to sound cool infront of her 15 year old step son, Dillon.
Things that make life ten percent more awesome
Taylor drama with her exes
Radio scategories with Ted!!!
Love is blind went down and there was a match!!!
Mark as Played
Jenn spills Colt's secrets to Falen last night
We dove into things our siblings did to you that were way over the line
Taylor swifts newest single was announced
If you've ever wondered if theirs poop waste in your water we have the answer 
Theres a woman in MSP whose been bussing for 47 years and she's retiring. We want to ask her the top three weirdest incidences she's ever dealt with

that and more on today's show

love you!
Mark as Played
Anybody listening who turns into stories about terrible customers
Colt has a new weight loss goal that'll lead to shirtless pics in a speedo
This guy said he would leave his family for his coworker that he's only ever talked to OVER ZOOM
Falen is doing the most petty thing ever
Ted Talks about how settling down isn't settling down
that and more on today's episode!! Thanks for listening, love you :)
Mark as Played
Love is blind is happening thursday!!!!!
Falen was annoyed with Colt in an all staff meeting
Viral people and where they are today
Travis Kelce has a new game show?
Jenn is limiting Colt's spending after his terrible habits lead to him buying an emotional support potato

That and more on today's show :) love you!
Mark as Played
Falen details what happened after her birthday party and which public place she threw up in.
Blue wrecked us both and is going down as the most emotional ending ever
The guy who had his genitals chopped off is getting THIS amputated now
Colt's mother in law was in town and he is overracting about This one thing
Animal encounters turn into this guy who is WAY too comfortable with snakes
People have chocked too often around msp and there ...
Mark as Played
A new game we play with Ted is actually super fun and dope
Falen's mom group had some drama going down!!!
Colt asked Falen to help him wiht a specific task that involves a speedo
Fart walking is the new trend
Golden bachelor drama
Monopoly pickup lines were the best thing we did all week

that and more!!! love you
Mark as Played
Colt's neighbor is overstepping the boundaries
Monopoly man is hot and falen tries to get his bod 
Woman gets offered a free trip to go on vacation with her sister but cannot stand her sister and her husbands baby talk to eachother
Normal or Nope brings up the question - when is it stalking??

Hey, for real thank you for listening to the podcast. Idk if you're even reading this or if anybody does, but I appreciate you for keeping us rel...
Mark as Played
Backhanded compliments got unhinged
Falen asked Colt to be her.....
A jumpscare in the parking garage lead to the best video
Things that make you angry
This woman baby sat for her man while he hooked up with women in Texas

That and more today!!

Love you!
Mark as Played
Falen had a celebrity sighting on vacation
Colt and Jake agree on the last meal they'd eat if Falen murdered them
Is it worth breaking up over with an indecisive woman
There's a woman in msp who HATES corgis!
Things that make you DISPROPORTIONATELY angry

that and more!!!

Thanks for listening love ya lots
Mark as Played
Falen is totally checked out and ready for vacation
Colt's cousin is running a scam on the entire family
Anybody listening who turns into a creepy boss
Let's laugh about our trauma with this new therapy trick
Secret of the week is basically this woman complaining about her friends being too ugly

That and much more on the show today!!!

Love you lots :)
Mark as Played
Anyone listening who has a creeper, makes over six figures, won big on pulltab
Dude chases off robber with a weedwacker 
Falen Colt Vont and Ted show off what their Producer tag would be if they were hip hop artists
Is Promo director Ted an asshole or in the right??
Mother in law does a shocking thing with this woman's baby. Why is her top off and who is the baby doing skin to skin with her
What did your ex do but you still stayed with ...
Mark as Played
This woman's man peed in an unfortunate space
Your 8 year old has muscle revocery speed as good as Lebron James
I got the strangest Venmo from Someone I haven't talked to in 10 years
Clip Quiz is the opposite of a nail bitter because of Falen's clips
The Whine Line!!! What is your frist world problem and why did Falen's Birthday trip get cancelled
Taydwb is in full effect

Thanks for listening, love you!!
Mark as Played
More than 500 people have lost a tooth in an unusual way in the twin cities
Here's what the gen z words used to be 15 years ago
April fools pranks that went too far
Animal encounters feature a brother doing something wild with a snapping turtle
Is it possible to not have a bad neighbor

That and much more on today's show!!!

Thanks for listening, love ya
Mark as Played
Todays show includes but is not limited to a whole bunch of incredibleness
A woman called about getting 15,000 back from her tax return... WHAT
Peep challenge where colt deep throated peeps and Falen and Ted guessed the songs he song
Billie Eilish is beefin with Taylor Swift
Egg roullette goes sideways
Things your ex stole from you

that and more on today's show!!

Love you lots
Mark as Played
We learn about different industry secrets
Hot dog update, and the best remix of I'm just Ken from a French bulldog
songs that weren't meant to be bangers but absolutely are
Secret of the week ends up shocking us

That and more on today's episode!!

Thanks for listening :)

Love ya! 
Mark as Played
Wild ride today
Would you rather look like a fish or smell like a fish?
Anybody listening who ends up with an audible dump truck
Things your ex did and you still stayed with them ends up with someones man breaking into their parents house to steal money so he can buy her a gift AND SHE STAYED WITH HIM
Colt's Plumber asked for a sandwhich
We're on the hunt for the hottest dog

That and more on today's show!! 

thank you for being here!...
Mark as Played
Anyone listening who wakes and bakes blew up our phone lines
Colt drove his SUV into his Garage
Falen got a body makeover
Hot dogs round 2 with a surprising win over the Irish Setter
Two Types of Minnesotans in this weather
Falen details how she showers
Is it worth breaking up over involves cheating, but the person doing the cheating isn't who you expect.
Mark as Played
March 26, 2024 57 mins
We are on the hunt to find the hottest dog breed
Anyone listening who gets sad with a single mother
Animal encounters took a turn with a family of rats

That and more on today's episode!! Thanks for checking it out :)

Mark as Played
We had a conversation with social media super star Catherine! 
We are on the hunt for the hottest dog
A man from North Dakota shares his story about oil massages at a tanning salon
You're on an island. You can bring three things. Are those things as trashy as ours?
Women can regrow their breasts?!

There's alot going on today lol

Thanks for listening :)
Mark as Played
Normal or nope got REAL today
A man is using church in an interesting way that other parents might like
Jake's mom has beef with Colt's wife now
Vont's socks are hopping off of his feet
Throwback throwdown reminds of a BANGER
Ice house hookups, terrible neighbors, and bad tattoos with Anyone Listening Who.

That and more

Love you!
Mark as Played

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