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June 13, 2024 60 mins
Mass for some ass call
People call in about how camping sucks and how lame their proposal was
Big Island Medium gives advice
Ted's Ted talk has a great question about womansplaning 

that and more. love ya lots.
Mark as Played
Here's how to make people miss you
Anybody listening who needs to make a decision 
Colt has a rant about boomers
Clip quiz but Falen vs Colt
Pride month is leaving this guy broke??
Dumb ways you injured yourself 

that and more!! 

love ya lots
Mark as Played
Radio scattergories with Ted!!!
Kylie Jenner is cappin about breakfast
Eveything that happened at Falen's brother in Law's wedding
We are one day away from KDWB's Summer Kickoff Cruise
You stayed in a realtiontionship way too long but THIS was the last straw

that and more on today's show much love :)
Mark as Played
Free advice fridays!! 
Scattergories with Ted and Falen
Colt is getting outted in his neighborhood
Dilemma with an ex
Friends is turning 30!!

That and more!!

much love to ya 
Mark as Played
What up shawty 

Some stuff that went down

Olive had a graduation at daycare!!
Pepsi got knocked out of the second most selected soda by a surprising contender
Taylor Swift is commenting on Lady Gaga's post
Treasure Island Boat Cruise is getting wild!!
Are fishermen hot?
Normal or Nope
Woman Refuses to Accept What The Big Island Medium Predicts For Her

That and more on today's show! 
Mark as Played
Speed dating questins with falen
10 things narcissists say to manipulate you
Falen gets called out by a listener because she road raged on them (LOL)
Clip Quiz with Ted but a new theme!! 
Morgan's hotgirl summer bucket list

That and more

love ya lots :)
Mark as Played
We had an animal encounter story about a zoo keeper hitting on a stepmom while her son got bit
We announced a boat party!!
What's the rudest thing anyone has said to you?
Radio scattergories with Ted!!!

That and more on today's episode!!! Much love to you for listening :)
Mark as Played
What up shawty 

Woud you react the way teds gal did with the pretzel? OF COURSE YOU WOULD cause Ted made a mistake
We try to fix movie theaters 
Somebody called Falen's outfit pathetic
Did Colt pitty invite falen to his kid's third birthday party?
Woman's loser baby daddy refuses to get a job to help his family (destroyed) with free advice Friday's
Mark as Played
Falen started off her day in an interesting way
Can you guess this hum for KDWB Summer Kickoff Cruise passes?
ANYONE LISTENING WHO (thinks anything is overrated, doesn’t shave their armpits, wears shoes as little as possible)
Colt and Jake go back on forth on the random weird jobs they have
We celebrate unsing heros but not the actual heros, things like push up bras and things
This guy is paying his ex $500 a month hush money to subscri...
Mark as Played
Read my lips game goes terribly wrong
Colt's weight loss plan is going okay??
This mom does NOT care about her kid. Sounds harsh but you decide
Falen Gets Scolded live on air by the Big Island Medium

That and more love you lots!!! 
Mark as Played
This weekend we hung out a little too much
Animal Encounters leads to a story about a dude stuck in a Porta potty because of a puma
Woman is dating a man with a trashy family, Is it worth breaking up over?
Scattergories with the boss man, Rich!!
Falen's dream leads to her thinking Jake would cheat and Colt isn't helping the scenario

That and more on today's episode!!! Much love to you for listening :)
Mark as Played
There's a new AI Robot than can transplant your head onto any body.
We chatted with people who have to work alllll weekend long
Falen is throwing out the first pitch
We battle it out against which French fry is the best
The TayDWB winner has been named!!
Scattergories with Promo director Ted
This girl invited her absent father to her graduation party without telling her mom.

That and more on today's episode!!! Much love to you for listeni...
Mark as Played
Today was great!!
Tones you can't hear if your over a certian age (we play)
Throwback thursday reminds us of a banger
Normal or Nope leads us to think a crazy person listens
Anobody Listening Who isn't wearing deodorant, can't change a tire, or has a life hack.
Falen gets serious about her relationship with her dad

That and more!

love ya lots
Mark as Played
KDWB has a curise!!
We talk to so many people who don't floss thier teeth
Colt's weight loss is so unhealthy!
Ted Talk including the one and only Ted
Woman wonders if it's okay to leave her bf for his best friend
How many names can derive from Fredirick 
The Big Island Medium drops by to guide you through your emotional state

That and more on today's show!!! love ya lots
Mark as Played
We have the best Timberwolves remix ever
Falen is finding a boat name
Ted goes up against colt in Clip Quiz
There's a hurricane in Minnesota??
Things people visiting your house did that was wierd
This woman is finding her babies name in an unusual way
We tried the energy drink Gypsy Rose concocted in PRISON

that and more today

Love you lots!
Mark as Played
After the classic clip between Anthony Edwards and Charles Barkley, Falen had the idea to remix the quote "Bring ya ass" with Big Sean's "Ass (Dance)" song. Colt chopped it up and produced it. 
Mark as Played
Who has the sexiest howl in the twin cities?
Falen has an article about hemorroides coming out
What have guests at your house done that was a nope
Here's how Falen feels about Taylor Swifts hickey
Colt has a MASSIVE tick problem

That and more

Love you lots!
Mark as Played
The t shirts are gone!! Colt is getting a tramp stamp?
Falen quizes colt on how much he knows about her. Each question he gets correct he gets a Diet Coke
Interesting interaction with the nieghbors
What happened but then it got worse??
So many things happened on today's show included Ted Spanking colt via radio scattergories 

Have a wonderful weekend, love you!
Mark as Played
T shirt tour comes to an end tomorrow!!
Anybody listening who turns into us chatting with the most extroverted people in the two oclock hour
Badly discribed movie game ends with a t shirt
Colt is way to proud about overpowering falen in a leg wrestling comp
She slept with her besties crush so he would date her bestie??
Mark as Played
WOW Andover showed up and showed out at the t shirt tour today!!!
Colt swears he knows he can destroy at bar trivia, Falen puts him to the test
Donut Danielle needs help getting rid of her title at work in a nonconfrontational way
What is broken in your house and you can't afford to fix it?
This guy is using his girlfriend and his justification is absolutely crazy

Thanks for listening, we love and appreciate you! 
Mark as Played

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