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June 11, 2024 10 mins
Adrienne thought the date with Sam was great, and he was checking a lot of the boxes for her. She wants to see him again, but he's gone. Let's track him down. 
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Well, variety from the two thousands, the nineties, and today star one
on one three, It's Marcus andCorey time, everybody's favorite. It's second
Date Update. Let's go live livehere. That's where we're trying to find
you. And maybe the first dateyou feel like there's the possibility of love
and yet you're not getting the seconddate. That's why we're here. That's
right, Let's let's bring it.Adrian on Adrian, Hello, Hi,

have it done good? Understand you'vebeen on a date recently. Let's talk
about it. Yeah, let's talkabout Sam. Talk about it. Uh,
how did you guys meet? Firstof all? And then like,
let's talk about the first date?Okay, Yeah, So we met on
match, which I know is likemaybe a little unconventional, but I picked

that website because I was looking forsomething somewhat serious and I feel like some
of the other apps, you know, don't really promote that. And you
know, I've been online dating fora while and I just I'm really done
with the games of it all.And I met this guy Sam on there,
and he was really really cute,just like a really you know when

you meet someone or at least onlineand they just have like a really sweet
face and kind eyes and like aseemingly great personality and it just you know,
and we we had good conversation onthe app, like he was really
genuine and like inquisitive and smart,like the whole package, like the looks
and the brains and everything. Ialways think it's interesting when when somebody says

somebody has kind eyes because they're eithersuper cool or an absolute sociopath. I
feel like, there's no we don'tknow that. Oh man, I hope
not. Sorry that took a darkturn, that did. That's my fault
anyway. Then. Yeah, so, so I really wanted to plan like
a pretty special first date and soyeah, so I told him like to

just basically like where to go andwhat time to meet, but like I
spared him any other deeps and Ijust said, like I would take care
of everything. Oh my god,how are you? I know, I
mean girlfriend material, Come on,thank you? I thought so. So,
you know, I got all ofthese supplies for like an upscale kind
of picnic situation and like a cozyblanket and like a basket with cute wine

glasses and I know, a charcoonterieboard, like the whole nine yards,
like grapes, French bread. Ieven had like chocolate covered strawberries from my
favorite place. And honestly, Ifelt like I knocked it out of the
park. All he had to dowas show up. Just show up.
Yeah, you have to save thiskind of stuff for like a year into

the relationship or something. I don'tknow. I think that just shows that
she first date. But it's notso much that it's a romantic it's thoughtful.
I don't I would love that.I don't want. I don't want.
I mean I would too. Let'snot gloss over the fact that you're
amazing. I apologize it's something differentthen like, you know, let's go
good, let's go to dinner andgo yeah, And I think, you

know, and I wanted to seeif he would like rise to the occasion
of it, you know, andlike be receptive to it, and he
totally was, Like we laughed alot, uh huh, We talked about
all sorts of things, like itjust felt really like like there was a
deep connection. And then he goesit and I just like truly have no

idea. I've been racking my brainand I have no idea what happened?
You know, what we do.We'll make that call. I'm always down
for a Charcucci board. Let's Sharcucciboard. Let's call him. Okay,
we're going to have you mute yourphone and then we will call Sam and
just I can't imagine. I'm likethinking the visuals on this alone are dreaming.

Yeah, thank you. Yeah,let's get him on the phone.
Can you hang on for a song? Okay, yes, excellent, We'll
get it all done. We'll doit next call Sam. It's second Date
updates start one O one three,more variety from the two thousands, the
nineties, and today it's star oneO one three. It's Marcus and Corey.
We are doing second Date update rightnow. We've been chatting with Adrian,
who apparently put together a five starpicnic for her first date. It

sounds incredible. Literally told this dudejust to show up here and be ready
to eat. Yeah, Adrian,you're still there? Yeah, Okay,
we're gonna go ahead and call Sambecause apparently he has ghosted since the date,
So something happened, or maybe he'sjust been busy. Let's hope.
Here's what I've got. Okay,Oh yeah, what's Corey? What's your
theory. So they're in a park, right, uh huh. And maybe

he was heading back to the car. He doesn't see a hole in the
ground and he fell and was transportedto Middle Earth. Can you not read
your own writing room? Which isnot bad? No, I'm being dramatic.
Oh, I see, which mightnot be bad because he could be
like now, the King of theTrolls and the Orcs and the wolf like
wings. This is small rocks deepyeah, sor Corey does theories every time.

But I'm assuming you can't get asignal in Middle Earth, which is
why isn't called her Vallid. Thatwas a courtesy laugh on her, I
really was. I'm trying. Iappreciate that. Let's call him. Okay,
go ahead and mute, and let'slisten and see what he thought.
Here we go, Okay, hellohim, speak with Sam please? This

is he. Hi Sam, It'sMarcus and Corey from Star one one three.
Hey Sam? Oh wow, what'sup? Guys? You love the
show. I think I know whatthis is about. This is a second
date update about Adrian, isn't it. Oh wow? Wow? Tell your
friends. Yeah, well hang on, all right, So it is it

is Adrian? Say hello, heknows what's happening. Hey yeah, hey,
hey Adrian. So she said,you have a phenomenal date, and
she did tell us that she seteverything up, so like, did apparently
you've ghosted She's was what we're thinking, but I wanted to get it from

you, Like, how was thedate? Okay, it was great.
I mean, she did a phenomenaljob, and like I couldn't believe that
she took the initiative. You know, that's usually the guy's job kind of
planned things out. But she shewanted the wheel, and I was gonna,
you know, I let her.I let her have it. I
mean, you know, I wasimpressed. I was impressed. I thought,

you know, she was a reallyreally thoughtful gal. And uh,
you know, the picnic was greatand the food was amazing. I mean,
like, is there an issue?Yeah, kind of, Man,
there's one kind of major thing thatwas a little creepy and a little weird.

Okay. She had me meet herat a cemetery for this, and
I mean, okay, I thought, all right, so maybe she's a
little you know, she's a littleweird, she's a little out there.
I kind of dig that. Soit wasn't like a park or anything.
No, it was it was ata cemetery. I mean, we like

but like cemeteries, but yeah,it was a beautiful cemetery. I mean,
don't get me wrong, but likethat's not even like the main issue
here for me. Okay, youknow, she she laid out this picnic
blanket just right over somebody's grave,and she just expected us to sit there

and eat on top of, youknow where some somebody's buried six feet under,
like right below us. And soAdrian aid, why did you choose
a cemetery? And b do you? I mean, you're sitting on someone's
grave. What's that about? Yeah? Okay, so I feel like there's

a little bit of context smithing here. So yeah, So, so Sam
and I had been talking for awhile, like you know, on the
on the app, and and wehad talked about the fact that I lost
my brother to cancer over so andthat you know, thank you and you
know, and that's not something thatlike I would necessarily divulge to anyone,

but I felt like he was reallyjust understanding and he had dealt with grief
in his own way, and soI felt like it was something that we
connected over and you know, everynow and then. I really like to
visit his grave. You know,I don't live too far from it,
and and I just think it's likea beautiful way to kind of catch up
with him. And honestly, Ithought my brother would really like Sam.

Like, I don't really see itas like a morbid, creepy thing at
all. I think, you know, like my family comes and has lunch
all the time there. So Iwas like, well, why not bring
somebody that I'm maybe developing feelings for, right, Okay, okay, we've
got some clarity. Yeah, ButAdrian, that just doesn't feel like a
first date kind of thing, youknow, It's it was a little morbids.

And now that you've told me that, I feel kind of bad.
You know, well, I meanmaybe that's something we could have done on
you know, after we after thefirst date. I mean, I was
I was feeling a connection with youtoo online, but I mean, this
is the first time we're meeting faceto space. You know, I thought
it was disrespectful to stand over somebody'sgrave like that. Can you see where
I'm coming from here? I meanthat's I mean, I probably should have

connected the dot, but I kindof thought that you would connect the dots
yourself. You know. I'm sorry, I see now that that might be
uncomfortable. I just kind of feltlike we were surpassing Fort State stuff because
I felt like the connection was there. Do we want to try for a
second date here? Now that wehave some some clarity, I know this
is a lot I could see beinginterested in, and I just I think

maybe just a little space I couldsee it down the road maybe, right,
Okay, So it's not a no, just gonna take a breather.
I feel fine with that. Ifeel like, take the space you need
and if and when you're ready,like give me a call and we can
try again. That's undoable. Yeah, yeah, that's that's possible. I
mean again, it's not off thetable. Sure, I will take it.

I'll take it, all right,you guys, hang on the line,
Hang on the line, YouTube,don't move, Okay, all right.
I guess all we can do ishope for the best. There.
Sure. Second Date Update seven ohfive weekday Mornings, Replace It nine oh
five. I have a podcast aswell on the iHeartRadio app download subscribe.
It's Marcus and Corey. Second DateUpdate
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