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May 30, 2024 8 mins
Cassandra can't think of anything from their first date that would make Roland ghost on her like this. We'll call him and find out. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
O one three, It's Marcus andCorey, and it is time for everybody's
favorite, y'all second date update.Let's go. This is where we try
very hard to figure out why youcan't get that second date right. You
know, you thought it was great, everything was coolioh, and now it's
not. Let's get Cassandra on thephone. Good morning, Cassandra, Good

morning. Hi. So, uhgot your note about your date with Roland.
Thank you for joining us on theshow. What can you tell us
about? Well, tell us aboutlike how you guys met first, and
then let's go through the first datebecause I'm assuming he ghosted, but just
lay it all out. Yeah.So we ended up meeting on Hinge and

we had this really really great lunchin Palato when it was like like the
perfect day, the sun was outand then he held the door. The
food was great, it was sogood, and we had this easy rapport
back and forth and just really goodbanter. And he's really really something.
He's better. He's better in personthan he was on online. And I'm

just I'm yeah, he's he wasreally really cool and he did everything he
was supposed to. Sounds very gentlemanly. Look at Cassandra, very gentlemanly,
ticking off the mentalist. That isvery cute. What happened at the end,
Yeah, I felt like there wasa lot of chemistry and we didn't

kiss at the end, but itwas sort of leaning towards Okay, we're
going to have a second date.This was really good. I could tell
he was having a good time toothroughout the date. So I don't know.
He's just kind of ghosted me sincethen, so like no communications and
I don't really know why, becauseit was a lot of fun, Like
he was really really cool. Okay, well let's figure it out. Everybody.

Just here's we're gonna do. Let'sregroup. I'll play a song and
then we'll call rolling together. We'llbe your squad. Okay, okay,
all right, hang on the line. We'll be right back with it.
If you're cool enough to say squad. Hey, that was an unnecessary shot.
I'm sorry. We were just talkingabout we're gonna be your team,

your your backup, your support system, your crew. How am I doing?
You're all right at any rate,Cassandra. We'll do it next Second
Date updates Star one O one threemore variety from the two thousands of the
nineties, and today it's Star oneO one three. It's Marcus and Corey.
We're doing Second Date update right now. We've been chatting with Cassandra.

From my notes, this guy Rollingthat you went out with was a perfect
gentleman up until the point where heghosted on you. Sorry, yeah,
is this this is accurate? Yeah? Okay, great Luncheon Palo Alto.
Maybe he owed some guys money he'sholding doors. Is that the theory today?
He didn't pay off his debt andnow he sleeps with the fishes.

Well it's not necessarily dead, butthey might have like hit his hands with
hammers, broke a couple knuckles.Because you can't get money out of dead
guys, rough them up. Shewatches a lot of datelines, so she
comes up with a theory. Justabout every day, you're just gonna rough
them up, you know. Andso maybe he can't use the phone because
his fingers are broken. All right, let's let's move forward. Let's call
him and find out if he picksup. We know his fingers are okay,

yes, all right, Cassandra,you know the drill. Go ahead
and mute yourself and let's give hima shout. Here we go. Hello,
Hi, May I speak with Roland? Please? Hi Roland. It's
Marcus and Corey from Star one ohone to three. Hey man, who

are you? We do a radiomorning show here in the Bay Area.
Would you mind talking with us onthe air. I'm assuming you don't listen
to the show. No, wewanted to ask you about a date you've
been on recently. We do.We do a segment called Second Date Update,
and we try to get second datesfor people where their first date might

have ended in a misunderstanding or oneperson ghosting. In this case, it's
a lady by the name of Cassandrawho you took out recently, who really
dug you would like to go outagain, but she's thinking you disappeared,
and we wanted to get the realdeal. So do you remember this date?
Yeah? I do? Okay,how did it go? From your
perspective? It went great. Sheshe's beautiful and we had a really nice

lunch. Right, beautiful? What'swe heard about that? So? What
so? I'm waiting for a giganticbutt or something. Yeah, it was
great, It went really well.Want to know what happened? Yes,
So like, did you ghost her? Oh? Well, I'm there.

I went to the bathroom at onepoint, and when I came back,
she was on her phone and Iheard her se just before I got back
to the table. She said somethinglike, I can't believe I wasted so
much time with this guy, buthe's so self centered. And I was

like, is she talking about me? And I don't know. From that
point on, I just couldn't getthat out of my head. And the
rest of the date, I was, you know, I was smiling,
but in my head, I'm like, did she just did she call someone
to tell them I'm self centered?And now she's smiling at me again.
I don't know. I sort ofjust blocked it out. I guess I

see. It really bumped me outbecause so far everything was so great and
she was so beautiful. The datewas fantastic. But when that happened,
I just I couldn't go on.It was just like a grenade that just
like blew up the whole day andI was just there in the remains.

I gotta be honest, this soundsreally bizarre because she was just gushing about
you, and if We're gonna becompletely honestly. She's on the phontain.
Yeah, she's actually she's listening,so let's yes. Sorry, that's how
this works, Cassandra. Are youhearing this? We are you talking?
Smack? What's going on? Yeah? I'm here? Yeah. Can I

tell you? Can I tell youwhat I'm what I'm thinking, what's going
through my head? Yes? Please? I I'm laughing because I didn't even
think about this. Oh my gosh. No, you went to the bathroom
and I called my best friend andI was like gushing over him because I'm
like, oh my gosh, no, he's so good. This is the
first time I've had a real goodconnection with somebody. And the last guy

that I dated was self centered andwas a tool. But Roland, you're
amazing. So wait, you weretalking about your ex boyfriend then at that
point, Yes, man, classicmisunderstanding. I feel like I'm watching Three's
Company. Wow, Okay, Ididn't even think about that. The timing

on this is amazing. Okay,So wait, okay, all that aside,
great, where are we as faras a second date? Roland?
You've got the info now it wasn'tabout you. Yeah, let's let's have
a second date. I guess youknow what that means. You ready?
Wait a minute, Wait a minute? Did you just ask her out again?

At Cassandra, What are we doingthis? Yes? Yeah, yeah,
I would love to go on asecond date. Okay, cue the
cow bell. Oh my god,got ourselves a second day people, This
is exciting. Yay, Okay,great, here's I feel like we're out
here saving lives. You guys arecute. We're gonna go. We'll let

you guys, got each other's numbers. Everybody hang on and have the best
time. Tell us all about it. Okay, well do thank you so
cute? I cannot, I can? I am happy. Second Date update
weekday mornings at seven oh five.You know this replays at nine oh five.
Got a podcast. It's on theiHeartRadio app. Please subscribe. It's

Marcus and Corey's Second Date Update.
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