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May 24, 2024 9 mins
Charlotte had a great first outing with Matthew and wants to see him again soon, but he isn't making the connection easy. Let's call him and find out why. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three, It's Marcus andCorey and we're back with second date update,
with the biggest question of all,which is happened the heck happened?
You thought your first date was asmash? Yes, now you're just sitting
there. Phone's not going off,no text, no call, no nothing.
Charlotte's on the phone. Hello,Charlotte. Hello. Does already sound

way too familiar? Yes, itwas the sigh of defeat. Let's let's
get right into it. So youwent on a date with a guy named
Matthew. Y'all went to NAPA.Apparently you live NAPA adjacent. So first
tell us, tell us how youguys met, and then run us through
the first date. Yeah, soI met Matthew on Plenty of Fish.

And you know, it's been really, really really hard to date because of
a really demanding job, and Ireally I prefer to meet people in the
wild, but you know, meetingpeople on apps seems to be like the
most efficient way. I'm very verypractical, you know, and I like
a partner that's on the same page. So being able to vet that through
an app is is really nice.But I don't know, but I'm just

so over dating. It's so terrible. By the way. I mean,
Corey and I are lucky. We'vewe've been with our partners for like at
least a decade, which is whyI understand that we give out dating advice.
But I mean, well, Imean, you brought up a good
point. We don't have time toget into that right now. Back to
Charlotte. It's rough out there,for sure. And so when I started

chatting with Matthew, I you know, he just really stood out to me,
seemed really down to earth, smart, he had a great sense of
humor. So I was really reallylooking forward to our date, especially after
you know, previous experiences on that. But so he decided to meet at
Visa Tuy and you know, he'sover in an American canyon and I'm in

Vallejo, and you know, sowe hit up the deli and we had
a really nice picnic. It wasbeautiful, Honestly, it was. It
was a perfect date. We talkedabout everything. We had so much a
common. He seemed really even killand just totally what I was looking for.
And I don't know, I'm justkind of shocked. It's never happened

before. But he just completely ghostedme. So he's gone like nothing,
Yeah, no response. Nothing,Okay, Corey, your thoughts theater?
You were at visa tui? Uhhuh. Maybe he did like after the
date, he did like a privatetour, fell into a vat wine and
drowned. I literally thought you weregoing to go with the soul fight allergy.

I oh, no, close upthe airway. No, they found
him. They found him in thevat geezus. Okay, Charlotte with no
idea how to react. Or heoffended somebody and they drowned. That would
explain, That would explain the noresponse. But I mean, I don't
think that's great. But right now, but you can't be sure to be

fair, Let's call it honestly.It might make me feel better. Let's
let's call him and see what's up. So we'll have you on the line,
you know, the drill will haveyou mute out, and then we'll
give him a shot and see whathis thoughts were on the date. Let's
all, let's all, let's playa song and then we'll regroup. Okay,
all right, all right, it'ssecond date. Updates Star one on

one three. We will call Matthewnext well variety from the two thousands of
the nineties and today it's Star oneon one three. It's Marcus and Corey.
We're doing second date update right now. We've been chatting with Charlotte,
who met Matthew won Plenty of Fishand they both live kind of NAPA adjacent.
So y'all went, you went toVisa Tui for a picnic, which

sounds fantastic. Am I am?I right so far? Charlotte, Yeah,
I mean it was. It washonestly perfect. It was a beautiful
day. We had great conversation,and I just I don't understand why he's
ghosted. Yeah, all right,let's call him and see if we can
figure it out. We're going toask him about the date from his perspective.
Okay, go ahead and mute again, and let's get started. Hello,

I may speak with Matthew please.Yeah, that's Tim. Hi Matthew,
It's Marcus and Corey from Star oneon one three. Hey, Matthew,
I thought I knew your voice.I thought I knew your voice.
I recognized it immediately. Wow.Miss you should see her in the wild,
especially when she dolphin laughs. Ohwait, what was that? Was

that? The smoker? Cough lachirllaugh? Yeah, but you guys,
why are you on my phone rightnow? Do you listen to second Date
Update? I do? Yeah,you're on it A if you are willing
to be on it with us?Is it cool we can discuss a date.
You've just know where this is goingalready excellent, got to be it

right, excited. I don't needto be here. He can just take
my place. Yes, Matthew,were calling you about Charlotte. In fact,
Charlotte, we're going to stop talkingabout you like you're not there.
Go ahead and unmute. That's hey, okay, hey Charlotte, this is

a This is really funny to mebecause I cannot believe you don't know why
I didn't fall you back? Ohyeah, I mean I don't. I
thought we had a really nice time, So what's you know up to?
Up to a certain point, wedid have a nice time. I agree,
it was nice. You're you seemedreally great. But then we got

a little baby reindeer. We weresitting there having a nice time. I
don't even know what it's. It'sa new show that's blowing up on streets.
Story this is auspicious. Sorry,this really happened. Okay. So
we're having this picnic and things aregoing great, and she pulls out a
folder that has a copy of myrecent home purchase in it, and she

asks me why I co signed onmy house with my sister, like completely
out of the blue. I mean, that's a valid question. Hold on,
that was a lot. Just holdon. Okay, I'm sorry she
had paperwork regarding you, cause soyou feel me Well, why, Charlotte,

why so? I mean, Iknow, I know you all said
you've been out of the game fora while, but as a woman,
it's always smart to do a backgroundcheck, you know, check their financials
and just make sure it's a goodmatch on the back end before you meet
somebody. And so that's I mean, and it's if you want to Google

me or something sort but printing outmy my deem to my property, like
what, I didn't even know howshe got there, Charlotte. A background
check is like checking for mutual friends, or do you got any felony arrests?
Or or was he on the trackteam in high school? If you
want to go deep. But yeah, that's one level. But like if

you pay a fee. You cansee honestly, you see everything their their
address, Like all I needed washis name and his cell phone number,
which I had. Did you saypay a fee? Yeah you paid?
Yeah, it's not I mean,honestly, most websites give you like a
seven day trial. So whenever Igo on dates, I do a check

everything waw and you can see Imean you could see their their address and
like who's on the title in thedark. I think that's something that's really
important. I don't think this isweird. After their females they do the

same thing. And Okay, maybeI shouldn't have brought out the paperwork,
but I don't know. I'm justvery organized and I like to have everything.
This is way over the line forme. I mean that's how you
feel, that's fine, but Idon't. I don't think I did anything
wrong. I totally felt violated,so I did not call her back,
and I think that's understandable. Whatshe did was way over the line.

Got it? Hang on, please, I mean, hang hang on,
everybody, Matthew, can you hearme? Yes, I'm gonna We're gonna
wow, thank you so much fortaking the time. I'm going ahead.
We're gonna go ahead and let hergo. And you're great, and hey,
thanks for listening. I'll keep listening. I love you guys. Appreciate

it too much for me, allright, brother, hang on one seconds,
totally get it, hang on,hang on so bizarre. Wow that
was wild. Yeah, I feelI was still violated too. Second Date
updates seven oh five. Weekday morningsreplays it nine oh five. It's got
a podcast, of course. Youcan binge listen over the holiday weekend if

you want, on the iHeartRadio app. Smash that subscribe button on Marcus and
Corey. Second Date Update
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