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June 3, 2024 7 mins
Colin felt a real vibe with Triffany and is dying to see her again, but she's giving him the slip, and he wants to know why. 
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Well, variety from the two thousands, the nineties, and today it's Star
one oh one three, It's Marcusand Corey and we're doing it. It's
second date Update. Let's go,let's get that second date for you.
That's why we do this. Wewant to make sure that your love dreams
come true. Love dreams. Yeah, I don't know where that was,
it doesn't matter. We're like basicallythe love boat. Let's move. Oh

good, we're headed right to fantasyIsland. Yeah, I think we hit
it to an iceberg. Actually,let's talk to Colin. Colin, good
morning, Good morning. How areyou heck of a lead? In a
sorry dude, do you know thedrill? Like? It's second date Update.
We're going to talk about your datewith Tiffany, and then, according

to my notes, she has ghosted, so let's figure it out before we
call her. Tell us about thedate. How'd you guys meet? First
of all, well, first wemet on Hinge and that was a while
ago, and then we started textingfor a few weeks. But yeah,
I really liked her. She wasyou know, she just she seems just

like a natural beauty, you know, didn't have any fillers, not no
ridiculous makeup or those like, youknow, those fake eyelashes. I mean
that's all over the act. Youknow. She didn't have any of that,
the fake eyelashes. They look likea tarantula crawl on your face.
Yeah, exactly. She didn't useany filters on her pictures either, which
I really like. That's huge.Man. I feel like when I see

one of my friends with those filters, I'm like, dude, mean,
doesn't everybody do the filters? No? Okay, I think the grittier,
the better, be yourself gritty.All right, Well, what did you
guys do for your date? Bud? So we went to this cool sushy
joint that's kind of near her.We both lived in the city, and

it it was cool. I mean, it was a good date. I
mean I liked her, she likedme, and then she just ghosted me.
So I don't. I literally haveno idea what's happening? All right,
Well that's why we're here. Oh, let's see, we're for sushi.
Maybe she ordered that. What's thatfish that you might die if you
eat it? The blowfish? Theblowfish? She got blowfish and she didn't

react all She at home Death byblowfish but she might still be alive and
just in the hospital. Sorry,Colin. Corey watches a lot of Dateline.
She gets strange theories. I'm sureshe's fine, so let's call her.
Hold the line, but we're gonnaplay a song and we will catch
up with Tiffany next. Right.It's it's Second Date Updates Star one oh

one three more variety from the twothousands, the nineties, and today Star
one oh one three. It's Marcusand Corey were doing Second Date Update.
We've been chatting with Colin. Hemet Tiffany on hinge dinner in the city
and he just appreciated her natural beauty. Am I getting all this right,
Colin? Yeah, that's correct.Okay, well, let's call her and

try to figure out why she ghosted. Hang on, go ahead and mute,
and here we go. Hello,I may speak with Tiffany. Please,
yeah speaking Hi Tiffany. It's Marcusand Corey from Star one O with
one to three. Hey, Hey, suh, I listened to you guys

on my way to work. Yay. Tell you're going We're good? How
are you? I'm good? Thanks? Hate to bother you. Not sure
if you're familiar with Second Data Updateour segment about dating. Ah, yeah,
okay, so if you're familiar,that's what we're calling about. We

got somebody on the phone who wouldlike to go out with you again,
Colin. Go ahead and say hi, because she knows how this works.
Hey, Tiffany, Hey, how'sit going? Welcome everyone? So,
Tiffany, you know what we need? So Colin would love to take you
out again. He's feeling ghosted.Did you ghost? Why? How did

the date go? I have somany questions? Where did begin? Yeah?
I did kind of let it fizzle. So dinner was fine, The
conversation was great. I honestly hadlike a good time up until the bill
came. Yeah, so I obviouslyoffered to split it. I'm totally comfortable

with that, but Colin insisted thathe would pay, which you know,
was unnecessary, but I thought,was like so sweet. But then he
just started complaining about everything on thebill, Like he was annoyed that I
got an appetizer. He was annoyedthat my martini was so expensive. He
commented that, like I ordered tworolls but he only had one. And

then he was like, did youreally need dessert too? You know?
And it was yeah, and Iwas like, well, yeah, and
it just really rubbed me the wrongway because I know that, you know,
eating out isn't cheap, you know, especially at a sushi place.
That's why I offered to split it. So I just don't understand why he
would insist on paying if he wasgoing to be so rude about it.

Fair question, Okay, Colin,Colin, all right, Well, she's
making it sound like worse than itwas. I mean, everyone knows how
expensive it is to eat in thecity. I just feel like she ordered
so much. Could have really,you know, I don't know, been
a little more considerate. Okay,Well yeah, Plus a girl her size

shouldn't be eating that much food.I mean, it's just not healthy.
I'm looking out for you. Wow, whoa is that like food shaming?
I don't know what that was.What does that even mean? You know
what? I'll just Colin, giveme your venmo. I'll venmo you have
to meal and just lose my number, because, like, do you even

hear yourself? That is so trashy. I'm in shock. I'm gonna hold
on, hold on one second,everybody, hang on, hang on,
hang on, Hey Tiffany, mmhmm, that was wild. I don't
really have anything to say ahead,like, what do you say to that?

Nothing? You say these my number. I think I have to agree.
We appreciate you. Sorry for theambush. H. It was good
to talk to you guys. Ilove your show. It take care of
him, don't worry, Okay,thank you? All right, hang on,
hang on? You know what ifwe went to lunch, you could

have two appetizers and we could splitit down the middle. Or I could
just leave early and I can pretendthat I have to go to the bathroom.
Stiff you with the bill all thetime, Well you kind of do
do that'll venmo you bye. SecondDate update seven oh five week mornings.
It's replays at nine oh five.It's got a podcast on the iHeartRadio app.

You can go binge listen and subscribe.
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