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June 12, 2024 8 mins
Damien connected with Charlotte and is dying to see her again, but she's not making it easy. Let's call her up and figure this all out. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
O one three. It's Marcus andCorey. We are doing Second Date Update
right now. As always, we'vegot Damien on the phone. Damien,
Hi, good morning, Hey,good morning, hey man. Before we
start, Corey is going to soeloquently describe Second Date Update. We want
to make sure that we continue thisbudding romance that you have started with someone

you met. You got the firstdate, why can't you get the second
date? That's what we're here for. Is that comforting at all? Damien?
Yeah, I'm hoping you all wantto able to help me out.
Let's do this. So tell usabout Charlotte. First of all, how
did you guys meet? And thentell us how the first date went?
Okay? Yeah, so we meton hande okay, and we stayed in

contact. We shot some tacks backand forth. Ended up meeting her for
dinner at this Italian spot that Ireally like in Walnut Creek on Saturday night.
Okay, showed up early, picka seat at the bar, came
in, and honestly, she waseven prettier than she was in the Floridas.
She's really nice and she was supersmart, which was really refreshing.

I haven't had a total package datein a while. I thought we had
some good conversations. Towards the endof the day, I kind of wanted
to go in for a kiss,but it didn't feel just right for that,
So, you know, we gaveeach other a hug and said goodbye.
I like the self awareness with someself awareness. Yeah, I like

that to give you some props there. Yeah, honestly, we've been texting
a little bit, but it feelslike the vibe has changed. Okay,
and I think she's avoiding the theidea of going on a second date right
now. And I'm not really surewhat happened because I thought everything went really
well. I was hoping y'all mightbe able to help me get that second

date. Before we make the calland see what how she felt about the
date. Corey has her daily theory. This is what I'm thinking. Go
ahead. Charlotte's headed to her carright She's confronted by a woman, maybe
a bigger woman. Woman says she'sDamien's ex. She tells Charlotte two choices,
you never see him again? Areyou hopping the trunk? I don't

think that's what happened. No,I feel like that's a movie if well,
I don't know, it could be. Odds of it being a movie
premise with Corey are very high.From my brain. This is what I
thought of. Damien knows you sowell. Get in trunk cut to oil
barrel captain movie quotes over here.All right, listen, let's can we

get back to it now? Surethat was pretty good. Thanks. I'll
give you a six and a half. Thank you. Uh, Damian,
We're gonna call Charlotte and see whatreally happened. We'll have you on the
line. Can you hang on fora song and we'll do it. Sure,
all right, but give us aminute. We'll get back to it.
It's Second Date Updates Star one Oone three more variety from the two
thousands than nineties and today star oneon one three. It's Marcus and Corey.

We're doing Second Date Update and weare trying to help out Damien.
He had a date with a ladynamed Charlotte. Damian, you guys said
you went to go to have Italianfood in Walnut Creek like you have a
spot. Okay, so I guessthe date ended with a hug and now
we're trying to figure out what happenedbecause Charlotte is she hasn't ghosted, but
it's definitely a backpedal, definitely avoidinga second date. So let's call her

go ahead and go back on you, Damien, and let's give it a
shot. Here we go. Hello, Hi, may speak of Charlotte.
Please, Hi Charlotte. It's Marcusand Corey from Star one. Ohe three,
Hey girl, Oh my god?Hi? Hi wow, oh my
god? Hi? I love youguys? What's going on? Tell your

friends? Do you know? Okay? Good? I'm assuming you know about
second date update? But do youknow about second date update? Honestly I
figured I would up on second dateupdate eventually, so honestly it might as
well be like Damien right, Ohwow? Okay? Hey is Danian?

Say? Hi? Yes? Hey, hey, Damien would like to take
you out again. I don't haveto tell you that you know this already.
We are dying to know how thefirst date went because he's feeling like
like things really cooled off. Sois that accurate? Is it all in
his head? Where are we at? Dinner was fine? I mean the
food was really yummy, but Damienreally threw me off kind of at the

end of the meal. Okay,he was really great at FIR, very
cute, gregarious, great conversationalists.But after the meal, like he literally
pushed his chair back, put hishands on his stomach and burt yes,
which I mean, okay, hedid cover his mouth. I give him

that, but it was an aggressiveburt. Okay, talking about volume,
very loud. Oh yeah, yeah, everyone knew that a burb happened and
that someone had an emotional response tofood, it seemed like. And I
was was the level what was theASMR level? Curious? I'm just kidding.

It was. It was loud.It was loud enough so looked at
you oh yeah, oh yeah,people were looking people like you know that
stop quick head turn thing. That'skind of what happened with all the people
around us. And and he didcover his mouth though, so I almost
could have forgiven that, you know, like he okay, maybe it slipped,

you know, you're nervous whatever.But then after he proceeded to like
unbutton and unzip his pants like atthe table. And I didn't even notice
this at first, but when wegot up to leave, I could very
clearly see him zip himself back upand button his pants. And that really

weird me out, Like that's solike you're gonna have a full on conversation
with your pants undone on a firstdate. Really, please stop, Damien,
it's sad right now in the world. Yeah, did this really happen,
Damien? I didn't tag Charlotte forthe up tight type, you know,
normal. Yeah, you go,you have a big Italian meal.

Yeah, I'm butt in the pants, so you can really enjoy it,
and nobody saw anything. It's somethingyou do so you can be a little
bit more comfortable. You sit there. You're not in your home. You
were in public. I mean,who's looking under a table with a table
cloth? Crazy? You hoarded itup and zipped up. You didn't zip

up under the table. To befair, you admitted on the air yesterday
that you take off your shoes inrestaurants. That only that weirded me out.
That was different because the Christian lubaitonsand my feet were gonna explode.
This is just you know, andyou couldn't see. I mean, if
you had Italian food at this restaurant, you understand how delicious is. And
it's not a choice you have tomake. It's something you know, you

gotta do right to enjoy that meal. And maybe you throw in your sons
a belt slacks. I don't evenknow what that is. It sounds about
slacks. No, you're like anelastic waste, so you don't need a
belt, Like your fat pants soundsa belt, but they are khakis.
Okay, just age myself. MaybeI just I just want to, you

know, stap you for a secondhere, because there's a lot going on.
But I'm not uptight, I do, I have manners, and like
this is just a little too comfortablefor a first date for me, Like,
yeah, maybe people wouldn't have noticedyou on button your pants if you
didn't let out a giant burp announcementof what you were doing. Like there's
a lot, there's a lot,and it's just I couldn't imagine like if

we actually became a couple, Likeif this is you on your like best,
most impressive behavior, what happens whenyou really let loose? Like that's
scary. I'll tell you what happens. While I really love the I'm an
amazing time and you're really missing outYeah okay, I mean I don't I'm
missing out on more burps and pantsundone and restaurants. I think I think

I'm okay with that, So nosense, no second date. Uh,
Charlotte, you and I can hangout. I'm with you. Yeah,
I will hang out with you andgirl, if you got to take off
lubaton's, I get it. That'sone thing, opening pants and burping.
As long as you don't do that, I'm with you. Girl. We'll
work some stretch fants and enjoy anice meal. It's a date. Then
hang on. Look, Corey,you made a friend. Hey, I

got a friend. She likes tellyour food is dress pants. I'm down.
Second Date Update, where self awarenessis key. He seems to be
an ongoing theme seven oh five WeekdayMornings nine oh five. The replay.
You can listen to a ton ofthem on the podcast. They're just They're
all right there. It's on theiHeartRadio app. Go download that for free

and subscribe to Marcus and Corey.Second Date Update
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