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May 23, 2024 7 mins
Damon and Alaina had a great dinner in the city, and he wants to see her again. She's disappeared on him though. Let's try to help our guy out. 
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Well variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today star one on
one three. It's Marcus and Coreyand it is time for second Date update.
Good morning everyone, your favorite,my favorite, anybody's favorite. It's
second date updates. We're trying toget you a second date. Second morning
to Damon. Hello, good morning, Hey man, So hey, how's
it gone? Good? Bro?Good? Let's talk about Elena. Let's

get on the path of getting youa second date if we can, sons,
good, did she ghost or well? Yeah, I haven't heard from
her since our date. Okay,and I thought our date went really well.
Let's talk about it. So howdid you guys meet? First of
all, and then run us throughthe first date? Okay? I met
Elena on Bumble and we met fordinner in San Francisco, and man,

it was a good time. Igot to tell you. One of the
things I like is that when Imet her she looked like her pictures.
She was gorgeous. So that's agood sign. Right. Everybody dating is
like, where are these people thatlook exactly like their profile pictures? It
never happened. She's one in amillion. I'm telling you you're lucky,
man. Yeah, yeah, weshare a lot in common, you know,

Okay, like that, we getalong, like we like cooking,
like watching old movies. I lovetraveling, and so we had a time
to talk about the conversation just neverstopped all the way through dinner. I
thought it was great this guy.And then I paid for dinner because you
know, that's what a man does. And wow, I got a little

pecked on the cheek at the end. And afterwards that was it radio silence.
I haven't heard from her. I'veprotected her numerous times and she just
has not replied. Okay, soI don't know what happened. Well,
we're hoping for a misunderstanding, amI Right? Well you said she likes
to travel. Maybe you just tooka trip and oh god, you know
you know what, Damon Corey comesup with these morbid theories, straight out

of dateline every time. Well,let's hope she's okay. Huh. I
think she's okay, all right,I just want to know what's going on.
Damon again has no idea how totake you. Neither do I.
Frankly, it's been years. Seethere's a whole show on ID Network called
Bodies in the Basement and that's all. It is bodies in my whole life.
All right, Damon, let's takea break and then let's call Elena

and see what's up. All right, we'll have you on the line,
as you know, we'll have youmuted and you can hear what she has
to say? Can you hang onfor a song? I sure can?
Thanks man. All right, let'sdo that Second Date update Star one oh
one three more variety from the twothousands, the nineties, and today it's
Star one O one three. It'sMarcus and Corey. We're doing Second Date
Update. We've been chatting with Damonabout his date with Elena. They met

on Bumble and Bonus. She lookedjust like her pictures. It's always good.
The problem is she's ghosted since thedate. No idea what happened?
Damien? You ready to do this? Sure? Man? All right,
let's mute up. Let's do it. We're gonna call her and see what's
up. Hello, May I speakwith Elena? Please? This is her?

Hi, Elena, this is Marcusand Corey from Star one on one
three. Good morning, Good morning, Hi, Hi, this is weird.
Do you thank you for picking up? Do you listen to our show?
I do Yeah, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent. Are you
familiar with second date update? Iam? Yeah, great, okay,

that's what we're doing right now,and we'd like to invite you on the
air to talk with us about adate you recently went on. Do you
have a second and is that okay? Yep, yep, that's fine.
Okay. Have you been on adate recently? Well? Obviously, at
what point can I stop being coy? I'm curious, you're dumb? Can

we just bring Damon on? Ordid you want to wait? Let's just
date? Hey, Damon, Damon? Hey? Cool? What's up?
Hi? So so, Damon enjoyedyour date. He liked the fact that
you didn't catfish him. We're hopinghe didn't catfish you in some way,

shape or form. He thought thatthe conversation was good. He'd love to
take you out again. He isfeeling ghosted. So I'm just curious.
We're we collectively as a group,are curious, did you ghost or or
you've been busy? Or can weget a second date? We he tough
talking, so she can tell himI get really nervous situations. He just

I don't know. He came onlike way too strong, and he tried
really too hard to impress me howmuch, like he was showing off,
Like I mean, he obviously hadcash, but like he was way too
brash about it, like he paidfor dinner, which was nice. But
then he went on to start talkingabout his car, which he has a

Tesla apparently. Then he started talkingabout his house, most Gato's an amazing
view and that I should really comeback and see it. And then he
went on saying that he was goingto party the summer in Mexico and you
know, I should go with him. And it was kind of just like
dude's slowly real, buddy, likelike we've only had one date to go

to Mexico, yeah, for thesummer, Like I have worked and I
have to work, sorry, youknow what I mean. Like I'd like
to go to Mexico for the summertoo. I can make salsa and lucky.
It was just almost it was justcreepy. He keets testing me,
like trying to nail down the datefor travel plans and stuff, and it's
like, dude, it's creepy.Oh he was serious. Yeah, Oh,

Damon, that is a bit strong, Aamon, what are you talking
about? Man, we had areally strong connection. You know. Life
goes by like that, you know, and I just thought you like something,
you feel good about it, makea move right, And I thought
we've got along really well. Whatdid I say about bodies in the basement?
What does that mean? You saidto me come to Mexico and were

on our first date. I'd belike, will I be coming back?
Oh my god? Oh yes,thank you. See Elena, I felt
that's exactly. I just want toshow you a good time. That's all
here. Smell this does a smelllike chloroformop it? Oh my god,
not like that. We can getseparate rooms if that's what you want,

if that'll make it easier for youto say yes, no, no,
no, I don't think you're understandingwhere I'm coming from. I would you
understand me, yes, because Idon't know you, and this is why
I don't want to leave the countrywith you. Okay, then, but
I'm telling you you're going to missit on a good time because I would
show you a good time. Butis in the base yes, sure,

Elena, I'm guessing you're you're allthe way out on this one. I'm
good. I don't I don't need. It's got to dial it back some
time. Don't be so aggressive.The Second Date Update seven oh five weekday
mornings replays at nine oh five.We do have the podcast too on the
iHeartRadio app. If you want togo download and subscribe, that would be
awesome. It's Marcus and Corey's SecondDate Update.
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