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June 14, 2024 9 mins
Danielle was loving Ryan adventurous spirit and she thought their first date was cool, but now he's ghosting and she wants answers. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three, It's Marcus andCorey and it's back. Second date update,
let's do this. What do youlove? Second date? Who doesn't?
What are we doing? Second Davidlives. Yes, we are trying
to get you the elusive second date. You got the first one, Why
aren't you getting the second one?That's right? Second morning to Danielle.

Hello, Danielle, Hey, what'sup? Hey, what's happening? So?
Got your note your DM about Ryan. Let's talk about it because I'm
curious. First of all, howyou guys met, and then let's run
through the first date, and thenwhat happened after I met Ryan on Hinge?
Actually, I don't know. I'ma pretty adventurous person and it's kind

of hard to find so I thoughtof being on Hinge. Sure, and
he seemed like you might have beenlike a great match for me, Like,
for example, I'm very spontaneous.I truly believe that every day's precious,
Tomorrow's not promised. So that's kindof how my vibe is. Agreed.
I like it, thanks, AndI thought that maybe he might be
on the same vibe. But yeah. According to his profile, he was

like, he's into skydiving, he'sinto base jumping, motocross, and we
both like shelter. We volunteered ananimal shelter. So I was like,
oh man, this is going tobe pass I said, you found your
ex games. Yeah exactly, andwe both live in the Tri Valley,
so we decided to get some drinksand liver more. You nice, all

right? Yeah? Now, honestlyI thought it was amazing. Honest,
get up soon. Now I'm wonderingwhy you're not getting a second date.
Hold on, did he goes?And unfortunately he did. I thought everything
was great. We had similar opinions. I don't know. We were talking.
He was even talking about possibly takingme skydiving. So actually, you

have no idea what happened. Okay, here's my theory. Oh wait,
yeah, Corey has a daily theory. Please continue. Okay, So perhaps
you know, you guys that agreat time parted ways. Immediately after the
date, he had scheduled a bassjump, and when he did it,
don't do it, don't do it, let me finish. His shoot didn't
open. Now here's the good news. He landed in the water. So

you know, he's probably okay,it's just when he went in the water.
So did his phone? Oh thephone's dead. The phone is fine,
thank god. Yeah, would yougive me some credit? Whatever?
Date line? Okay, Well,why don't we just call him and ask
maybe he got a new phone,he got a new phone. Can you

hang on? Can you hang onthe line, Danielle. We're gonna call
him and we'll have you on theline. We'll have you muted so you'll
be able to hear from him directly. Let's do it right after the song.
All right, it's it's Second DateUpdate Star one on one three more
variety from the two thousands, thenineties and to date. It's Star one
on one three. It's Marcus andCorey been doing Second Date Update. We've
been chatting with Danielle, who seemslovely. Yes. So she and Ryan

met on hinge. They both livein the Tri Valley. They connected in
downtown Livermore. They both seemed verypassionate about life, very venturous. Right
that that was the big takeaway forme, Danielle. I don't know if
you're on mute yet, but thatyou you live every day like it's a
gift, like we all should reallyis yes, fair, yeah, yeah,
tomorrow has never promised. So andthen our guy Ryan is like,

he's a base jumper, he's skydiveslike this just feels like an extreme matchmate
of Heaven. And yet he ghosted. So we need to figure this out,
all right, go back on mute. Let's call Ryan and see what's
up. He may sukud Ryan,Please Ryan, It's Marcus and Corey from

Star one on one three. Hey, dude, does that mean anything to
you? Uh? No, Imean if it doesn't. Okay, we
do a morning show on iHeartRadio.On the radio, we're called Star one
on one three, and we're callingyou to see if you wouldn't mind being
on the air with us. Weso we we do a dating segment.

It's called Second Date Update, andwe'd love to ask you about a date
you've been on with a lady namedDanielle. She all right, is that
cool? She enjoyed herself. Shefeels like you ghosted. We're just trying
to get to the bottom of itand maybe broke her a second date on
her behalf. So what can youtell us about the date? Do you
remember Danielle? Yeah, yeah,I remember Danielle okay. I mean honestly,

I had pretty high hopes for thedate. Like I thought it was
going to go well, you know, sure, I was. I thought
we had similar vibes at first.Yeah, you know we I like animals,
and you know, I was pleasantlysurprised to find out she volunteers at
an animal shelter, like I do. You know, she's spontaneous. I

thought was awesome, But I cameto find out that after a couple of
drinks, her idea of spotan eightywas a little different than mine. Okay,
well after after you know, wesettled the check and all I was

thinking, you know, throw onthe back of the bike, take her
around town, you know, havea nice little fun ride. And she
was like, she was like,I got a great idea. Let's go
get tattoos. And I was like, WHOA, Like I was a bit
taken aback because like it didn't seemlike she had any tattoos. You know,
I didn't see any. And Iwas like, just because you can't

see him doesn't mean they're not there, right of course, right, that's
fair. So do you have tattoosof this? To your first She's like,
oh no, this I've always wantedone, you know, why not
today? She really has never hadone. Yeah, and she was just
like, let's go. I waslike, let's maybe have a breather on

the tattoo thing. Is there's somethingelse? She's like, what about piercing,
So let's go get up piercing.And I was like, is there,
how about you know something that's notbody modifications? You know, do
you want to else maybe you know, you know, maybe read the bank
or somewhere, you know what it'sgonna late, Let's just let's just call
it. Uh, well, wecan reconvene elsewhere. I could tell that

her head was in a clearly differentplace, and I was so that that
kind of was that was slightly strange. So being completely transparent. She's actually
on the phone listening because she wantedto know why you ghost it. Yeah,
so Danielle's here, I'd love tobring her on. Great, right,
okay, Danielle, that's cool,Danielle, Hey, hey, hi,

we've got some answers here. Iwanted to get your thoughts. Yeah,
yeah, I just heard. Wellthat's kind of disappointing. I don't
know. I really thought we wereI don't know. In the same head
space. I thought it would havebeen fun. They didn't have to be
matching, but it could have justbeen a fun thing to do. Well.

I just didn't want to, youknow, scar my body on a
whim. You know. I justI'd rather jump off a building or something
than scar my body for the restof my life, if that makes sense.
So it looks like you guys,your ideas of venture and SPONSANETI are
a little different. Yeah, i'dsay so. Yeah. I mean it

seems like maybe he can lighten upa little bit and not be so boring.
But oh, okay, okay.I mean I feel like there's a
difference between spotan eighty and just beingimpulsive. It's what I'm saying, Like,
I don't think there's anything wrong withgetting a tattoo, but I feel
like you should have a reason forit and plan it out a little bit,
like have a design you want,not just go in there and flip

open a book and be like,all right, Rose, you know,
I'm sorry, I've seen that inreal time. That's what I'm saying,
Like, those are the tattoos youget covered up, you know, you
just get a star because it's twentydollars. Do you know what I did
when I was eighteen? Wait?Wait, wait, you know what I
mean? So are we doing thisor not? Because I mean, I

feel like you guys are kind ofsort of slightly cosmically connected. I feel
like they're on way different wavelength.Really, yes, I feel like he
plans out his adventurousness and she's like, come on, I don't know,
dude, I take calculated risks,you know what I mean, Like,
I don't you know, jump withouta shoot? Okay, well, all
right, second date or no?I need a yes or no? Come

on, I mean, and notif it's going to end up with us
getting tattoos afterwards. It's not ayes or no. I got to say.
It's a hard note for me.Guys. Sorry, all right,
hang on. Tattoos Piercing's first dateaggressive. Yeah. I respect your spirit,
though, unless it's like a thinglike you both have a lot of

tattoos and it's not a big deal. Oh my god, almost died when
he said I'm not going to flipa page and pick a rose. It
took you all the way back tothe nineties, It really did. Second
Date updates seven oh five weekday morningsreplays it nine oh five. Don't forget
the podcast. You can binge listenover the weekend if you want, on
the iHeartRadio app. It's called Marcusand Corey Second Date. Update
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