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June 7, 2024 9 mins
Dean had more than a lovely time with Regan and wants to see her again, but it's been ghost city ever since he's been trying to book that second date. 
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What variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three. It's Marcus andCorey and it's time once again for Second
Date Update. It's everybody's fave,live live live, everyone gets you,
live in your life. What ishappening over there? Let's bring Dean on
and get the started immediately. Dean, are you there? Hi? Yeah?

So Corey's gonna break it down forus. How does Second Date Update
work? If today's your first daylistening to the show. Let's say you
met somebody in Hints Bubble Bubble orPlenty of Fish or whatever it is that
you go. You can talk fora while, you go on first date,
everything seems fine, but then youget ghosted. And so what we
do is we figure out why therewas a ghost station and we try to
fix that. A ghost station.Yeah, you're probably gonna need antibiotics.

What is that? That did nothave that on my bingo card today?
At least you made Dean laugh.Hey, Dean, how's dating going well?
Suffering from some ghost station? Forsure? I have some staff for
that. Jesus. Yeah, definitelya case of ghost station. Let's talk

about your latest So, Reagan,how did you guys meet? And then
like, how did it go?Okay? Well, I met Reagan online.
You know, I need to beunhinged that where the ladies are at?
And you know, I saw Reaganwas beautiful, and uh, you
know, I got a thing forblonde. And so we chatted for roughly

a week and then I asked herout. We both lived in the Tri
Valley, so you know, wemet up for some ice coffee in Dublin
and it was it was great,you know, blocks of laughs, talked
about summer plans, TV shows,no loves. There was a spark there

for sure, you know. Andyeah, I'm just confused about the goat
station. She's totally hold on.She's completely ghostated. I don't think that's
where how come yours is the world? Where in mind? Is it all
right? All right? Everybody's simmereddown then, So yeah, let's talk
about the ghost anonomy. Well,listen, here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna call her and then we'llsee what's up. All right, So
we'll get her vibe on the date. Maybe she'll give us some clue.
Maybe she's just been busy. Dude, I know, I say it every
once in a while. Here's whatI got. Okay, Oh, hold
on, we gotta wait for Corey'sdateline theory. Go ahead. Okay,
so you said that they went outfor coffee in Dublin. Yes, maybe
after the date. She pops intoEmerald Glen Park, checks out a softball

game that's going on. Uh huh. Someone from the stands sees her,
She doesn't notice it. She goesback to her car. Sky followers following
her cut to she disappears. Areyou writing a short story right now?
Listen? O good lord, itwas a dark and stormy night. All
right, we have to get toit. Okay, Dean, hang on

the line and we will call Reagannext. It's second Date updates Star one
oh one three more variety from thetwo thousands, the nineties, and today
it's Star one O one three.It's Marcus and Corey. We're doing second
Date Update. We've been chatting withDean, who met Reagan on on Hinge.
They both live in the Tri Valley. It's Trivalley romance. So Andy
likes blonde. Before you go onmute, Dean, just confirming you guys

met for ice coffee and it wasa good time. No lulls, no
weirdness, no nothing, right,Okay, Well let's call her and figure
out what's going on. Go aheadand mute your phone. Here we go,
right, Hello, Hi, mayspeak with Reagan? Please? Oh

this is she. Hi Reagan,It's Marcus and Corey from Star one O
one three yo. Come again.That means nothing to her. Great,
So, Reagan, we work forradio station in the Bay Area and we
were hoping you wouldn't mind coming onthe air with us. We want to
get your okay for that? Whatis this about? We do a dating

segment. It's called second Date Update. We wanted to ask you about a
date you've been on if you ifyou can talk to us about it,
A guy who thought you were awesome, That depends, it is right.
So I want to ask you aboutyour date with Dean because he's feeling ghosted
right now. I'm not suggesting anything, but how did we just want to

hear your side of it. Howdid it go for you? Yeah?
Sure, so he's incredibly attractive.Great, Yeah, I had a lot
of high hopes for the date.Okay, and quite honestly, he turned
out to be really rude. Ohdid something specific? Yeah, you know.

So we went out for coffee,okay, and the vibe was pretty
great at fir Okay, weather wasgorgeous. We were talking about, you
know, any summer plans. Ihave some summer travel coming up. And
we talked about, you know,just like you know, things you talk
about when you're so nervous and youknow you don't know what else to think,

you know, summer vacation plans,as kids, et cetera. You
know. And then we brought upTV shows and Dean totally loves dramas and
you know, stuff like Star Warstheories on you know, Disney. Plus
there's so much streaming nowadays. Imean a lot of times you can't find
something both of you watch because there'sso much, because there's just so much

content out there. Right, Yeah, I'm waiting for the gigantic here it
comes. Okay, exactly fine tolike, you know, take a long
time with my but I admitted that, Okay, my guilty pleasures reality shows.
All Right, the more ridiculous,the better I love it all.

You know, Housewives, house Huntingon HDTV, you know, the Kardashians,
I know, but I admitted this, you know, yeah, you
know, I just think it's ridiculousand I need something that's more ridiculous than
my own life, you know.But I admitted this to Dean, and

all of a sudden, it wasjust like he was just like picking on
my choice of liking reality TV,and he was like, oh man,
really, how can you watch thattrash? There's nothing real about it?
And I was just really shocked byhow strong he came on, because you
know, everything had been just solike fun up until that moment, and

it seemed so cool, and youknow, he would not drop it.
I tried to change the conversation.I tried to, you know, talk
about like exercising, hiking, maybeother things like we have in commons,
and he could just not let itgo. Queen, I can't get over
those terrible shows you watch. Youdumber, you know, Blue. I

just Reagan. I don't want youto think we're giant d bags. But
he's on the phone as well.He's been listening. Uh. I would
love to bring him on. Isthat okay? My life is becoming reality
TV life? Dean? Are youthere dumb here? You know I can't

crap on a lady's TV choices,bro, I mean I was I was
kind of joking. It wasn't thatserious, Like you did not sound like
you were joking. I even laughingbecause I didn't know how else to react,
Like my nervous reaction is to laugh. Like what do you even say

when someone like comes at you likethat comes at you. It's they're just
TV shows, like you're talking aboutthe Kardashians. Andeers mean not to think
that's stupid. Okay, you're notlike the last one that I threw out
there. I'd let you know Idon't watch it that much. Maybe you
guys don't watch TV together? Isthat even possible? I think it's deeper

than that. I think I wouldhave to agree, and yeah, I
don't think we would want to dothat. All right, I'm calling no
second date. You guys, hangon, please hang on. Yeah,
you gotta be able to watch TVtogether, you know what I mean?
Yeah, don't you. I don'tfeel like there's be any judgment. My
sister and I viewing are so different. She's all about those reality shows and

I'm all about true crime. Mybuddy Freddie, he'd never watched those shows
in his life, and then hiswife got him into him. And now
my sister's husband watches all the DesertHouse. Actually, Second Date updates seven
oh five. Weekday mornings replays itnine oh five. Of course, we
got the podcast, which if youneed to catch up, you can binge
listen over the weekend. It's onthe iHeartRadio app. It's called Marcus and

Corey Second Date Update. Please smashthat subscribe button and thank you
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