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May 28, 2024 7 mins
Doug loved Tiffany's vibe, and had a great time on their first date. He wants to see her again, but she's gone, and Doug wants our help. 
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More variety from the two thousands thannineties. And today it's a star one
on one three, It's Marcus andCorey and it's time once again for second
date update. We try to getyou second date right to meet somebody you
plan to get together. You havethe first date, now you need the
elusive second date. So let's saywhat's up to Doug. Hello, Doug,
Hey, guys, thanks for havingme. All right, Doug,

you know the assignment. Tell usabout Tiffany. How did you guys meet?
And then what did you do onyour first date? Yeah, so
Tiffany and I met aunt Hinge andwe tried it for a little bit and
then we finally went out. Alreadyfrom the get go, I really like
that she seemed like such a givingperson. How so her profile she talked
about, Yeah, so she likevolunteers a lot. Okay, that seems

beautiful. She volunteers at shelters,animal shelters, humbless shelters, and she's
like, when we were talking,she seemed like she had like a great
sense of humor, which is likea total must for me. Yeah,
and you know, we both livein the East Bay, so we meet
in Walnut Creek for lunch for thefirst time, and I thought we had
such a great time, like shewas even better in person, and like

lunch flu by like time blue bytalking with her, and we were having
like a lot of fun. Andthen uh, yeah, I don't know
what happened, and I feel likeshe yep, yeah, I haven't heard
back, like gone, okay,let's see you were Walnut Creek. Yes,
oh yeah, what's the theory?So I forgot to warn you,

Doug, Corey comes up with verymorbid theory. She watches a lot of
Dateline, So here it comes.Now, maybe you guys like walking back
to your cars, and she parkednear a van and there was a dude
in the van. Any kidnapped her? Beautiful thank you? Huh never parked
next to a van, Okay,okay, so hopefully it's not me.

It's this guy, right, that'sthe where it's not your it's not your
fault. That's what we're saying.She was abducted. That's uh, let's
get her on the phone. You'reridiculous. Uh So, Doug, we're
gonna have you on mute. We'regonna call her. With you on the
phone, you'll be able to hearher recount the date firsthand. So can

you hang on the line for asong? Yeah for sure? All right,
great, all right, we'll getinto that next Second Date Update Star
one O one three more variety fromthe two thousands of the nineties and today
it's Star one O one three.It's Marcus and Corey. We're doing Second
Date Update right now. We've beenchatting with Doug about his day with Tiffany.
So they live in the East Bay, y'all. Let me just well,
he's still there, Doug. Yeah, yeah, sweet, So you

guys live in the East Bay.You met up from Luncheon one the Creek.
She does a lot of volunteering.She's funny. I'm just reading off
my notes here, and she ghosted, huh yeah. We had a great
time and I don't know what happenedin the well, let's call her.
Go ahead and jump on mutelet's seewhat's up. Okay, Okay, here
we go. Hello, Hi,may speak with Tiffany please, and this

is her. Hi, Tiffany,It's Marcus and Corey from Star one one
three. Hey, Hi, whatdo you listen to the show? I
do? Oh my gosh, everysingle morning. I know your voice is
immediately excellent. Do you know whatwe're doing right now? I'm wondering if

it's a second date up day?Yeah it is. Do you mind being
on the air with us? Areyou in the dating pool right now?
I am so. I guess I'mnot surprised that I'm getting a call.
Okay, so I'm just gonna bringhim on. Doug called us about you.
Doug, are you there? Yeah, Hey, guys, I'm here
now, Tiffany. You know,I mean, we're just going to ask

you straight out. Did some gosideways on your date? We heard all
about it. Sounded dreamy, Ohdreamy as a way to put it.
Well, I'm sorry from Doug's perspective, so we'd love to know your perspective.
Sure, yeah, you know,Hi, you're here. I guess
I don't know you're listening. You'reYou're super nice, like you know you.
I feel like I had a reallygreat time talking with you. We're

really easy to talk to you,and it was like super fun. You
have some interesting quirks that I justdon't I don't know. They were really
weird and it just made me feellike super ick, Like what, yes,
so we're here at lunch broad daylight. Having a great time. He
starts giving all these weird things,like fidgety stuff. He brushes his hair

with his fork. Wait wait wait, wait, don't gloss over that.
What now he's brushing his hair withhis fork. I thought maybe it was
like an accident, you know,he just kind of pulled up to his
hair and it just kind of likescrubbing away at his hair, like you
know, I don't know, he'slike in the TV show Alone where he's
like out in the wild. Idon't know. It's weird and naked in

afraid. I don't even know.Maybe you were on that dog groomed Uh
yeah, exactly. So I wasdoing a bit, you know, that's
it. I was trying to befunny. Well anyways, that's not it.
That is not it. That's theproblem. Okay. He was also
like slinging, you know, sugarpackets, like flicking them basically like shooting
like you would like if you're doinglike table football with like paper. It's

using those for sugar packets, okay, everywhere, just kind of like all
around the table, okay, likewaiting for the food yep. Yeah,
yeah, it was really weird andsonny. He he took off his shoes
and kind of sat like Indian stylewith his you know, shoes off.
What's wrong with that? Uh,we're at a public place. It's kind

of gross and unsanitary. I'm sorry, feet are not gross. The way
I was sitting bothered you. That'skind of weird on you. What are
you, Jack Johnson? Why areyou taking shoes off in a dining place?
I am like, no shoes kindof guy. It makes me feel
comfortable. And I thought we weregetting to know each other and I was
feeling comfortable. But even though youwere judging me for taking my shoes off,

I was one judging you because itwas real gross. I personally still
I can't get over the fork inthe hair. Look, I was doing
it. I was trying to befunny, and you know you were laughing,
so I kept doing it. Doug, tell me, tell me that
you didn't use the same fork toeat your lunch with I did, but
I did a little girl. Andalso like, oh hair it's on your

head, Like why are we makingour bodies gross? Like hair in our
feet are part of our bodies.They're natural. Okay. You know I
was just there staring at you,thinking huh, here's my man. One
month down the line. He's justscratching his head with his fork and this
is all mine. I'm so proud. I really I snapped the best one

that I get. You know,like, no, I'm gonna call it
just we need to we need toregroup, you guys, can you hang
on? Oh wait, hold on? Well, Tiffany, I'm assuming no.
Second date though a hard, hardtask, got it? Hang on?
He lost me with combing hair withfork and then using it to eat.

What is happening? Second Date updatesseven oh five weekday mornings, replays
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