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June 18, 2024 8 mins
Gilbert thought it was great! We are guessing Lexy did not because she's disappeared. 
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Well, variety from the two thousands, the nineties, and today it's Star
one on one three, It's Marcusand Corey. We're back after it again.
Second Date Update go for Corey.We love love, Yeah, we
do. We want to make sureyou get that love in your life and
that's why Second Date Update examines yourfirst date to figure out how to get
you a second date. This segmentis pivotal, in my opinion, to

our show. I don't know topeople's lives, yes, okay, basically
out of saving lives, I doyou? You do? You? Dude?
Let's bring Gilbert on. Gilbert.Hey are you there? Hey?
What's up? God? Hey dude? So LEXI, right, let's talk
about it. So you went ona first date. Rolled it out for

us, like, how did youguys meet? First of all? And
then how did the date go?Yeah, so we met on hinge,
We met last month, okay,and then yeah, we finally had our
first date like a couple of weekendsago, and yeah, it seemed to
go really well, Like I thought, we had a great date. What

did you guys do? Yeah,so I offered to pack a picnic lunch
and just kind of meet her atthe park. And San Mateo. Yeah,
it was nice. We both liveon the peninsula, so it was
like perfect. She was totally down. She gave me her sandwich order which
I picked up from Ikes, alongwith some chips and drinks. It was

awesome and yeah, we sat ata picnic table for a couple hours.
You know, it was really fun. She brought a cheesecake. We crossed
that. Yeah, it was awesome. And yeah, that's I mean,
that was pretty much the date.Like I text her right after our date,
and she's been pretty quiet ever since. I texted her right you know,

after the date, and I don'tknow, like she just didn't get
back to me, and I'm like, did I offend her somehow? Did
I like come on too strong?I mean, let's see if Corey has
a theory. Corey comes up witha theory just about every day got a
theory. So I was looking atthe city of San Mateo and the numerous

hazards it faces, and there's agood chance as she's leaving the picnic,
she felt a small earthquake stumbled hither head and she has no recollection of
Gilbert. No. Oh, there'sa lot of different hazards and Samniteyo.
We're talking what flooding, earthquakes,landslides. There's many ways that you could

lose the end for way too long. Okay, Well, trying to be
logical. She's fine. I didn'tsay she wasn't fine, Gilbert just lost
recollection. Why don't we just callher? Yes, exactly, thank you,
Gilberts. Let's call her and figureit out. We're going to have
you on the line when we dothat, so you'll be able to hear

from her, and we'll ask herhow the date? When can you hang
on broud? Yeah, definitely.We're gonna play a song we will call
Lexi. Next. Second Date UpdateStar one O one three more variety from
the two thousands, the nineties,and today it's Star one on one three.
It's Marcus and Corey. We aredoing Second Date Update. We've been
chatting with Gilbert. Cute date withMeick egg, a lady named Lexi.

He stopped by Ikes, he gotsome sandwiches. Gilbert. I don't mean
to talk about you like you're nothere, but I'm just giving everybody the
rundown. And you just was aparking salmon taal, Like, how could
you possibly what could go? Wrong. Honestly, let's call her Mountain Lion.
Sure, why not. Let's callher and find out. Gilbert,

hang on the line. We're gonnacall Lexi right now. We'll ask her
about it. Oh, mute yourphone please, Here we go. Hello,
Hi, may I speak with LexileHilexy. It's Marcus and Corey from
Star one on one three. Hello. Hey, Oh, I'm such a

HI fan. Oh my god,this was so awesome it Hey, so
we're doing second date update right now? If that's cool? Oh yeah,
of course. Oh is this aboutGilbert? If he if he on the
line, is he listening to Gilbert? She knows you're there, Gilbert?
Are you there? Yeah, I'mhere, all right? Cool? He

remembers you sneaking up. Oh no, okay, I feel so bad now,
I feel really bad. I didyou ghost you? Guys didn't have
to call I did. But it'soh my god. I had such a
great time with Gilbert. Okay,it was so sweet here. So I'm

kind of like weird about my sandwiches. Like I'm very picky about why didn't
you brought me my Stanmdich exactly theway that I wanted? And then he
brought like a bunch of different kindsof chips because I couldn't decide and he
was just like so cute and sosweet. And then even after the day
he like texted me to make surethat I got home okay, and what's

you No? He was so andhe was soon I said, like,
weirded me out. I'm not usedto that. Are you serious? But
you used to do what I'm notused to. I feel so nice and
like thoughtful and like listening to me, or if they are, it's because
it's like fake or they're like reallycleany and it's like a lovem kind of

like thing. And so I thinkI honestly just sort of needed to like
kind of sit with it for aminute, like figure out my feelings and
like try and see if there wereany like red flags that I didn't notice,
or that he was like trying totrick me or something. Am I
to understand that Gilbert is too involvedto the human for you to go out
with? Is that you actually?Honestly, Gilbert, I was gonna call

you today, So that's very hilarious. I'm worried that Gilbert to change his
mind. Gilbert, so a guybeing nice to you means he's being clingy.
No, no, it's it's notthat. It's just like in the
past, like sometimes guys that arelike really nice at first and like it's

like too much, like they're likethey end up being clingy or it's that
it's like fake and they're like doingthey're like with a bunch of girls and
they're just so nice because they likethey have like an act that they do
like every girl they go out.Should he pull back or what? Like
no, no, please, no, I'm so sorry. I just I

didn't know. I didn't I didn'tknow what to. I wanted to like
like detect them a little bit andlike creep on your social media and just
kind of like think about the day. But I do. I had a
great time and I would like tosee okay if you want to. Oh
wait, I don't even have toask. Okay, so Gilbert, this
is happening. I mean yeah,definitely, Like I hope I didn't come

on too strong, like I just, you know, I just thought you
were cool, and you know,I just wanted to spoil you a little
bit, like that's it, mygod. Okay, So are you guys,
are you going to go on asecond date? We can go now.
Yeah you are, Oh cow bell, I forgot cow bell for the
wind. The wind. This iscute all right, you guys have each

other's numbers. Let me put youon hold for a second. Congratulations all
around. This is great. Thanksyou guys. You got it. Hang
on. How cute are they?Yeah? A win, right, that's
a win for your Tuesday second Dateof day eight seven oh five weekday mornings,
replace it nine oh five. We'vegot a podcast too, don't forget

on the iHeartRadio app, which youcan download for free and then subscribe to
Marcus and Corey's second date update.Thank you in advance
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