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May 31, 2024 7 mins
Greg loved that Jessica was different. They went for some adventurous food, and Greg really wants to see her again soon, but she's ignoring his every request. Let's find out why. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three, It's Marcus andCorey and it's back Second Date up Date
update this morning. Hello, SecondDate Update. We're going to find you
a reason for date. I'm sorry, Greg, Apparently Corey's working at Jingle
Out in real time. I'm tryingto up the script, do something different.

What's up Greg? How Greg isa longtime listener to the show and
he needs some help with his lovelife. We're doing all right, dude.
So we want to get to itand talk about your date with Jessica
because it's my understanding that she's ghostedand we want to help you out.
Yeah, thank you, sure knowwhat happens, So tell us about it.

Tell us about first of all,how did you guys meet and then
run us through, like how thefirst date went. We met on a
massive and hinge okay, you know, basic, but she seemed different,
like I there's something about her Ireally really liked. And you know,
I had a big breakup about ayear ago. I'm trying to get back
out there and she's just so easyto talk to, Like there's never along

in the conversations he's gorgeous and superfunny. Yeah. We talked about our
love of adventurous food like Ethiopian food. We were both runners, which is
awesome. It was really nice,honestly to meet like a moment of such
substance, you know, after aftera week like chatting every day. But
I asked her out, okay,and it was great. We went for

a casual lunch just to get toknow each other. We went to Ethiopian
and uh, you know, wemet in San Francisco. It was really
I had such a great time andyou guys went to the same place Marcus
and I went to to have Ethiopianfood in China Basin. There are a
couple of great joys. There's onein China Base and then there is Yeah,

that's the one. That's okay,it dipped too far into the city.
That's great, that's a great youknow what, that's a great starter
date restaurant. Total, it wasthey were great, and we have so
many of the same you know,but favorite TV shows, right, were
talked about her plans. It wasso easy and it ended with a hug
you know who's and gentlemen, wesaid goodbye, and I really could not

wait to see her again, andnow this so so you're in China basin,
let's see maybe. Oh I'm sorry, Greg. Corey has a morbid
theory every time she watches a lotof dateline, maybe it might get weird.
She like walked towards Spark Social andsome of a food truck hit her.

God, wow, no, no, they were switching off food trucks.
There is something wrong with you.I know. All right. My
parents said, way to keep thevibes positive, Folly. Maybe she went
to the dog park. You don'tneed another one. Okay, save it,
Greg, back to you. I'msure she's fine. Let's just think

you'd feel better. No, nobodywas like, let's say that they hit
her. She's a lot bit allright, let's call her. We're gonna,
we're gonna, we're gonna. Let'stake a break, we'll play a
song. We'll call her next.Can you hang on the line. Yeah,
thank you so much? Awesome,you gotta hang on. It's Star
one O one three. More varietyfrom the two thousands, the nineties,

and today. It's Star one onone three. It's Marcus and Corey.
We're doing second Date update. We'vebeen chatting with Greg about his date with
Jessica. Ethiopian food. That's fun. You know what it is is you
eat with your hands, which isvery kind of intimate. They have what's
the bread called and Jera like youscoop it with that? Yes, yes
you do. All right, Greg, you're there. Greg is standing by.

Jessica has ghosted. Let's figure outwhy. Let's call her. Here
we go. Awesome, Oh,mutual phone. Forgot to tell you mut
your phone. Here we go.Hello, Hi, man, I speak
with Jessica. Please. This ishi Jessica. It's Marcus and Corey from

Star one on one three. Okay, sorry, I know it's early.
We were for radio stations. Yes, morning show. Sorry, wacky morning
disc jockeys. Good. Yeah,you can consider us as zoo are we
No? No, hey, sorryto bother you. No, that's okay.

I just don't really listen to theradio. Sure, I understand you
should. We're delightful. We arealso on the iHeartRadio app. That was
a part. Would you have asecond to talk to us on the air,
And it's only because we we doa segment called second Date Update.
There is a gentleman who took youon a first date recently, who would
love to go out again? He'sfeeling ghosted. Would you mind talking to

us about your date with Greg?He thought you were great? Yeah,
yeah, yeah, I mean sure, okay, what can you tell us?
So? How was the date fromyour perspective? You know, it
was He's a good guy. Ifound him attractive. You know, we
we had good conversation. But like, the thing is is that he was

not upfront about a major aspect ofhis life. Oh really, Well,
he has kids, and I didn'tknow that. He never brought it up
to me. It wasn't on hisprofile, you know, he never I
mean, it didn't come up oncein conversation, but I noticed, you
know, they were on the backof his phone. So I don't know.
I just thought it was really strange. Like he said he was single.

He said that. I think hislast relationship was like a year ago.
But I'm not interested in dating someonewith kids. You know, That's
just the way it is. AndI feel like men should be really upfront
with you about that kind of thinglike that should be mentioned right away.
Sure, well, I think everybodyshould be upfront with that. Sure,
all right, yeah, exactly.Okay, here's the thing is, so

Greg is listening right now, andGreg, I think we've got some answers
here. I hope it's okay ifI bring them on. Greg. Yeah,
hey, it's kind of a fauxpie think just put that stuff on
your profile. Hey, hey,Jessica, Yeah, yeah, I probably
should have. But here's the thing, like it immediately stops at the whole

conversation every time I just want tomeet somebody and not have to say it
right away, and then you know, so that they it just keeps happening
that that nobody, you know,nobody wants to date some with kids.
So it's it's kind of tough outthere, is it, because they don't
know you have kids. It justnever worked out. Do you put it

on your profile, you'd be cuttingout the middleman because then you would meet
people who know you already have kids. Yeah, you don't get you don't
any matches though, you know really, but otherwise you're wasting your time and
mind. Like I'm not interested indating someone with kids periods. So it
doesn't even matter how good our datewas, right, it's pretty It's sort

of why I didn't say anything,but you know, I get it,
like so, so Jessica there's there'sno point then, huh, no chance
of the second date? Yeah,because like you know, it's like he
left it out. You know,it's like a huge thing to leave out.
It just weirds me out. Andyeah not no, I'm not interested.
Yeah, I got it. Hangon, Yeah, I mean you
know that's a that's a that's abig detail. I don't know how you

leave that off your profile to No, you can't do that. Second date
update seven oh five weekday mornings,replace it nine oh five. It'll be
back next week. Until then,you can listen binge listen. All the
episodes are up on the iHeartRadio app. Download the app and then subscribe and
it'll be back Monday. Like Isaid, all right, it is Friday,
coming up next. We got morehookups for you seven thirty five this

morning. Who's coming to town?Ellen degenerous that's right. So we'll have
those passes for you to win.You're ready for it. It's Star one
oh one three, Here's Lifehouse.Good morning,
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