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June 10, 2024 9 mins
Isaac connected with Corina on so many levels, and they did a day in Rockridge. He really wants to see her again, but she's dodging him. Let's find out why. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today. It's Star
one on one three, It's Marcusand Corey. It's back from the weekend.
It's second Date Update. We arehere, We are in your corner.
We have your back, Rider Dies. I literally thought you were gonna
say, in your face, inyour face, rider Dies. We're here
to find out why you can't getthat second date, hence the name second
Date Update. Let's say, bringIsaac on, Isaac, good morning,

good morning, how you doing good? Good? So Isaac is having trouble
getting a girl named Karina on thephone who he had went out with.
What can you tell us, Isaac? How did you guys meet in how
did the first date go? Andwhat has happened since? Yeah, So,
just to be griefful, we meton a hinge and we ended up
meeting up for lunch in rock Rage. It was a really beautiful day.
We found this few little French placeand had wine and a couple of appetizers

and you just got to know eachother. I thought the day was great
and she was really cool also likeme, very environmentally conscious, love biking
and kind of all into a lotof things that I'm into and she was
really really pretty, justice pretty asher pictures, and I don't know,
I thought it was a great dateand I wanted to kind of show her
around because she's kind of new tothe area. Okay, I enjoyed myself

on the date, but the problemis that I can't really get a follow
up from her now. You know. I texted her given a couple of
days, gave a call, evenleft a voicemail. So it's like the
showing her around thing was like,that was your idea for the next date,
Hey, I can show you.Yeah, that's the perfect way to
get yourself in there for date exactlyexactly that that was kind of the idea.

I was like, you know what, maybe for the next date,
I can show you this part Ilike, or show you this thing,
you know. So yeah, soI thought it went well, kind of
had a game plan going forward,but all of a sudden, it's kind
of, uh, crickets. Sonothing like she's ghosted. Yeah, okay,
nothing, there's another thing can happen. Okay, hold on, hold
on, Corey does a dateline theoryevery time? Go ahead. So I

was just reading this story and itis about long haul truckers, so maybe
she stopped at a truck stop toget some gas and you know, got
spotted by a long haul trucker.Why do we have to be so specific,
because I'm going based off the facts. What are the facts? The
facts are that eight one hundred andfifty instances happened with long road long haul

road truckers. Jesus, and thenwhat happened? I don't want to know.
She's fine, she's just still inthe back of the cap. As
soon as she gets a moment,she's gonna escape, Isaac. Now he's
just entertaining you. Isaac's just beingvery polite. Listen, I just want
I want to give it you straight, Isaac, back to you. Why
don't we call her. Let's callher and try to figure out speech.

Isaac. We're gonna we're gonna figureout what happened. Can you hang on
the line. Yeah, okay,hang on one sec. We'll play a
song and we'll call Karina. SecondDate updates Star one on one three,
well variety from the two thousands,the nineties and today it's Star one O
one three. It is Marcus andCorey. We are doing Second Date Update
and we've been chatting with Isaac.He and Karina met on Hinge and ended

up in rock Ridge for lunch,little French action. They did some wines,
some appetizers. I like that,Isaac in your recollection. Nothing weird
happened. But yep, I thoughtit was a totally normal date. Like
the conversation was great. Sure,I thought it was good. Okay,
I'm just confused. Let's call herand and see what she thought. Hang
on the line. Actually mute yourselfout, and we're going to give her
a shout right now here we go. Hello, Hi, may speak with

Karina. Please? This is she. Hi Karina, It's Marcus and Corey.
Hi, I'm Star one on onethree. Hello, I'm sorry who
We're Marcus and Corey. We doa radio show here in the Bay on
iHeartRadio on Star one on one three. I don't suppose you listen to you.

I'm actually new from Texas, sothat's even against you. I just
haven't found any las yet. Well, welcome now you have. Hey,
listen, I know this is outof the ordinary. Would you have a
minute to be on the radio withus. We're doing a dating segment and
I'm wondering if you have a momentto talk about a date you've been on

recently, If that's okay. It'sa gentleman who really enjoyed your company.
She's exhausted already. I think sheknows who it is already. His name
is Isaac, and he dug you, and he's feeling ghosted. So I
don't want to put you on thespot. But what can you tell us
about the date? He'd love totake you out again? Is that possible?

How did it go for you?Well, I'm going to be honest,
sure, I mean he seemed supercool at first, like super cool,
and I was so excited about it, but he ended up being a
total weirdo, A weirdo. Yes, do tell Okay? So, like

I said, I was excited.I'm new to the Bay. Dating online
has been horrible, becau. I'vebeen driving around everywhere and I don't know
where I'm going to meet these guys. It's been terrible. But Isaacs seemed
different, Like he likes the outdoorsand I like the outdoor. Right,
we just had a lot in common. He loves to drink wine. I
do too. He had all histeeth. That's a plus for basics,

you know, yes, exactly.I can't tell's joking. I don't think
she is anyway. Sorry, itwas when the menus came that it got
really weird. Okay, it turnsout that he's a huge Germans or something
because he pulled out cor Ox wipeand started wiping down the table, the

menus, the silverware. This isliterally my worst nightmare. Yeah, Cory
does that in here. I don'twipe anything down and I clean off the
counter. No, I hate thatstuff. I'm sorry, being clean is
hard for you. All right,that was a shot anyway. Sorry anyhow,
back so okay, So he's wipingyour everything down. Yeah, and

I thought it was just a weirdquirk. Then when we went to say
goodbye and he gave me a fifthbump. What was that? A fist
bump? Well, I know alot of people have started doing that after
the pandemic. Uh huh, Imean I can even pass on that.
Wait, it gets so much weirder. We're saying our final goodbyes and he
actually pulls out parrel and squirts themon his hands while I'm still standing there.

So weird. So you Purel's afterthe fist bump? Yes, do
you even need to do that?I'm not sure. I just feel like
a lot of these things could havewaited till she wasn't there, Like I
might have wiped down my menu whenshe wasn't there. Sure, Okay,
So here's the fun part is we'vegot Isaac actually listening right now, Karina.
It's a teachable moment. Isaac,are you there? Hey? Guys,

Hey, So do you understand thisis a little what's the word I'm
looking for, quosd quirky? Youcan see how this is weird, Isaac.
I mean, look, to behonest, a part of me maybe
had a feeling this is what itwould be about. And honestly, I
don't really see the big deal,to be completely frank with you, So
I like to be hygienic. I'ma little hyper fixated on that maybe,

And honestly, restaurant menus are gross. Tables never get cleaned properly. So
I just a'm like, what iswrong with like little purel And I definitely
have, you know, a littlebit of an obsession with like being clean,
and you know, maybe it feltlike a little much after the fifth
bumps, But there's there's there's bacteriaand sequel matter everywhere. Pourrie always says,

well, they don't clean the menusall the time. Where they do
do them properly, and I've seenthem wipe down the tables of that dirty
rag. Wait a minute, yeah, I'm not. I'm not trying to
get you know, from an infectionfrom from a restaurant table on a first
date. Koreena, your thoughts.I mean, I totally get the menus
being dirty, but pulling out parrelright in front of me was like a

real vibe killer, sure, literallyand a fist bump like I'm not your
buddy, Like geez, Like,what if I went in to kiss you
that's literally swamping spit? I mean, would your head explode? I think
when it comes to like kissing andthings, I think eventually I would,
after a little bit of time,I would probably become more comfortable. I

would just need to know a littlebit more about your hygiene habits before I,
you know, was comfortable kissing you. Maybe you can get your dental
records. So what has happened?Oh my god? No, I wish
him all the best in his littlebubble, but no, I can't right,
Okay, hang on, hang on, I mean I understand hygiene does

a little over the top. Ithink there can be a balance of fist
bumping. If you really feel theneed to sanitize, perhaps wait until the
lady has left the premise. Goweird at the end. All right.
Second Date Update seven oh five.Weekday Mornings replays it nine oh five.
We've got the podcast. It'll beup there by noon on the iHeartRadio app.
Literally, you can subscribe to Marcusat Corey's Second Date Update. It's

Monday morning. I was in SantaBarbara over the weekend, downtown Santa Barbara,
walking around and I need to know. I had an interaction. Am
I the jerk here? It involvedsomebody else not picking up dog poop.
Well, I mean, I feellike that's kind of cutting dry, and
I said something. It depends onhow you said it exactly. All right,
we'll get into it about four minuteson Eat your Opinion. It's on

the way. Next it's Star oneoh one three versus Lady Gaga. Good morning,
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