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June 17, 2024 9 mins
James was stoked to meet someone so local, and he thought he had a great time with Bianca on their first date. He wants to see her again but she's ghosted. Let's find out why. 
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Well variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three. It's Marcus andCorey and we're doing second date update.
That's what's up. This is wherewe step in. We're going to put
our grubby fingers all over it andfigure out why you're not getting your second
date. You met someone, thefirst date went well, why are they
ghosting? Not sure how James isgoing to feel about your grubby fingers?

Like, you know what I mean? James, are you there, I'm
here, Welcome to the show.That's the sound of dejection in my opinion,
but not necessarily any guy. Youhad to muscle up and call it.
I am getting grossed it, Iknow I heard. Okay, let's
just get right into it. Tellus about your first date with Bianca.
First of all, how did youguys meet and then run us through it?

Okay? Yeah, we met onhings and I've been ok on hinds,
but there's been a lot of talkingand talking and talking on menja,
not a lot of action. Soit's really cool that finally after a couple
we were able to get together.And it's awesome because we're both in Alameda.

Uh So, I was super starkedabout that. That's easy. What
are the odds? I mean,right, both of you on the island,
amazing anyway, please continue? Sorry, So yeah, no, it's
all good. So we went toBolero and I thought it was awesome.
We're terrible, terrible bowlerslic as longas you're both doing it, and in

this case you both suck at it, that it's fun. Sure right,
I'm just about like the music atthe bowling alley and the dancing sure in
the lane. So so yeah,we had surprise and drink a couple of
beers, and then we thought,like, just keep it going. So

we went to the beach because wewere right there, and we just howl
walked and and then afterwards I thoughtit went okay, you know Caber,
big hugs, kids from the idto see you again. I haven't heard
that. Later, who doesn't lovelong, romantic walks on the beach,

Like literally everybody puts that in theirthings, right, that's what they say.
Here's my theory you want me toOkay, I'm sorry, hold on,
we haven't brief Jane James. SoJames Corey does a theory every day.
So here's her theorist to why Biancaisn't calling you back. Okay,
so you guys took the walk,Yes, you parted ways. Perhaps she

continued her stroll on the beach rightand got caught up in a sneaker wave.
No, no, I'm sure she'sfine. But perhaps insaid sneakerwave.
Phone was destroyed, so she's okay, she's fine. I'll tell you what,
James, Let's call her and seewhat she thought of your long romantic

walk on the beach. Maybe that'llgive us some insight as to why she
might have ghosted you. Okay,yeah, all right, everybody hang out
for a song. Let's we setand then we will call Bianca. It's
it's Second Date Update Star one ohone three or variety from the two thousands,
the nineties, and today it's Starone O one three. It's Marcus
and Corey. We're doing Second DateUpdate. We've been chatting with James about

his day with Bianca. The crazypart is, James, you said you
both live on Alameda, which isnuts. I mean, no, no,
it's that nuts I mean, butit's quite a coincidence, and a
happy coincidence. It's a great coincidence. We have to make this work.
We have to make it happen,all right, So Ballero, you're both

terrible at bowling and a long walkon the beach, and somehow she is
ghosted, like I said, sneakerwave Corey's theories and she got caught up
at a sneakerway. Jeez, atleast she's okay, she's fine, and
she's lost her phone. Let's giveher a call. And actually, James,
let me have you mute your phonefirst and we'll see what's up.

Okay, you got it? Hello, Hi, may speak with Bianca.
Please? Uh, this is therespeaking. Who's this? Hi Bianca?
It's Marcus and Corey from Star oneO one three? What's up Bianca?

Oh? Hi? Hi, hugefan. Obviously we do a we do
morning show in the Bay Area oniHeartRadio. Are you familiar? No,
I'm sorry, I can't say that. I am all right, It's okay.
Just check us out. We're justcalling around to say what's up when
I went three on your dial.I don't suppose you would mind being on

the air with us. We wouldlove to talk to you about a date
you've been on. If that's okay. We do a segment called Second date
update, and we're calling on behalfof a guy that you went on a
date with recently. His name isJames Long. Walk on the beach,
crappy balling. Does this ring abell at all? Yeah? Yeah,
I do know who you're talking.Okay, Okay, good, So he

would love to take you out again. He's feeling ghosted. I'd like to
be an optimist. I'm thinking maybeyou were just busy. But let's get
her take on the date. Okay, Well, I mean, like,
yes, I did the date itself, you know, the bowling alley was
was great. I mean just thefact that we were all both so close
to it, like sure, reallynice and well yeah, like he suggested

we, you know, go andwalk on the beach. We were so
close, and I thought it wasa great idea. So we decided to
walk right on the beach and wetook our shoes off to make it easier,
and then he took his socks offand his toes were awful. I'm
sorry, like I just have toslat out say that. I don't think

there's any other way to say it. His toes were like yellow and like
breaking off, and they looked likethey were infected. Basically. Yeah,
I was going to say I wastrying to get in my morning without hearing
the word infected. But here weare. Oh no, I'm sorry,
they were just bad. I hateto sound like this person, but I

gotta I gotta say with Bianca whenit comes to feet, Okay, I
need some some some awareness there.So you did ghost though, Yes,
yeah, okay, I did,all right, in complete honesty. We
do this because we want to helpsomebody. And so James is on the
line because he wanted to know whyyou ghosted. Yeah, he's listening.

Oh gosh, okay, So James, what caress amount feet? It's my
feet? Like yeah, well,I mean, I'm sorry, and I
hate to sound like so bored aboutit, but how do you not notice
that? Well? Usually because I'mwearing shoes, but you're always going to

be wearing shoes. I mean,I honestly, I get pedicures and I
rarely wear open told shoes. Butit's because I want my husband to like
my feet. Yeah, that's kindof where I'm coming from. James,
are you aware of these issues?I didn't. Let's put it this way,
I didn't know it was an issue. I bathe I don't really cut

my toenails all that often because I'mjust wearing socks, you know, or
shoes. You know, it's reallyjarring in the middle of the night.
If my husband hasn't clipped his toesrecently, I feel like an owl has
just pierced my skin as it scrapesdown my calf. As an owl ever
done that to you, I'm imaginingthat would is what it would feel like.
I mean, that's that's the painI feel. All right, Look,

yeah, I just I'm I mean, I'm sorry, but I'm on
the same page. Like there's justgoing to be a time, especially in
bed, where we're all going tosee each other's you know everything, you
know, so yeah, but we'renot there yet, and I feel like
there's like conversations you can have ratherthan just like completely ghosting. Like if
you say it's really important for methat you do this and that I'm going

to say, hey, I hada lot of fun with you. That's
you know, that's the issue forme. I don't do that. What
do you're going to do? SoBeyon connect year to articulate that hygiene is
important, Well, just maybe youget some pedicures on the rag I got
to be completely honest, Like,to me, it's a red flag because
it's just something that should be verybasic knowledge in my personal opinion. So

I just don't I'm sorry, Ijust don't think that a second. They
with knowledge do they teach you?Do they teach you about? All?
Right? James, Now you're justgetting argumentative. Just I just the lady
said, hang on, hang on, I mean hygiene, right, it's

important, is it not? Ithink so. Second Date updates seven oh
five weekday mornings. Your replay isgoing to be at nine oh five daily,
and then we have the podcast.It's on the iHeartRadio app. You
can go binge listen if youubscribe,smash that subscribe button. Thank you,
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