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June 4, 2024 7 mins
James and Nicholette met at a bar and hit the make out sesh right away. Wow! James really wants to see Nicholette again but it hasn't happened yet, and he wants our help to figure out why. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three, It's Marcus andCorey and we're doing it. It's second
date update. Come on, wewant everyone to find love. Yes,
I want you to be happy together. And that's the thing was second date
update. If you got the firstdate, we want to figure out why
you didn't get the second one.Let's say good morning to James, who
is online one James, Hello,Yeah, what's up guys? Hey,

man, So Nicolette, huh,Yes, I'm at this girl in the
city, like play leaves by abar, okay, and you know,
she was there with a couple offriends and yeah, I just, man,
just get a little makeout session andher number okayow zero response to any

of my calls. And I thoughtwe had a good job. So I
just really don't understand what's talking.You guys haven't actually even been on a
date. This is Yeah. Iwant to clarify that you guys met at
a bar. You were out withyour friends, she was out with her
friends, and like, you startedtalking and then you made out. Yeah.
Basic, my guy's got game.We're gonna we're gonna gloss over the
fact that I feel James, Ifeel like you barely woke up for this

phone call. That's all right,I don't believe you. I don't believe
you. All right, A chillman. But it was a good time.
And now she's disappeared. Yeah,yeah, basically yeah, maybe she's
married. Yeah, it's just outhaving fun with her chicks. Thought she'd

get a little nicky nikky on this. Different than your usual morbid theories.
She gets home late, her husbandsmells that cool water on her. Don't
do it, That's what I'm saying. Oh, maybe she can't call him
because she got in trouble. Sorry, James, Corey does these like she
watches way too much dateline, sobad things happen in her mind. I
didn't say bad. No, youdidn't. You didn't. Let's get back

to his issue. Okay, So, James, here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna call her and see what'sup. We'll see what she thought
of your interaction. Like I said, not even a date yet. Crazy,
Let's give her a shout. Canyou hang on the line for a
song? Ye? All right,dude, we'll be right back with it.
Hang on second date Update Star oneoh, one three. More variety

from the two thousands, the nineties, and today. It's Star one on
one three. It's Marcus and Corey. We're doing second Date update right now.
James is on the phone. He'sbeen telling us about This is more
of an interaction, not a date. I'm realizing they didn't even go on
date number one yet. Nope,because they made out when they met.
Anyway, James, just to recapreal quick. She was there at the

bar with her friends. You werethere with your friends. It was a
good time, and y'all made out. And now she's not calling you at
all. Accurate. Yeah, okay, exactly, and he's reached out.
All right, let's give her ashout. Go ahead and meet your phone,
and let's do what we do.Here we go, Hello, I

may speak with Nicolette. Please,Yes, Hi, Nicolette. It's Marcus
and Corey from Star one on onethree. Good morning, Good morning.
How are you? I'm good?How are you? I don't suppose you
listen to our show? Do yousometimes? Neat? Are you cool talking

with us on the air? Yeah, of course, excellent. We're doing
second Date update. I don't knowif you're familiar. Have you heard of
it. It's our dating second Okay, so you go on a first date
with somebody and you get ghosted andwe try to figure out why. Yes,
oh I see, Okay, wewould love to speak with you about

a date you have been on recentlywith a guy named James. Do you
remember James? James? You meanflip phone guy? Oh? Why are
you saying flip phone guy? Yeah, he didn't tell you he doesn't have
a smartphone. I mean, like, what what year is it? I

see? The crazy thing is ishe called us. He dug you,
He told us what happened when youguys met, and then he would love
to take you out. But he'ssaying you're duck in him. Now?
Is this accurate? I mean yeah, I just like I don't know.
It's like I can't see myself likedating someone with like a flip phone.

I mean, it's like kind ofweird. When you say flip phone,
you don't mean like those new flipphones where you open it up and you
got the whole camera and it's asmartphone. No no, yeah, no,
like and actual like flip phones fromlike the dinosaur ages, like a
og phone. Man, My firstphone was a flip phone. Well,

I am not going to say mynext sentence. Uh well, so that's
why you didn't call him. Yeah, but he told but like you you
had to have been into him,he said, you guys made out.
That was probably before she saw hisphone. I mean I was, like,
I was a little drunk and Ithought, like, you know,
he was kind of cute in themoment. So yeah, but like,

I'm not going to date them.I can't even text, like you know,
right, Okay, well he couldtext, but that's gonna take really
long time. So here. Sohere's the thing, Nicolette, is that
James is actually on the phone,believe it or not. I don't know
if he's on the landline or what. He can still make you're right right,
still dials out? James, Areyou there? I'm gonna bring him
if that's okay. Hey, sowe got some answers. I just want

to see how you feel about it. I just can't believe how people are
just so consumed with technology and likesocial media and there's smartphones, like they're
missing out on light man, Likeyou know, phones are like instruments of
corporate mind control, like and they'remaking this them about a second, I
mean, I can't believe how shallowyou are right now. You don't want

to be me because I don't havea smartphone, like, oh, my
bad, I have a flip phone. My bad. I'm paying attention to
everything else, including you, Like, I just don't even know how to
feel about this man. All right, Well, first of all, my
job is an influencer, so beingonline and social media is literally my job
and my life. And I justneed a guy that I can like share

funny memes and like post list likehow are we going to take you pictures
or you know, post to instagrams? Not a match? Ah? Wow,
that sounds like we might be intotwo different types of lives and it
all right. We could probably justcut this short. You guys, I'd
like you to uh Nicolette, sorryto bother you. Obviously not a match,

you guys, Hang on one second, hang on, Okay, those
are two way different lifestyles. Butnow it makes more sense to me that
they met out and about social media, not online. Sure, second date
update seven oh five Weekday Mornings,replace it nine oh five. You know
this that'll be up on the podcastas well. You can binge listen on
the iHeartRadio app if you subscribe toMarcus and Corey. Second date update
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