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June 20, 2024 8 mins
John says it was a great time drinking with Vanessa, and he wants to see her again, but she's slowing fading away and he's bummed. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three, it's Marcus andCorey and it is time once again for
second date update. Oh why whyis that second date so elusive? I
don't know? In your head?The first date was a dream. That's
what we're here to figure out.Say good morning to John, John,
are you there? Yes? Goodmorning? Hey? So the heck of

an intro? Right, thank you. I was working on that all day.
I keep trying to talk her intoa jingle or something, and she's
just like, second date update,thank you, do way better. What
can you tell us, John,Let's talk about Vanessa. It's a lady
that you met online. I believeon hinge if I'm not mistaken, tell

us about the first date. Now, first of all, before we get
into that, has she ghosted orwhat? No, it's not a total
ghosting, so it's not like radiosilent. So I don't know how to
explain it. But we're definitely likeI haven't gone on a second date with
her, and she doesn't. She'snot saying yes to any of those things
like a slow fait. It's likea fade away. I guess not not

a ghost and comber into the bushesthat old meme. Basically, yeah,
or like I like to think ofit, right back into the cornfield,
like Ray Liota, Sure, ifyou want to go to nineties, why
not, we'll tell you what eitherboth. So tell us about the date.
So what's up? Okay? Yeah, So like last week we met

in person. We just messaged backand forth on Hinge men. Person had
some Margharita's. Can't go wrong withMargarita's, right, Well, it depends
too many we had like we havewithin moderations. Okay, good Margarita moderation,
I guess. So I thought shewas really cute. She's got like
this curly brown hair. I'm asucker for that. Yeah. We got

a ton in common, Like shehas two dogs. I have two dogs.
So of course we showed each otherpictures of our dogs. Yeah yeah.
And I'm a big hiker and sois she. And she's like,
oh yeah, I've hiked all overthe bay and she was turning me onto
these trails that I have never evenheard of. Okay, okay, awesome,
Like let's do that. And thenI afterwards I just like texted her

and like, hey, you know, just kind of like stealing it out
and uh nothing really, So it'slike I don't know. I just I
really something happened between like the dateand now, and I don't know what
that is. Would you like mytheory? Oh wait? Yeah, sorry,
I don't know if you know.But Corey comes up with a theory
every time. Oh okay, pleasecontinue. The Vanessa has dogs, Okay,

that's what we heard. She likeshiking, yes, heard that as
well. This reminds me of aspecific episode of Dateline. Oh boy,
pretty young guy takes her dogs fora hike, don't do it and is
abducted. Oh god, no,here's the good news, not the abduction.
They find the dogs. Well,I guess that's not specific to me,

though I didn't bring up date Lineon the date. That's kind of
like there's two rules in the firstdays, Jod, you're trying to explain
Corey that that's not I'm just sayingit was an episode of Dateline. I
just saw it a couple of times. I'll tell you what, John,
why don't we call and find outfor ourselves that idea? Okay, we're
gonna reset and we were gonna callVanessa next, all right, it's a

it's second date update Star one onone three more variety from the two thousands
of the nineties and today it's Starone on one three. It's Marcus and
Corey. We're doing second date updateright now, chatting with John. He
met Vanessa on hinge. This isinteresting. They both have not one,
but two dogs. Did I getthat right? John? Oh, he
must be on mute. Yeah,two dogs? Sorry, both like they're

both like medium size too. Andthen you, guys, both are kind
of outdoors you like to go hiking. But she hasn't responded the last couple
of texts since your date. Goahead and go back on mute. Let's
call her and let's see what's up. Okay, we'll ask her about the
date. Here we go. Hello, Hey, may speak with Vanessa?

Please? This is she? Isthis? Hi Vanessa? It's Marcus and
Corey from Star one one three.Hey. Wait, what's it's Marcus and
Corey. I don't suppose you listenedto our morning show on Star one one
three. Yeah? Nice? Areyou seriously calling me? Yes? What's

up? Hi? We're just callingto say hi. Hi. That's a
lie. Uh, it's second dateupdate time. I don't know if you're
familiar with Second Date Update at all. Oh my gosh, are you serious?
I used to listen to this allthe time, and then I change
jobs and my schedule just doesn't allowit anymore. Oh my gosh, this

is great. We'll we usually changejobs again. Well, Noell, she
can also, you know what,you can listen on demand on the iHeartRadio
app the whole show whenever you want, you know why, because we accommodate
at any rate. It was delightful. And Second Date Update. I don't
know if you remember how it works, but there's a gentleman who took you

on a date, would love totake you out again, and he's feeling
like you're kind of fading on him. So we wanted to ask you about
your date with John. Wait,doesn't that mean he's on the line?
It does? It does? Hello? John? John? Are you there?
Yes? Hello John? Excellent?Wait you John? Say hello John?

Oh? I got you silly?So Vanessa, John, John,
Vanessa, Vanessa, tell us aboutthe date from your perspective. Please.
Okay, Hi, Hi John,Hi, Hi, I guess we're going
to do this on the radio.John, I had we had a really
nice time. Okay, And atfirst, I was I thought it was

a little weird because you were alittle shy. But you know, after
a couple of margarita's, I thinkwe opened up a little bit more and
you seemed really nice. We havea lot in common. We talked a
lot about the pups and hikes.I just think that, Okay, here's
the real thing. You were verynice at the very end of the day.

I remember you said text me whenyou get home, and so you
knew that I made it safe.I thought that was awesome, so I
did. And then later that nightyou texted me again and you asked how
my night was going, And honestly, I thought that was meant for another
woman, which is totally fine.Like we went on one date, so

you know, I didn't respond.In my head, I was like,
okay, well, maybe that wasfor somebody else, didn't I see you
a couple hours ago. And thenthe next morning you texted me again,
which was nice, but you texted, good morning, beautiful, how are
you? And while that is sweet, that feels a little bit more intimate
than what I expected after one date. And then you asked me how my

day was going later that day,and that at night you asked me just
to make sure that I was okay. So then I responded, But honestly,
by that point I was just annoyed. So John's doing too much.
That's too many texts. We metonce for a few hours, like which
you were not all funny. Iwanted to make sure you were okay.
At a certain point, I'm like, wait a minute, hold on,
like what's not Let my anxiety takeover and be like, wait, she

hasn't responded. If you had responded, I wouldn't have kept texting. I
don't think you're putting it on herthat if she had gotten back to you,
you wouldn't have texted her that much. Well, I wanted the next
day. Isn't that good communication?Like don't women always say like I want
somebody who can communicate well, Andthere's always that's like the problem in couples.

So it's like, I don't know. I'm just trying to I'm just
trying to follow up and just sayhello. I guess I'm not sure what's
wrong with that. But once Iresponded, then you responded again like five
or six times. I'm not abig texture. I want to hang out
in person the end, but I'mnot just gonna step by my phone and
text. Okay, look I'm hearingthat I am a text, so I'm

like, you know, just Ithought it was sweet. If a big
texture hooks up with a non texture, does it work out? Like Vanessa,
could we get a second date outof this? Try it again?
Honestly, I'm not interested. Iappreciate you checking in, I guess,
but the whole on the radio thing, and then you text too many times,
like I think my mind is alreadymade up. Hang on, hang

on doing too much, man,doing too much. You gotta play it
cool at the beginning. Second dateupdate seven oh five Weekday Mornings replays it
nine oh five. It's got apodcast that one will be up there as
well as of a noon today
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