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June 13, 2024 6 mins
The chemistry seemed great between Lindsey and Roy, and she thought their first in person meet up was great. Why has he really pulled back on the communication now?
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
on one three. It is Marcusand Corey time once again for second date
update. Let's go why why areyou not getting the second day? This
is what we're trying to figure out, hence the name of the situation.
Second date update correct second morning toLindsay. Hi, Lindsay, Hi,

Hey, So tell us about thisguy. Tell us about Roy. We're
going to try to figure out wherehe went, because it's my understanding that
he hasn't ghosted, but he's kindof like one word answer guy. At
this point you're not getting anyway becausehe's backpedaled all the way. So,
yeah, how did you guys meet? And then tell us about the first

date? Real quick? We meton Bumble and we were just like flirting
on the app forever and I waslike, is this going to happen?
But he finally asked me out onBumble a couple of weeks ago, okay,
and you know, I was likereally excited for the date. And
it's been a really long time.It's been a really long time since I've

dated a real man with like agood job, and he's in marketing and
I really liked that, and he'slike active, we're both runners. It's
got huh Sara assumption, Marcus.You know the basics. Yeah, yeah,
that's the basics. So we decidedto go out for Mediterranean food in

San Jose after work one night,and he looked really good, and I
will say, like the chemistry wasn'tone hundred percent there, but I just
thought maybe it was first date jitters. Sure, And ever since we went
on that date, he's just beenyeah, like one word answers, and
I'm just it's a total shift andI'm annoyed and I don't understand what happens.

Okay, all right, hold on, we got a standby for Corey's
Theory, Corey's Daily Theorist to whathappened to your date? Go ahead,
So you say you're only getting likeone word text messages, right, yeah?
Okay, So I'm thinking he's beingheld for ransom. You said he's
got a good job in marketing.Perhaps his captors are limiting his phone access.
Oh god, motus points if youtell me who his captors are.

Are we talking the cartel or justsomeone who wants his money? Jesu?
I mean it could be actually whatwould be really shocking, is it someone
that he knows, who knows hisbank account. Usually these kind of crimes
that somebody who knows they stop talkinganytime. Okay, you asked, I
provide. I mean, we'll see, Lindsay tell you what. We're gonna

call him and we'll see what's up. Can you hang on for a song
though, Yeah, all right,we'll call Roy. Next Second Date update
Star one oh one three, Wellvariety from the two thousands, the nineties
and today it's Star one O onethree. It's Marcus and Corey. We're
doing Second Date Update. We've beenchatting with Lindsay about her date with Roy.
They went out a couple of weeksago. We'll call him and then

we'll ask him like, if you'rebeing held for ransom? Blink one for
yes, blink two for That's Corey'stheory day, is that he's being held
for ransom and that's why he can'tcall Lindsay. It can't possibly be Lindsay's
fault. No, so never Lindsay, go ahead and put yourself on mute
and we're gonna call him right now. Okay, okay, all right,
here we go. Hello, Hi, may speak with Roy. Please this

Roy. Hi, Roy, It'smarketing Corey from Star one on one three.
That's good Roy. Uh Hi,what's uh? What's this about?
Sorry? Uh? So? Wewe do a radio show for iHeartRadio in
San Francisco on on Star one onone three. I don't suppose you listen?
I do not? Okay, verygood. Well, the main question
we need to ask you is ifyou would feel comfortable going on the air

with us and talking about a dateyou recently went on. Okay, I
suppose so fantastic okay, So wouldlove to ask you about a date with
a lady named Lindsay because she hada great time and she's feeling like like
she didn't say the word ghosted,but she is feeling like you backed off

quite a bit. So we're justwondering that something go down. Maybe you've
just been busy. Did you enjoythe day? You know? I will
say she was cute, but okay, I just wasn't. I wasn't really
feeling it. Can you elaborate onthat? Yes? Okay? I you
know when she showed up, Icouldn't even recognize her from her picture because

she was so she was like supertan, so dark, it was supertan,
supertan, and it was so bad. She didn't look like a profile pick
at all at all. Like,do you remember that the tan mom from
back in the day. Oh god, it was like that. That's quite
an exception, all right, itwas. It was unsettling, honestly.
All Right, Well, hang outfor a sec because Lindsay is actually on

the phone, she's actually listening,if you don't mind, would we use
this as a teachable moment? Sorry, would love to bring her on,
Lindsay, are you there? Yeah, I'm here. Okay, I'm just
like okay, So you're not callingme back because you don't like my tan,
Like that's so shallow. I mean, I don't think that shallow.

Like I barely recognized you. Youwere a literal different color adventures. You
were orange. It's hilarious that you'recalling me fakes like, I mean,
I'm like shocked. I've never hadanyone complain and like about that. And
I don't know, like I liketanning. It makes me happy, It
makes me feel ready for the summer. Are you are you tanning? Are

you spray tanning? I'm doing thespray tan I mean whatever, it is,
Honestly, it looks horrible. Ah, like, like just just awful.
You look like you were painted.Wow. I'm sorry, oh wow
like wow, like I felt likeif I peeled you get a juicy fruit

on the inside. Honestly. Okay, well, not necessary here, Hang
on one second, you guys,hang on, hang on, Lindsay,
he's on. Hold to be afair Lindsay. When I Raytana, I
actually do look orange. I'm sureyou look lovely. Thank you. Do
you want to pursue this at all? I'm assuming no, but no,

I'm so done. I'm done.Sure, hang on, hang on.
That felt really petty to me.Man, it's so hard to meet somebody
and that's your deal breaker anyway.Second Date Update seven oh five. Weekday
Mornings replays it nine oh five.It'll be up on the podcast today by
noon. Thanks for producer Jason.Download the free iHeartRadio app and you can

binge listen to all of them.They're all right up there. It's Marcus
and Corey. Second Date Update.That's the name of the podcast.
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