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June 6, 2024 8 mins
Melinda says there was a natural and real connection with Jose. She wants to see him again, but he's making that second date plan pretty difficult. Let's call him and find out why. 
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today star one on
one three It's Marcus and Corey andwe're doing it again. It's second date
update. Dating is hard, Yes, you know, it's hard enough to
get that first date, and sowhen you feel like you're being ghosted,
we try to help you get thesecond one. Let's bring Melinda on.
Hi, Melinda, Hey, howare you? I'm really good? How
are you? Guy? I askedthat knowing you're in a crisis, but

yeah, it's a harsh word.Yeah, let's talk about your date though,
Let's talk about jose How did youguys meet? And then let's run
it through, like what happened onthe first date? We met on Hinge
okay uh, and we had areally great first date. So I feel

like that was solid. We bothlike, we both have dogs, we
love to travel, and then likewe talked about some serious to neither of
us want kids, so we justfelt very aligned. Sure, And he's
exactly the way that he looks onhis profiles for handlem he has yeah,

really good news you don't want somebodydoes not look like they're for He's got
like a great smile and he's gotthis, Like, he's just gorgeous.
He's got long hair, and hedefinitely works out. He's just got like
he's really built. He's got likebig arms, chest day I can climbing

like a tree. That's my favoritethis guy. Okay, what did you
guys do for your date? Wewent to this Mexican spot in Bro the
game and yeah, we had somemargaritas. It was really good. So

yeah, so I felt like thedate went really great. And then ever
since the first day, which iswhy I'm calling you, guys, he's
turned into emoji guy. Like I'llsend him a text and it's just not
even you know, just an emojiand tell me he's not doing the thumbs

up. Yeah, he's done that, And so I don't know what to
say that, and I don't wantto keep texting it and not, like
how hard is it to type asentence or a few words? Sure?
One thing you haven't mentioned he hasa job, right, Yeah, I
mean he's got a good job.Right. Hold on, is your theory
coming right now? Yes? Okay, So Corey watches a lot of Dateline

and she has her theories as towhy people don't get callbacks. Please continue,
Well, if he's got a goodjob. Maybe he's a little extra
smart, maybe did some embezzling.They caught him. He's on the run.
Really couldn't he text me words?Even if he's on the run,
they're going to track his phone.He's he's got to keep that thing off.
Maybe he doesn't have a burner.He's got to get a burner.

And when he gets the burner,he's not going to have her number in
it because he didn't have a chanceto transfer over numbers. Your brain is
weird. I mean, you gotavery basics. Hey, let's call him,
how about it so you know thedrill. You've been listening to the
show long enough. We're gonna callJose. We'll see what's up with regards

to like how he was feeling aboutthe date. Can you hang on for
a song? Yeah, all right, we'll call him next on his burner.
Second Date Update, Star one onone three, Hang on more variety
from the two thousands, the nineties, and today. It's Star one on
one three. It's Marcus and Corey. We're doing second Date Update. We've
been chatting with Melinda, who hada delightful date with Jose. We're trying

to figure out. Why, Yeah, he is emojiing back? Is that
a word? Emoji? E?Emoji? Probably so, Melinda, You
guys went for Mexican food in Berlingame and he works out and everything was
cool. Let's call him and seewhat's up. Hang on the line.
In fact, you know what todo. Mute yourself out. Let's see

what he says. We might getthat old do do do? The person
who's trying to reach is no longerin service. You never know? Here
we go hang on him speaking thoseplease? Yeah? So who's calling?
Hi? Jose? It's Marcus andCory from start one one three? What's

okay? Hi? Hello? Hi? I don't suppose you listen to our
radio show. Do you now what'sgoing on in the background? Are you
and speakers? Are you at bart? I'm just walking out of the meeting
right now. Give me a second. How can I help you? By
the way, sorry, so wedo a radio show for iHeartRadio. You

d come around on either side maybeone minute. Guys, I'm so sorry.
I think you're in jail. He'sgetting booked. Oh my god,
I don't want to be on thephone. Do the cavity sirs? Are
you okay of Corey. Maybe youwere right. Maybe he isn't embezzling.

I feel like you just got books. Is this not a good time,
some Frank? I guess no,no, no, no, no,
no, don't hang up, don'trank, it's not Frank. I'll cut to
the chase. We do a morningradio show. We do a segment called
second Date Update, and there isa woman that you've been on a date
with recently who had the best time. She's wondering if you ghosted. Her

name is Melinda. Would you minddiscussing your date with Melinda on the radio?
Yes? Please, Yes, wouldlove to know your take on the
date. She's feeling not ghosted,but she's feeling like you've turned to like
what she said was a moji guy, like you can't respond to her text
or you're not responding to her text. So did you have a good time
on the date? I mean itwas more concerning than anything. How's that?

Yeah? What does that mean?Well? We met on Hinge.
She she had a little Jack Russelland you know too, because I like
to sleep with my little dog inmy bed every day, you know,
so I needed a woman that wasdown with that. So I met up
and she was just pounding down margarita's. Like I think by the time I
was done with my first she hadhad like four started to like try to

fight me on the side of thestreet as a joke. I think she
was like doing that thing that childrendo where they like to show off like
stuff the thing. Now, Sowait, you saying she got You're saying
she got drunk on the date.Is that what you're saying? Yeah,
she was pretty quad okay in allhonesty, Uh me, Linda's on the

phone with us, so she's listeningright now. Actually right, well case
she asked for it by talking toyou about it, Melinda. Yeah,
so were you nervous? Maybe hehad a little too much liquid courage?
No, Like I can hold myalcohol. These were strong margaritas. But

I don't know what he's talking about. Was like the fight, like me
trying to fight him. I washaving a good time and it helped me,
you know, Like I don't know, I have a better conversation with
some drinks, like for someone new. But I definitely was not like stumbling
and stuff. Do you even rememberour ride home in the hbor to your

place? Yeah? I mean,but I was fine. What are you
talking about you were not fine?Do you think I wanted to go twenty
minutes to the opposite direction? Ifyou were fine, like I didn't want
to do that, I would havegone straight home myself. That's why you
went an uber with me. Yeah, I was like, I can give
myself together. I don't know whatlike you're trying to make me out as

this, I don't know, asa total like mess and sloppy drunk.
I mean, I guess if youdon't like having fun at all or what
do you normally not drink? Ido drink and the other stuff that you
said not wanting to have fun justsounds like a dead end conversation to me,
Melinda, I don't I don't wantto see you again. I'm sorry.

I don't know, like I didn'twant to. I don't know what.
I won't even ask. Yeah,clearly, all right, sounds good?
All right? Well that escalated quickly. Uh not a match? Nope,
Nope, nope. Second Date Updateseven oh five weekday mornings. The
replays at nine oh five. Obviouslywe have a podcast too. It's on
the iHeartRadio app. It's Marcus andCorey Second Date Update. Please subscribe and thank you
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