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June 24, 2024 8 mins
After losing touch for a bit Tyler and Randi were able to connect on a romantic level and Tyler thought their date was great. He wants to see her again, but she's not making it easy. 
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Well variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today Star one O
one three. It's Marcus and Corey. We're doing second Date Update, Second
Date, Second Date? Can weget us? Second Day? We've always
been working on a jingle. Isthat you like that? Turning into us
song? That's why was the firstjingle song. It feels like a like

a soap opera. Second Day?Tyler? Are you there? Second Date?
I am here. Hey dude,Hello, Hello, So let's help
Tyler out with this girl. Randy, Okay, how do you guys know
each other? I understand it's aunique circumstance. And then tell us about

the first date. All right,So we actually knew each other in high
school. We were pretty good friends. You know, we're talking to each
other all the time, but youknow, as life goes on, you
kind of lose touch, and weactually ended up reconnecting, like over a
decade later. We're in our likemid thirties now, and we ended up

reconnecting or talking and asked her outon a date. She agreed, So
look at you. I mean,yeah, it was great, and so
I mean I picked her up.I was a full gentleman, opened the
car door for her and everything,and you know, the chemistry was really
there. You know, I reallyfelt it. And I love cooking up
with my high school boyfriend after thefact, but this was her boyfriend.

See this is unique to me becauseTyler was like, in were you in
the friend zone back in the day? Oh yeah, my man walked his
way out of the friend zone?Corey. Do you know how difficult that
is. I just felt bad becauseI would like, oh, hey,
it's so good to see you,and then like we do whatever, and
then I'd be like, bye,oh you were that late? Okay,
all right, I like you alittle bit less right now. Yeah,
that's so anyway, Sorry, backto you. So what did you guys

do on your date? So wewent to this really really nice sushi spot.
We both like, really liked sushiand we connected over that, okay.
And so we went to this reallygreat one over in Wilmut, Okay,
and you know, had some greatconversation. It was we were just
hitting it off, you know,reconnecting over the years and you know,

seeing how life has treated us andall that, and it went really well,
you know great, and say therewas any hiccups during the day and
even on the ride home, youknow, but there was a little bit
of attension on the ride home.Okay, she was a little bit quieter,
and I mean as I got toher house, she just left.

I didn't get a hug or akiss, and ever since then, I
haven't gotten a single test message.So you did something wrong, he did.
I have a theory. Okay,hold on, Tyler, this is
your first time on the show.But Corey has a daily theory. So
let's hear it. Okay, Somaybe after Tyler dropped Randy off, Uh
huh, she decided to hit upsocial media, maybe check out some of
the other people they went to schoolwith. Okay, Bam, she sees

her high school boyfriend Sparks Fly,they reconnect. How does this explain the
attitude and the vehicle. I don'tknow. By the attitude in the vehicle.
Maybe in the vehicle she was like, you know what, I need
to figure out my old boyfriend's doing. And she started like fantasizing about that.
No, and they're both single,and she's like, sorry, Tyler,
you really want to squash him likethat? Huh. No, I'm

trying to make him feel better.But he didn't do anything wrong. Wow,
you didn't do anything wrong, Tyler, do you feel better? Tell
you what. Let's just call herand ask her, dude, can you
hang on the line for a song? Geping it real? All right,
Well we'll get after it. NextSecond date update Star one on one three
or variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one

on one three. It's Marcus andCorey. We're doing second date Update.
We've been chatting with Tyler on andoff the air here about his date with
a girl named Randy. So uniquesituation. They were friends in high school.
Yes, he battled his way outof the friend zone and shot is
shot here more than a decade later. And Tyler, you said, you
guys went out for sushi. Yeah, sushi, We had sake. It
was a really great date, honestly. Okay for warm or cold sake,

I prefer cold. It's a littlebit more crisp than had the flavors in
it, for sure, all right, I would agree form kind of tends
to metal it out. Oh,he's using big words metal. When I
live to Minneapolis in the winter,hot sake was dope. Yeah, Walnut
Creek in the summertime, forget yougive me a saki popsicle. Okay,

let's call Randy and see what happened, because the only clue that we have
is it's something that's weird on thecar ride home. But let's give her
a shout and let's see what's up. Hello, Hi, may speak with
Randy please? This is her.Hi Randy, It's Marcus and Corey of

Star one on one three. Hey, the House of Star. What's up?
Yeah, you're still Game of Throneright now? I know you guys
are excellent. You do welcome?Are you familiar with second date update?
Yes, we're doing that right now. We would like to invite you to
be part of it. Understand thatyou have gone on a date recently.

The gentleman has checked in. Doyou mind talking to us about your date
with Tyler's on the phone. Yes, he is Tyler. I am okay,
we did it, Randy. Imean, I'm sure you know.
Tyler would love to take you outagain. He waited a decade to shoot

his shot, and now he's feelinglike you're not into it. He says,
you're not entering texts, so isthere something going on? Have you
been busy? Well, I'm convinced, he screwed up somewhere tell us everything,
you know. I was really actuallyexcited to hang out with him,
Okay, and we did have agreat time. Okay. Yeah, he's
a super cool dude, but he'sgot some dangerous habits. Okay, Like

what, Well, basically he wastexting and driving, which made me really
nervous on your date, Like like, yeah, why are you texting when
you're on a date with someone?I was not texting on the date.
Well, I don't even think Ibrought out my phone. I maybe sent
a couple of text messages on thedrive there. So hold on, Randy,

can you clarify was he texting onthe date? Texting in the car?
He sent two texts while he wasdriving, which is so dangerous.
Yeah, why are you doing that? I didn't think it was that big
of a deal. It's two textmessages. It's illegal, right, that's
yeah, but everybody does it,you know, Randy, did you say
something? I don't know. Ijust yeah, I was like, hey,

could you just wait until you're donedriving to send those messages? And
he snapped at me. Oh.I was like, right, I didn't
think it was that big of adeal. When I see people and they're
acting stupid on the road. Iknow they're texting. I mean, and
it's illegal. How many times wehave to say that it's legal? Did

you hear me? That is true? It is? I value my safety,
sure so? And what would beso important that you have to text
while you're on a date with somebody? I was actually I know it's dumb,
but I was texting my roommate aboutthe game because that's important. I
just wanted to get some updates,I know. Or you could at least

wait till you got to the restaurantand then maybe went to the bathroom and
hit it from her. All right, what are you my mom or something?
It's a text message? Everybody textyou just crack on my age?
Was that you? I hope?Not so? Randy? Are we can
we salvage this or no? I'mhonestly really annoyed, And yeah, it's

probably not going to work. LikeTyler, you're really cool, but no,
it's not going to work. Allright, very good. I don't
blame her man texting and driving safetyfirst kids, especially on a first date.
Being that cluse about it anyway,all right, Second date update seven
o five Every weekday morning replay atnine o five. Of course as a
podcast too. You know this,It's on the iHeartRadio app. Marcus and

Corey second Date update. You cango binge listen
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