Repcolite Home Improvement Show

Repcolite Home Improvement Show

Every week on the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show we interview a variety of experts from the West Michigan area and beyond! If you heard one of our guests and would like to get in touch to ask further questions, we've got everything you need in the table below.


June 3, 2023 39 mins
On Today's EpisodeFlex Tape to the Rescue? [00:00 - 07:12]After finding some damaged hoses, Dan prepared to do the repairs. One of his kids spoke up and recommended Flex Tape as the solution. The commercials are all over the place and they show Flex Tape solving problems in a miraculous fashion. But did it work in Dan's situation?Front Door Masterclass [07:12 - 30:24]Scott Hudgens, Manager of the Birmingham RepcoLite, is hosting a ...
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On Today's EpisodeWith Memorial Day weekend here, we wanted to spend a little time focusing on what the day is about, so the last half of the show is dedicated to the day and the men and women who've given their lives in the service of their country. Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing [00:00 - 07:30]If you're on the fence when it comes to fencing materials, here's some information that may help you decide which one is right for you!Hello New P...
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On Today's EpisodeA Baby Announcement [00:00 - 05:38]Long-time co-host of the show, Hailey, had her baby! We share some info and do a little reminiscing...How Michigan's New VOC Rules Will Impact All of Us [05:38 - 33:28]New regulations regarding VOCs in paint and coatings went into effect in April in Michigan. And while it may seem like it may not impact you . . . chances are, everyone will feel it a little.Gone are oil-based deck...
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    On Today's EpisodeThis week, our show was pre-empted in the West Michigan market, so we decided to air a "Best Of" episode featuring some of our favorite segments.The (Tasty) History of Tulips [00:00 - 09:30]In honor of the end of Tulip Time 2023, we talk about the surprising (and surprisingly "tasty") history of tulips.Touch-Up Master Class [09:31 - 18:59]Ever touched up some scuffs on your wall only to have less than perfect res...
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    On Today's EpisodeHow to Remove Moss from Your Roof [00:00 - 15:32]FORMULA I USED:
    • 1 Pound Oxygenated Bleach
    • 2 Gallons of Water

    THIS IS FOR DIY Formulas! If you purchased a roof cleaner, follow label instructionsFIRST: RINSE PLANTS AROUND BASE OF HOUSESECOND: RINSE THE ROOF WITH LOW PRESSURE
    • IF You spray from the ground, be cautious NOT to spray up under the shingles.
    • May be better to get on the roof and spray at a downward...
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    On Today's EpisodeJust Say No to One Coat! [00:00 - 6:25]We are people, too! We know how tempting it is try to squeak by with one coat of paint. Here are 5 quick reasons why you shouldn't do that! 1) ONE COAT MIGHT NOT LOOK AS GOOD AS YOU THINK!
    • Lighting can affect what we see
    • Wet hide versus Dry hide – not the same things

    • Better Color Representation → Better Look
    • Better Durability, ...
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    On Today's EpisodeGetting Unstuck [00:00 - 7:08]Life's busy and projects and maintenance and all kinds of other jobs can get pushed to the side. And often, when that happens, there's a bit of guilt that starts to build. We should be wrapping these things up. And if we're not, what does that say about us?Well, I'm in the middle of a long slog through this and in my efforts to figure out what I might need to do to get myself moving a...
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    On Today's EpisodeSurge Protectors Vs. Power Strips [00:00 - 06:57]With some recent lightning storms, we've heard a couple horror stories where people lost a lot of the electronic devices in their home after a power surge. There's a simple, inexpensive solution that most of us know about . . . but not all of us use: surge protectors. And before you tune out because you think you've got a couple surge protectors on your devices, mak...
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    On Today's EpisodeSpring Cleaning Around the World [00:00 - 11:49]Spring cleaning reaches back to Biblical times and beyond... We explore how the world approaches everyone's favorite Spring pasttime.20 Minutes to Clean [11:50 - 18:59]We love the idea of a clean house, but getting started can be tough. We've got a trick that will get you moving. Best of all? It's painless.Can I Paint THAT??? [19:00 - 32:59]We see it all the time on ...
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    On Today's EpisodeApril Fool's Day History [00:00 - 08:01]It's April Fool's Day and that means people all over the place are going to be pranking friends or getting pranked. But where does the day come from in the first place? The history is a little surprising!Best Hoaxes Through the Years [08:02 - 18:59]In digging into the history of April Fool's Day, we ran into a number of amazing hoaxes sprung on the unsuspecting masses throug...
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    March 25, 2023 39 mins
    On Today's EpisodeThe Review Review [00:00 - 11:36]We revisit a few of our previous reviews and recommendations to see if they stood the test of time. Lomi Countertop ComposterYou can check out our original segment on Lomi down below. But the long and short of it is . . . after nearly a year of ownership, the luster has worn off a bit! The Lomi unit is great and does exactly what it's supposed to do . . . it's just that Hailey doe...
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    On Today's EpisodeCooking with Cast Iron [00:00 - 13:29]Cast Iron is old school, heavy, and a traditional weapon against burglars . . . but is it still serious cookware? Absolutely . . . it's the Serious-est.
    Color Sample Sale [13:30 - 19:00]Benjamin Moore Color Samples are the ideal way to make sure you've chosen the right color. The rest of this month, they're 50% off!How to Find the Rig...
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    On Today's EpisodeIt's our 300th Episode and we're kicking back and celebrating! 300 Episodes [00:00 - 07:25]We make a correction to our Chicken Conversation from last week and talk about the fun we've had making 300 episodes!Extension Cords [07:26 - 18:59]Getting the right extension cord is a big deal! In this segment, we talk about everything you need to know to make the right choice.Powering 15 amp tools for 25 feet? Go with a 1...
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    On Today's EpisodeInflation Chickens [00:00 - 11:03]With rising egg prices, there may be just ONE reasonable way to proceed: raising our own chickens. Inflation Chickens are a real thing and we're wondering whether or not it makes sense!Nurseries (Again) [11:04 - 26:52]We talked about some nursery struggles last week. This week, we want to talk about the best paint choices if you're painting while pregnant. And, we want to spend so...
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    On Today's EpisodeIt's a banner day on the show as we get to break some breaking news....Dormant Seeding [00:00 - 06:50]Hailey missed the opportunity in the fall to overseed her lawn. Disappointed, she turned to the internet and discovered the concept of Dormant Seeding. If your lawn has some bare spots and you'd like to get a leg up on spring, maybe a little dormant seeding is just what's needed.SOME RESOURCES:
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    On Today's EpisodeUnderstanding Paint Cure [00:00 - 08:20]Yes, we are literally doing a segment on watching paint dry. But it's important info! Paint can dry to the touch in hours or less . . . but it doesn't reach it's full durability for much longer. We've got the info that will help you make sure you're next paint project turns out beautifully.High Efficiency Wood Burners: Tax Credit [08:21 - 18:59]Kurt Zink, Fire Scientist from...
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    February 11, 2023 51 mins
    On Today's EpisodeToday's show is really all about sneaking pops of color into unexpected places! It can have a huge impact on your interior design . . . but where do you draw the line? How much is too much? And which spots are the right ones?The Bold New Colors of Kohler [00:00 - 19:00]Kohler has just announced two new colors that we'll be seeing in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and even toilets! These are historical colors and o...
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    On Today's EpisodeOn this episode, we focus on a design trend that's been "a thing" for a while: using plywood as a finish material in interior design. We discuss the idea and toss around a few things to consider if you're thinking about jumping in!Dawn Powerwash Review [00:00 - 13:46]Maybe you've seen the commercials . . . maybe you've been skeptical. Put that all aside. Hailey's been using this new dish washing miracle and LOVES ...
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    On Today's EpisodeAre You Moisturizing? [00:00 - 08:44]Here's the video Dan was talking about at the beginning of the segment!We talked about Dan’s smart humidifier last week
    • How it can be an essential home appliance during the winter 
    • Which reminded us there are simple maintenance steps many of us forget about during winter months! 
    • Conditioning the wood and leather in our home

    As wood or leather loses moisture, it shrinks, w...
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    On Today's EpisodeLaundry Bag Hacks [00:00 - 06:14]You've heard of mesh laundry bags, I'm sure. And maybe you've had good luck using them for their intended purpose: laundry. But there are a lot of other creative uses for these cool, mesh bags! Here are just a few:BABY STUFFNew baby in the house? It can be really tough to take care and keep track of all their gear once you've tossed it into the washer. If you've struggled with that...
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