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The Suuuper Anime Podcast is a show that looks to entertain, inspire and inform you about anime. We provide our opinion and thoughts on various anime topics, as well examine these topics from a real-world perspective on what we can learn from anime. Whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned veteran, every week, we invite you to come listen, share and laugh with us :-). We hope every episode ignites your otaku spirit and leaves YOU feeling SUUUPER!


May 30, 2023 55 mins

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers”. - Voltaire


  • Some of the questions as we answer as part of this episode are 
  • Will Hunter x Hunter ever come back?  
  • Who is the most sus anime character?
  • Is Chad from Bleach the most sus anime character?  
  • How do I get over sad ending of a TV series or movie?
  • How has the role of music in anime evolved over time? 
  • How has the rise of social media affected the way anim...
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“Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.”  -  Malcom X 

In this episode we take an in-depth analysis and talk about the ethical considerations surrounding the use of violence in anime. The episode explores the various ethical questions that arise from the portrayal of violence in anime.


Discussion points  

  • How does the depiction of violence in anime impact viewers? Is it possible for the portrayal of ...
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"Ed is burning right now!" – Solo of suuuper anime podcast 

We have another series of Anime Fact or Fiction part 6. In this episode we are celebrating the podcast passing 150 episodes with a Suuuper Anime fact or fiction episode. Solo is put the test by answering questions about Suuuper Anime podcast. Will be able to answer questions about our podcast? 

Press play to find out.  

In this episode Solo answer questions relating...

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“I am the captain now” – Solo

Lets Goo! 

In this episode we discuss the top 10 anime shows that we want to watch that is on our anime list. 

Solo and Ed both choose 10 anime that they want to watch. Some great and anime recommended here, did yours make the list! 

Discussion Notes

Why did we choose this anime, what makes them intriguing to be our next anime to watch? 

  • How and has our list changed over time? If at all. 
  • We then go into ...
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“Something ain’t right when we talking”. – Drake 

In this Suuuper Anime podcast episode we discuss the highly controversial within the anime community of fake anime fans". Some weebs argue that there is no such thing as a fake fan and that anyone who enjoys anime should be welcomed into the community. Other weebs (haters) believe that certain behaviours, such as only watching popular anime series or not engaging with the commun...

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"These are the best of the best our top tier anime" - Ed 

Discussion Notes

  • We go through our top 20 anime! The Premier League of all anime! 
  • Anime discussed in this include: 
    • Attack On Titan
    • Your Name,
    • Zoids
    • One Piece
    • Beserk
    • Vampire Hunter
    •  Gurren Lagann
    • Kaiji 
  • Can you guess our top 5 anime?
  • Can you guess any other animes that would be in our top 20 anime? 
  • Listen to find out the full list as well as whether an a...
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“I would beat anyone in Super Smash Bros” – Ed 

This was a very enjoyable episodes we mix Super Smash Bros and Anime and discuss which anime characters would be great characters to play with in Super Smash Bros, Melee, Brawl and Ultimate! 

Discussion Notes

  •  What was your thinking first when it comes to choosing a character?
  • What components where you factoring in?
  • Let’s name some anime characters who we would have in smash bros...
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“Watch me come back with my Ultra Instinct Mode” – Solo 

As usual, Ed puts Solo to the test as he asks Solo some fact or fiction questions regarding anime. 

  • Discussion points 
  • In this episode of the series, Solo has to answer tough questions like such as: 
  • Is D-Grayman as the number one darkest anime?
  • Are the Shinigami in "Death Note," actually spirits who help humans to kill people?
  • Is Kaguya-sama: Love is war as num...
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"The weak are destined to lie beneath the boots of the strong. If that angers you, overcome your deficits." – Esdeath 

  • Discussion Notes
  • What are some of the qualities that make a great villain?
  • Do we ever find ourselves rooting for the villain?
  • What was your thinking when choosing your villains?
  • Naming our top 5 anime villains
  • Can you guess which one was Solo’s number one?
  • Which anime character is the definition of pure vill...
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“Starting today, you will play like winners, act like winners, and most importantly, you will be winners.” – Coach Ken Carter

We pick a group of 5 anime characters who are typically known as the weaklings/rejects in anime. 

The weaker they are the better. Which anime characters did we pick and why? How would we transform them to be the winning team.

Discussion Notes: 

  • What does it mean to be weak in anime?
  • What ar...
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“People tend to spend more time thinking about what they want to eat, rather than the type of person they want to be!” – Solo (Suuuper Anime podcast) 

Discussion Notes: 

  • How hot is Goku’s Kamehameha 
  • Would Konoha survive the rumbling?
  • Why is the difference between an independent movie vs Studio made?
  • How hot is Goku’s Kamehameha 
  • Why are some people not happy? 
  • Who looks better Nia Long or Halle Berry? 
  • Can you learn martial arts...
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“The world is beautiful, even when it’s filled with sadness and tears.” – Kotomi Ichinose

 Discussion Notes: 

  • Quick synopsis of what Clannad is about! 
  • When did we first hear about the anime Clannad!
  • What was our first impression?
  •  What Clannad episode got us hooked?
  • What did we think of the Clannad story as it unfolded?
  •  Did we have a favourite moment?
  •  Did we have a favourite character?
  • What is our Suuuper Anime Review? 


Mark as Played

"Its not the absence of human parts its the introduction of robotics" - Solo


Villains have overtaken the city, what heroes are you picking to save the world? (Ed picks heroes, Solo picks villains)

Rules: You cannot pick anyone from the big 3 anime. You can only choose 1 main character across the 5 games. You cannot choose a character with the anime as the theme of the game. Finally, they all have to be wom...

Mark as Played

The more options i have, the less decisions i can make! - Ed (Suuuper Anime podcast host)

Discussion Notes

  • There is a lot of streaming service but is there a best one?
    • What elements give a streaming service an edge over another? Is the catlogue of anime they have in share volume or the quality or both?
    • Does Audience factor into what the best anime streaming service is?
  • Will there be a consolidation of streaming se...
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"Sky net is coming" - Solo (Suuuper Anime podcast co host)

This was a great discussion about technology and its uses in the anime industry and what it means for the anime industry. Anime GPT!!

Discussion Points

  • Will AI take over anime? More specifically animation?
  • Testing Chat GPT in creating anime content! 
  • Can Chat GPT do Solo special stories better than Solo?
  • Asking Chat GPT why anime fans hate Saku...
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"Friendship is a precuror to love" - Solo (Suuuper Anime Podcast - co host)

Our Valentines day episode is back and as usual Lady Tee joins us to discuss all things love and romance but in this episode she goes a step further being the Suuuuper special host for this episode.


  • What’s the difference between love and friendship. How would you define either one? Is it a fine line? 
  • How do anime ...
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I will most likely rewatch Hunter x Hunter every 5 years - Solo (Suuuper Anime Podcast)


  • We have a Patreon - - please support if you enjoy the show and would like all the Suuuper benefits that come with it.


 Discussion Points  

  • What are the elements that make an anime repeatabl...
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"You want the truth?  You cant handle the truth" - Col. Nathan R. Jessup

Discussion points 

As usually, Ed puts Solo to the test as he ask Solo some fact or fiction questions regarding anime. 

In this episode of the series, Solo has to answer tough questions like such as: 

  • What was the most popular anime in popular anime series on streaming platforms in the US?
  • The 4 the most watched animes in 2022?
  • The most ...
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“Pantsu misete moratte mo yoroshii desu ka?” – Brook (One Piece) 

Discussion Points

  •  How would we  define anime fan service?
  • Can it fan service to one person but not to another? Or is all fan service universal?
  • Has fan serviced ever made you dislike or turned you off from an anime?
  • Does fan service only lend itself to Shonen or can it exist in other anime genres?
  • What are some fan service you have seen where you where like ...
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“Back in school we used to dream about this everyday” – Boys II Men 

This episode was so fun and funny to record. I. hope you enjoy it. Please don’t forget, to share with a fellow weeb if you like what you hear. Also if you want to show some support, we have a Patreon -

 Discussion Points 

  • What are the elements of a great boy band?
  • Are there anime characters suited to being in a boy band?
  • Discussing who ...
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