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June 13, 2024 34 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
There is two major stories that we've got to get to,
plus some other stuff that deals with Hunter Biden. So
let me just tell you number one, the breaking news
that Merrick Garland has officially been held in contempt of
Congress is significant two sixteen to two oh seven, with
one Republican Representative, Dave Joyce voting nay. This is for

refusing to hand out subpoena tapes of President Biden's interview
with the Special Counsel Robert Herb. Merrick Garland has now
again been officially been held in contempt of Congress. Now,
Garland is still very upset that Republicans anonymas seat on

the Supreme Court. So he has been enacting his revenge
ever since they didn't allow him to be a Supreme
Court justice.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
Obviously, now we know how corrupt he is.

Speaker 1 (00:55):
And we also know how partsy is I think the
lord he was ever put on the Supreme Court. But
this is part of his revenge. And those audio tapes
that have been hidden from the American people that Congress
has demanded Mary Garland has refused to give them over.
He has now been held in contempt of Congress. What
does this mean yet? Next, I'm going to explain that

to you coming up. But before we deal with that,
this is another big issue and it deals with our
national security. Just two days ago on this show, I
talked about the ISIS sympathizers, the isis K sympathizers and
plots that have been stopped in Europe. And I talked
about the concerns over the southern border in this country.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
And I said, and.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
If you miss this show, go back and listen to
the podcast, because I talked about the threat from isis
K against the Paris Olympics, including using drones to attack
the Eiffel Tower and innocent people at and around the
Olympic Games. We now know and I went through the
list of countries where there have been attacks that have

been thwarted just in the last couple of months. It's
basically all over Europe in different areas. And I said,
this is my concern with our open southern border, our
open southern border, we have real problems because we've had
and I went through the list then a couple of
hundred people in the last year that have been come
across the southern border that have been on the Terrace

watch list. And I said, if you think that the
UK is the only place that has this problem. You're wrong, America.
This is what happens and the national security threat. The
FBI director has also warned about that national security threat
that he is very concerned about the open border and
those that are coming across the southern border. So you

fast forward to the big news, not one, not two,
not three, not four, but.

Speaker 2 (02:52):
Eight suspected isis K terrists.

Speaker 1 (02:55):
The same isis K group are the ones that committed
the horrific attack on that Russian concert, of that indoor
concert and burned the building, the ground and several hundred
people were killed there. This's the same group. Well, now
we know that eight suspected isis Kate Terrace have been
arrested coast to coasts in Los Angeles, in New York,

in Philadelphia. We also know and it's been confirmed that
they illegally crossed the southern border earlier this year, and
the Biden administration yet again showing just how asleep at
the will they are. The Biden administration, after catching them,
released them into the interior of this country. So we

had terrorists that were on the terraft watch list. We
knew they were on the watch list, but apparently we
can't do our job very well, and so the Biden
administration can't do their job very well.

Speaker 2 (03:53):
So what did we find out.

Speaker 1 (03:54):
We've found out that these people were on the terrorists
watch list, not win came to this country, but after
we release them into the interior.

Speaker 2 (04:04):
This is the Biden administration.

Speaker 1 (04:06):
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I want you to hear this clip of the latest
that we now know about this.

Speaker 2 (06:17):
This was coming from CBS News.

Speaker 3 (06:20):
Eight individuals, all from the Central Asian country of Tajikistan,
were arrested in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. They
entered the United States this year and in twenty twenty three,
crossing the Mexican border. They were vetted and allowed to
remain in the country. CBS News has learned further investigation

uncovered the men had possible ties to isis K, the
terror group which claimed responsibility for an attack at a
Moscow concert hall that killed more than one hundred and
forty people earlier this year.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
Now, the FBI Director ray s warn of terror threats
posed by open borders. Just days before these eight IICIS
suspects were arrested across the US, the FBI director warned
of the threat of a quote coordinated attack or attax
Pearl in the US, similar to that of by isis K,

the same group they're affiliated with on the Russian concert
hall attack in March. I want you to listen to
what Director Ray had to say about this to Congress.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
This again was just weeks ago.

Speaker 4 (07:32):
Here I walked through how we were already in a
heightened threat environment, and since then we've seen the threat
from foreign.

Speaker 2 (07:40):
Terrorists rise to a whole other level.

Speaker 4 (07:43):
After October seventh, we continue to see the cartels push
fentanyl and other dangerous drugs into every corner of the country,
claiming countless American lives. We've seen a spate of ransomware
attacks and other cyber attacks, pacting parts of our critical
infrastructure and businesses, both large and small. Violent crime, which

reached alarming levels coming out of the pandemic, remains far
too high and is impacting far too many communities. China
continues its relentless efforts to steal our intellectual property and
most valuable information. And that's just scratching the surface. When
I look back over my career in law enforcement, I

would be hard pressed to think of a time when
so many different threats to our public safety and national
security were so elevated.

Speaker 2 (08:36):
All at the same time.

Speaker 4 (08:38):
But that is the case, as I said here today,
and while we have always found ways at the FBI
to innovate and make the most with what we have,
this is by no means.

Speaker 2 (08:49):
A time to let up or dial back. This is
a time.

Speaker 4 (08:53):
When we need your support the most, and I look
forward to working with this subcommittee to get things back
on tra because right now we need investments in our
people and the resources required to keep Americans safe.

Speaker 5 (09:09):

Speaker 4 (09:09):
I will sack the FBI's workforce up against anyone anywhere anytime.
They are innovative, they're efficient, they're relentless, they're patriots. And
we have been fortunate at the FBI in recent years
that our recruiting has gone through the roof. Americans are
applying in droves to devote their lives to a career

with us protecting others. But we need more positions to
be able to bring all the good people we can
to the fights. Certainly not fewer, and as great as
our people are, we also need to equip them with
the necessary tools required to tackle today's threats. Now is
not the time for less to fulfill our mission. The

men and women of the FBI need more.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
So to be clear, the FBI director saying to Congress, Hey,
I'm concerned now more than ever before. I'm sounding the
alarm to Congress about the terror threat posed by the
open border. And just days before these eight people suspected
of ISIS tides were arrested across the country.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
Ray appeared before the Senate.

Speaker 1 (10:13):
Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce and Justice and Science and Related
Agencies to review President Biden's fiscal year twenty twenty five
funding requests for the FBI. Like he has done when
he appeared to Congress before, Ray again addressed the concerns
about border security, explaining in a line of questioning by

Senator Jerry morn, a Republican from Kansas, that we have
major problems. He said, quote so certainly, we have seen
over the last five to six years and increase in
the number of known or suspected terrorists, in other words,
watch listed subjects attempting to cross the border. And what
is of concern, Ray said, is the bigger problem in

my view, it's twofold one individuals who when they come
in either armed with fake documents or snuck in some
way or at this very important individual or and this
is very important individuals for whom there's not enough derogatory
information in the intelligence community to watch list them. He says,

we pulled out of Afghanistan, for example, you get less
and less information about whether somebody from Afghanistan is actually
a threat. And so some of these cases I have
seen that concern me our situations where somebody comes to
the United States of America and it's not because there
was a breakdown between customs and border protection and homeland security.

It's because they watch listed at the time. But in hindsight,
they should have been watched listed because information was later
developed that says this person is a problem. Well, guess
what when you have an open southern border and this
problem exists, it is being exploited as we speak. All right, now,

let's take a moment and talk about accountability for this.
You've got an FBI director who's basically waving his hands
saying we're asleep at the wheel, waving his hands that hey,
my boss is allowing this to happen. Right, The President
of United States of America, Biden, clearly is letting these
people through the southern border. We don't have the checks
and balances that we need to protect ourselves. He's given

a warning that, hey, we used to get pretty good
intel out of places like Afghanistan, you know, like a
hotbed for actual terrorism. And then he's telling you, but
right now we're screwed because we're not getting any intel,
good intel from people as we speak in Afghanistan. We're
also probably not getting a lot of great information from
some of our quote allies in the Middle East because

of what's going on with Israel right now. So that
leaves a massive vulnerability. And in the past, we used
to get intel about people and like, hey, this guy
should be on your watch list, got it, Thank you.
You're letting us know that this person should not as
a watch and be careful kind of person and pay
attention to it.

Speaker 2 (12:58):
Right, Like, you combine all that and you add all
of that.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
Up, and it's extremely important intel that saves lives. Well,
now you fast forward to where we are and what
we're learning is that that intel has stopped since we
pulled out of Afghanistan. So that's another massive warning from
the Middle East specifically. Then you combine all of that

with the fact that the President is saying, I don't
care about the southern border being open if it means
terrors are coming in, keep it open. If you want
to know whose fault this is, it is clearly the
fault of Joe Biden, the Biden administration policy, and we
know that. So the White House was asked about this now,
of course, not the President right because he's sleeping. You

ask the White House Press Secretary, and that's who you
get the intel from. I want you to listen to
what Jean Pierre had to say at the White House
about these terrorists being caught in America.

Speaker 5 (13:58):
The executive actions last week over like over the last
twenty four hours, there have been a number of reports
about suspected terrrists at ports of entry and then also
a staying operation where suspective ize series were collected throughout
the United States. Do you guys believe so far that
the executive actions are working or is there going to
meet another announcement down the line with more to do?

So it's.

Speaker 6 (14:23):
DHS put out a joint statement, so I would refer
you to that statement on that particular question that you
just asked me about those eight. I believe there were
eight individuals. So, and we'll also grateful for the law
enforcement or their quick work on this to make sure
that we keep Americans safe. This is another example of

why we think some calls from Republicans to defund the
FBI is a bad idea, as trumbleslom and so we'll
continue to call that out as well. But again, DHS
and DOJ put out a statement, so a joint statement,
so I would refer you to as it released the
executive the executive action the president did last week. Look

just it takes a step back, just for a second,
like this is a president that has taken the issue
of what we're seeing at the border of the immigration
it's my system being broken very seriously. But I mean
very very seriously. That's why you put out a comprehensive
legislation on day one.

Speaker 1 (15:24):
I mean these scumbags and I say scumbags, and I
mean it, Okay, these are scumbags. She sits there and says, well,
the Republicans are the ones that are the problem here
because they want to defund the FBI. We're wanting to
take away funding from the FBI because the FBI has
gone rogan, isn't prosecuting criminal activities. They become a partisan

hack organization with zero accountability. So why would we build
them a big news center for the FBI, for example,
and waste tax payers dollars when the FBI is persecuting
and attacking conservatives and protect criminals in the Democratic Party,
including the President of the United States of American and
his son and his brother and everybody else. The same

FBI that knew the Laptop from Hell was real of
Hunter Biden and lied about it. So there is a
There certainly is a question about quote funding, no doubt
about it. But notice that the question that was not asked,
and the question that should have been asked of the
White House was Hey, you guys still have an open border,

and you know that open border is being exploited right
now by isis K terrorists. This is concerning Why are
you guys not moving to close the southern border right now,
knowing what's happening, and knowing that we had eight isis
K individuals that have just been caught by the government, Like,

thank goodness, they were caught, right And I mean that's sincerely,
like think the Lord that they were caught, Like that's
very real, very serious a point that I'm making. I'm
not joking or making light of it, Like think the
Lord they were caught.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
I agree with her.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
But these people wouldn't have even been in the United
States of America if it wasn't for the President of
the United States of America, Joe Biden, having an open
border policy.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
That is the real issue here.

Speaker 1 (17:24):
And there's been zero accountability for that at this point.
And even when the White House has asked, the media
doesn't ask the right question because the media is covering
the story and doing the bare minimum to actually tell
you how big of a national security threat this really is.
And it is, yes, really a national security threat. It

is significant. It is putting all of our lives at risk.
And this is no different than what we're seeing throughout
all of.

Speaker 2 (17:56):
Europe right now.

Speaker 1 (17:57):
These iss k In individuals, lone wolves, are very much inspired.
They're inspired right now because of the of what's going
on in Israel. They're inspired right now because of the
success the deadly, I mean thisious attack that we witnessed
in Russia at the hands of isis K and that

Concert Hall. These individuals, and I've been saying it for
months and months, it's not.

Speaker 2 (18:26):
It's the open border.

Speaker 1 (18:27):
Isn't just about the twenty million that have come through
the open border is an issue because of the national
security threat that it poses to the United States of America,
and that now is incredibly clear because of the arrest
of these individuals. This was the warning that's now become
the reality. And if you think we got them all,

I mean this with as kindly as I can, You're
an idiot. Okay, we have not gotten them all. There's
no way we've gotten clothes. Yes to getting all of
the terrorists that are in this country right now that
are on the Tarrast squatch list. And even more important
than that, I go back to Director Ray's comments that

he made. Director Ray said, we're getting bad intelligence now
because when we left Afghanistan, Afghanistan isn't telling us about
the people that need to be on the Terras squatch
list from that country that are coming in and out
of that country. They're not giving us the same intel
they used to give us. So there's many people that
should be on the tarist squatch lists that are in

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Speaker 2 (21:12):
Day one, Take control.

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Now you combine all this and you say to yourself, Okay,
why is Joe Biden allowing this happen.

Speaker 2 (21:41):
It's real simple.

Speaker 1 (21:43):
Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are allowing this to
happen because they don't care if you get killed.

Speaker 2 (21:48):
If it means that they can.

Speaker 1 (21:49):
Bring in twenty million new voters for the Democratic Party.
And a couple hundred of you guys get butchered or
slaughtered in some horrific attack, so be it. Because they've
known for the last several years that an open border
was allowing people on the terrorists to watch lists to
come across southern border. And again, go back and listen

the show from a couple of days ago, grab that podcast,
we went through the numbers. The numbers were very very
very very very clear. Hundreds of terrorists are coming across
the southern border that we've caught. Many of them have
not been caught. They evaded detection. And not only that.

Speaker 2 (22:34):
There's also the other part of the story.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
And I go back to the to the story and
the way that it was originally described to you. They
said these individuals were caught at the border and released
into this country. This continues to happen at an alarming rate.
When I take it breath and I look at the data,

and I look at everything we just talked about, what
concerns me the most is that we're going to have
a horrific terroist attack in this country in the very
near future, and it's going to be one that was avoidable.
And this president is going to sit there and go, yeah,
we knew that was going to happen. But look at
what we did get out of this before it happened.
We got twenty million people that have now come into

this country that are going to vote for us, the
Democratic Party.

Speaker 2 (23:23):
That's what it's all about, all right.

Speaker 1 (23:26):
Now. I want to get into this other story that
deals with Merrit Garland and the fact that he's been
held in contempt in Congress. And I was going to
do that, but as I was talking to you about
the terrorism threat, we got new breaking news from the
White House Joe Biden. And I warned you of this yesterday.
I said, there's no way in hell his son's going

to go to jail, and Joe Biden has said he would.
He won't partner his son. That doesn't mean he won't
commute a sentence, so he never sees a day in jail. Well,
the same White House that preached no one is above
the law just a week ago with Donald Trump is
now saying unless their last name is Biden, at least
they're consistent. The Biden family, Yeah, they get away with

anything they want to. The White House is now officially
quote left open the idea the President Joe Biden might
commute Hunter Biden's Penning federal sentence following his gun related conviction.
There is no immediate date scheduled for Hunters sentencing, and
two to three month delay between conviction sentencing is typically

what they have in the federal system, so that's what
they're expecting. There was a question that was asked White
House President Terry Jean Pierre on Air Force One about
Hunter Biden. You're gonna have to listen carefully, listen to
what is asked and what she said.

Speaker 6 (24:48):
What I'm saying is that the President I have not
spoken to the President about this, And what I'm saying
is he was asked about a party, he was asked
about he was asked about le specifically, and he answered
it very clearly, very forthright. As we know, the sentencing
hasn't even been scheduled yet. I don't have anything beyond
what the President said. He's been very clear among this.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
There it is.

Speaker 1 (25:12):
Oh yeah, so we're all about hey, you know, being
honest with you really sure, okay, And the President was
very honesome, forthright about you know, he's not going to
pardon him.

Speaker 2 (25:21):
But what about commuting in sentence? Well, I don't know.

Speaker 1 (25:23):
I haven't talked to the President about that one, right,
and well, and I hadn't even the sentencing. I hadn't
even been scheduled yet, So everybody calm down. Joe Biden
told ab Soon News last week in his interview that
he would not pardon his son. Listen to him in
that interview.

Speaker 7 (25:42):
You did address Donald Trump and the guilty verdicts. I'm
thirty four felon accounts before the American people. You told
Americans to respect the jury and the outcome of this case.
You were at a campaign fundraiser and you told the
room a convicted felon is now seeking the office of
the presidency. You called it disturbing. What do you think
the American people should make of this? How important do

you think this conviction should be in this race for president?

Speaker 2 (26:08):
That's the public to decide.

Speaker 8 (26:10):
But one thing for certainness, Stop undermining the rule of law.
Stop undermining institutions. That's what this whole effort is. All
the MAGA Republicans are coming out saying this is a fix,
this was a jury, that this was a good judge
that set up to get Trump.

Speaker 2 (26:28):
There's no evidence of any of that. None.

Speaker 8 (26:30):
He's trying to undermine it. Okay, you got a fair trial.
The jury spoke like they speak in all cases, and
this should be respected.

Speaker 7 (26:37):
As we sit here in Normandy, your son Hunter is
on trial, and I know that you cannot speak about
an ongoing federal prosecution, but let me ask you, will
you accept the jury's outcome, their verdict? No matter what
it is. Yes, And have you ruled out a pardon
for your son? Yes, you have.

Speaker 1 (26:58):
I love how comatose Biden's out of there. Yes, yes,
it's like they prepped him. Just say, hey, hey, this
guy is only going to ask you on World News
tonight two questions about your son. You can really go
off on on on Donald Trump, and then he's gonna
ask you a follow up about your son. You just say, yes,
you respect the jury's decision because this is not a

big deal. And you say, yes, you're not gonna You're
not gonna, you know, get rid of the you know,
the guilty verdict by pardoning him. And you're totally fine
because look, you can just lie. The Bidens lie like
that's what they do. He could just flat out be
lying and and then you know, when the election, say,

guess what, I'm not up for reelection again, so i
can do whatever the hell I want to. I'm gonna
pardon him, or you could lose and just say I'm
gonna pardon him right now because I'm gonna make sure
he's my only son.

Speaker 2 (27:51):
He doesn't need to go to jail right either. Either way,
he could just do whatever he wants to do.

Speaker 1 (27:56):
But but if they, if he commutes a sentence, I
don't I I believe he'll absolutely pardon him.

Speaker 2 (28:01):
I really do.

Speaker 1 (28:03):
I don't think he's going to just commute. I think
he's going to say no, no, no. This is my son,
last name Biden. He plays by a different set of rules.
We've been playing by a different set of rules for
the last thirty five years as we've been funneling money
into our family. And if you look at the charges, well,
let me say this first, Jean Pierre and I go
back to what she said in on that to the
press on air Force Quan. Referring to Joe Biden, she says, quote,

he was very clear, very upfront, obviously very definitive about
a potential pardon, regarding a regarding a commutation, I just
don't have anything beyond that.

Speaker 2 (28:35):
She said.

Speaker 1 (28:35):
Well, and then she says, like, I haven't spoken to
President about it. I believe her I would run from
that conversation so you could answer.

Speaker 2 (28:42):
It the way that you just did.

Speaker 1 (28:44):
And if you want to know what Hunter's facing right now,
he's facing up to twenty five years in prison and
seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in fines. Now, he's
a guy that has no criminal prior criminal record. So
the chance of been going to jail for twenty five years,
that's a joke. The chance of him paying a seven
hundred and three thousand dollars fine, that's a joke. This

gun controlled trial was a gift to the Democratic Party.
It was the red herring of all red herrings because
it was the one crime that would absolutely protect the
President of the United States of America from any type
of discovery on any of the actual crimes the Biden
crime family has committed.

Speaker 2 (29:20):
That's why they went there with this.

Speaker 1 (29:22):
Now there is a bigger chance to get intel off
of the tax charges that are coming up, that is true,
and we may end up getting something there on those charges.

Speaker 2 (29:32):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (29:34):
But what I can tell you when it comes to
the basics, okay, is that this guy, Joe Biden, is
going to get rid of his son's sentence at the
bare minimum. And probably just part of me is just
lying to you. And that's the reason why they can
be so defiant this way. Joe biden't care about the

guilty on all three gun charges. He doesn't care that
he's not going to be tough on gun crimes, right,
because that's also the thing here for every Democrat. I'll
say it again, never lecture me again about gun control.
If you guys aren't losing your minds over what just
happened with Hunter Biden, like never ever, ever, ever, you know,
talk to me about gun You know, gun laws again,

are tough on crime, with with with those crimes that
are committed by people when it deals with guns. Because
Hunter Biden, you guys are letting walk around and do
whatever the hell he wants and you're not willing to
call him out for it. Now, while all this is happening,
there was another big story and I gotta get to
this real quick. Lawmakers have advanced the contempt charge for

the US Attorney General Merrit Garland. As you know, Merrick
Garland has weaponized the dj after he was not given
appointed to the Supreme Court. He's been angry about that
for years when he was the nominee under Obama, and
so it's been his way once he took over as
the Attorney general to weaponize the DOJ, the FBI to

go after his political enemies.

Speaker 2 (31:01):
And that's what he's done. Now.

Speaker 1 (31:03):
A panel of US lawmakers advanced the resolution holding the
Attorney General Garland in contempt of Congress over the Justice
Department's refusal to turn over audio of President Joe Biden's
questioning in a criminal investigation, because apparently the President was
so far gone during that deposition that if the American

people heard it, it would just might be too damning.

Speaker 2 (31:30):
From what I've been told.

Speaker 1 (31:32):
Now, this move seen as symbolics since Garland's own officials
would ultimately decide whether to press charges. Is the latest
escalation in the hostilities between allies of Donald Trump and
the White House ahead of the November election. So if
you think politics in the part of this, you're an idiot.
Now let me go back to the reason why he

has now been found in contempt. Publicans in Congress have
been demanding the tapes of Joe Biden's October deposition with
the Special Counsel Robert Hurr, who said, Hey, I'm not
going to charge him because there's no jury that would
find this poor old man guilty with his cognitive decline,
like he's not competent to stand trial.

Speaker 2 (32:18):
Is what the Special Council.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
Wrote about a decision to not charge the president of
the United States of America with multiple felonies.

Speaker 2 (32:30):
I also think it's insane that we have a.

Speaker 1 (32:34):
Judge that understands the cognitive decline of Joe Biden, but
this guy's still walking around with a nuclear football in
the codes. Remember when they were saying over and over
and over and over again, Oh, you got to be
afraid of Donald Trump and what he's going to do
and get us into war three. Look at now the
State of Affairs and Republicans in Congress are not crazy

by demanding the tapes of Biden's deposition because apparently it
was so bad that that's what they're hiding from the
American people, the incompetency, the incoherentness of the president. Her
concluded back in February that charges were not warranted, but
made the politically explosive claim that Biden had limited precision

and recall and would likely be seen as to a
jury are seen by a jury as sympathetic, well meaning,
elderly man with poor memory. Members of the Republican House
Rules Committee voted along party lines to advanced to the
full Chamber of the resolution holding Garland contempt and referring

his case for prosecution, which I'm sure will not be
brought up because the people that are there right now
work for you. Guessed it, Joe Biden. I'm going to
keep following this story. Don't worry. Make sure you share
this podcast wherever you are on social media. Right us
a five star review because it helped us reach more
peace point. I'll see you back here tomorrow
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