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June 7, 2024 29 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
We've got a lot to talk about on today's show.
It includes D Day and the weaponization of D Day
by the Biden administration to push for their war with
Russia and Ukraine. We also have an update for you
on the Hunter Biden trial and well how much crack
this guy like to smoke that actually came out in

the trial, and a lot more. I'm going to have that,
But before we get to those two things, I want
to talk to you about this judge. A judge has
officially sent Steve Bannon to prison, demanding that he report
to prison by July first to begin serving his four
month sentence for contempt of Congress. In other words, Steve

Bannon said no to a congressional subpoena. He is going
to jail for that. Hunter Biden did the same thing.
He is not going to prison for that. Doctor Fount.
We now know very clearly lied under oath. He will
not go to prison for that when it deals with Congress.

And we also now know that the President's son and
brother also apparently lied to Congress as well. I have
a feeling they will not go to prison. The double
standard is just glaring, and I think many Americans are
now seeing that, I think that's exactly why Donald Trump

is going to win. And I think that's exactly why
so many Americans.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Have had enough.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
But when you look at this, and this is political
persecution one oh one. They went after everybody around Trump
early on to try to take out Trump, hoping that
someone would have some dirt on Trump they could then
use as leverage to give that person a deal. It
didn't work, and this former top Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon,

ordered by this federal judge to report to prison July one.
Bannon is seventy years old. He was convicted of contempt
in July of twenty twenty two for defying a subpoena
to testify before the congressional panel that investigated the January sixth,
twenty twenty one attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters. Okay,

so you understand the background on this. One of the
masterminds Bannon was behind Trump's successful twenty sixteen presidential campaign.
He was sentenced to four months in prison in October
of twenty twenty two, but has remained free while the
while the appeals process has been ongoing. Fast forward to

now this US Federal appeals Court upheld the conviction last month.
The US District Judge Carl Nichols revoked his bail at
a court hearing on Thursday and ordered him to report
to prison by July first. A defiant Bannon addressed reporters
outside the Washington DC Courthouse after the judge's order, saying

this to the American people.

Speaker 3 (03:07):
Merrick Garland, Lisa Monico, the entire Justice Department, They're not
gonna shut up Trump. They're not gonna shut Navarro, They're
not gonna shut up Bannon, and they're certainly not gonna
shut up MAGA. If you look right here at your reporters,
in the two and a half or three years we've
been here, look at the rise of MAGA. Look at
the rise of Donald Trump. If the election was heard
held today, According to Harry anton Over at CNN, President

Trump would win in a landslide. All of this, besides
the major illegal issues that have to be addressed, all
of this is about one thing. This is about shutting
down the MAGA movement, shutting down grassroots conservatives, shutting down
President Trump. Not only are we winning, we are going
to prevail. And every number in every poll shows that

there's nothing that can shut me up, and nothing that
will shut me up.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
There's not a prison.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
There's not a prison. There's not a prison built. There's
not a prison built. Our jail built that wever shut
me up. All Victory Tamaga. We're gonna win this. We're
gonna win it the Supreme Court, and more importantly, we're
gonna win on November fifth in amazing landslide with the Senate,
the House, and also Donald J. Trump back as President

United States. Thank you very much.

Speaker 1 (04:16):
By the way, I think there's a very good chance
it's Steve Bannon will as he described it, win at
the Supreme Court.

Speaker 2 (04:22):
But this judge is saying, no, you're going to jail. Now.

Speaker 1 (04:26):
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Speaker 2 (05:06):
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or nine seven to two Patriot use the promo code
Ben and you'll get free activation as well. Now, Bannon
and what he said, they will never build a prison.
There is not a prison that will ever shut me up.
What Steve Bannon said there, I agree with him completely
on He is making it clear that there is a
there is a double standard in this country, and it

is law fare. The Democratic Party went after people around Trump,
and they went after them to try to get dirt
on Trump, and when that didn't work, they then said,
all right, we're gonna bring you in here. We're gonna
haul you in here, and we're gonna force you to testify,
and if you don't show up, we're gonna put you
in jail. And that's exactly what's happened, regardless of what

happened with others that have done the exact same thing.
But they're sending a message with a weaponization of our
DOJ If you are a conservative and you get out
of line, we will figure out a way to arrest you.
We've done it, by the way to Donald Trump. So
if you think we can't we won't do it to you,
you're wrong. And that's what they've done with Peter Navarro,

and that's exactly what they've done now with Steve Bannon. Now,
Steve Bannon is an individual that I understand is beyond furious,
and he should be. But he also said this, We're
going to win November fifth and an amazing landslide. He
also mentioned Navarro. Navar is another top Trump advisor.

Speaker 2 (07:42):
This is lawfair.

Speaker 1 (07:43):
Peter Navarro was convicted of contempt of Congress and began
serving a four month sentence in Florida prison in March.
Navarro no prior record, seventy four years old. He is
the highest ranking former member of the Trump administration to
spend time behind bars for action stemming from the Republican

former president's efforts they claimed to overturn the results of
the twenty twenty election. In reality, they were just asking questions.
Bannon also served as the White House and in the
White House's chief strategists for the first seven months of
Trump's term, leaving due to conflicts with other top staffers,
but he never lost his faith in MAGA. In twenty twenty,

he was charged after the government decided to weaponize itself
and come after him. He was charged with wire fraud
and money laundering quote for taking personal use of millions
of dollars contributed they claim by donors towards the construction
of a border wall with Mexico, while others were found
guilty in the scheme. Trump issued a blanket pardon to

Bannon before leaving office in January of twenty twenty one,
leading to the dismissal of the charges against him for that.

Speaker 2 (08:59):
But the government was not going to back down, and.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
That's exactly why they went after him after January the sixth,
and when he wouldn't testify, they said, here you go,
We're going to put you in jail. And that's exactly
what they have now done. This is pure lawfare against conservatives.
And you should pay attention to this and understand if

they can do it to Trump, if they can do
it to Navarro, if they can do it to Bannon,
they can absolutely do it to you. All right, And
now I want to turn to the Hunter Biden trial
and there's a lot that I need to work through
with you that has happened in that trial. Hallie Biden,
that is Bo Biden, the deceased son of the President

Joe Biden.

Speaker 2 (09:48):
That is his wife.

Speaker 1 (09:51):
When he passed away, she then somehow got involved as
a girlfriend to Bo's brother, Hunter Biden. Halle Biden was
testifying in this case and she admitted, and I'm quoting,
that Hunter Biden enjoyed crack rocks the size of ping

pong balls. Yeah, Hunter Biden was such an attic and
such a high roller. And now this explains why the
Biden crime family needed all the millions of dollars, because apparently,
when you're buying ping pong size balls of crack rocks,
it ain't cheap. Halle Biden, hunters x and brother's widow
said this on the stand during Hunter's gun trial. President

Joe Biden, as you know, involved in some witness tampering
last week when he visited unannounced Halle Biden at our
Delaware home. Some say the visit was clear witness tampering
and something that anybody else in a court case if
they would have done this or had a family member
do this, they would have exploded. A judge would have
exploded for witness tampering. But don't worry, because it's the

president of the United States of America. Nothing will be done.
What's a little witness tampering right between ex in laws?
I guess is how you would look at this, making
sure the stories are straight. Halle by the way, who
also smoked crack. We are told from the testimony with
Hunter threw his gun, she said in that dumpster in

twenty eighteen. The incident was allegedly covered up by the
Secret Service, even though technically at the time Joe Biden
did not have Secret Service protection. Hallie says she found
Hunter's gun in the car, took the gun, pouch, speedloader,
and ammunition in a gift bag, and threw it in

a dumpster behind a Wilmington, Delaware.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
Grocery store.

Speaker 1 (11:49):
The prosecutors say, quote, I didn't know where he was,
and I'd been trying to reach him for weeks, she
recalled the morning of the incident, he was tired, exhausted,
looked like he hadn't slept, she said.

Speaker 2 (12:06):
Hallie said other.

Speaker 1 (12:07):
Than the gun, she found trash, clothes, drug paraphernalia, and
some remnants of crack in the trunk and the trunk on.

Speaker 2 (12:15):
Of his car. It was a terrible experience that I
went through.

Speaker 1 (12:19):
I'm embarrassed and I'm ashamed, and I regret that period
in my life. Hollie told the jury, who had introduced
you to crack? The prosecutor asked her, Hunter did, She responded, so,
not only did Hunter bet up with his ex sister
in law after his brother died, he then introduced her
to crack cocaine.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
She said.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
Quote Hunter smoked crack every twenty minutes or so from
twenty seventeen through twenty eighteen. That is what his ex
girlfriend testified in the gun trial this week. Now, this
time frame from from seventeen to eighteen is very interesting.

Speaker 2 (13:03):
And the reason why I.

Speaker 1 (13:04):
Say that is because, look, crack cocaine, especially ping pong size,
it ain't cheap. You're burning through cash if you're smoking
it every twenty minutes for a year plus, right straight, Well,
guess what.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
Happened during that same time.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
You had high level, shady foreign actors from Romania, from Ukraine,
from Russia, from China hiring Hunter for some of the
family's most lucrative business deals were in the same timeframe.
The Biden family business was in full swing during seventeen
and eighteen, just after Joe Biden left the presidency. Biden

family members and Biden business linked entities received more than
fifteen million directly from individuals in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania
and China. According to the House Impeachment Inquiry, one of
the biggest deals came when Biden's family members accepted money

from the company. And I mentioned this to you yesterday CFC,
that's the China Energy Company, an organization with close ties
directly to the Chinese Communist Party and their spying apparatus.
The House Oversight Committee revealed in twenty thirteen that CEFC
controlled State Energy HK Limited, a company linked to one

point three million in collective payments to the Biden family members.
You look at these stars reports from the banks, that
is the suspicious activity reports. The committee also discovered a
Biden associate by the name of Rob Walker received a
three million dollar wire transfer from CEFC and what happened

in turn for that three million going into his account.
Four Biden family members, including Hunter Biden, James Biden, Halle Biden,
and a quote unidentified Biden re received a collective one
point three million. That was their cut from the overall
three million dollar wire transfer. Now, Hunter Biden, never forget

he's a lawyer, also earned a one million dollar legal
retainer in twenty seventeen the same time he was smoking
crack every twenty minutes. Where'd you get the million dollar
legal retainer from none other than CEFC's chairman Yee. In addition,

Hunter received a large diamond from Yee worth an estimated
eighty thousand dollars in February of twenty seventeen. That'll buy
you a lot of, you know, ping pong sized cracked balls. Apparently,
more details about the Biden family deals are coming out,
and what we now know is that this was a

man that was a hardcore spender and a hardcore crack
at it. Now. Halle Biden not only did she testify
to the drug use, but she also said that missing
gun disappeared after she tossed it in the dumpster. She
said that missing Revolver was gone because well, she was

angry and scared. We know that the FBI and the
Secret Service, who had no business getting involved in this
case because the Vice president did not have Secret Service protection,
got involved in the case of the missing firearm, according
to Hunter's text messages, raising serious questions about what happened.

Speaker 2 (16:34):
To the gun.

Speaker 1 (16:35):
Hunter's revolver appeared at his gun trial six years later.
Prosecutors asked Hallie how Hunter found out about the missing gun.
I did not tell him, Halley replied, according to court reports,
I was just going to pretend like it wasn't me.
The gun was allegedly returned by an older man who

regularly rummages through the grocery source tra ash to collect
recyclable items. That, according to people familiar with the situation,
that's what Politica.

Speaker 2 (17:07):
Reported in twenty twenty one.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
Text messages from Hunter, however, reveal what appears to be
a contradiction in an official Secret Service statement which claimed
the agency had quote unquote no involvement in the incident
involving Halle finding a gun inside of Hunter Biden's pickup
and tossing it in a trash can behind a grocery

store where they frequently shopped. Well, guess what Hunter's text
messages say. That's a lie because his text message says,
quote the police, the FBI, the Secret Service came on
the scene. So why was the Secret Service there? Because
they were dealing with a former vice president's child, which

had none of their business involved at this point, but
they got involved. During Wednesday's proceedings. Prosecutors for just this
department also produced the weapon for the jury and the
former gun shop employee, Gordon Cleveland, who saw the gun
to Hunter to inspect.

Speaker 2 (18:11):
Jurors cranked their.

Speaker 1 (18:13):
Necks to see the gun for Cleveland to verify it.
He verified it immediately. According to court reporters, Hallie, Hunter's
ex and his brother's widow, told the jury on Thursday
that after leaving the dumpster, she returned home. Hunter was
upset about the missing weapon. I remember him telling me

to go back and file a police report, she said.
According to court reporters, he was angry with me. First
go look for it. Holly recalled Hunter's directive, but when
she went to look for the gun, I couldn't find.

Speaker 2 (18:48):
It, Hallie said of the missing weapon.

Speaker 1 (18:50):
Hunter told her to immediately file a police report, which
she did. While at the grocery store. Prosecutors called up
security camera footage from outside of the grocery store, which
shows Halle Biden back up to the store in a
black vehicle, got out.

Speaker 2 (19:07):
And somewhat frantically was looking for the gun. She looked
all over the.

Speaker 1 (19:11):
Area outside the store before getting back into her car.
What did you do after you couldn't find it, the
prosecutor asked her. Talked to them at the grocery store,
asking if they took the trash out or had security cameras,
she replied. Hallie also testified about Hunter's text messages. One
in particular on October the thirteenth, appeared important to the prosecution.

It was about a dealer named Mookie in Wilmington. A
second message from October to fourteenth was also shown to
the jury. In it, Hunter wrote, I was sleeping on
a car smoking crack. The court reporters noted the text
are the clearest pieces of evidence against Hunter. NBC is

confirming now saying they show Hunter use drugs in October,
the month of the incident. Prosecutors say Hunter listen to
Howe's testimony very carefully, according to court reporters, obviously trying
to see what his story needs to be and how
he might need to change it depending on what she
actually says. Now, let me go back to just this overall,

how he even got to hear I want to go
back to the FBI now having to admit that Hunter
Biden's laptop is real because it's in this court case,
and much of the evidence in this case is coming
from his laptop, including the text messages that I just

talked about. But let me remind you of what the
media said about the Hunter Biden laptop, which now the
FBI has admitted is real.

Speaker 2 (20:52):
They knew it was real all along.

Speaker 1 (20:53):
They just didn't want you to know it was real
because they knew it could have a major impact on
the election for years ago.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
In twenty twenty.

Speaker 1 (21:02):
So take a listen, and I'm going to go back
to CBS Evening News. When the laptop broke, the FBI
tried to classified as disinformation so that there would be
no investigation into the laptop. Hunter Biden, the President of
United States of America, the White House have all lied
to you about the authenticity of this laptop, and now

because of this court case, the FBI has had to
admit it is real. But the media, they knew how
damaging this would be to Hunter Biden, or really they
don't care about Hunter to the President of the United
States of America, Joe Biden while he was running for president.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
So what do they do to you. They lied to
your face.

Speaker 4 (21:40):
Listen carefully and tonight, the Trump campaign is accusing Twitter
and Facebook of censorship after the social media companies blocked
the spread of an unverified story about former Vice President
Joe Biden's son and the laptop allegedly full of his
old emails. It's a story raising concerns about whether it's
real or just designed to so confusion in the final

weeks of the election.

Speaker 5 (22:03):
Experts say it has all the hallmarks of information laundering.

Speaker 6 (22:07):
This looks like your classic disinformation campaign.

Speaker 5 (22:11):
Eric O'Neil is a former FBI operative.

Speaker 6 (22:14):
Very steal the information with a cyber attack, get the
emails from Hunter Biden's account, and then put them on
these laptops that are left at a repair store. And
that's how the information is now laundered into the public.
Who do you think is behind this, Well, the Russians
would be my number one guest.

Speaker 5 (22:30):
Social media outlets were quick to limit the spread of
the story, Twitter briefly suspending the accounts of the Trump
campaign and White House Press secretary after they tried to
share it.

Speaker 7 (22:41):
Twitter and Facebook have limited the distribution of that Hunter
Biden story, and last night, Twitter appear to suspend the
Twitter account of the White House Press Secretary Katie Mcanetie
when she tried to share that story.

Speaker 8 (22:53):
Damn, you know a story is shady when Facebook is
saying whoa whoa, whoa whoa, Maybe people shouldn't. For a
long time, Juliani has been openly working to dig up
dirt and promote disinformation on the Bidens. And now the
Washington Post is also reporting that the intelligence community was
so concerned that the Russians were using Juliani to feed

Russian disinformation to the president that they warned the White.

Speaker 2 (23:17):
House about it last year.

Speaker 8 (23:19):
We're being told by two people who have been briefed
on what the FBI is doing is that they're looking
into whether these unverified emails about Hunter Biden published by
the New York Post about foreign business dealings are part
of the bigger Russian disinformation effort, which is well underway
in these final days of the twenty twenty race. The
intelligence community has said for months that Russia is very

actively engaged in a disinformation campaign in the twenty twenty election,
in particular against Joe Biden to denigrate his campaign in
favor of President Trump.

Speaker 9 (23:52):
I think there are a lot of issues related to
this post story that portally referenced the Hunter Biden emails,
and as I and several of my former colleagues have
pointed out publicly that it does bear the hallmark so
Russian disinformation.

Speaker 2 (24:08):
That's John Brennan, the former CIA director's voice. You just
heard there. Now. I just played for you ninety seconds.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
Of Joe Biden, the US intelligence officials, and the American
media claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

Speaker 2 (24:26):
I could play for you, by the way.

Speaker 1 (24:27):
A lot more of this, but now they're having to
admit in court. Yes, we knew all along the Hunter
Biden's laptop was real. Yes, the FBI lied to you. Yes,
the President of the United States of America lied to you. Yes,
the White House lied to you. Yes, the campaign lied
to you. We were all lying to you, and we

did it for one reason. We did it because we
needed to make sure, no matter what, that the President
of the United State America, then candidate Joe Biden would win.
This was all about winning, that's it. It was simply
about winning. And it wasn't just you know, these individuals.

James Clapper, for example, he went on CNN and he
said this, this is the former director of National Intelligence.

Speaker 10 (25:22):
Just classic textbook Soviet Russian trade craft at work. The
Russians have analyzed the target. They understand that the president
and his enablers crave dirt on Vice President Biden. Whether
it's real or contrived, it doesn't matter to them. And

so all of a sudden, two and a half weeks
before the election, this laptop appears somehow, without emails on
without any metadata. It just it's all very curious. So
here you have a willing to and the Russians who
are very sophisticated about how to exploit a willing target.

And to me, that's what's it working.

Speaker 11 (26:08):
The FBI says, this laptop is not Russian disinformation, So
what are you talking about here?

Speaker 5 (26:14):
This laptop is real. It's not just the laptop.

Speaker 11 (26:17):
There's other emails, there's text messages.

Speaker 12 (26:19):
They are real.

Speaker 11 (26:20):
So according to the government, I.

Speaker 7 (26:22):
Know, I've verified everybody to look at that, but that's
not what we're hearing from you.

Speaker 12 (26:28):
You want to report this.

Speaker 11 (26:29):
This is one of the most powerful because families in Washingtons,
the Biden family, and you're okay, You're okay with our
interests being sold out to profit Joe Biden and his
family when when we're suffering during a pandemic from communist China, desable, Okay,
as you know perfectly well.

Speaker 2 (26:49):
By the way, Christian Poor there.

Speaker 1 (26:51):
You can hear a CNN she's she's rolling her eyes
as she was being called out by that guest.

Speaker 2 (26:57):
Saying, you're you're you're facilitating this, You're you're.

Speaker 1 (27:01):
Helping cover this up. And she's like, oh, that's not
even close to true. Every one of the people in
the military that knew they were part of this, in
the intelligence community, they knew.

Speaker 2 (27:11):
They knew the laptop was real from day one.

Speaker 1 (27:14):
The FBI knew it was real, and they went on
TV just like you heard there with Christianapur at CNN,
and they just flat out lied to you, the American people,
over and over again. When Donald Trump was asked about this,
Remember when that when he was asked about it, what
they said, listen to listen to Donald Trump.

Speaker 13 (27:33):
One of the biggest scandals I've ever seen. And you
don't cover anything. You want to talk about it, want
to talk about insignificant things. I'm telling you, of course
it can be verified.

Speaker 10 (27:44):
Excuse me.

Speaker 13 (27:45):
They found the laptop Leslie listening. What can't be verified
the laptop you said?

Speaker 12 (27:52):
Was that your laptop?

Speaker 10 (27:53):
For real?

Speaker 11 (27:53):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (27:54):
I know, but you know, I really don't know.

Speaker 12 (27:56):
Okay, answer is I don't know, yes or no.

Speaker 2 (27:58):
If the laptop, I don't the idea, I've no idea.

Speaker 12 (28:01):
What it could have been yours?

Speaker 8 (28:02):
Of course, certainly there could be a laptop out there
that was stolen from me.

Speaker 2 (28:06):
There could be that I was hacked. It could be
that was that it was Russian intelligence. It could be
that it was stolen from me.

Speaker 12 (28:14):
And you didn't drop off a laptop to be repaired
in Delaware, not that I remember at all. In October
twenty twenty, a New York Post article said that emails
purportedly showing shady dealings in Ukraine by Hunter Biden were
found on a laptop computer that he supposedly left in
a Delaware repair shop in twenty nineteen. The details were

sketchy at best, and last month, a declassified intelligence report
said that before the election, the Russians had launched a
smear campaign against Joe Biden and his family.

Speaker 1 (28:47):
If you ever trust the media again after what I
just played for you, I want to I mean this
you're an idiot.

Speaker 2 (28:55):
They knew they were lying to you. Now the FBI
has had it meant in this court case.

Speaker 1 (29:00):
Yes, the laptop is real and the evidence is being
used to prove a case against Hunter Biden. If there's
no other takeaway from this, this is the takeaway that
everything that we've been saying has been verified and the
intelligence community knew it. I hope you'll take what I
just gave you, and I hope you'll share it on

social media. I hope you'll share it everywhere you can
because this needs to be exposed. And I'll see you
back here tomorrow morning.
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