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Aubrey Marcus Podcast

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is a destination for honest and vulnerable conversations about the deeper questions in life. The show blends humor with gravity and levity with depth, as we explore mindset, psychedelics, holistic health, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and relationship. Aubrey Marcus is the founder of the globally disruptive human optimization brand Onnit, the donation based coaching platform Fit For Service, and is the New York Times bestselling author of Own the Day, Own your Life. Top episodes with Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Joe Dispenza, Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Foxx, and more


November 29, 2023 105 mins

Alex Hormozi is a guy who gets shit done. With his brash, proven effective style, he leverages a deep understanding of business and social dynamics to offer guidance for how to make more money, the Good way. His insights are actionable and unapologetic, serving as both a blueprint and an inspirational message to liberate individuals from the excuses and narratives that hinder them from accomplishing their goals.  

In this live podc...

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What do extra dimensional beings have to say about AI, UAP’s, Chaos, and Divine Will?

Paul Selig is one of my favorite guests, and he comes on today to channel the wisdom that comes through The Guides.

I approach all channeling with a degree of skepticism but time and again, The Guides provide wisdom and clarity that resonate as true within my own body, and this podcast was no exception. What the guides are saying is that we are ...

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What is the real Jake Paul really all about?

He is one of the most successful Youtubers of all time, and has most recently gained even more fame from his meteoric rise in boxing. But the Jake Paul the world knows is very different from the brother that I know. A brother I have sat in ceremony with. A brother who I have seen in heartbreak and triumph. A true warrior and a good King.

In this episode, we talk about Jake’s early expos...

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What would it be like if Leonardo Da Vinci got to talk with someone who remembered the whole sacred history of the cosmos?


Always looking for clues and patterns to help decipher the Mystery, polymath Robert Edward Grant joins the human memory bank Matias De Stefano who is best known as someone who remembers all of his past lives and everything that happened in between. 

We have clues that have been left for us from ancient c...

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Today is a particularly vulnerable podcast with my good friend Rob Dial.

Rob is an author and master coach, and we dive deep into challenges we have both faced on our evolutionary journey to becoming more whole and healed.

We talk about going for your win through the lens of the hero’s journey, making peace with childhood wounds, how to deal with the fear of sharing your art with the world, as well as the Resistance that stops us...

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Laird Hamilton & Gabby Reece are two legends in their own right.

But together, they are truly an unstoppable force.

What struck me about this podcast was not only the lessons they learned from challenging themselves against nature and sport, but their uniquely powerful union.

We get into Laird’s harrowing close calls as a big wave surfer, what it means to recognize Goodness in ourselves and others, the importance of initiato...

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Note to Listener from Aubrey Marcus and Dr. Marc Gafni

We are at a time between worlds, at a time between stories. We live in a world of outrageous pain. We live in a world of outrageous beauty. We live in a world of outrageous love.

In this time between stories, we step beyond the old stories of good and evil in its primitive forms. But that does not mean that we are moral relativists or that value is not real. Indeed all of r...

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What would Bobby Kennedy do the first day he is president?

He has narrowed down a possible 8-10 causes for the chronic disease affecting our children and our citizens, and that is really what he is willing to GO TO WAR for.

This live podcast is a deeply personal look into an honest leader who transcends narrow self-interest, party loyalty, and who believes there is no way forward that leaves our brothers and sisters behind. Rober...

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A spiritual war is a war of stories, propaganda, and emotion. And we’re in it.

So what does empowered action and holistic sovereignty look like, as we navigate from the global existential mess we’re currently in, towards a more beautiful world?

Jordan Hall is one of the most profound, deepest thinkers I’ve ever had on this show and our conversation offers a deep analysis of the many ways we can individually participate in creatin...

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Zachary Levi is a vocal mental health advocate, an author, a Grammy Award winning singer, and an actor who is currently on strike.

This beautiful and stimulating conversation spans topics including practical tips to more deeply love yourself and those around you, the reasons behind Hollywood’s aversion to ethical entertainment, and the disruptive proliferation of AI-generated art and what could be to come.

| Connect with Zach...

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As a society, we’ve become aversive to the title of Guru, and I think for good cause. But this week’s podcast guest, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, holds a presence and an essence about him that, in my mind, makes him worthy of such a title.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar is a global humanitarian, spiritual leader, and peace envoy, who has been teaching breath-based meditation techniques for more than 40 years. In this conversation, we...

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This is a collection of never before released speeches from the most powerful forces in the revolution of consciousness that is underway–

Including Zach Bush, Matias De Stefano, Robert Edward Grant, Blu, Charles Eisenstein, Emily Fletcher and more.

The theme: How do we create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? Recorded on location at Arkadia festival.

Check for tickets to Arka...

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How do you accept something like losing your hearing?

How do you love yourself fully?

What is the trinity of the Light and Dark forces?

In this episode I’m joined by my magical soul sister, Blu, as she breaks down her methods for radical self acceptance, the concept of the never-ending hungry ghost, narcissism vs. true self-love, what it means to trust the Mystery in the presence of grief and limitations, and the importance...

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This is one of my favorite podcast conversations of all time.

When your first psychedelic was given to you by your friend and teacher Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), there is a good chance that you yourself are a legend. And Jim Fadiman is that.

One of the true pioneers and revered elders in a field that has been deeply woven with my own life for the past 24 years. Jim Fadiman is a renowned author, educator, and co-founder of the Inst...

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It has become safe in the mainstream to discuss the sacred or medical use of psychedelic medicine.

But that’s not the whole story.

There are drugs and medicines being used all the time, and no one except for comics are talking about it from a lens of experience. This doesn’t make it less dangerous, it makes it more dangerous.

Today I am joined by veterans of the game: Caitlyn Howe, Erick Godsey, Kyle Kingsbury for a deep dive te...

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Are we already in WWIII?

Is it happening in space, under the oceans, and in the economy and we haven’t noticed? Former presidential advisor Pippa Malmgren, has aggregated all of the data points to paint a coherent picture of what is going on right now. In addition she has her finger on the pulse of a historic moment where the overt government is pressing against the covert government to give up what they know about UFO/UAP space c...

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Which of the seven levels of spiritual development have you unlocked?

Dr. John Churchill has the deep codes of Tibetan Buddhist psychotechnology stretching all the way back to the first Buddha acknowledged to have exist 15,000 years ago! 

One of these teachings is the seven fold path of initiation and development that sets a powerful map for understanding and advancing your developmental process. We also discuss the Bodhichit...

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The yearning to know God, is one of the deepest yearnings of the human heart. It is at the core of every religion, but many of those Religions are simply reiterating the transcripts of someone else’s divine experience. As grateful as we are to have those records of the masters who have come before us, what about the GOD that YOU KNOW in your HEART to be REAL?

When you make contact with the Divine, then something really magical happ...

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Internal Family Systems is sweeping through psychedelic medicine as one of the preferred modalities to help heal and restructure the psyche. Renowned founder of the system, Dr. Dick Schwartz comes back and brings me through an emotional and vulnerable masterclass of healing for my parts. May my own transformation be a guide to your transformation.

| Connect with Dick Schwartz |

Get his book: You Are the One You've Been Wa...

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How did the concept of ‘original sin’ get into the bible if Jesus never taught it?

Where else did the Bible get it right, and where has it been misinterpreted or manipulated?

In this podcast, I’m joined by Bob Peck who is an author and scholar of not only Christianity, but many spiritual traditions. In this episode, we dive into the manipulative concept of ‘original sin’, the beautiful and true teachings of Yeshua, and how to int...

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