The TED AI Show

The TED AI Show

Sure, some predictions about AI are just hype – but others suggest that everything we know is about to fundamentally change. Creative technologist Bilawal Sidhu talks with the world’s leading experts, artists, journalists, and more to explore the thrilling, sometimes terrifying, future ahead.


July 16, 2024 18 mins

The TED AI Show is going on a short summer break! In the meantime, we're sharing a special episode of TED Tech, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective that we think you'll love. Listen every Friday as TED speakers explore the way tech shapes how we think about society, science, design, business, and more. 

How is AI changing the nature of human imagination and creativity? Bilawal shares how anyone can use AI-...

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Are we mistaking the remarkable skills of tools like ChatGPT with genuine intelligence? AI skeptic Gary Marcus pulls no punches when he warns that believing in the hype of generative AI models might be distracting us from building the type of AI future we actually want. Bilawal and Gary delve into the nuanced perspectives beyond the AI hype cycle, and try to find the common ground between healthy skepticism and techno-opti...

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AI is reshaping software development so much that someday soon, anyone will be able to build an app or a game. What does that mean for programming now? Bilawal and Thomas Dohmke,  CEO of GitHub, explore the soaring possibilities and discuss the lingering concerns as “AI eats software.” Whether you are a coder or a tech enthusiast, think AI will supercharge programmers or fear it will render human coders obsolete, this epis...

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We may think the complexities of the human mind can only be understood by other humans. Yet research on chatbots and psychology suggests non-human bots can actually help improve mental health. Bilawal talks with Dr. Alison Darcy, the founder of mental health app Woebot, and Brian Chandler, an app user, to learn what chatbots reveal about our inner lives and what they can (and can’t) do when it comes to emotional wellness.<...

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Non Player Characters --NPCs for short-- have always been a huge part of what makes video games engaging, from Cortana in Halo to Navi in The Legend of Zelda. But interactions with NPCs were always limited to a pre-written script. Until now. Purnendu Mukherjee is the CEO of Convai, a platform that enables developers to create NPCs with human-like conversational abilities. He joins Bilawal to chat about our evolving relatio...

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Technology is supposed to make our lives better – but who gets to decide how that improvement unfolds, and what values it upholds? Tech ethicist Patrick Lin and Bilawal dig into the hidden -- and not so hidden -- biases in AI. From historically inaccurate images to life-and-death decisions in hospitals, human biases reveal how AI mirrors our own flaws…But can we fix bias? Lin argues that technology alone won't suffice...

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Like many new, exciting artistic technologies before it, the development of AI is begging us to ask: what counts as art? In a provocative conversation, Claire Silver, an anonymous AI collaborative artist, sits down with Bilawal to talk about how AI has revolutionized her own mixed media practice, and why she thinks that AI may be an inextricable part of human creativity in the near future.

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If there’s one AI company that’s made a splash in mainstream vernacular, it’s OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Former board member and AI policy expert Helen Toner joins Bilawal to discuss the existing knowledge gaps and conflicting interests between those who are in charge of making the latest technology – and those who create our policies at the government level.

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Could you spot a deepfake? We’re entering a new world where generative AI is challenging our sense of what’s real and what’s fiction. In our first episode, Bilawal and Sam Gregory, a human rights activist and technologist, discuss how to protect our sense of reality.

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April 16, 2024 1 min

AI is changing every aspect of life – work, relationships, culture, art. But how will we navigate this new world? Host Bilawal Sidhu chats with the world’s leading experts, artists, journalists, and beyond, to guide you through the promises and perils of this powerful ever-evolving technology.

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