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Jenna Ellis Tonight

As a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal advisor and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis believes in the rule of law and the importance of integrity in our elections. In each episode of Jenna Ellis Tonight, she tackles the critical cultural and legal issues our country faces.


April 24, 2024 43 mins

Alan Dershowitz - Opening statements in the Donald Trump hush money trial began yesterday. The prosecution argued for election interference while Trump’s team claimed election interference is permissible if the act is not illegal. With that being said, is there an actual crime to convict the former president?

Jime Nelles - Alvin Bragg seems to have taken what would be a small incident and turned it into a trial. Jime Nelles of The...

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Jenna Ellis - Conservatives were in shock this weekend when the House voted for a $95 Billion spending package that supports Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and humanitarian aid that will end up in the hands of Hamas. Why aren’t Republicans insistent on funding and securing our borders if we’re going to fund everyone else’s? Plus, should Republicans be concerned about the uniparty inside the House of Representatives?

Power Panel - With t...

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Allen West - With the Mayorkus impeachment articles scrapped, Biden’s border policies will be left unchecked. What is the political fallout considering this will be if not the top issue, one of the top issues in this year’s election?

John Amanchukwu - A Bishop and four other civilians were stabbed this weekend in a church in Sydney, Australia. There has been a rise in these violent and seemingly random attacks, and this horrific e...

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Jenna Ellis (:36) - With the Democrats dismissing the impeachment of Mayorkas, Rep. Bob Good believes it’s clear that they want an invasion at the border. They look at those crossing into America as undocumented democrats. The important question is, what are Republicans doing about it?

Thursday Round-Up (9:52, 18:48, 43:47) - The Power Panel consisting of Robin Biro, David Reaboi, and John Cardillo discusses the hypocrisy from the...

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Jenna Ellis (:12) and Steve Deace (9:23 & 18:36) - The Democrats voted unanimously to kill both articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas. The House GOP Leadership stated, “By voting unanimously to bypass their constitutional responsibility, every single senate democrat has issued their full endorsement of the Biden Administration’s dangerous open border policies.”

Bill Bock (27:47) - An appeals court says the West Vi...

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Will Chamberlain (:52) - The Supreme Court heard arguments today over the obstruction law that’s being used to prosecute some of the January 6th rioters. This law seems to only target Jan. 6 rioters and not others who have obstructed other official proceedings. Is there a clear bias?

Michael Donnelly and Ron Coleman (9:59, 18:46) - With the Supreme Court today hearing arguments of obstruction for Jan. 6 rioters, let’s take a look ...

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Dr. David Grantham (2:54)- After Iran’s direct attack on Israel, Speaker Mike Johnson says the House will bring a bill to aid Israel and stated the importance of keeping strong ties with our allies.

Ryan Helfenbein (11:03, 18:44) - Israel has been an ally of America since 1949. They have remained our most reliable partner in the Middle East in that time. Now younger voters, Millennials and Gen-Z alike believe it’s time to be more ...

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Jenna Ellis (0:36) - As a conservative, it can be frustrating to live in a world run by a liberal agenda. Paul Harvey in 1965 gave a warning as “The Devil” stating what he would do to destroy Western civilization. Take a listen and see how close we have come to these ideals.

Thursday Round-Up (9:50, 18:47, 34:47) - This week the power panel includes John Cardillo, Robin Biro, and Matthew Tyrmand. They debate the issues of presiden...

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Jenna Ellis (:34) - Abortion regulation makes headlines as the Arizona Supreme Court upholds a law banning abortion in almost every circumstance. This is a major win for pro-life. Conservatives need to take note, what happened here should be happening in every other state.

John Cardillo and Walker Wildmon (12:46, 19:23) - Trump spoke to the media about the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold an abortion law and gave his view ...

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Jenna Ellis and Ryan Helfenbein - Donald Trump addressed his abortion stance, leading to widespread controversy. He stated that whatever states decide “must be the law of the land”. Many conservatives don’t believe he took a strong enough stance. Was his speech a way to appease moderates?

Josh Hammer and Michael Donnelly - Did the Dobbs decision exclusively allow States to make laws surrounding abortion? Do conservatives need to k...

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April 9, 2024 51 mins

America is at a critical point, and the political media would tell you it’s a clash merely between Republicans and Democrats. So what, they say, it’s just party politics. But as James Lindsay brilliantly describes, it’s a far deeper worldview and theological issue. And we have to define our enemy so that we can name it. Jenna and James explain what every conservative MUST understand about the trajectory of the radical cultural host...

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Kevin McCullough - Antony Blinken announced that Ukraine would become part of the NATO alliance sooner rather than later. Did the Biden administration permit him to say this? Why wasn’t there more of a response to this statement?

Josh Hammer - Benjamin Netanyahu has taken none of the President’s advice regarding Israel’s conflict with Hamas. Can the relationship between the two be salvaged? What does this mean for Joe Biden in an ...

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Jenna Ellis (0:33) - Speaker Mike Johnson promises to bring a Ukraine funding package to the floor to be voted on. After the massive spending bill was passed, what is the purpose of a Republican majority if the Democrats are going to steer the vote in their favor?

Michael Donnelly and Brett Tolman (10:39, 18:59)- Trump posted his $175 million bond. Although it was reduced, this is still an unreasonable amount of money. Plus a fede...

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Jenna Ellis- (00:19) Free Speech has been a hot-button issue of late, with Murthy vs Missouri in the Supreme Court and Scotland’s “hate speech” laws restricting comedy. There is a myth about freedom of speech and The Bill of Rights. Your rights are pre-political, given by god. The purpose of government is to protect the rights that we already have.

Douglas Mackey - (8:42) During the 2020 election Douglas Mackey posted a MEME. 7 da...

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Ray Alexander (2:11)- A few days after the horrific collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, there are concerns about chemical materials aboard the vessel, leaking into the water. plus, what protocols will be put in place to avoid another incident like this one?

Thursday Round-Up (9:48, 18:57, 34:57)- This week’s Power Panel of Robin Biro, Matthew Tyrmand, and Carly Atchinson, discuss The DeSantis vs Disney Settlemen...

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Jim Nelles (2:15) - After Monday’s tragic Key Bridge accident, let’s take a look at the how, the why, and the economic fallout.

Emily Davis (11:57) - In the most important pro-life case since the Dobbs opinion, The Supreme Court heard the argument for the FDA to continue to regulate abortion pills as they currently are, allowing women to buy the pill over the counter without seeing a professional.

David Reaboi (22:03)- Ronna McDa...

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Ryan Fournier (3:00) - After the passing of the $1.2 trillion spending bill, Marjorie Taylor Greene files a motion to oust speaker Mike Johnson. is this the right move for the republican party?

Jenna Ellis - Candice Owen and The Daily Wire have parted ways. She was not “canceled” for her views. She was an employee of a company and her views no longer aligned with hers. This is not a case of free speech, this is an employee no long...

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Jenna Eliis (00:36)- The House passed a $1.2 billion spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. Many conservative Republicans voted against the bill but, it seems the Democrats were in control, with their side voting 186 for and 22 against, helping push the 2/3 vote needed to pass the bill.

Matt Rinaldi (9:01)- Following Super Tuesday, 11 Seats shifted to the right in the Texas House, 8 more seats went to run-offs, and a few me...

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Abe Hamilton (1:56) - Donald Trump has until Monday to post a $454 Million appeal bond. With such an excessive fine the former President’s lawyers called it “patently unjust, unreasonable, and unconstitutional.” It is now possible for Letitia James to seize Trump’s assets.

Thursday Round-Up (9:52, 18:58, 34:58) - This week’s Power Panel includes John Cardillo, Mark Lotter, and John Jackson. They discuss the enormous $454 million b...

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Jenna Ellis (00:36) - Another spending bill is being passed on Capitol Hill, Congressman Chip Roy believes conservatives need to stand firm and stop allowing democrats to use Americans’ money on whatever they choose to fund.

Hogan Gidley (10:04) - The RNC promises legal ballot harvesting as a part of its new strategy to take on the Democrats. Lara Trump stated, “We’ve been playing checkers and the democrats have been playing chess...

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