Let's Get RICH With PATTU!

Let's Get RICH With PATTU!

You CAN grow your wealth! Undoing years of neglect on money and wealth in the Indian education system, Pattu helps you think about money whether you're in your teens, in your twenties, or even planning for retirement. Pattu wants you to enjoy most of your money today, and then shows you ways to ensure that the party never stops! Pattu is fun, approachable, and wears thick gold chains and bling sunglasses as he goes through his day teaching physics and also improving lives through https://freefincal.com/ You can be part of this show too! Follow https://www.instagram.com/ofspin_mediafriends and send in your questions! Let us know if you'd like to be on the show and get your money matters improved by Pattu.


April 14, 2024 30 mins

Please click on this link for Pattu's OTR vs NTR comparison calculator:


On this Episode we cover:
- A quick background on this change in tax regime
- How the first investment for most people is for tax saving!
- Skepticism towards the New Tax regime, and why
- Pattu things young earners should select the ___ tax regime
- Whether people behind ...

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On this Episode we cover: -

Are DINKs and SINKs on the rise?

- What it is important to accommodate for, for DINKs and SINKs
- The Primary difference between those who have kids and those who don't
- Is there a tendency to spend more?
- Do DINKs and SINKs lack motivation for retirement planning?
- Why Pattu thinks DINKs and SINKs need to give back to society (it's not what you think)
- How all this also applies to Par...

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April 5, 2024 12 mins

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March 21, 2024 28 mins

On this Episode we cover: -

  • Who exactly is this episode for - are you a dreamer?
    - Pattu talks about a web series and a Jeff Bezos quote
    - Stock market risks pale in comparison to Career risks
    - Living a life that is a VERSION of your dream seems to be fine
    - Why it is so important to take the biggest risks in your 20s! Go for it!
    - Just like not taking risks in investing, there is a severe risk of not pursui...
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February 25, 2024 39 mins

On this episode Pattu and Sid are joined by Deepak Mistry, an Automobile Industry veteran (currently with Audi India), and we cover:

- why Pattu was hesitant about this episode
- how Pattu moves around in Chennai !
- are Indians buying cars for utiliy or status?
- Is it time for India to control the number of cars on our roads?
- thumbrules for first time car buyers
- Pattu gives us a thumbrule for the value of your ...

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February 10, 2024 32 mins

On this episode we cover:

- The difference between immediate secondary income, and building for the longterm
- Or is there a difference?
- Becoming an expert
- Should secondary income begin at the start of your career?
- The perfect ingredients to begin with - creativity and helping others
- What do you do after a long hard day at work, put your feet up and watch netflix?
- What do online creators get wrong?

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February 4, 2024 35 mins

On this episode we cover:

- How to quickly summarize the interim budget 2024
- Whether interest rates will go up
- Vignesh's question on probability of equity markets outperforming inflation
- Pattu's answer - no idea!
- Indian stock market still in it's early days vs US which began in 1870
- Analysis of absolute returns and rolling returns on the S&P 500, so it's not rosy there either!
- We analyse the...

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January 30, 2024 33 mins

On this episode we cover :

Divakar's story and reason for writing in

Should one be extra safe after hearing a story like this?

Pattu talks about 'clumped' returns

We must be ready for losses

How inflation could be different for different people (depending on their goals)

Laser focus on just one thing: The Corpus

Virtual Pattu and Sid vs a Real world example - what truth should Divakar believe

Emotional Logic and what it means

Go th...

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January 21, 2024 32 mins

On this episode we cover:

- Why debt mutual funds are considered safe, because they're definitely not 'fixed income'
- If Debt Mutual Funds have a 'sideways market'
- What Money Market Funds are
- What Arbitrage Funds are
- Thumbrules for Recurring Deposits - and when to convert it into an FD
- The basics of RBI Retail Direct
- How RBI bonds work
- What is GDP, and how does it actually affect us
- How...

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January 14, 2024 22 mins

On this episode we cover:
- What to do when you're broke
- Mutual Funds have no compounding effect!
- How retail investors can buy International Govt. Bonds
- Corporate Bonds face value drop and how it affects retail investors like us
- If there are ratings for Debt Mutual Funds
- How do passively managed Debt Mutual Funds work?
- How often do Governments and Corporates offer Bonds, and why?
- How does a ret...

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December 24, 2023 32 mins

On this episode we cover:
- How do Debt Mutual Funds really work?
- The Basics of Bond trading
- Average Maturity of a Debt Fund
- Speculation in the Bond Market
- Why a Debt Mutual Fund is a beautiful product- Ratings of Debt Funds, and how they work
- The two things to look at for Debt MFs
- Pattu's thumb rule for selected a fund for a particular duration
- What the average rating of your Debt portfolio sh...

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On this episode we cover: 

  • How debt keeps the world alive
  • How it is a simple idea, but how it then gets complicated
  • How debt has invisible risk, while equity is visible risk
  • Why debt is bad for an individual, but not so bad for governments and companies
  • Why Argentina is offering bonds at 26% and India at 7%
  • The amazing National Savings Fund
  • What's better - a 100% debt portfolio or a 100% equity portfolio
  • Sharia Law and Debt
  • Di...
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- A question on calculators and how to budget for increasing expenses
- How to deal with crazy numbers that calculators throw up
- Medical insurance for NRIs who will return to India
- Is 10,000/- a good room rate sublimit?
- How to consolidate Mutual Funds already invested in?
- Sid's idea of a COMPLETE portfolio that has just TWO MFs !
- Direct equity investing to avoid expense r...

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- How to quantify investing in your fitness !
- Sid asks Pattu to quantify investing in relationships !
- Back tests on Gold ETFs
- Pattu's views on India's 5-10 year future
- User arguments over Fee only RIAs vs %age of profits
- How does one remove conflict of interest from MF distributors?
- Just like Martin Luther King, Pattu says "I have a dream!"

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November 26, 2023 43 mins

On this Episode we cover:- WHICH of the performing actively managed funds should one select?
- Why Pattu is not moving his investments to index funds
- How luck has played a part for Pattu
- The touchy topic of Fund Managers
- How an anonymous financial expert changed Pattu's mind about Factor funds
- Phase Difference between the west and India
- How from 800 products, Pattu has filtered it down to 10 products

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November 19, 2023 37 mins

On this Episode we cover:- How SIPs and XEROX are similar
- Before knowing which Mutual Fund to select, what we really need to know
- The best products for short term goals
- Why Liquid Funds are in the same category as FDs and RDs
- Why FDs and RDs are NOT tax efficient. And how they are taxed.
- The definition of an 'Equity' fund
- The break down of Equity MFs
- Why holding ~5% cash for MFs is important
- ...

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November 12, 2023 36 mins


- Vikram laying out the process he follows
- Understanding the Cash Flow of each client
- Prioritising when there are too many goals
- The Tools that Vikram uses to present and structure a plan
- Does this process change for Freelancers?
- Vikram tells us what he thinks the real value that a RIA brings to the table is
- Pattu tells us what he feels the true value is
- How many o...

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November 5, 2023 39 mins


- How this all began in 2014
- Vikram's background in Canada with Wealth Management and Financial Planning
- If Financial Planning is only for Rich people
- The real value that DIY investors get from Vikram
- Why RIAs reject some clients
- Pattu points out how Doctors and Lawyers are different from a Financial Planner, in the world of Professionals
- What FPs do NOT do as part of t...

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October 29, 2023 24 mins

ON THIS EPISODE WE COVER: - Are there ratings of RIAs? How does one select a good one? - Pattu's list of RIAs (16 people) - What is the process to become a SEBI registered RIA - Pattu shares a survey taken of people who use RIAs (link to be shared) - The 2 most important factors for selecting an RIA - Is financial planning for the masses ? - Pattu's advice to those interested in becoming RIAs - When is the right time in your invest...

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- How Pattu got started himself all those years ago
- Why some people need a Financial Advisor
- A list of players who offer this kind of advice
- Insurance agents and how they work
- How online content is so important for these players
- MF distributors, RIAs and RoboAdvisors - the difference
- FInfluencers !
- SEBI registered Portfolio Managers
- SEBI registered Research An...

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