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October 7, 2022 30 min

Lowell reports that his wife, who does the shopping in their home, says their cost of food has increased by 30%.    For three adults who eat modestly, that's $1,000 per month just for food.

We ask you if you've experienced the same, and you responded in droves.     Yes, without a doubt, food prices have skyrocketed.

And... It will get worse soon thanks to more carbon taxes.       

Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www...

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After a dinner out with his wife last night, Lowell says they both noticed that the family at the table next to them were not interacting with each other, but rather, were each on their own electronic device during the entire meal.    

So... Lowell asks you; has technology replaced good parenting?

We get your thoughts.

Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BTRradio.com and at www.LowellGreen.com

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NOTE:   Lowell is away tomorrow (Wednesday Oct 5th) and back Thursday/Friday.

Today Lowell discusses a mother's reaction to her son being beat up at school.    A petition has been signed by over 3,500 people demanding the school do something.   But... It is the school's responsibility to discipline children?   Or is that a parental responsibility?

We take your calls and read your comments on this issue.    

Lowell is liv...

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NOTE:   Lowell is away Monday

Today is a National Day For Truth And Reconciliation.   Lowell wonders just how much more apologizing needs to be done for things none of us were personally part of.   When do the apologies etc end and when do we finally move on and move forward as a country?

We hear your thoughts by phone and via social media on this edition of The Lowell Green Show, heard live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio...

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With the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, and with a Governor General who seems to think her position gives her free reign to travel the world with her friends in tow, and hand us the bill, Lowell wonders if now is the time to have a conversation about keeping the Monarchy in Canada.

We survey our live show audience, and the results are very definitive.    And we have a chuckle along the way.

Lowell is LIVE weekdays at 2pm ET on...

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Today Lowell discusses Pierre Poilievre's comments in the House Of Commons yesterday regarding how the carbon tax makes the cost of a tomato grown locally in Manotick more expensive than one grown in and imported from Mexico.

It makes no sense.

And the listener/viewer agrees.

Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com and on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and Twitter.

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Lowell is excited by the latest polls that show the Conservatives in the lead!

We get your thoughts on what that means, and ask if that trend is lining up with what you're hearing in your inner circle.

Plus... "Free Roaders" is Lowell's word for cyclists and electric car owners who do not pay for the roads through gas taxes.    Shouldn't they?   They use the same roads as those who pay gas taxes which pay for ...

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Today Lowell opens it up to you to discuss whatever is on your mind.

That said, we get into a conversation about a teacher in Oakville who is making headlines by dressing as a female, including large prosthetic breasts, that is without question, inappropriate.    It also makes a mockery of our transgender community.

We ask why the school board is refusing to take action.

And we delve deeper into the list of expenses our Governor...

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Today Lowell questions how the PM can go to New York and give away $2 Billion of YOUR tax dollars when here at home, people are losing their homes, cannot afford food, heath care is crumbling... And things are getting worse.

Why is Canada not doing everything it our power to MAKE money and support Canadians before we hand out money we don't have to other countries.

Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com an...

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Today Lowell discusses the PM's long absence from the House Of Commons and wonders just where our leader is today.

Last week he was in the UK, then New York, in two days he's off to Japan.    As the country's economy falls apart, our MP's have been on a two and half month long break.

And... Lowell also asks, just what is it about Justin Trudeau that appeals to so many?

Great calls from you today, and lots of inpu...

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Today we open things up to you... What's on YOUR mind that you'd like to discuss.

For some it's the race for Mayor in Ottawa and the surprising polls that indicate who is leading.

Speaking of... Justin Trudeau continues to be the preferred choice for Prime Minister over new Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre; we discuss... And, Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons again.    Lowell asks what you believe we sho...

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Lowell is disgusted with the Prime Minister of Canada attending the funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and spending the evening before her service at a bar singing songs.

All of this, of course, paid for by Canadians.

The British press is furious, and Canada is (or should be) embarrassed.   Again.

A unanimous response from our live audience on this topic today.   Not one person verbalized support for his actions.


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For the first time since moving his show to the internet on BTR (450 shows ago) Lowell brings back his famous VENTING FRIDAY!

Your chance to offer a bouquet to someone or something that you feel deserves some recognition... But, also, your chance to launch a virtual brick at someone or something that is really pissing you off.      (Note:  We took the PM out of the running.)

Apologies for the crummy sound effects... But here'...

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Today Lowell brings to light the fact that 40% of corn grown in the USA, and presumably here in Canada as well, is for biofuels.

By 2030, 50% of all gasoline sold in Ontario must be biofuels, and it increases year after year.    This means that more and more land is being devoted to grow corn for fuel, and NOT for human consumption.   Add to that the government's plan to reduce crops and the use of fertilizer by 30% and we'...

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Today Lowell dives into the campaigns that we're seeing to smear the likes of Pierre Poilievre and Mark Sutcliffe.    Just two of many examples.

We get your thoughts on where that comes from.

Plus we discuss the bonus holiday on Monday for our Federal Civil Servants, and discuss the Trudeau Family's recent $12,000 grocery bill, which you and I paid for.

Lowell is live from the Island Of Sanity weekdays at 2pm ET on www.B...

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It was a HUGE win for Pierre Poilievre Saturday night.    Despite 71% of the vote, 68% of the required point and all by 8 ridings voting for him, the media immediately says that his party is divided.    How is that even possible when he received that kind of staggering support?

We discuss.

And we hear your thoughts on the immediate impression his wife made on many of us.    Is she, as some said during the live broadcast today, a ...

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Lowell opens it up to you today to discuss anything you wish...

Topics we cover include the first public comments from King Charles III today, Montreal transit removing 42 buses from their fleet after reports of batteries overheating and burning, and, Prime Minister Trudeau's announcement that he will run again in the next federal election.

Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com/lowellgreen

*Photo: Town ...

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The news broke just moments before we went live to air.  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at the age of 96.

We share some memories, and hear some of yours, and we also wonder what this means for the future of the Monarchy here in Canada and around the world.

Lowell Green is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com

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With 59 convictions on his record, most for very violent crimes, Lowell asks how someone like Myles Sanderson could be released from prison and permitted to integrate back into society.

What should happen to the members of that board?

We discuss.

Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com

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Today Lowell asks what you feel should be done with the funds donated to the Convoy protest.    They were frozen by the Government and now sit there unused.   

Would you like the money to be returned to those who donated, or should it be made available to help offset the costs some are facing to defend themselves in court?


Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com

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