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Trying to work out how all your marketing fits together is tricky, especially when you're trying to juggle everything else you need to do while running a small business. MAP IT Marketing steps you through how to create your own marketing map, building out a marketing strategy that is practical, and will help you take action after every episode. Listen and learn with your host, marketing strategist and coach Rachel Klaver, as she breaks down the steps of building out a marketing action plan specifically for the small business owner. (because we are different than a big company! We have smaller budgets, less resource and far less time!) Join Rachel as she shares her own business lessons and learning, or enjoy her expert guests talking tactics to help you become more confident in your own marketing. As we walk through all the different steps you need to take to build out your marketing activity, you'll be able to note what you need to do to implement the marketing advice and tactics. Think of it as your own marketing coach, helping you sift through all the small business marketing information, and working out what you need to do next. Want a clear direction in your marketing? Let's come make a map.


August 31, 2023 17 mins

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Are you a thought leader? Do you think you should be? Do you have to be a thought leader in business these days? If you want to be one, is it as simple as just calling yourself one? What’s the difference between calling your self one, and being one? I had so many questions!

Verity Craft is a speaker, coach, writer and self-described thought leadership nerd (with her love of thought leadership possibly matched only by her obsession ...

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One of the best parts of being a content marketing veteran (aka, in my 50’s and having been involved in content marketing in one way or the other for over twenty years) is seeing patterns show up in how technology impacts our content and our marketing.

The ebb and flow of “too much info” has been one that we’ve struggled with as humans since the internet became an integral part of our lives. 20 years ago I was writing keyword stuff...

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When someone says that social media marketing is a waste of time, email is a waste of time, any part of marketing is a waste of time my response (at the very least in my head!) is “No, you just didn’t take the time to fix the problems to make it successful”

There are two really big reasons when content marketing can fail so miserably. The first one is you haven’t taken time to develop a plan AND stick to it, and the second is you h...

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When Alana rocked up to our group coaching day with her young daughter in tow she instantly reminded me of.. Me. Those days of taking my baby with me places is long past and I’m now looking at a completely empty nest next year, in part because I’m flinging my youngest out a little bit before we’re both ready

Alana is a corporate escapee and the cofounder of Your Success Team, a collective of business experts who have created a busi...

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We spend a lot of time looking at our ideal clients and what they “look like” but what if we spent more time looking at what they are experiencing, what they are being influenced by, and what they are needing from us more.


Using empathy in our marketing strategy can help us identify the core needs of our ideal clients, so we can talk to them better. We can show we have grace for the sticking points that are making life harder, be...

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There’s nothing like having your entire world turned upside down to discover holes in your business. And this year that’s exactly what happened to Kat Corbett

Kat’s been a freelancer, a consultant, and an agency owner.

When she started her copywriting agency 3 years ago, she needed a consistent flow of clients to be viable. So she learnt how to make this happen - even with a small audience and an introverted personality. Her primar...

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I’ve only ever talked about buyer profiles before in a retail environment but we’re all talking to people and selling to them (even if we are selling to a business we are still selling to a person IN the business)

So the nine buyer profiles are still worth looking at.

There are some buyers who come in hot. Is this a good thing or a warning sign? How can you tell the difference?

What can you do to warm up someone and are any of them...

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When Janet Stott started Homegrown Primal she had no intention of being the face of the business. In fact she and her husband weren’t totally sure the business was going to work. At the very least they would have made a bunch of supplements for themselves!

That was back in 2019 and the business is in a very different place today. They now ship across New Zealand and Australia, and are buying ingredients by the tonne. They also now ...

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If you are a small business owner who’s the face of your business, and wanting to build a profile using podcasts and media coverage, taking the time to create a media kit can help you do just that.

In today’s podcast, we explore how to articulate your unique selling proposition, values, and mission within the media kit.

We also cover what visual branding elements you need to include to help build your brand identity, and what other...

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I can’t believe that I had no idea ChatGPT was on the horizon a year ago. 

Now I use it everyday for our business and with my coaching and strategy clients to help them create compelling content

What I don’t want them (or you) to do is create crappy generic content. I’ve lost touch of how many landing pages, blogs, websites and posts I’m seeing written with a distinctly AI feel to them.


The more a small business owner...

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Things are hard out there for many small business owners right now. 

And I’m finding more and more small business owners are freezing, and spending more time freaking out than actively taking action to generate sales.

If that’s you, or you don’t want that to ever be you, this episode is for you.


I want you to be doing two core things at all times in your marketing. 

  1. Finding a way to get new sales today and...
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If you are the face of your brand, you suddenly find there’s a whole lot of other things you need to think about. And one of them is your wardrobe.

We’ve talked before about home. It is important to have a brand shoot, and wear clothing that reflects your brand in shots. But to really make your brand zing, it will go deeper than that.

Developing (or even just identifying) what your style is, and then how to show that in your clothi...

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Pricing right isn’t just about making sure we make some money (that’s the bare minimum expectation). It’s also about sending a message that you’ll marketing will build out about who you are selling to, what you are selling and why you’re the best option at that level of pricing


Setting yourself too low and providing a high value product or offer may mean people don’t trust you enough to buy it. Or setting your price high, and now...

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Shifting the needle in your business -with Sarah Greener


If you feel like your business is taking over your life, the “I’m too busy” refrain is living in your head and you just need to get some peace to sort out your head, this podcast is for you.


Sarah Greener works with women (and men who are comfortable in women’s spaces) who are business owners but also managing what she calls the "second shift” of running a home, raising a...

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Most regular listeners will know I love talking content marketing, and while I know just how important analytics are, we don’t spend a huge amount of time talking about them


However the change from Google Analytics to G4 is a huge move, which requires a little work from your end, and some massive changes to your reporting


G4 will help you have greater visibility on how people are seeing your website, and allow you to make chang...

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After four people told me about the billboards that Viv Conway’s business Girls Get Off use to market their business, I knew I had to have her on the podcast. 


Girls Get Off is a beautifully branded and designed female focussed sex toy brand, designed to provide a range of toys that are more appealing to the female gaze, than to a mans.


It can be tricky to use social media to market a sex toy company. Advertising on Facebook an...

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I often say “tell a story, change a mind” Storytelling helps us talk to a part of the brain that is geared towards connection. 

But when we think about storytelling we often think of those big, powerful life changing moments of our lives and use these as our stories. And that’s not where the magic is.

In this episode we take a look at the power of storytelling. We look at how to choose the right story, why it’s not about you at all...

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Having to have our face out there building a brand can be tricky. And while there is a lot to be said for making sure we have authentic, off the cuff images and videos, having photos that show our best professional side can really help people connect with us and our business


Cate Thomas is a third generation photographer who focusses on helping people create their brand photos. Based in the Manawatu, she couples her brand photogr...

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After working with over a thousand of small business owners one-to-one on on their marketing strategies, I know what business owners need in their strategies and action plans and what they don’t 

I don’t hunt around for what other people do, but every now and again I’m sent a strategy from a business owner who has paid thousands for what amounts to a four page document, or a thick array of pretty graphs, or a spreadsheet. None of t...

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