Supernatural Circumstances

Supernatural Circumstances

What happens when a veteran paranormal researcher of 20 years gets together with a true crime podcast host? Morgan Knudsen (Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal 911) and Mike Browne (Dark Poutine podcast) are about to show you. Supernatural Circumstances podcast delves into the paranormal, all while giving listeners the fascinating science behind the cases, the latest theories, and even their own tools on how to apply this new information in their every day experience. Debuting its first season, Supernatural Circumstances is a podcast for the curious about the unseen, the mysterious, and the incredible things happening in the world around us.


December 5, 2022 69 min

Anyone who has worked in healthcare in a hospital setting has some interesting stories to tell. Not only tales of life-saving and sometimes loss, but there are other not-so-common tales as well. Perhaps it is a tale of some unseen presence that only seems to take place in one place. Maybe it is something spiritually relevant, like a patient’s recollection of a near-death experience or some otherwise unexplainable occurrences. 


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Morgan chats about the importance of storytellers in the paranormal. In the interview portion of the show, we hear from documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove. Hailing from Ohio, Seth’s interest in cryptids, folklore and other stories of the unexplained led him to found the production company Small Town Monsters in 2015, through which he has written, produced, edited, and directed a variety of short and feature films.

Supernatural Cir...

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November 7, 2022 62 min

In this episode we take a look at a few rather terrifying creatures that are said to roam the Canadian wilds. In her part of the show, Morgan will talk a few of these including the Gugwe, thought to be giant, vicious and baboon like was named by the mic-maw peoples of eastern Canada. It is sometimes referred to as ‘The Face Eater’.

Later, we speak with cryptozoologist, Ryan Tremblay. Ryan’s fascination for things unexplained and cry...

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Episode 27: Science and the Supernatural - not usually two terms you’ll see together. Materialist scientists shout down claims of the supernatural as hogwash. These cries get louder if speaking of the field of medicine. There are definitely some crazy ideas out there, but we shouldn’t ignore them all. That’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

First we’ll hear from Morgan as she digs into some of the biases and beliefs of...

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Cultures have been telling stories of Shadow People for eons, often explaining their presence through the lens of their particular cultures, including their religious beliefs. The Quran, for example, has stories of pitch-black entities with human-like shapes, called Jinn, that were created from fire. These things were neither purely spiritual or physical in nature, but something in between.

It’s arguable whether or not the star of t...

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Is art the pathway to the less accessible, darker parts of our consciousness? It seems to be the way for us to examine and understand things that would be too frightening and ugly for us to connect to in a direct way.  

In this episode, we’ll hear from Morgan as she addresses some scary tales and creatures that seem to have come from humanity’s darkest reaches. Later we will hear our interview with artist, Mister Sam Shearon. Mister...

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In 1977, investigators from the Society of Psychical Research in London were called on to look into strange goings on at the little council house on Green Street, in Enfield, North London. There, the Hodgson family, led by daughters Janet, 11, and Margaret, 13, claimed they were being tortured by a poltergeist.

We’ll learn about more around this familiar and compelling case from UK based paranormal investigator and podcaster, Paul B...

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August 29, 2022 85 min

In this episode about Canadian Cryptids, Morgan talks about Bigfoot, Wendigo and a few other Canadian Cryptids. Later on we’ll hear from author W.T. Watson as he talks to us about his book Canadian Cryptids from his home in Kitchener, Ontario. You can follow W.T. Watson on Facebook and Twitter and his books are available on Amazon.

Supernatural Circumstances is a co-production of Entityseeker Paranormal Research and Teachings and Go...

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In this episode Morgan takes a deeper look at vampire lore and later on we’ll her from notable Australian vampirologist, President and founder of the Vampire Studies Association and Editor of the Journal of Vampire Studies, Anthony Hogg, as we take a look at humanity’s fascination with Vampires.

Supernatural Circumstances is a co-production of Entityseeker Paranormal Research and Teachings and Good Egg Studios. This podcast is a par...

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In this episode Morgan tells us about Dog-men such as the beast of the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. This creature is said to resemble a gigantic half man, half wolf that walks on two legs and has five-fingered human hands ending in vicious claws. The creature is said to stand over seven feet tall, with massive crushing jaws, and glowing eyes.

After that, we speak with our guest, Eric Mintel of Eric Mintel Investigates on Face...

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The term skeptic is derived from the Greek skeptikos, meaning “to inquire” or “look around.” Skeptics require additional evidence before accepting someone’s claims as true. They are willing to challenge the status quo with open-minded, deep questioning of authority.

Our guest, Craig Weiler is the science editor for Paranormal Daily News, a parapsychology journalist, author and blogger. He covers controversies in parapsychology (and ...

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What is consciousness, exactly? Where does it come from? Is consciousness an emergent property of the brain or is it fundamental, existing outside and independent of our physical selves? Does our consciousness, in some way, survive the demise our our physical bodies?

Guest Helané Wahbeh.

Supernatural Circumstances is a co-production of Entityseeker Paranormal Research and Teachings and Good Egg Studios. This podcast is a part of the ...

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Mike and Morgan talk about recent developments in UFO study and the possibility of things from out of this world. Our guest for this episode is filmmaker, John Yost, will talk to us about his own encounters with things otherworldly. He tackles the subject and how his own, very real experiences as a child affected the rest of his life in his recent feature documentary film, Alien Abduction: Answers. The film stars, Yost and Whitley ...

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On October of 1903 a strange creature was said to have paid a visit to the small town of Van Meter in Iowa. Several respected members of the community told of a mysterious winged creature that terrorized some of the town's residents during several nights in the course of the week. Descriptions of the beast suggested that it had large bat-like wings, left a terrible stench wherever it went, and, even stranger, it fired beams of ...

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In this episode, you will hear Morgan first talk about psychokinesis, also called telekinesis. Psychokinesis in parapsychology, the action of mind on matter, in which objects are supposedly caused to move or change as a result of mental concentration upon them. The physical nature of psychokinetic effects contrasts with the cognitive quality of extrasensory perception (ESP), the other major grouping of parapsychological phenomena. ...

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After a brief introduction with Mike talking about his own OBE (Out of Body) adjacent experiences, we hear from Morgan as she talks about the power of letting go and about the life of Robert Monroe. After that we will interviewed Allyn Evans, the current Executive Director, President and a Residential Trainer for the Monroe Institute, founded by Robert Monroe.

Supernatural Circumstances is a co-production of Entityseeker Paranormal ...

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In this episode, we learn of the inspirational story of the father of parapsychology J.B. (Joseph Banks) Rhine. Rhine rejected faith early on in favour of a hard scientific education obtaining a Ph.D. in botany. He was eventually drawn to the paranormal, after learning of a number of cases of what he perceived as legitimate “psychic occurrences”. His intuition began to nag at him. Perhaps his earlier close-minded thinking was off b...

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In this episode Morgan and Mike look at fear. Fear is a natural, powerful emotion. Fear alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm, whether that danger is physical or psychological. However, fear misplaced can hold us back. 

In this episode's interview we speak with Morgan's friend Terri-Lynn Blake. Terri-Lynn is a wife and mother, Alberta-born & was raised with strong Cree & Métis lineages. She has ha...

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Morgan takes a dive into the topic of exorcism and how it relates to psychology. Later in the show, Mike and Morgan speak with Andrea Perron, eldest daughter of five to Carolyn and Roger. Their story was made famous by the well-known 2013 horror film, The Conjuring. The Perrons though, don’t feel the movie got it right. To set the record straight, Andrea has written a trilogy of books titled House of Darkness House of Light. As wel...

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In this episode we look at Paranormal Entertainment and the some impacts it has had on our beliefs when it comes to things supernatural. Some of the myths perpetuated by these shows in various mediums, all in the name of entertainment, have created massive misunderstandings about and negative biases toward legitimate parapsychological study and research.

In the second part of the show, Morgan and I talk with Professor Paranormal, Lo...

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