The Yarn

The Yarn

The Yarn is a podcast showcasing work from The Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne. It features original reporting by students, content from The Citizen publication, as well as talks and events held by the Centre.


December 7, 2023 13 mins

Since July, the cost of living crisis has gotten a whole lot worse for international students. Thanks to the reinstatement of pre-pandemic work restrictions, their maximum working hours have been limited to 24 hours per week. Experts call it a return to "normal", but those facing financial peril say otherwise. 

This week, Wuxi Fan talks to three students whose lives have been turned upside down by this U-turn. 




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Rules have been following us from the moment we were born. Children follow the rules set by parents, students follow the rules set by schools, workers follow the rules set by companies, and citizens follow the laws set by governments.

But what happens when international students face rules in different countries and cultures?

This week on Subclass 500, Xuyang Liu investigates the stories of two international students who feel tra...

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November 16, 2023 15 mins

This episode explores long-distance relationships for international students. Part one is about the problems faced by a couple who are dating long distance. The second part introduces the phenomenon of life partners based on the story of a Melbourne-based Chinese student's relationship.



Series Producer: Yuxuan Liu 
Senior Producer: Songyu Wu, Xuyang Liu
Host: Cissy
Sound Design: Elliot Rodriguez
Design and...

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The number of international students in Australia is rapidly increasing, and some of them want to stay here to work and live. But they will face various difficulties and challenges. They have all put in a lot of effort. However, their future is still uncertain. The first interviewee, Michael Zhao, studies engineering and will graduate at the end of this year. He is very dissatisfied with the employment environment in his own countr...

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November 1, 2023 14 mins

When international students first set foot in Melbourne, they often feel alienated due to the absence of a sense of home and may feel apprehensive due to the cultural differences. They yearn for resonance and familiarity. In this episode, two Chinese students joined the university's Chinese martial arts club, while another student from China blended Chinese music with various other genres. An Indonesian student, on the other hand, ...

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In this episode Subclass 500, Elliot Rodriguez speaks with fellow international students about the struggles with language barriers. At the University of Melbourne professors are strict about translation rules for assignments, making it even harder for some students to do their class projects. However, the language barrier doesn't just affect non-native English speakers, Elliot discovers throughout the episode that he too has faced...

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From the rule changes that make hard to earn a living, to the challenges of a long-distance relationship, from the freedoms of being a woman in Australia, to the cage made by paperwork designed to keep you out, all while learning to speak in a new language. These are some of challenges faced by international students at the University of Melbourne, and this is a podcast revealing those series coming very soon fro...

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October 17, 2023 13 mins

For the first time in four years, Australia is facing an El Nino — a weather pattern that can cause extreme heat. 

These increased temperatures would make Bendigo especially vulnerable to droughts. But an adaptation plan to restore the region’s waterways will provide a much-needed safeguard.   

Today, we’re bringing you an interview with journalist Sasha Gattermayr about her reporting on Bendigo’s waterways. Her article was co-pu...

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October 11, 2023 10 mins

This weekend, millions of Australians will vote on whether to enshrine an Indigenous voice to Parliament in the constitution.  

For most young Australians, it will be their first ever referendum. It’s also the first to take place in the era of social media — and misinformation has been rife.  


Today, we’re taking a break from our Regional Reporting series to bring you a special report on the referendum from CAJ journalist...

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September 27, 2023 8 mins

Fires and droughts are only the flashpoints of rising temperatures. Heat-induced health issues, though less conspicuous, are also a risk.  

Bendigo’s socio-economic landscape makes it especially vulnerable to this creeping problem, and its residents are suffering — both physically and mentally. 

Today, we’re bringing you an interview with CAJ student Jerome Des Preaux about his reporting on health and heat. His article was co-pub...

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September 22, 2023 8 mins

This week, we’re investigating a controversial strategy to control Bendigo’s pests by reintroducing an apex predator — the dingo. 

It’s a response to Victoria’s growing Kangaroo population, which has increased by approximately one million since 2017.  

The national icon is decimating crops, causing car accidents, and destroying ecosystems. Hundreds of thousands are culled by hunters every year, but critics say this ignores the ro...

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September 6, 2023 17 mins

When we encounter unexpected information, our brains enter what psychologists call “the surprise sequence”. 

Whether positive or negative, the sequence begins with a state of heightened emotions and extreme curiosity. After this, our points of view shift to make sense of a new reality. Sometimes fundamentally. 

This week, we’re bringing you three stories about being humbled by new information and fresh perspectives. 

It’s the th...

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August 23, 2023 16 mins

Back in January, China’s education ministry made a snap decision. Effective immediately, online study at foreign universities was banned.  

Tens of thousands of students scrambled to secure visas and book flights to Australia in time for semester one. To make matters worse — their new home was in the midst of a rental crisis. 

This week, we’re bringing you two interviews about The Citizen’s coverage of Melbourne’s housing shortag...

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August 16, 2023 17 mins

Blind spots are easy to see in others. It’s much harder to see our own. 

This discrepancy is called the blind spot bias, and psychologists believe almost all of us suffer from it. 

This week, we’re bringing you three stories about blind spots and misunderstandings. Stories about biases clouding our judgment and making us blind to nuance.  

It’s the second episode of Dark Matters. A series about the fundamental essence of life an...

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August 8, 2023 16 mins

When we imagine great mysteries we think of distant galaxies or unexplorable ocean depths. But one of the greatest mysteries is a lot closer to home. It’s in our heads.


The human brain is the most complex data processor in the known universe. But we still have very little idea how our own consciousness actually works.


This week, we’re bringing you three stories that shed light on the intricacies of our minds.


It’s the f...

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June 21, 2023 11 mins

Today, we’re bringing you three student-produced stories about a topic close to home — The University of Melbourne itself. 


Stories about how global issues like the rise of AI are playing out on campus, as well as stories more specific to the university. 


It’s the third and final episode of Hyperlocal. A series about the big issues impacting small communities in Melbourne.  


Featuring stories by Yongxin Yu, Nuoxin Li. a...

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June 14, 2023 10 mins

Today, we’re bringing you three stories about the shortcomings of Melbourne’s roadways and how to fix them. Stories about the life-changing — and even life-saving — potentials of transport engineering.  

It’s the second episode of Hyperlocal, a series about the big issues impacting small communities in Melbourne.  

Featuring stories by Timothy Evetts, Bridget Collier, and Xiyan Wang.


See for privacy info...

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June 7, 2023 10 mins

This week, we’re bringing you three stories about neighbours banding together — either to help each other out or unite against a mutual adversary. 


It’s the first episode of Hyperlocal, our new series about the big issues impacting small communities in Melbourne.  


Featuring stories by Filment Ho, Jerome Des Preaux, and Amelia Costigan.

See for privacy information.

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June 2, 2023 25 mins

For the last seven years, producers from the podcast All the Best have mentored Melbourne University's audio journalism students.  

It’s part of an initiative that teaches emerging storytellers the ins and outs of audio production, culminating in a series of student-produced documentaries.

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of All the Best’s all-time favourite audio stories from these mentorships. They were recently included ...

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Today, we're bringing you another episode of News Bites — a series of live interviews showcasing the work of local journalists.  

This week’s guest is Erik Jensen, the editor-in-chief of Schwartz Media. 

Erik’s career has been multipronged.  He began working as a music critic when he was only fifteen. After high school, he went on to join the Sydney Morning Herald and won a Walkley Award. 

Later, he became the founding editor of...

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