Two Doting Dads with Matty J & Ash

Two Doting Dads with Matty J & Ash

Two Doting Dads is a podcast series that follows the parenting escapades of two good mates, Matty J and Ash Wicks. Like all good modern relationships, they met on Instagram and instantly bonded over the fact that they were both sleep-deprived Dads doing their best to dote over their two children. They share a very laid-back style to parenting, they don't pretend to be experts and they celebrate every single parenting mishap (which there are plenty). If you're listening for parenting advice, you've come to the wrong podcast.


June 16, 2024 47 mins

Matilda’s superstar Katrina Gorry shares her remarkable journey from solo IVF to expanding her family with her partner Clara Markstedt.

Katrina chats about the challenge of moving to Sweden with her 6-month-old daughter Harper, how motherhood reignited her career, and navigating the start of kindergarten.

Matt and Ash spoke to Katrina a week before her partner Clara gave birth to their son! 

If you need a shoulder to cry o...

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Guess who just returned from her long senior Contiki Tour? Ellie, also known as Mum Johnson, is back from her two-month trip to France! 

It's also International Men's Health Week. Matt and Ash explain why they need to prioritize their health after personal sobering experiences.

We encourage men to make regular doctor’s check-ups a routine part of life for you and the sake of your kids’ future. Let us know when you’ve booked your ...

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Matt shared the chaotic morning when he took the girls to daycare looking like little rats, only to realize it was the worst possible day for it. But it’s not all chaos—Matt also shares the romantic highlights of his weekend trip to Byron Bay, where he managed to get some sexy time, not once, but twice!

Meanwhile, Ash dives into the intriguing dynamics of grandparent preferences, as Oscar favors Poppa for daycare pickups.  


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Alex Volkanovski says parenting makes UFC fighting feel like a walk in the park. 

Well, we won't be jumping into the ring with the bloke anytime soon!

UFC former lightweight world champ, Alex Volkanovski is known as Alexander the Great in the octagon but is also a doting dad to three young daughters: Ariana (9), Airlie (7), and Reign (8 months). 

Standing by his side is his high school sweetheart, Emma, who has helped Volk balan...

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May 28, 2024 51 mins

After many years of peer pressure and a creeping sense of dad guilt, Ash has finally caved. 

After finding a hungry caterpillar in his coffee, Matty J is widening his diet with bugs. 

Find out how the Allambie Jets football club has been performing since Two Doting Dads began sponsoring the team. Don't be surprised if the update differs from your expectations.

We have a new segment called Petty Couples! Make sure you share your ...

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Ash has made a mistake this week that you only make once as a parent: accidentally picking up the wrong kid from daycare.  

Meanwhile, Macy, always one to keep us on our toes, has developed a new and unique sleeping habit. 

Matty J has taken a moment away from parenting kids who don't want pancakes to audition for a big-time opportunity. Keep your fingers and toes crossed, people!

We have a new segment called Petty Couples! Make...

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It's the Queen of Gosford herself! Lady Julia Morris, the doting mother of two young ladies, drops by post-jungle fever to share the good, the bad and the relatable of parenting. 

It's safe to say Matty J and Ash had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but keep up and enjoy the ride as Julia chats about how she dealt with divorce and telling her kids, miscarriage and the chaos of menopause.

Julia is a long-time Aussie...

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Happy Mother's Day! We adore you, and yes, we would not be here without you.


The Wicks spend a weekend away from the kids and decide to bring a carry-on friend with them for the trip. Can they get it through customs, though? 

Oscar has learnt a new phrase except he doesn't realise how rude he is! 

Matt treats Laura to the highly coveted parent sleep-in but reckons she's getting way more sleep than she thinks. Daddy J als...

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Ash shares something very rare on today's episode – advice. It's time for millennial parents to ditch Stranger Danger and introduce something new to their kids' vocabularly!

Matt has a kleptomaniac on his hands. Can you guess which kid it is? Yep. You're probably right.

We have a new segment called Petty Couples! Make sure you share your best stories with us 👇

Slide into our DM's @twodotingdads with any parenting question you n...

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May 5, 2024 51 mins

Kat Clark is truly a force to be reckoned with. 

With a platform boasting millions of followers across social media and a thriving skincare business, Kaladé, which she co-runs with her daughters Latisha and Deja. 

After falling pregnant at the young age of 17, Kat found herself in an abusive relationship, disconnected from her family on an island north of Queensland. 

Thankfully, she was able to escape her situation, start her l...

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April 30, 2024 49 mins

Matt has had to activate the almighty dad voice to a group of young teens at the footy this week. It's safe to say it put the fear of god into them.

Are you a family that loves a good hand-me-down? Well, Ash does, and as a rare treat, he's surprised Macy with something new that she can't take off, even during bathtime.  

Speaking of bathtime, Marley dropped a bombshell during her night routine that shocked the Johnson household a...

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Guess who's made her way onto the podcast, FINALLY. 

Laura Byrne, Matt's lovely wife, is in the house, and it looks like Ash is third wheeling for this week's episode. 

The Johnson family have a new family member they'd like to introduce you to. Lola has shoved something up her nose, and Laura shares how she juggles mum's life, work and wife's life. 

Ash also has a dilemma ...

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As a fellow girl dad, Tom Birmingham's working life is a world apart from his parenting life. 

Tom co-hosts one of the biggest (and dribbliest) sports podcasts in the nation and juggles this as a doting dad to Evie, 4, and Zoe, 2 ½, with his wife, Stef. 

Check out Hello Sport here

Slide into our DM's @twodotingdads with ...

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April 16, 2024 58 mins


It's a tale of two dads trying to catch up one one thing always gets in the way - the kids. We wrote as a story for kids that parents will also love.

In other news, we all know that sexy time is a rare treat after having kids.

Daddy needed his special time this week; however, some of us had to wait a little longer for it.  

Matt tolerates Ash's gripe an...

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April 9, 2024 42 mins

Big breath in, big breath out!

Matt is solo parenting this week, and the kids are running an absolute muck while Mum is away. Lola's 3 AM wake-up calls have left Matt sleep-deprived, causing accidental moments like reaching for two-week-old milk for breakfast 🤮

Ash, on the other hand, is running after Macy, who's escaped to a place he can't go. Meanwhile, his son Oscar has a black eye, and you'll never guess how it happened... 


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Growing up in America, Sean Szeps always wanted to be a mum until he realised that a few things were standing in the way of that dream.

Sean is a podcast host, writer, and content creator who has found a platform to share his journey as a gay husband raising 6-year-old boy-girl twins Stella and Cooper.

As you can imagine, Sean's road to becoming a dad is full of ups and downs, including surrogacy, overcoming post-natal depression...

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Matt and Ash hate the Easter long weekend. 

Kids are jacked up on sugar, daycare charges you the public holiday, and you can't escape it because the roads are packed full of other families trying to escape. 

The only upside is that the calories don't count during Easter.

Ash takes the family to the Royal Easter Show, entering with the best intentions but leaving as a very full man. 

Matt is trying to find time to have sex longe...

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March 26, 2024 36 mins

A silent killer is taking on innocent nanas! 

Matty J arrives home with Nana Johnson and the kids in tow. Unfortunately, Nana makes the fatal mistake of exclaiming aloud, 'Well, that was pretty painless!' Matt isn't prepared for what will happen next. 

Meanwhile, April is away for work, which means Ash is the primary parent of two kidlets. It's time to bring in backup—mum! 

By the way, have you ever been on the world's tallest e...

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James and Clair Buckley's parenting life began when they first met in their early twenties.

At that time, James was filming a movie spinoff about the popular TV show The Inbetweeners.

Imagine their surprise when they found out Clair was pregnant after only six months of knowing each other! 

Matt and Ash chat to James and Clair about what it's like to raise kids in England and all the other things that come with being a Buckley. 


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After spending a whole week away from the kids, Matt J and Ash have decided to take the whole family on a cruise. 

This is also the first time the dads have experienced each other's parenting styles in all their glory, and let's just say things didn't go so smoothly. 

We share your best Toddler Meltdown stories and have a crack at answering your listener questions: 

  • What age should you stop being naked in front of your chi...
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