Bounce Back Stronger with Donna Ferris

Bounce Back Stronger with Donna Ferris

Welcome to Bounce Back Stronger. Life is full of unexpected challenges that test our strength and resilience. These events include divorce, job loss/reorganization, death of a loved one, illness, and other changes or losses. It’s in these moments of adversity that some remarkable individuals discover their inner power and transform hardships into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Do you ever wonder why? Or how? Join your host, author, yoga therapist, and life coach, Donna Ferris, as she embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of those who’ve thrived through tough times. Who’ve surmounted the odds to Bounce Back Stronger. May we all benefit from their stories of resilience, hope, and triumph. Subscribe to Bounce Back Stronger, available on your favorite podcast platform or on YouTube, and let’s explore together how to emerge from life’s challenges not just unscathed, but stronger than ever before.


June 15, 2024 24 mins

In this episode of Bounce Back Stronger, host Donna Ferris interviews the illustrious Art Carey, an acclaimed author, journalist, and editor with over 34 years of experience at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Art shares insights from his interviews with legends like Fred Rogers and Jack Bogle and discusses his exploration of health, fitness, and human resilience through his writing. Discover how his passion for fitness, inspired by his ...

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Tune into our latest podcast episode for a powerful meditation that combines mindfulness and movement to help you overcome barriers and walk your way to inner peace.

This meditation is one of a dozen that accompany Donna Y. Ferris' book Bounce Back Stronger - Finding Peace and Purpose No Matter What Happens (available here).

We hope this episode is helpful to you. If it is, please subscribe to this podcast, leave a review, and shar...

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“There's always something that's going to test us and try to knock us off kilter. But if you stay resilient and open, I swear you will receive blessings, opportunities, epiphanies, and a connection to the divine that gets stronger and stronger and stronger.”

We are thrilled to welcome our first repeat guest, the internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and real-life ghostbuster Cristina Leeson.

We had so much fun...

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“People sacrifice sleep. They put it last, and I'm hearing things like, I'll sleep when I die,  sleep is for the wicked, or  you want to show that you're a superhero by not needing  more sleep...”

This is our third episode in Mental Health Awareness Month, and this week, we are focusing on a fundamental activity that directly affects our mental health.

What is it? Sleep.

Our guest is Julie Wright, the visionary founder of We Sleep,...

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In this episode, we guide you through a ten-minute meditation focused on the art of surrendering the outcome. This practice isn't about giving up, but rather about recognizing that we've done our best and it's time to let go of persistent thoughts, release control, and trust in the flow of life.

We'll start by helping you relax your body and focus on your breath. As we move through the meditation, we'll explore the concept of surre...

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“I’ve always told people who deal with a family member or someone they love with schizophrenia or some severe or even brain trauma, the essential person is in there. It's this disease or accident or whatever, that's hijacked the brain.”

This is our second episode in Mental Health Awareness Month, and our guest is National Book Critics Award-winning memoir author Mira Bartok. This conversation is for anyone who loves someone struggl...

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In this first episode for May Mental Health Awareness Month, we delve into the meaning of "The Peace That Passes All Understanding" as we lead you through a serene, meditative journey of self-discovery and tranquility.

Through simple steps, discover how to release past and future worries and remain grounded in the present moment. Experience the inherent calmness within you, regardless of external circumstances.

Conclude feeling rej...

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“Quickly after coming to Kripalu, I noticed that when we asked people why they were there, 80 percent of them said, I want to come home to myself...  There was this kind of desperation to come to someplace that felt like home. And what is that? Well, that's being at ease with how it is in the body, how it is in the mind...beginning to notice how it all is, and being okay with it...” ~Stephen Cope

Join us for a special episode of Bo...

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Feeling angry or anxious? Overwhelmed and not sure how to manage strong emotions like resentment, jealousy, and fear?

This meditation is for you.

In this episode, we use the symbol of a rose to navigate intense feelings. Join us as we practice releasing difficult emotions into its cooling petals so we can learn from our feelings and emerge lighter, freer, and more at peace.

This meditation is one of a dozen that accompany Donna Y. ...

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"You become that place where people rely on being safe...being a safer place than I was before has helped my career more than my MBA or CFA...Maybe the yoga therapy training I took was the best money ever spent."

Recently, I guested on the 10X Growth Strategies podcast with Saradha Sriram to discuss one of my favorite books, The Untethered Soul.

This episode replay shares how this book helped me during a difficult time and how side...

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In this episode, Dr. Stephen S. Tang, author and biotech executive, shares his experience leading the team behind the Intelliswab Covid-19 test, which Oprah Winfrey calls the easiest of its kind.

He also shares crisis and leadership insights from his book A Test for Our Time, along with his six secrets for navigating tough times and tips for those of us who have trouble blurring work and life.

I learned so much from talking to Dr. ...

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This week’s guest, Billy Manas, is a writer, poet, truck driver, father, and talented singer-songwriter with over twenty years of experience in the music industry.

You might have come across Billy's insightful Substack column, "Manas From Heaven," or caught his compelling pieces in Elephant Journal and the Good Men Project. But Billy's talents don't end there – he's also the author of "Kickass Recovery," a motivational self-help gu...

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March 19, 2024 8 mins

Ever wish you could blink your eyes and be in your happy place? That's what this meditation is all about. Through soothing imagery and relaxation techniques, this short meditation will guide you to leave overwhelm behind so you can be in your special place of bliss and calm. 

This meditation is one of a dozen that accompany Donna Y. Ferris' book Bounce Back Stronger - Finding Peace and Purpose No Matter What Happens which can be pu...

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“So rather than being focused on my circumstances, how can I look up and out above the waves and recognize that my body has cancer, but it doesn’t have to have my soul, my heart, or mind? How can I live love while I’m here?”

This week’s episode features cancer survivor and author Shawn Elizabeth George. With four books under her belt, including a heartwarming children’s book about finding your place, Shawn shares her powerful insig...

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March 4, 2024 28 mins

"We have 70,000 thoughts, and 90% of them are not new. Until we see this for  what it is, we are prisoners to it."

This week’s guest is Chuck Schad, a witty and wise meditation teacher who's been guiding folks through life's ups and downs for over four decades. Chuck, founder of The Inner Theater, brings a refreshing blend of humor and honesty to the world of meditation.

In this engaging conversation, Chuck draws from his wealth of...

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This episode is a master class in memoir, personal essay, and self-help non-fiction. Our guest, Melanie Votaw, author, editor, and book coach, brings over two decades of editing and writing experience to the table, all in service of individuals crafting and sharing their tales of triumph.

Melanie unveils the secrets behind her remarkable success in guiding others to tell their stories. From self-help books to memoirs, she has left ...

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“Kids know how to wonder…they still believe anything can happen...hopefully, they pass it on to their parents…”

I reached out to this week’s guest, Caldecott winner Micha Archer, after seeing her work in the Brandywine River Museum exhibition, "Rooted: Family and Nature in Contemporary Children's Book Illustration (open until February 28th)."

Strolling through the exhibit with my children, I was so inspired by the enchanting illust...

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February 18, 2024 11 mins

"The key is consistency and dedicating intentional time to your dreams each day. You do it for so many other things, other people, and your job. Take this time to do it for you."

This guided meditation invites you to create space in your mind, so you can visualize the life you dream of. 

This meditation accompanies the Create Your Life chapter of the book Bounce Back Stronger - Finding Peace and Purpose No Matter What Happens which...

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“I don’t look at being single as a sad thing. I’ve gotten really comfortable with it, and I think it’s beautiful.”

This week we delve deep into the heart of author and therapist Crystal Jackson's journey. With candor, humor, and authenticity, Crystal shares her experiences of love, divorce, and the unexpected joys of singlehood. But it's not just about navigating life solo; Crystal opens up about the profound friendships and newfou...

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"Ultimately, you don't really have a choice of what you like to do...I find if I say yes to the opportunities that do come along it makes me a whole lot happier."

I'm so excited to share this interview with Broadway actress Madison Ferris.

At just 25 years old, Madison Ferris left an indelible mark on Broadway history by becoming the first actress in a wheelchair to play a leading role. In Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie, s...

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