Hidden Heritage

Hidden Heritage

Hidden Heritage presents positive and uplifting stories from across Native America. The episodes are hosted by Paul LaRoche, founder of the award winning contemporary American Indian Group Brulé. Interviews include inspiring individuals, successful entrepreneurs, Native artists and musicians. LaRoche is an enrolled member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of SD.


May 23, 2024 9 mins

Join us this week on Hidden Heritage as we visit St. Joseph's Indian School in Chamberlain, South Dakota. This emotional episode follows the host's journey of discovering his true Lakota heritage after being adopted at birth and raised in a white middle-class farming community in Minnesota. The story takes a poignant turn as he revisits the school that played a significant, yet unknown, role in his early life.

Father Steve Huffstet...

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In this archival radio interview with Earth Songs (modern indigenous music), host Alexis Salih sits down with Paul LaRoche, the founder of the American Indian group, Brulé. LaRoche candidly shares his life journey, from being a Native American child adopted by a non-indigenous family in Southwest Minnesota to his powerful and inspiring reunion with his true heritage, a moment that shaped his unmistakable musical style, fusing eleme...

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In this week's episode of Hidden Heritage, we journey towards the sacred lands of Bear Butte, South Dakota, a place of mystical power revered by the American Indian, especially the Lakota tribe. Listen as we uncover the intriguing history and profound spiritual significance of this timeless natural monument, historically used for the Hanbleceya or Vision Quest, one of the oldest Lakota sacred ceremonies.

Bear Butte, despite commerc...

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May 14, 2024 24 mins

In our latest episode of Hidden Heritage, we divert our focus towards a topic of significance - the often-misunderstood representation of American Indians in Hollywood. Our guest for this episode is Sonny Skyhawk, an accomplished Native American filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, and actor, who has lent his talent to over 60 films and 14 television shows, including the iconic TV Western series Bonanza.

Sonny Skyhawk is a compelling...

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May 12, 2024 7 mins

In this podcast episode for Mother's Day, an American Indian child, born to a respected Native family, was given up for adoption at his birth. Years later, a surprising revelation about his adoption on Thanksgiving Day, 1993, leads him back to his biological family. Despite the differences in the world he grew up and where he originally belonged, he embarks on an incredible journey back into Native America, weaving past and present...

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Join Paul LaRoche in this profound personal story of discovery and cultural reconnection. In November 1993, a life-altering event occurred that led to a heartwarming reunion with his native Lakota family and created an irresistible pull towards Native America. The story recounts how, after growing up in mainstream America, being reunited with one's native roots manifests as an extraordinary journey, with rich culture, spiritual con...

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This week on "Hidden Heritage", host Paul LaRoche shines a light on the harmonious relationship between wildlife management and hunting on the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation located on the great northern plains of rural America. Home to an outstanding wildlife management program, the reservation is rich in diverse habitat including river breaks, rolling prairies, and agricultural land, creating an environment conducive to the...

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This episode of The Brulé Chronicles unravels an extraordinary personal journey. Host Paul LaRoche recounts his life story, beginning with his adoption from birth as a Native American child and how he discovered his true heritage after his adoptive parents' death - a revelation that helped him reconnect with his biological family and Native American roots.

In 1993, a heartwarming reunion with his biological Lakota family embarked h...

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Immerse yourself in a transformative tale of a Native American adoptee who embarks on a journey of self-discovery upon reunification with his birth family — the Lakota Tribe. Learn about his touching experiences, the profound lessons he acquires from the Lakota culture, and the life-altering impact of the giveaway ceremony.

Travel back to 1993 when he, unaware of his roots, discovered the truth about his birth and was reunited with...

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In this episode, we invite you to journey with us through the transformational life stories, musical reminiscences, and entrepreneurial endeavors of our guests. We present a fascinating look into the life of Paul Summers LaRoche and the beautiful blend of dual heritage influencing his music career. Joining him are Tom Gilmore and Bill Keitel, his former bandmates, who take us back to their vibrant hometown music scene in southwest ...

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In this captivating episode of Hidden Heritage, embark on a striking voyage into the core of Native America. Beginning with a moving account of a Native American child separated at birth and ultimately reunited with his biological Lakota family, the narrative transitions into an inspirational exploration of Native roots.

We then turn our attention to Denver, Colorado, meeting a pair of resilient American Indian entrepreneurs who ar...

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In this introspective episode, Paul LaRoche embarks on a personal and historical journey, uncovering his hidden heritage and documenting his relationship with two different worlds. 

Armed with an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, our host delves into the intricacies of the Seminole Tribe. On an illuminating tour of the Brighton Indian Reservation in Florida, led by Willie Johns, a tribal historian and member, they expl...

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April 19, 2024 17 mins

In this episode, we take an unforgettable journey into Native America, revealing one man's quest to reconnect with his Lakota roots. Raised as an adopted child far from the reservation he was born into, our host shares the powerful story of how he discovered his true origins and embarked on a path of self-discovery.

On a special Thanksgiving Day in 1993, fate reunited him with his biological family, setting off a profound explorati...

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April 15, 2024 23 mins

In this enlightening episode of "Hidden Heritage", follow along as we visit Mission, South Dakota on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation home to Sinte Gliska Tribal University, a unique educational institution that stands as a beacon of tribal education in the nation today.

Founded in 1970 and named after Brule Lakota Chief Sinte Gliska, the university struggled for six years to be recognized by legislation before finally becoming accred...

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Join Paul LaRoche, the creator of the podcast 'Hidden Heritage,' as he shares his knowledge of Native American culture. In this insightful episode, Paul reveals invaluable life lessons he gained throughout his captivating 40-year-long Brulé journey – his process of reverse assimilation back into Native American culture.

Listening to this episode, you will journey through time with Paul, starting from the late 90s when he and his gr...

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Get set for an exhilarating journey of reliving the glory days with the 10th episode of our Hidden Heritage series. Join our host, Paul LaRoche and his old-time buddy, Tom Gilmore, as they unearth the memories of their shared hometown, Worthington, Minnesota. Tune in to their timeless friendship, manifesting through the captivating 'Tom and Paul Show' reminiscing the days of their early days rock bands, Scarlet Sun an...

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This episode marks the beginning of our series, 'Hidden Heritage: The Brulé Chronicles'. The podcast celebrates the unique heritage of a man who was adopted at birth and removed from the Native American reservation system. Our host reveals his remarkable story, from his upbringing in Minnesota to discovering hidden adoption papers after the loss of his adoptive parents and eventually being reunited with his Lakota biological family...

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March 31, 2024 20 mins

In this exciting episode of Hidden Heritage, we embark on a journey of discovery to uncover the origins of the sacred eagle feathers used in Native American ceremonies. We delve into the heart of the National Eagle Repository located at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, Colorado. Recognizing the significance these feathers hold for the Native Americans, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created the repository to aid them in pr...

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Hidden Heritage Episode #7 “Levitt In Your Living Room”.  This podcast features a rare 90 min. interview with Paul LaRoche, Nicole LaRoche and Levitt Host Vaney Harrari. They discuss music, culture, Brulé and life behind the scenes.  The interview also features several musical segment from various past performances by Brulé.

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March 6, 2024 1 min

The Hidden Heritage Podcast!  Bringing you the captivating stories and vibrant culture of Native America, Hidden Heritage is your gateway to uplifting narratives and inspiring interviews.

Hosted by Paul LaRoche, each episode delves into the heart of Native American communities. From successful entrepreneurs to talented artists and musicians, we shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals shaping our ...

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