Midlife Mayhem

Midlife Mayhem

Welcome to Midlife Mayhem, where we embark on an empowering journey through the world of midlife body composition transformation. In this space, we challenge the misconceptions surrounding aging and redefine what’s possible for those navigating the exhilarating terrain of midlife and beyond. Join me as we explore the science, mindset shifts, and practical strategies that can help you sculpt the body of your dreams, proving that age is no barrier to achieving peak vitality and confidence. Whether you’re seeking to shed excess weight, gain lean muscle, or simply feel more vibrant, this podcast is your trusted companion in the pursuit of a healthier, stronger, and more resilient you. Welcome to a new era of limitless possibilities in midlife body transformation. ”Hi I’m Joanne, and I have been coaching body composition for over 30 years. I’ve worked with household names that you know, and I have worked with thousands of people in my group coaching programs. I was a pro bodybuilder in the 90’s with a top 10 physique in the world, but I only knew how to be in shape and out of shape. That frustration led me on a fascinating path of self-study where I found all the answers I could have asked for and more. But I had to dig for the answers, and I have my own ideas on why those answers are not mainstream and why the weight loss industry fails you, but I will save that for a Midlife Mayhem episode. Author of ”When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It”New podcast weblog


May 23, 2024 15 mins

We were jogging in the 80's, kick boxing in the 90's.

The Millennium moved us towards HIIT, and now the fashion (hallelujah)  is to be buff!

But, which is the best exercise for weight loss?

You might have heard that high intensity training burns sugar, or that you have to be a correct heart rate to burn fat.

So why does HIIT burn more sugar (it does) and how can it still be good for fat loss (it is)

Do all these "steps" really matt...

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Registration closes on Friday May 24 for my TIGHT28 program and the first zoom is the following day on Saturday May 25

Memorial weekend is not the ideal time to start a weight loss program (or maybe it is the IDEAL time to start a weight loss program) - but not to worry because all the zooms are recorded so you can go about your holiday weekend and listen the recordings at your own convenience.

Why I built this program.

I am consta...

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May 16, 2024 12 mins

Soy is an incredibly versatile ingredient with a lot of devoted fans and numerous health benefits. However, it's important to be informed. The soy industry is massive—it's the second largest crop after corn and generates three times the revenue of the NFL. With such big money, not all the information about soy can be trusted.


  • That soy you are eating is not from the US.

  • Why the soy fed to our livestock is making them sick

  • ...

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May 15, 2024 13 mins

My TIGHT28 Program is about to start May 25 - June 22 2024


The meal plans are all gluten, soy, sugar, and dairy-free - but why no dairy? is it really as bad as some people make it out to be?


For the purpose of the TIGHT28  program I have removed dairy from the meals plans because of its close association to gluten

50% of those with a gluten intolerance also have an issue with dairy!

When your body is reacting to a food, it is n...

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May 13, 2024 24 mins

Training to build muscle allow us a lot of variety with regards to reps, weights, sets and rest.

You can use just about any combination you want as long as it hits enough "volume"


Volume, in the context of muscle building, refers to the total amount of work performed in a workout, typically measured by the number of sets, reps, and weight lifted. It's a key factor in muscle hypertrophy, the process by which muscle fibers increase...

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March 26, 2024 15 mins

Although this podcast is for "midlife" and beyond, I feel compelled to discuss young adults, their desire to build muscle and their desire to play video games!

It makes me very happy to see so many teenagers and young adults interested in lifting weights to gain muscle and get stronger. 

Social media and its influencers are partly driving this (which I also think is awesome)

But on the other side of the coin is the passion for vide...

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Commodities are foods found in their natural raw state

Processed food or CPG (consumer packaged goods) are far from natural or raw.

Commodities fall under the jurisdiction of the USDA. CPG rather are governed by the FTC (federal trade commission)


Here lies a problem - a huge problem!

The USDA does not allow commodidies to compare themselves or make claims. An egg cannot say it is better than a keto bomb.

The FTC DOES allow compar...

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March 14, 2024 26 mins

Do you have a goal for your training?

Many people feel frustrated (and bored) with their training efforts because they didnt set an actual "desired outcome"


The example I use a lot is the lady who wants to be "toned" and walks through the weight room in a gym to get to the cardio room?! In so doing, walking past the very equipment that would move her towards her goal.


The thought is that if we lose enough fat there is a 6 pack ...

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You’ve probably heard someone argue that achieving muscle growth and fat loss in the same day is physically impossible because of thermodynamics. The argument goes as follows.

  1. To build muscle, you must store energy. To lose fat, you must burn energy.
  2. When you are in energy surplus, your body stores energy. When you are in a deficit, your body loses energy.
  3. Therefore, you must be in energy surplus to gain muscle and in a deficit...
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March 2, 2024 18 mins

I thought it could never happen to me.

A former pro bodybuilder, Ive been training and eating for hypertrophy (muscle gain) since I was 14!

In this podcast, I share my personal story and why muscle loss WILL happen to all of us!

If you enjoy this podcast you will really enjoy my MUSCLE MONTH program that starts very soon March 31.


  • Read on and I will expand on muscle loss with age, but first, here is who MUSCLE MONTH is ideal ...
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February 29, 2024 28 mins

I have 6 online coaching programs. 

There is a progression to my coaching, from a program on mindset, to a simple 5 day diet, I move on the explain weight loss and then muscle building and then advanced weight loss and food intolerance, then my mastering midlife program.

The Mastering Midlife Program is the final and most advanced program, this is where I used to coach about the liver.

But now I am seeing so many people struggle wi...

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February 3, 2024 23 mins
There are multiple reasons for this, lets start with the obvious and move on to the less known.   1. Compliance - the weight loss program they used was not sustainable 2. The program they used was too time-consuming (meal prep, hours of gym time, carrying Tupperware everywhere, having to log every calorie)    These first two reasons meant that the person had nowhere to go but back to their usual eating pattern   3. Muscle Loss - mu...
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January 30, 2024 26 mins

There are 3 standard body types.


Ectomorph – finds it difficult to gain weight and oftenhas a pouch of belly fat that drives them crazy.

Ectomorphs are usually very high-energy people who loveendurance-style workouts. They usually have fine hair, long digits and are muchstronger than they look

Mesomorphs are athletic in stature. They gain muscleeasily, and when they behave themselves, they can stay quite lean with not toomuch ef...

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January 25, 2024 8 mins

You have heard of the "all or nothing" mentality, but what about "negative lumping" 

It is a similar concept that I do see with a lot of my clients

It is when they dismiss their efforts because they do not hit their target/goal

For example

Someone eats really well all week, but they mess up over the weekend (this happens a lot)

So they dismiss the ENTIRE week, even when their weekday eating was FAR BETTER than usual


The person ...

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January 22, 2024 25 mins

"Can I still drink wine and lose weight?"

Questions like this come up all the time - can I drink alcohol and lose weight/

Often I will ask clients what is the one thing they know they "should" do to help with their weight loss and probably

50% of the time that person will say "stop drinking"

But are they willing to do it?

Not usually

Do they need to stop drinking to lose weight?  In this podcast (as an English alcohol drinker) we e...

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January 15, 2024 22 mins

We all want it, but deep down we know it is not the answer - or is it?

In todays podcast I explore the power of the "Quick Fix" diet and how they can play a productive part of your weight loss plan.

We all know them , the "Cleanse" the "Detox" the "Lose 20 in 20" you may have even signed up for a few of the programs that promise instant weight loss. Maybe you bought the pill, or the cream or the belt.

Instant results are part of se...

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January 8, 2024 26 mins

If I had a dollar for every time a client has complained about "bloating" I would be doing this podcast from a Yacht off the Maldives

This is an extensive topic that I have summarized into under 30 minutes :)

The main causes of water retention, the hormones that govern the water in our body and what we can do about the extra pounds it can cause.

First off, I get a little ticked when people say that their weight loss was only water ...

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January 3, 2024 26 mins

Muscle is muscle right? - not exactly.

In this podcast I try (very hard) to dispel the myth of "Accidental Muscle"

No body EVER gained a huge amount of muscle on accident.

Thankfully the fashion has changed away from the thigh gap and more towards and strong healthy physique, and yet still the fear exists of getting "too big"

Ironically this usually comes from ladies over the age of 35 at which point the chance is gaining too much ...

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January 2, 2024 24 mins

Do you feel that you lack discipline or that you used to have more self control?

Indeed some people enjoy living a very structured life, they enjoy the planning and knowing every detail, but discipline is not limited to only those people. Discipline is something all of us can have more of and all it takes is a littl time.

Self Control is a real issue for many and a huge part of that is because of the world we live in today

You see,...

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December 31, 2023 12 mins

Today is the last day of 2023 and as I was writing my goals for 2024 I thought I would do a super quick podcast that might help you as we all enter 2024.

About 16 years ago I was taking a personal growth training program, a friend had suggested I take it and I am the sort of person that will just jump in to something sight unseen.

At the time I was going through a divorce, a tragic death, moving, and the recession of 2007 (half of ...

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