Second Chance at Health

Second Chance at Health

Welcome to the ”Second Chance at Health Podcast” with your host, Dr. Brad Hassig! Join me on this journey as we dive into the depths of health, unravelling the complexities and dispelling confusion surrounding the hottest health topics. In each episode, we explore the latest research findings, drawing insights from the vast experiences with thousands of patients within our community. From our local neighborhoods to friends and family, and even reaching across the nation and beyond, we’ll navigate the world of health together. Let’s uncover the truths, share stories, and empower ourselves with knowledge that can transform our lives. It’s time for a second chance at health – are you ready to embark on this enlightening adventure with me? Tune in and let’s embark on a path to optimal well-being!


May 20, 2024 10 mins

Get ready to embrace summer with Episode 10 of the Second Chance at Health Podcast! Join Dr. Brad Hassig as he shares valuable tips and insights to help you look and feel your best for the sunny season ahead.

From optimizing your nutrition to maximizing your workouts, Dr. Hassig covers everything you need to know to kickstart your summer wellness journey. Whether you're planning a beach vacation or simply want to feel more confiden...

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Welcome to Episode 9 of the Second Chance at Health Podcast with Dr. Brad Hassig! In this episode, Dr. Hassig delves into the often-neglected topic of rest and recovery. Drawing inspiration from biblical principles and recent research, he explores why rest is crucial for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

From Genesis to modern-day studies on sleep, Dr. Hassig uncovers the profound benefits of rest and shares practical ins...

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April 25, 2024 11 mins

Join Dr. Brad Hassig in Episode 8 of the Second Chance at Health Podcast as he explores the crucial role of warm-up exercises in injury prevention. Drawing from Proverbs 24:27 and recent research, Dr. Hassig emphasizes the significance of preparing our bodies for physical activities, whether it's exercising, gardening, or other outdoor tasks. Discover the science behind dynamic stretching versus static stretching and learn practica...

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Welcome to Episode 7 of the Second Chance at Health Podcast with your host, Dr. Brad Hassig. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of breathing techniques backed by research. Breathing may seem automatic, but there's much more to it than meets the eye. Dr. Hassig discusses various breathing methods and their profound impacts on health and focus. Drawing from scripture and scientific studies, he explores techniques li...

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In this special Spring Break post-Easter edition of the Second Chance at Health Podcast, Dr. Brad Hassig shares invaluable insights on how to reboot your body after overindulging. Whether it's post-holiday feasting or prolonged periods of unhealthy eating, Dr. Hassig provides practical tips to help you get back on track to feeling great.

Join Dr. Hassig as he discusses various strategies, including cleansing, detoxing, fasting, and...

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🎙️🥩 Dive into the latest episode of the Second Chance at Health Podcast with Dr. Brad Hassig as we tackle the intricate world of diet and nutrition! 💡 From dissecting the pitfalls of modern diets to exploring transformative solutions, this episode is packed with insights to optimize your well-being. Join us as we discuss various diets, including Paleo, Mediterranean, and the controversial carnivore diet, shedding light on their ...

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March 11, 2024 17 mins

Join me in Episode 4 of the "Second Chance at Health Podcast" as we dive into the transformative world of strength training. Discover the science-backed benefits, practical tips, and real-life examples that showcase the impact of strength training on overall health and vitality. Whether you've done strength training or want to learn more, this episode will empower you to harness the power of strength training for a second chance at...

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Welcome back to the "Second Chance at Health Podcast" with Dr. Brad Hassig! In our eagerly awaited third episode, we're delving into the transformative power of daily routines for achieving optimal health and vitality. Join me as we explore the intricacies of morning and nightly rituals that can kickstart your journey towards a revitalized and energized life.

In this episode, we'll unravel the secrets behind simple yet impactful pr...

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Welcome to the Second Chance at Health Podcast with Dr. Brad Hassig! In Episode 2, I delve into a profound and often overlooked aspect of our well-being – the way we perceive ourselves in the image of God. Join me as I explore the intersection of spirituality and mental health, uncovering insights that can lead to healing and self-acceptance.

In this episode, I confront the alarming statistics surrounding eating disorders, negative...

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January 19, 2024 35 mins

🎙️ Welcome to the inaugural episode of the "Second Chance at Health Podcast"! In this gripping premiere, join me, Dr. Brad Hassig, as we unravel an extraordinary tale of resilience and the profound impact it had on one individual's health journey.

In a riveting narrative, discover the harrowing experience of how my boys and a neighbor became unsung heroes, saving me from drowning during what should have been a routine session of u...

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