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The Coaching Inn

Join the 3D Coaching team at our virtual pub where you can listen to conversations with coaching authors, thought leaders and people using a coaching approach at the grass roots. In addition, you‘ll find our virtual book group and conversations on ethics that can be used as part of the ethics requirements for ICF and other professional coaching bodies. Become a regular by signing up on Apple or Google podcasts, Spotify or Podbean. Host: Claire Pedrick MCC


July 10, 2024 29 mins

Chris Hewitt comes to The Coaching Inn to talk to Claire Pedrick MCC. He shares his journey to coaching and the importance of serving and listening to others. He discusses the challenges of creating a learning culture in organisations and the need for genuine coaching and supervision. 


The conversation also touches on the power of action learning sets and the impact of truly being heard. Chris emphasises the importance of keeping...

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  • "Improvisation is about listening, collaborating, and building on offers made by others."

In this episode of The Coaching Inn, Claire Pedrick interviews Julie Flower, an evidence-based coach and improviser. Julie shares her journey of combining coaching and improvisation, highlighting the overlaps and benefits of both practices. They discuss the concept of evidence-based coaching and the impo...

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How can you use coaching with grief? is one of the two questions we get asked more than any other. (The other one is about coaching and neurodiversity)


At today’s open table, Claire Pedrick MCC, Peronel Barnes PCC, and Lis Whybrow think together about coaching and grief, sharing their personal experiences and interests. They emphasise the importance of understanding that people might be out of balance rather than broken,  acknowl...

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Claire Pedrick MCC is in conversation with Ben Dooley MCC today. They discuss the importance of challenging and myth-busting in coaching, as well as the journey that led Ben to coaching. They explore the contradictions and inconsistencies in coaching training and language, such as the idea of being an expert while claiming not to be one. They also delve into the power of precision and specificity in coaching, and the need to ask cl...

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Claire Pedrick talks to fellow MCC and coach Marie Quigley about her coaching journey and her multiple accreditations with 

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • EMCC
  • and Association for Coaching
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In this episode of The Coaching Inn, Claire Pedrick interviews David Roche, a former CEO, coach, mentor, and author. David shares his journey from working in retail to becoming a successful first-time CEO. He discusses the importance of being a generalist and the value of coaching and mentoring for CEOs. David talks about his book, 'Become a Successful First Time CEO,' which offers insights and stories from his own experience and o...

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"Scaling coaching up to 600 students is possible and can have a significant impact."

Sarah Brooks

Today, Claire Pedrick hosts a conversation with Su Blanch, Claire Revell, Sarah Brooks, Sarah Marston and Jim Robinson about coaching and education - particularly but not exclusively higher education.

Guests share their experiences and insights. Topics discussed include i...

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We know that we can gain useful insights by hearing what’s happening in different contexts and making meaning in our own.  So today Claire is talking to Helen Pattison, Chief Executive of War Child UK, about the importance of psychological safety for children in war zones. She highlights the need for children to have a safe environment where they can thrive, play, and interact with others. War Child focuses on providing evidence-ba...

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Remi Adekoya discusses power, privilege, and wealth through the lens of his experiences growing up in Nigeria and Poland. He explores how perceptions of race and economic development shape hierarchies and social dynamics. Remy emphasises the importance of economic success in challenging racial inequalities and calls for the empowerment of black African nations. He also highlights the role of hierarchies in society and how people's ...

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In this episode, Claire Pedrick interviews Claire Dale, a former choreographer and founder of the Physical Intelligence Institute. They discuss the role of the body and embodiment in coaching and leadership. Claire Dale shares her journey from choreography to coaching and explains how physical intelligence can enhance leadership skills. They explore the concept of an embodied model of leadership, which includes authority, inspirati...

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At the end of International Coaching Week, Robbie Swale from The Coach’s Journey interviews Claire Pedrick about her supervision community.  


They discuss the challenges of traditional one-to-one and group supervision and the need for a more accessible and affordable solution. Claire shares her journey of creating the supervision community, which offers different tiers of membership and live events for coaches to connect and lear...

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"Coaching is facilitating someone else to think, but you've just described it as facilitating someone to speak."


In today’s episode, Mark Bixter speaks honestly and spaciously about his transition into coaching, driven by his passion for helping those in need. He highlights the importance of vulnerability coaching, creating a safe space for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings, and the value of facilitating meaningf...

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It took one of our students to remind us that a podcast on how we do what we do at 3D would be a great idea! In this bonus episode at the start of International Coaching Week, Claire Pedrick MCC interviews Shaney Crawford about her coaching journey and experiences. Shani shares how she discovered coaching through a podcast and her interest in becoming a better listener. She discusses the transformative impact her training with 3D h...

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We have thought about the music of coaching for a while. However, the rhythm hasn’t been something we have focussed on. So today Claire is delighted to be in conversation with Iris Clermont, author of Team Rhythm.


Iris is a musician, and (another mathematician) and coach and brings new and innovative insights to the team development space using rhythm.


Contact Iris through

  • http://www.aiccoaching...
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Shaney Crawford, one of our listeners in Japan, emailed and said: You have to invite Oscar Trimboli to The Coaching Inn. So we connected on Linked In, and Oscar said yes!


Oscar shares the story of his journey to listening, which began in 2008 when he was in a video conference with his team at Microsoft.  Now he researches listening. This episode is one to revisit several times.


Oscar’s latest book How to Lis...

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In 2021, Claire hosted a book group to explore questions and insights emerging from the first readers of Simplifying Coaching.

We thought you might like to listen again - or for the first time.  So here's a feature length compilation with an exploration of every chapter.

You can buy Simplifying Coaching from major online retailers.  Or get a personalised signed copy from the 3D shop.


And if you like it, please leave a review or r...

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Lyssa de Hart talks with Claire Pedrick about her personal and professional journey, including her transition from therapy to coaching and her experiences with dyslexia and ADHD. They explore Lyssa's book, Light Up the Science of Coaching with Metaphors, and its use in facilitating different ways of thinking. 


And plenty of rich stuff about the ICF exam and the importance of documenting hours and maintaining records for future ac...

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Today Claire Pedrick MCC is talking with author Michael Bungay Stanier who, like Claire, is passionate about simplicity and clarity in his work.  The conversation explores Michael's personal journey and experiences, the importance of self-management and facilitating conversations, and the power of asking questions. 


Michael’s new book How To Work With Almost Anyone talks about 'keystone conversation' to discuss how to collaborate...

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The most frequent question Claire is asked is When are you going to talk about Time to Think at The Coaching Inn ?


So today’s guest is Anne Hathaway.  Anne met Nancy Kline by coincidence in the early 1990s and has been deeply involved in Thinking Environment work since then. The actions we take are only as good as the thinking behind them. And we have an interesting exploration about respect and positive regard.


If you haven’t ...

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I went out to my supervision community and asked new coaches: What are you learning? I expected us to talk about business development, and this wonderful group dived straight into what they are learning about the art of coaching - the technical stuff and the human stuff and  a tiny peek at business development.


We talked about

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