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The Escape Pod

A traumedy about the trials and tribulations of people in their journeys of “escape”. Escape what, you ask? ALL the things! From trauma, crime, and unhealthy family cycles, to traffic and good deeds not going unpunished. Like we said—all the things! (Just tune in…you’ll understand.) Co-hosted by Julie Oberlander and Charity Doyle--the journalist and the rehabbed trainwreck--The Escape Pod aims to connect, educate, entertain, and humanize through the lens of lived experience.


July 12, 2024 45 mins

A child plays dead to escape his mother’s abusive grip; a woman plays dead and likely escapes a serial killer; a student plays dead to escape a gunman in her classroom. Conscious decision or simply the body’s primitive response to danger? On this episode of The Escape Pod, the co-hosts discuss true stories of people who “played possum” - pretending to be dead – to escape horrific situations and how, in these cases, that response wa...

Mark as Played

A teenager confesses to shooting a man outside a nightclub. A woman confesses to stabbing her elderly landlord to death. A man confesses to killing his father, even though he can’t remember doing it. Different situations, different cities, different years – all with one thing in common: in every case, the confession was coerced. Call it “crisis brain” in full force! 

So ... how did these suspects escape their own false confessions?...

Mark as Played

Roughly 30 years ago, escape artist Teri and her husband were thrilled to become the new owners of a “really cute” house in central California when they successfully bid on a foreclosed property. Little did they know they already had house guests – the unwelcome kind known in legal terms as “squatters.” 

In this episode of The Escape Pod, Teri offers up a hilarious account of their escape from the squatters. But first, co-host Char...

Mark as Played

A 12-year-old escape artist knocks on a neighbor’s door and politely requests that the man take him to a police station. Soon, the boy’s mom and her friend/therapist/business partner are arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse. But just a few years prior, this same mom was gaining notoriety (and 2.5 MILLION followers) on YouTube, in part, for her parenting style. 

What happened?! How many steps are there bet...

  • After many misdiagnoses, a teenage girl in Australia learns she has a rare type of cancerous tumor. She begins her search for anything that might help her escape it, including a regimented diet promoted by a social media influencer. The influencer, a beautiful young woman named Belle, says she beat cancer and numerous other ailments by detoxifying her body and strengthening her immune system, and her following grows quickly. 



    Mark as Played
    June 7, 2024 74 mins

    Girl in the Picture. Suzanne Sevakis.

    The mystery of a missing person spans 40 years, taking more twists and turns than even the Escape Pod cohosts can count! 

    As a teenage girl in the mid-1980s, this wannabe escape artist was known as a smart girl and good friend with big dreams, but – time and time again – one person kept preventing her from reaching her full potential. In the end, he couldn’t escape the many investigators who p...

    Mark as Played

    A Swedish man joins a Pentecostal church in 1989 and soon becomes a pastor. But he has a unique way of fighting off the devil: with sex – and sex with women who aren’t his wife. (Spoiler alert: she’s a pastor, too, and claims to be the “bride of Christ.”) In time, their love triangle starts to look more like a love hexagon, and the body count begins to grow. 

    Plus, co-host Charity shares her own story of seeking out a church where ...

    Mark as Played
    May 24, 2024 31 mins
    FR-Odd But True – Ep. 17 

    Summary of Episode 

    If you’ve ever asked the question, “What is wrong with people?” then this episode is for you! 

    Join co-hosts Julie and Charity in the Escape Pod for three very odd but true stories of people who failed to escape from their very bad ideas – including a case of insurance fraud that led to severe (and severed?) consequences. 

    CORRECTION: In “The Office” episode referenced here, Andy was th...

  • Escape Pod Show Notes – Episode 16: THE AGREEMENT (KAMARIE’S STORY) 


    Date: 5/17/2024 

    Episode Title and Number: THE AGREEMENT: Kamarie’s Story – Ep. 16 


    Summary of Episode 

    A little girl goes missing in Georgia just days before Christmas. It doesn’t take investigators long to find the body of Kamarie Holland or the person suspected of killing her. As they dig into the case, investigators not only learn about the suspect’s viole...

    Mark as Played

    He could be in prison; instead, he’s in the Escape Pod, sharing his story of escaping cycles of addiction and criminal activity. 


    Michael will be the first to tell you he didn’t have a “hard knocked” life. He grew up in a loving, two-parent home. He went to college, got good grades, and earned a degree. But he also had a curiosity for drugs at a very young age, and that curiosity led to harder drugs, grand theft, and many other p...

    Mark as Played

    Her trauma was extensive, but it was no match for her faith and resilience. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

    From testifying against her father at age 5, to dealing with toxic relationships and addiction as an adult, escape artist Linda is brutally honest about the “crappy hand” life dealt her. But she’s also brutally honest about her faith in God, her love for her children, and her new-found peace of mind. 

    Buckle up ...

    Mark as Played

    We’ve all been there – on a long car ride, waiting in line, stuck in traffic, etc., etc. - when you realize the extra-large coffee, half-gallon bottle of water, or super-sized iced tea you just finished was a REALLY bad idea because now you REALLY “gotta go.” But where you go and the circumstances surrounding that sweet release could be downright criminal.

    On this episode of the Escape Pod, the level of criminality runs the spectru...

    Mark as Played

    Twists and turns abound in this episode of The Escape Pod, as we deep-dive into the story of a Texas woman and mother of 5 who claims she and her husband were victims of a home invasion and her husband was kidnapped by the three intruders. 

    While there’s no one way or “right way” to act in a high-crisis situation, police body-camera footage reveals extremely unusual behavior by the wife left behind. Was she a damsel in distress, or...

    Mark as Played

    “Dr. X” drinks a glass of wine with dinner, performs emergency surgery that night, and remembers nothing the next day? It happened, and (spoiler alert!) the patient knew nothing. 

    We talk often on the Escape Pod about how the brain is a funny thing. The doctor’s experience is just one of several true tales of people going beyond a state of impairment to “blackout” mode. They might seem perfectly normal, but – in fact – their brains...

    Mark as Played

    Aug. 2, 2011: It’s a beautiful summer afternoon in Rapid City, SD, when three police officers are dispatched to a call regarding suspicious activity in a residential neighborhood. One of those officers describes the call now as seemingly “benign” ... at least at first. The officers make contact with four people walking down the sidewalk, and shortly after, three of them are allowed to leave the scene, as there is no reason for arre...

    Mark as Played

    Pillar of the community. Philanthropist. Medical doctor. Dorthea Puente was given – or gave herself – many different titles over the years, but in California in the 1980s, the one title that proved true was “serial killer.” On this episode of the Escape Pod, co-costs Charity and Julie are joined by friend-of-the-show Karabeth to discuss this “greedy granny” whose love of money may have driven her to kill some of the very people she...

    Mark as Played
    March 22, 2024 19 mins
    March Mashup Special - Bonus Ep.7 (Beer, an Intruder, and a Wild Waitress)

    The Escape Pod is giving you a sneak peek “behind the paywall” with this special “March Mashup” of clips from some of the Bonus episodes dropping this month. Become a patron today to hear the full episodes, and know that your support supports a greater mission – empowering people to change their own lives for the better.  

    DISCLAIMER: This minisode include...

    Mark as Played
    Creepy Coppers & Other Stalkers – Ep. 8 


    Summary of Episode

    A law enforcement agency’s review of dashcam footage in Ohio reveals predatory behavior by one of their own. Find out how this patrolman chose his victims and managed to get away with it for as long as he did. Plus, an Escape Pod co-host shares her own experiences with a creepy (former) cop and other stalkers who had a hard time taking “no” for an answer. 


    Bullet P...

    Mark as Played
    March 13, 2024 65 mins

    A marijuana grower who calls the cops when kids steal from his illegal crop; a would-be supermarket robber who posts his plans on social media; a vain vandal doesn’t like the photo on his “Wanted” poster – so he sends law enforcement a better one. 

    What’s that saying? “You can’t make this stuff up?” You really can’t! 

    Escape into the Escape Pod with co-hosts Julie and Charity for a not-so-terrifying episode about not-so-smooth crim...

    Mark as Played

    Teen escape artist survives Aussie serial killers – Ep. 6

    In 1986, four women go missing near Perth, Australia, in only a month’s time. But law enforcement doesn’t know there is a serial-killing couple in their midst until a very smart 17-year-old girl, realizing her captors have killed before, seizes an opportunity to make her escape. In doing so, she likely saved many other lives. 

    The 2016 psychological thriller “Hounds of Love”...

    Mark as Played

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