Two Minute Tweaks w/ Lisa Uhrik

Two Minute Tweaks w/ Lisa Uhrik

Two Minute Tweaks is a podcast with brief book enthusiasm-building ideas for bookstores, libraries, college stores and other spaces connecting people with books. With Lisa Uhrik, co-owner of Franklin Fixtures -- the maker of shelves, browsers, custom counters, display cabinets, gondolas, dimensional slat wall, and bookcases for people creating powerful people places.


May 14, 2024 2 mins

Join Lisa Uhrik in the latest edition of 'Two Minute Tweak' and step into Brookline Booksmith with an overview of Lisa Gozashti's shelving standards – the specific "rules" that she uses to produce sizzling display on every shelf. Be inspired, start considering your shelves as your canvas, and master the art of display with this enchanting episode.

P.S. You may want to play this one a few times as you try it – it's action packed!

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In part one, we were omitting signs that distract. Now, we're talking about writing that thing that can ONLY come from you. Something scintillating. Something that is charged with your energy and your experience. We're bringing good writing into our signs – worthy of the good stories on our shelves – and enhancing the experience for every friend and customer. 

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April 22, 2024 2 mins

We're exploring two principles of signage in our bookstores. In this first episode of two, we're editing the signs by reducing the quantity and helping people keep their focus on browsing and learning, rather than discarding and deciding. Join us on this journey of constant adaptation and discovery – where retail rules are bent and a whole new world of connection and creativity awaits!

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Rather than measuring retention, here is an offering of four questions that may better define staff success today. We're building on our understanding of the sansdemic (without enough people) and how that has shifted so many things about our work with others. 

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April 4, 2024 2 mins

Each of our stores has a flame — an intangible essence that gives it unique life and meaning. And just as we might work to keep a physical flame going, our daily work in bookshops is rooted in tending this flame. Being in touch with the hearth — and the heart — of our store is such a rich way to begin each day. And it is where each day of display... each event... each cash flow report... starts. 

How is your flame doing today? What...

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Today's episode provides insights into an effective and simple method of analyzing your store's visitor journey using a low-tech heat map. Join host Lisa Uhrik in the latest episode of the 'Two Minute Tweak,' where she explores this idea and her thoughts about "putting the milk in the back of the store." 

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What would happen if we looked at our bookshops like a publisher looks at a book? Take a mental walk through the store with me and let's consider how the things that we know so well about the best books can help us in crafting the best bookstores. 

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February 27, 2024 2 mins

Many of us lament our lack of display space in our book spaces. We know that when we elevate something and make it special it moves quickly into the hands of a happy customer.

But what if we thought about this differently? What could happen if we think of our shelves as fixtures -- a kind of extended staff member -- and we consider it ALL as display?  

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February 5, 2024 2 mins

We're exploring a book club pick that is making a difference in the way we approach relationships: David Brooks' How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen. It's a small and subtle shift that can make a big difference in your store. Click now to listen to this timely tweak.

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December 19, 2023 2 mins

In this season when stores are packed with people and stacked to the rafters with books and gifts, Lisa talks about creating stable displays -- and reveals her own mishaps with displays. Click below to listen to this timely tweak.

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Re-telling a Ken Blanchard classic about Butter Cups, Lisa reminds us in this busy season that it's easy to miss the mark with our focus.

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Today we're thinking about how our little actions at the point of sale mean so much -- for better and worse. Instead of alerting the store to the total someone just spent on books, we're finding some more discrete ways to thank them for shopping with us.

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November 14, 2023 2 mins

Noticing Things: A Simple and Powerful First Step in Connecting People with Books

It costs nothing and yields immediate results: being really good at noticing things is your most profound superpower that you can use in the next hour. Today we're taking 2 minutes to remind ourselves that our most powerful tool is in our possession right now.  Let's take a note from our skilled dogs and cats and tune up our noticing skills to connect...

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In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, Lisa has been thinking about core ways we can maximize holiday connections and sales. Her thoughts and inquiries with others resulted in a couple of "holiday hints" that are powerful fundamentals. 

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October 17, 2023 2 mins

Untethered: Freeing Ourselves for Conversation

Some personal reflection brings Lisa to the realization that she's feeling tethered to the cash wrap and forgetting -- sometimes -- to linger more in the floor. Encouraging all of us to lean into our relational strengths and untether ourselves from the magnetic cash wrap, where we can perhaps grow a wee bit too comfortable? Food for thought and a small thing that could have a big impac...

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In preparation for a workshop at MPIBA this week, I invited folks to send me a picture of their most tired, frustratingly stagnant or just uninspiring display in hopes of working together to make it better. Here are two things that we saw consistently ... click to listen.

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September 25, 2023 3 mins

We're bending a marketing term to help us connect with our customers and friends in our bookshops. In marketing, personas are fictional characters you create based on research, representing your customers. Here, we're using your passions to build a persona around yourself or your booksellers to connect with customers and come at things from a different angle. 

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September 19, 2023 2 mins

Whether you're a solo bookseller or part of a larger staff, keeping the various parts of our bookselling world connected is a challenge. It's like we have one head space for social media and another for events, and still another for curation and display sometimes. When it comes together it feels nice -- we all have experienced that -- so how do we make that happen every day? 

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In this episode, we're exploring a single thought about reverse-engineering your payroll to find your store income objectives... figuring out what you need and then collectively working to achieve that so that everyone can get paid equitably. It's a sort of mind flip that has worked for some -- could it make a difference for you?

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August 30, 2023 2 mins

What we do matters. Let's talk about how and why.

In today's tweak, we're pondering the power in talking about the profession of bookselling with staff and customers. We're framing what we do as a social science/art/business competency set and lingering on nuggets of wisdom from experts. Click to listen now!

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