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April 15, 2024 6 mins
We spoke with Nichole Whitcomb, Chief Operating Officer of Ovarium Conception, about their natural, hormone-free, patented fertility aide for home use.
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Her communities. Thank you so muchfor listening. I'm Renee Didnino. Don't
forget to follow Renee Dnino on Facebookand Instagram for more interviews, podcasts,
amazing canine duos, healthy tips andmore. And for April it is National
Fertility Awareness Month. So we havea very special guest today and this interview
and all the links that we're goingto be talking about will be at my
community access dot com. So pleasewelcome in our studio Nicole Whitcomb. She

is the chief operating officer for OvarianConception. Thanks for being here today,
Thank you for having me. Reneereally excited to be here. We're excited
to have you here as well.Overian Conception is a natural and hormone free,
patented fertility aid for home use.And of course when you guys reached
out, I was just so excitedto have you on because I love the
story, I love the packaging,and I love that you're offering families another

less invasive way to have a familyand you're providing hope. You know what
I mean, So just tell usabout the Ovarian Conception product, who you
are, and how you help.So my name is Nicole, and like
you mentioned, I'm the Chief OperatingOfficer for Ovarian Conception, So we have
a conception kit that we're offering asan at home fertility aid. So this
product was invented and patented by ourCEO, Camille Silvestri. She's a fertility

specialist nurse practitioner, and she hadthe idea that there has to be a
more natural way to increase chances ofconception for those trying to conceive before you
take more invasive steps like prescription medicationsor assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or IUI.
So right now, in the UnitedStates, more than two and a
half percent of babies born every yearare born using assisted reproductive technology. And

one of the things that they don'ttell you about is, you know,
IVF has become a household term,right, we all know what it is,
we all know kind of how itworks. Basically, what they don't
tell you is all of the potentialside effects and hormones and issues that can
arise using such an invasive procedure.So this is a more natural alternative to
procedures like that. So if peoplewant to get more information about this and

also see that packaging that you werejust talking about where can they go Absolutely.
So. You can see our packageand more details about our company and
how this works at www dot ovariumconceptiondot com. You can see us on
Instagram at at OVARIUMUSA, and youcan see us on Facebook Ovarium Conception,
Pinterest, Ovarium Conception, and YouTubeOvariumconception. And you know another thing people

don't talk about too is that withIVF which has been so useful and helpful,
and other hormonal programs or other avenueswonderful, especially if the result is
getting that family you've always wanted.But for some it could be a financial
burden. For some procedures, they'renot covered by your insurance and it can
take a true financial and emotional tollon the families that are trying to conceive.

This is a little different, andtalk about the pricing and talk about
who is eligible to get this Yes, so anyone over the age of eighteen
can order this product. It isdesigned for at home use, so it's
designed to be very simple to use, easy to insert and remove. It's
a medical grade silicone conception cup thatcan be worn for up to twelve hours.

Now we're finding that more and morewomen and couples are waiting longer and
longer to get pregnant because we havecareers, we have other obligations, we
want to get more financially stable.And so now twenty five percent of women
in the United States that are pregnantare over the age of thirty five,
which is huge. I mean,this is something that has never been seen

before over the last one hundred yearsor in the history right, So this
product can be used by anyone.The best thing about it is if your
very first trait, you just gotmarried and you want to have your baby
on your honeymoon, this product isfor you. If you are trying to
time your kids, you have otherbabies and you want them to be a
certain age of part, this productis for you. If you have been
told your geriatric pregnancy age and you'reconcerned and you want to get pregnant right

away, this product is for you. So one fact that I learned going
through this process is that you areborn with all of the eggs you are
ever going to have in your life. I'm sure I learned that in eighth
grade education class. I'm sure Idid. But it slips your mind as
an adult, and every year,and it's less every year, it gets
less and less, and once youhit forty you only have a five percent
chance of getting pregnant every month,and so our product is just designed to

very simply and naturally increase those chancesby keeping swimmers up for up to twelve
hours at a time. What's includedin the package? So our package,
we wanted you to have everything youneed all in one place, so you
can keep it in your nightstand.It has two different sized medical grade silicone
conception cups, so it fits everybody. There is no right or wrong answer
with these cups. You try themon, you figure out what size works

best for you. It comes withFDA approved fertility friendly lubricant we've sourced from
a wonderful company here in the UnitedStates. It also comes with a velvet
drawstring carry pouch to keep your cupsclean and discrete. And then it comes
with six pregnancy test strips and sixovulation test strips. And again the cost
and where can we find this?Yes, so the cost is one hundred

and ninety nine dollars for the entirekit. It is reusable. The silicone
cups are good for up to fiveyears. Because of the medical grade silicone,
there's no need to repurch You canget it on our website at www
dot Ovariumconception dot com. You canalso find us on Amazon, all right,
And you know obviously this is youknow here we are in twenty twenty

four, right, and this isanother option of hope, another line to
conceive our children. But when didthis product actually come on the market,
because there's a little bit of ahistory to it, right, Yes,
absolutely so. Camille our inventor andfounder, she first did a first generation
of ovarium product back in twenty eighteen. When she first had the idea and
she hadn't patented yet, she hadsome medical grade cups. She was just

selling the cups friends, family,some clients, and it was working and
she has lots of success stories.There are lots of pictures of babies that
have been conceived with Ovarium on ourmedia, on our media pages. And
then COVID happened and she had twoof her own sons that she conceived with
her product, and it took aback seat for a little while. And

over the last year we've taken thetime to really put together and patent this
product. So we are pat tohere in the United States, and we
wanted to get it into the handsof people who need it this year.
So we're actually our boxes are goingto start shipping at the end of this
week, so just in time.Fertility Awareness Month, that's right. So
April is a national fertility Awareness amonth. And if this is something that

is important to you as something thatis affecting your life and your hope for
a family, this might be anoption, This might be an additional layer
of hope, right, And youcan go online and visit them at oh
variumconception dot com. You can calleight six oh eight one four four four
four nine, you can email adminat Ovariumconception dot com, or follow them

on social media platforms by following atoverium ussay again, those links will be
live at mycommunity access dot com.Thank you so much for being here today,
Nicole whom is the chief operating officerfor Ovarium Conception. Thank you so
much. Rene. We're so excitedto help women take their power back and
give them hope.
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