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Humor & Wisdom about Life, Family, Work & Politics. On the Mike Hewitt Show no topic is off limits, but always discussed with respect. Let the facts stand as they are - all is open to the good judgement of our listeners. Mike is assisted on the mic by his co-hosts, Miles Bauer and Ludwig VonWiedendorsky who together deliver an 'appointment listen' program on the politics of our times. The Mike Hewitt Show first hit the airwaves in 2012. He maintains a refreshingly old-fashioned attitude about family, business, work and politics. Some things never go out of style...and never should. Mike Hewitt loves liberty and self-determination. He is a conservative with a strong Jeffersonian leaning and a wry sense of humor!


May 20, 2019 45 mins
It's Enigma Friday!

Mike has a very special announcement that he's saving for the end of the show!

Topics discussed include...
1) The 24th Democratic Candidate for President enters the ring.
2) Trump Administration to release some migrants caught along Southern Border into South
3) House Democrats fall in line with Pelosi's "no impeachment strategy", despite Trump's defiance.
Mark as Played
Mike, Miles & Ludwig are ready for Enigma Friday!

Topics covered include...

Trump's unprecedented cooperation with Mueller Probe being weaponized for political purposes.
"They" want to change the United States from the way it was when we grew up. Who is "they"?
New Mexico Militia detains migrants at gunpoint until border patrol arrives.
Ludwig's Screwball of the Week Award!
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February 21, 2019 45 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are all here!

Topics covered include...

1) Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer's State of the State address.
2) Trump not happy with Bipartisan Border Deal, but he doesn't want another "shutdown".
3) What should be done with the $14 billion seized after the El Chapo conviction.
4) Female students sue Yale to admit women into male fraternities.
5) National Debt tops $22 trillion for the first ti...
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February 19, 2019 45 mins
Mike and Miles are ready to get it done!

Topics covered include...

1) This week's Presidential State of the Union, before the Joint Session of Congress.
2) Nancy Pelosi's interesting behaviors and facial expressions during Trump's speech.
3) Top Pelosi aid privately tells insurance executives not to worry about Democrats pushing
Medicare For All.
4) The European Union just made a push to dislodge the dollar from ene...
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February 19, 2019 46 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are all present!

Topics covered include...

1) Escort says, "She made up Trump dirt story to help win release."
2) 40% of Americans are only one paycheck away from poverty.
3) Kamala Harris fumbles on Healthcare.
4) Some Democrats float idea of Primary challenger for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Enigma Report: 3rd DC Antifa arrested - Charged with multiple felonies and "ethnic intimidation" attack ...
Mark as Played
February 19, 2019 44 mins
Mike and Miles return to get into the topics...

Topics discussed include...

1) White House announces 51 judicial picks including 2 for the Ninth Circuit Court.
2) New Axios Survey Monkey Poll finds that 74% of Democrats would consider voting for AOC.
3) Supreme Court allows President Trump to temporarily enforce trans-soldier ban.
4) Mitch McConnell steps into the shutdown fight, scheduling dueling votes.
5) Democrats lurch left on ...
Mark as Played
February 18, 2019 45 mins
Mike and Miles are back!

Topics covered include...

1) Nancy Pelosi gets revenge against one of the Democrat rebels.
2) A new U.S. bound caravan grows to more than 2,000 and the Mexicans lash out.
3) British Prime Minister suffers devastating defeat on key Brexit vote.
4) Networks trash Trump with a 90% negative spin in the 2018 calendar year.
5) Democrats jilt Trump on lunch talks, but look for shutdown exit.
6) Could Nancy Pelosi b...
Mark as Played
February 18, 2019 44 mins
Mike and Miles are ready to dive right in!

Topics covered include...

1) President Trump's Oval Office comments and the Democratic response.
2) New York City Mayor guarantees comprehensive healthcare.
3) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacks fact checkers.

Enigma Report: Men face more discrimination than women according to a global study.
Mark as Played
February 17, 2019 46 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are back for 2019!

Topics covered include...

1) Ludwig's predictions.
2) The partial government shutdown.
3) The protests in France.
4) NBC Television's New Year's Eve coverage with Chrissy Teigen's provocative topic.

Enigma Report: Ivanka Trump plans Global Women's Economic Development Push.
Mark as Played
December 17, 2018 45 mins
Ludwig and Miles join Mike for another week!

Lawyer for Brett Kavanaugh accuser says, "Client will talk when she's ready, but not on Monday." Mike believes the delay is to push this into the midterm elections.

Unprecedented government spending spree picks up steam!

The Senate passes $854,000,000 spending budget...receives little or no media coverage!

$2.5 million in federal funds are spent on teaching Japanese prostitutes ...
Mark as Played
October 25, 2018 45 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are eager to dive in!

What drove a switchblade wielding attacker on a GOP Congressional Candidate, over the edge?

Mike is a fan of "irony". He explains!

"Resistance Runs Amok in the U.S. Deep Throat War". Mike offers his take on the recent article.

A Pro-Life supporter is threatened and goes into hiding after Twitter post!
Mark as Played
October 7, 2018 45 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are ready to start the show!

Facebook's former Security Chief says that US Elections are at risk of being the World Cup of Information Warfare!

Mueller will accept some written answers from Trump. Mike asks what the attorneys are being paid per hour!

Employers biggest challenge lately is finding enough people who want to work!

It's time for Ludwig's Screwball of the Week Award!

Mike looks at the proce...
Mark as Played
September 23, 2018 47 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are set to jump right in!

There's now evidence that Hillary Clinton's emails were actually hacked in real time by the Chinese Government!

Mike believes our educational system needs to teach how government actually works!

A 9-year old boy kills himself after coming out as gay!

The guys discuss the Florida Gubernatorial Primary. Mike notes that the timing of President Trump's endorsement may have affec...
Mark as Played
August 29, 2018 48 mins
The "gang" is back for another week!

The jury for the Paul Manafort Trial has spoken! Eight convictions! The judge declares a mistrial on the other ten charges.

Campaign Finance Confusion...Mike and Miles dive in!

A Bernie Sanders supporter, protesting right-wing rally with an American flag, is beaten-up by Antifa!

Enigma Report: Russia is working on a robot-driven army.
Muslims hold massive rally a...
Mark as Played
August 22, 2018 47 mins
Mike is ready to jump right in with Ludwig!

The threats against Congress members increase significantly!

All 4 State Supreme Court Justices are impeached in West Virginia for lavish spending!

New Mexico compound Judge has history of issuing low bail to violent offenders!

Antifa, Democratic Socialists and New World Order all want the same thing...No borders, no wall and no USA at all!

Enigma Report: Marxist Ideology has controlled Acade...
Mark as Played
August 15, 2018 47 mins
The guys are back for the weekly show!

Congressional Republicans are giving voters no reason to turn out.

Mike addresses the Russian Collusion nonsense once again!

Kamala Harris...Now betting favorite among Democrats for 2020 Election. The money is on her as the Democratic Nominee for President.

Enigma Report: Heavily armed Muslim extremists are arrested in New Mexico, who trained
children to commit school ...
Mark as Played
August 7, 2018 45 mins
Mike and Ludwig are ready for another go around!

Mike is amused at the media over their commentary on the Paul Manafort trial.

Apple gets even closer to the $1 trillion market cap!

U.S. adults now spend nearly half of their waking hours interacting with media.

Facebook says it has identified political influence campaign aimed at creating left-wing resistance.

Enigma Report: With the positive things happening since Trump took office, wh...
Mark as Played
July 30, 2018 45 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are all present for another show!

Mike asks Miles to help him understand the $12 billion taxpayer 'boondoggle" from the Trump Administration to the Farmers of America!

Mike describes his experience of going through a recent real estate transaction.

Colleges offer to take percentage of future income as alternative to student loans.

The "bottom half" of income earners bolsters the economy by going i...
Mark as Played
July 23, 2018 45 mins
Most of us are ready to go this week! Ludwig?

Mike uses the word "showcased" as a way to describe how Global and Domestic Politics" have been revealed after the Helsinki Summit.

Chicago is considering a $6 million universal basic income pilot.

The Pentagon wants to bring "mind control" technology to the troops.

Ludwig's "Screwball of the Week Award" is back!

Enigma Report: A new Batwoman TV series is in...
Mark as Played
July 16, 2018 45 mins
Mike, Miles and Ludwig are ready to roll!

President Trump asks members of NATO to pay their "fair share".

The U.S. trade deficit with China is over $152.237 Trillion!

"Dystopia In Chinese Surveillance Which Looks A Lot Like U.S. Surveillance". Mike talks about the New York Times article.

The guys pick "Ludwig's Screwball of the Week" award winner!

Enigma Report: "Dems mull whether Warren is the one to t...
Mark as Played

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